College Days Ch. 02

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The Roommate

My first day at college was turning out to be terrible. I arrived at this NYC Catholic College confused and unsure. I missed home and I was sitting alone in my new dorm room and desperately wanted to call my life long friend Bob and be with him. But because I had not spoken with him about our bisexual encountered, we were not speaking. My melancholia was interrupted when my new roommate arrived.


Ray was a country-bumpkin from Upstate New York outside or Rochester. About 6’2″, 175 lbs, fit, trim dark brown curly hair and eyes. . He looked more like 14 than 18. He seemed half-the width of me. I stood 5’9″ with 185 solid pounds, broad shoulders and chest

After his parents deposited him and his stuff, we went about setting up the room. Our beds lined opposite walls with two desks between under the windows of a third wall. We were lucky as our room had its own bathroom. We met the rest of our floor mates. Unfortunately, my parents had chosen a single-sex dorm. Luckily, the girls’ dorm was just across the courtyard.

After dinner, Ray, I and few of the guys from the floor wandered off campus to a local bar for some beer and pool. Never much of a ladies’ man, I failed convince any of the lovely ladies to drag me back to their dorm rooms. Ray quit the chase around 11 but I persevered. Shortly after midnight, I stumbled home. Ray was still awake as I dove into bed and crashed in drunken stupor.

I awoke with dry mouth and slight headache unsure of the time. In my sleepy fog, I could hear Ray. He was trying to be quite but his breathing revealed what he was up to. His short rapid breaths and the rustle of the sheets, I could swear the guy was jerking off. My suspicions were confirmed when he finally came with a grunt and sigh. As the sun peeked under the window shade, he got up and hopped in shower. After he was up, I pulled on my shorts and headed for some aspirin.

Ray’s fun became a morning ritual. I would lie in bed and listen to him jerk off like clockwork. I guess my own Catholic guilt kept me from openly joining in. After week, I would sometime hear him in the middle of night.

When Ray began seeing Janice, a girl in the next dorm, I thought my voyeuristic pleasure would come to end. Just the opposite! I swear I thought he was jerking off whenever I was not there.

Late one night after Ray’s jerk off session, I could not get to sleep. As Ray drifted into sleep, I got and creeped quietly into the bathroom. After a good leak, I stroked my cock to it full 7″ attention. casino siteleri Guiltily, I put it away and went back to bed. As I lay there, I continued to slowly stroke. I wondered if Ray was listening. This only got more excited. Before I knew it, I shot my wad in my shorts. I stroked my wet sticky cock as I slipped finally off to sleep.

The next day, I went back to the room between classes. I slipped into the bathroom and began again to stroke. I was interrupted when I heard Ray come in to the room and lock the door to the hallway. Unaware that I was there, Ray apparently had come back to relieve himself as well. I sat quietly in the bathroom for a few moments. I could hear Ray was working himself up this time not trying to be quiet about it. I pulled on my pants and slowly cracked the bathroom door and could see Ray laying back in his bed, pants and boxers around his ankles. One hand had a small bottle of lotion as the other was furiously stroking his cock. I was surprised by the size of his cock. The size of his cock was confirmed as he wrapped both hands around his shaft and his cock head was still visible. I rubbed my throbbing cock through my pants.

The bathroom door creaked and Ray froze. I reached back, flushed the toilet and emerged catching him in the act. “Oh, sorry, Ray, I didn’t know you were here.” He was frozen with fear. “Don’t let me interrupt,” I said, “It’s okay,” trying to calm his fear. “How long have you been watching,” he said. I turned beet red. I stammered unconvincingly,” I wasn’t, I didn’t….” He pointed to my crotch. I looked down and my khakis had small wet stain where they strained against by hard cock. In my haste, I apparently pulled up my pants but my cock went through fly of my boxers. My precum soaked through my pants and gave me away.

Now he was trying to calm me. “It’s okay. I jerk off all the time.” I smiled. “Ah so you caught me before.” I blushed again. “It’s cool. Want to join me? ” He kicked off his pants, sat up, and began to slowly stroke his cock. I walked over to my bed across the room, and dropped my pants and boxers. “Cool,” said Ray. I stroked in rhythm with Ray.

Ray asked: “So when did catch me jerking off before?” “I’ve heard you at night and the in mornings.” Laughing, “yeah, I am own best friend.” I laughed. He grabbed the lotion, put a good dollop on his hand, and began stroking some more. He tossed me the lotion but I dropped it. I stood to grab it, tangled my feet up in my pants, and fell at Ray’s feet. “That must hurt,” he said extending a hand to help slot oyna me up. I sat on the floor embarrassed. Ray continued to stroke now only two feet from my face. I could not help but look at his cock. “Janice thinks it too big. It may be longer than yours but hell your cock has to be twice as thick.” “How long are you?” “Nine inches when I am really hard.” “How thick are you,” Ray asked. “I never measured.” “It looks as thick as my wrist, can I take a look?” Ray replied. I kicked of my pants and stood up in front of him. Ray reached out and wrapped his thumb and forefinger around my cock. “Whoa!” I let go as he began to stroke my cock. I reached out and grabbed his long hard cock. In no time, we both spewed our cum on the dorm rug.

The next day summer retuned. Sun and heat and no air conditioning in the dorms. The afternoon of beers and Frisbee in the sun on the quad was followed by too many beers under the moonlight. I was my unlucky self and ended up crashed in the drunken stupor – alone. With the heat, I was sleeping with out any covers in my boxers. Ray wandered in later also a bit drunk. He stripped down and sat on my bed; I was awoken by him stroking my cock. I feigned to be asleep as be became bolder and my cock stiffened. He slipped off my boxers, and slowly slid my cock into his mouth. He now knew I was awake as I tried to sit up and speak; he put his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. As he slicked my cock with his saliva, he then reached to his lotion and began to massage my balls. I soon was moaning in pleasure. His fingers also began to lubricate my ass. This new pleasure was interrupted by the sharp pain as he inserted his finger. As the pain was replaced by pleasure, he slipped a second finger in. When he pulled them out, I whispered “Don’t stop.” He looked up and smiled. He grabbