Constrained in Corsetry

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Although I am not into serious bondage I love the erotic pleasures of wearing corsetry and other tight feminine garments next to my skin. When wearing suspenders and stockings I love the erotic sensation from the tightness of the top of my stockings gripping my thighs and the suspenders brushing against my thighs as I walk, as I envisage my suspender belt and stockings framing my clit and balls. I also find the tightness of bras and corsetry such as a girdle or a torsolette highly erotic and even if I am wearing stay up stockings with adhesive tops I still wear corsetry in some form to increase the eroticism.

I love wearing the hookside style of girdle. When I wear one of these garments I commence dressing by standing naked in front of the mirror admiring my clit as I use a pair of silky panties to fondle it into an erection. I then don a bra which matches the colour of the girdle I intend to wear, and the tightness of the bra constraining my chest brings further erotic delights. Squatting down and holding my butt cheeks apart I spray a vaginal deodorant such as Eve or Femfresh up into my pussyhole, then along my throbbing shaft and round my balls, to give them that sweet odour of femininity. Next comes a Gstring which has a slit cut in the front to let my clit and balls hang out, and holds a pair of panties folded into a pad which I push up into my pussyhole like a tampon. I then wrap the girdle round my hips and fasten the hooks at the side, starting from the waist, working downwards, and as I force my throbbing clit to hang down I delight in the erotic sensations from the constraint of the tight girdle which stops my clit rising to its correct angle forces it to rub against the silky lining of the girdle. Next comes a pair of stockings and then I don a pair of silky directoire knickers in a colour matching my bra and girdle. As I walk around the streets in my male clothes, the secret knowledge of the feminine ensemble I am wearing underneath combines with the corsetry constraints to bring me to ecstasies of sexual delight, and as I walk my throbbing knob brushes against the silky gusset of my knickers. I also love wearing torsolettes as the tightness of the lycra constraining my body combines with the downward pull of my stockings on the suspenders to give me the most erotic sensations.

As a child I loved the erotic sensations I experienced when wearing Mummy’s girdles and suspender belts. I was 18 years old and in the summer break between leaving school and going to university, when Mummy took me to her corsetiere in Knightsbridge in London’s West End to be fitted for my very first corsetry. I had often accompanied Mummy on her visits to the corsetiere but I remained in the salon’s well appointed waiting room while Mummy went through the long brown curtains into the mysterious area behind the receptionist for her fitting.

Usually there would be a number of other men in the waiting room, and as their turn came, the receptionist would call their name and they would disappear into the fitting rooms. After a while they would emerge sometimes carrying a plain brown paper parcel, other times they emerged walking rather stiffly, obviously wearing their chosen garments under their male attire. A wide assortment of men patronised the salon for their corsetry. Some of these men were into bondage and discipline, and their discipline mistress had an arrangement with the corsetiere that, as part of their humiliation, these men would visit the salon in normal opening hours to be fitted for the tight garments their mistress had chosen for them. Sometimes their discipline mistress accompanied these men to supervise their fitting. Other men attended with their wives and both entered the fitting area when called. I later found that many of these men loved to be dominated by their wives who chose all of their girlie clothes for them including their corsetry, and told their husbands when to dress up and what they would wear. The corsetiere also attracted some gorgeous feminine clients who were actually men out for a day’s shopping expedition dressed in their feminine finery

Most of all I enjoyed meeting some really dishy effeminate young men, only slightly older than myself, who termed themselves sissy boys. All of these young men were gay and it was at then that I realised that I was sexually attracted to effeminate young men. Sometimes these young men came with another young sissyboy, and when called, both went into the fitting area together, often holding hands, and occasionally openly kissing, lost in the erotic rapture of each other and oblivious to the other patrons. The sight of these girlie men made my clit rigid as I fantasised what it would be like to have the pleasure of them fondling and kissing me. Like myself all of these sissyboys as well as most of the corsetiere’s other male clients always wore ladies panties and other items of lingerie under their male clothes.

Sometimes Mummy included a visit to her corsetiere when we went shopping for my own lingerie and on these occasions I was resplendent in my kilt and girl’s white poplin school blouse, always wearing my schoolgirl’s Ümraniye Escort navy blue serge knickers as Mummy demanded. At other times when I would accompany Mummy on her visits I would wear my male outer clothes over my lingerie. In summer I would be wearing my bra and panties but in the colder weather I wore my bra, suspenders and stockings with schoolgirl’s ankle socks so my stockings would not show, and my lovely lovely directoire knickers. As my girlie wardrobe expanded and my confidence grew I started to wear ladies’ outerwear also, dressing up in slacks, jacket, blouse and tie, with lady’s flat slip-on shoes, so that although I was completely crossdressed I was wearing ladies’ clothes which were cut in a masculine style to avoid detection.

All the salon staff wore the same uniform of tight black skirt, white blouse with a small black bow tie, black stockings and black shoes. Some of the more elderly staff wore flat shoes but the younger staff including the receptionist wore stiletto heels. Waiting for Mummy I would gaze at the young receptionist sitting behind her desk fantasising that I was wearing her clothes, revelling in the erotic stiffness of my clit rubbing against my knickers. Sometimes the receptionist would get up and walk across the room to get a file from the filing cabinet or to pick up a piece of paper that had fallen on the floor. As she was wearing a tight skirt, the receptionist had to hitch the skirt up to let her crouch down and I could look up the gorgeous tunnel of her skirt to see the erotic splendour of her lingerie. My eyes first took in her slip, then the straining tautness of her suspenders against the creamy milky whiteness of her thighs, and then the sheer erotic blissfulness of her panties. The sight of the receptionist’s lingerie was erotic ecstasy, heightened by my stiffening clit forcing its way down the leg of my knickers to reach its full erotic hardness trapped between my knickers on one side and my nylon stocking on the other, as I luxuriated in my fantasies of wearing her lingerie. Sometimes the receptionist was not aware that she was flashing her knickers, but from the slow movements some of the girls and the coy looks they gave afterwards, it was obvious that these girls were deliberately teasing.

One receptionist, Vicki was an expert clit teaser. She would wait until I was the only young guy in the waiting room full of women and older men, arrange some pose which gave me a good long look at her knickers, and then return to her desk smiling sweetly at our secret, knowing I was in erotic ecstasies. Sometimes when I wore my kilt I would change position in my seat in a manner that gave the receptionist or a dishy sissyboy a good view of my navy blue knickers. Although some of the receptionists used to love this others looked at me with obvious embarrassment. Sometimes when I accidentally flashed my knickers I had a variety of responses ranging from admiring looks from both men and women to expressions of astonishment and disgust which were mainly from older women. Needless to say, Vicki found it most erotic when I flashed my knickers at her.

When the day of our appointment arrived Mummy said that she wanted my bra, panties and suspender belt to match, and to wear black stockings. I wanted to wear a set of my black lingerie but she insisted that I wear my bright red set. Mummy told me that as I would be trying on the corsetry I was to wear a Modess “V” belt and a feminine napkin. I later found that the salon required all its male clients to wear feminine napkins up their pussyhole when being fitted to prevent the garments being stained. As I was wearing suspenders and stockings I wanted to wear my matching directoire knickers but Mummy insisted that I wear my panties on this occasion. To complete my ensemble I wore my ladies’ blouse , slacks and jacket, and slip on shoes.

When the receptionist called us Mummy took me behind the thick brown curtains into the fitting area which was divided into a series of rooms. Mummy’s corsetiere, Pam, came in to serve us accompanied by Vicki who was by now a trainee corsetiere. Pam asked Mummy if I was “dressed” underneath and when Mummy said I was, Pam asked me to take off my outer clothes. Although I was nervous at the thought of undressing in front of the ladies I also enjoyed the erotic excitement of gradually disrobing to appear before them in my lingerie. Dressed only in my bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings, with the napkin forced up into my pussyhole and my hard clit making a tent in the front of my panties, I nervously faced Mummy and the other two ladies. Vicki could hardly contain her giggles but Pam was very professional. After she felt the tightness of my bra straps and adjusted them to her satisfaction, she asked me to walk across the room, and as I did so she watched my movements. She then asked me to undo my suspenders and take off the suspender belt, after which she walked around me looking at the way I stood. This gave Pam an idea of my posture as I walked and stood to assist her in the correct fitting for my corsetry. Pam then asked me to take off my Anadolu Yakası Escort bra and panties so she could take the required measurements. Although she measured my bust, waist and hips, and some other parts, she did not measure my clit, which sad to say, was now dangling limply. In front of Vicki my limp clit was an embarrassment, as she was not much older than I was and as one girl to another my sissyboy pride wanted her see how big and stiff it could get.

After Pam had taken my measurements, she showed me some corsetry catalogues to allow me to make my selection. I asked to see a torsolette which Pam said came in black, midnight blue and scarlet. I wanted to try on the black one but Pam said that the black model was in such great demand that there was always a waiting list of clients for them. Disappointed, I asked to see the midnight blue model, which Pam went to collect. Pam and Vicki dressed me, fastening the hooks and eyes at the back, and as the torsolette took shape around me I was enveloped in a tightness which started at my bust with its padded bra, and stretched down to just above my dangling clit. When the ladies had fasted me at the back Pam adjusted the shoulder straps and pulled the torsolette down so that the straps were tight and then she fastened the six suspenders to my stockings.

Pam took me over to a full length mirror and I admired the way the torsolette further feminised my already girlish body emphasising my natural A size bust, the curving downward flow of the torsolette as it pinched in my waist, and then curving out again to end in a band of feminine ruffles around my buns and just above my clit with the taut suspenders holding up my stockings. As I stood gazing at my loveliness, the femininity of the vision facing me, the increasing awareness of the tightness of the torsolette and its silk lining around my body enhanced by the downward pull from the six suspenders holding up my stockings, and the feminine napkin up my pussyhole, all combined to give me the most erotic pleasure and I felt the beginnings of an erection stirring in the base of my clit.

As I turned round to face the ladies Vicki played one of her naughty tricks. She hitched up her tight skirt and crouching down to pick up my bra and panties she spread open her thighs and as I looked straight up that erotic tunnel of loveliness the sight of her flame coloured slip, black stockings with the taught suspenders against her smooth milky white thighs and the tight crotch of her flame coloured panties hugging her pussyhole, my clit shot up to its full majestic rock hardness. Vicki collapsed in a fit of giggles and Pam and Mummy smiled at my discomfort. Pam said not to worry as the erotic tightness of corsetry aroused most of their male clientele.

Pam showed me two attachments which came with the torsolette, one was for holding a feminine napkin in place and was similar to the Modess “V” belt I was wearing. Each of the two ends of the “V” fitted to hooks at the front of the torsolette. My clit went through the “V” and the two straps joined at the base of my clit to hold the pad. The attachment then went between my legs and the other end fitted to hooks at the back of the torsolette, to hold the napkin tightly in place. Pam said that this attachment was meant for women, but most of her male clients also used it, some to hold their feminine napkin in place and others to hold a butt plug. The other attachment was a plain lycra strap which fitted to the hooks at the front and back of the torsolette to hold my clit up tight against my pussyhole to give my crotch a feminine appearance.

When Vicki had recovered she helped Pam to remove the torsolette and I asked to see a hookside girdle in the style Mummy wore. I selected a black girdle from the brochure and as Vicki collected it Pam fitted me with a matching black bra, tightening the straps so that they almost bit into my skin. Although my clit had returned to its sorry state dangling in front of me as I walked round the fitting room, the erotic sensations of the tightness of my bra and the expectant thrill of wearing the black girdle soon brought it back to its full hardness again. Vicki returned with the girdle, wrapped it round my buns, and starting at the waist, fastened the hooks down the side. When she had fastened half of the hooks my clit in its full hardness was sticking out and Vicki asked If I wanted it “up” or “down”. I told her I would like it down so she took my clit in her lovely soft feminine hand and pushed it down between my legs where my knob pressed against the silk lining of the girdle. As Vicki fasted the rest of the hooks the pressure of the closing girdle forced my clit further down until it was pointing straight down with the knob pressing against the silky hardness of the girdle lining. The pain in my clit was also erotic, but I still luxuriated in the erotic pleasure of Vicki handling my clit when she was forcing it down, as she had fondled my knob and shaft and then my balls, cupping them in her soft hand and giving them a gentle squeeze.

When Vicki had fastened the six suspenders İstanbul Escort to my stockings I was again allowed to admire my feminine loveliness in the full length mirror. The tightness of the girdle showed the curvatures of my feminine buns to their best advantage, and the eroticism of the vision of myself in the mirror, the silky pressure of the girdle against my soft skin, the tightness of my bra and the sheer pleasure which comes from wearing intimate feminine garments all came together to give me the most enormous erection. Gazing at my loveliness in the mirror I ran my hands over the front panel of the girdle feeling the gently bump which was my erect clit and yearned for a pair of black directoire knickers to complete the ecstatic bliss.

After the ladies had finished admiring my girdle and I was again standing only in my stockings with the feminine napkin up my pussyhole, Pam asked if I would like to try on a bra and pantiegirdle set that she had just got in. She said that I should see myself in the powder blue set. Again Vicki had the honour of collecting the garments and after Pam had fitted the bra and adjusted it to her satisfaction and my erotic delight, Vicki held open the pantiegirdle for me to step into. By this time my clit was stiff again and as she was pulling the pantiegirdle up my legs she asked if I wanted her to tuck my clit back to give my crotch a feminine appearance. I had tried to do this several times by myself and experienced the eroticism of the excruciating pain as I tried to force my throbbing clit back to my pussyhole. As I also had difficulty trying to control my clit as it kept forcing itself out I used to wank to get it soft and tuck it back to my pussyhole before it got hard again, but it was still painful once the hardness had returned. Had I been alone with Vicki I would have asked her to wank me to get my clit soft but with Pam and Mummy there I didn’t think they would approve. As I was desperate to feel the touch of Vicki’s lovely soft hands on my clit again I merely said that I would like to her to tuck it back. Vicki stood behind me with one arm round my waist, grasping my throbbing clit in her other hand and pulled it back until it was touching the pad up my pussyhole. My clit felt like it was going to break off as Vicki held it against my feminine napkin and Pam pulled the pantiegirdle right up making sure that it was tightly in place. Before Vicki released my clit her soft delicate fingers gently fondled my shaft and knob as she made sure it was properly placed between my buns.

After Pam had fastened the four suspenders on each leg to my stockings I was again led to the full length mirror. I had the most terrible but erotic pain in my clit and could hardly walk but when I looked at my reflected crotch there was no sign to indicate that there was anything down there. I adored the eroticism of my throbbing clit straining against the crotch of my pantiegirdle and forcing the feminine napkin further up into my pussyhole, the accompanying pain, and with the tightness of the pantiegirdle pressing its silky lining against my most sensitive parts, the strain of the suspenders holding up my stockings pulling against the pantiegirdle, and the tightness of my bra, combined to give me the most blissful erotic sensations. Again only a pair of matching directoire knickers was needed to complete my erotic delight.

Mummy agreed that I could wear the powder blue bra and pantiegirdle set home, and as I went behind the screen to dress Vicki followed with the panties I had worn when I arrived. Vicki stood fondling my panties in her hands commenting on my exquisite taste in lingerie. I told her that I thought her slip and panties were gorgeous and I would love to wear them, but she had been naughty to flash them at me in the way she did. She replied that when she was the receptionist she loved to flash them at me knowing my love of lingerie, and that she was turned on when I wore my kilt and flashed my navy blue schoolgirl knickers at her. Vicki said I had the most gorgeous clit and she thought even when it was limp it was a exquisite sweet little clit and even in its limp state it was lot more that many of the male clients had.

Vicki asked if I would like my clit to savour the deliciousness of her panties, and before I could reply she had dropped her tight skirt and raised her slip so that I could see she was wearing the full brief style panties with the gathered tightness of the elasticated legs emphasising her rounded buns. As she slipped off her panties the erotic vision of her shaven pussy framed by her suspender belt and the taut suspenders holding up her stockings got my clit rising again. Vicki pulled my pantiegirdle partly down so she could reach my throbbing clit, and as she wrapped her panties round my shaft and knob I felt the warmth of her femininity soak into me from their silkiness, and her hands gently fondling my erotic hardness. Once more Vicki held my clit up against my feminine napkin as I pulled up my pantiegirdle. As my hands fondled the soft silky sweetness of her slip, she took my hand in hers and placed it over her crotch and gently guided my hand so that I was fondling her pussy through her slip. I watched as she stepped into her tight skirt before helping me to dress fondling my panties as she held them for me to step into, and running her hands through my blouse, slacks and jacket as she passed hem to me.

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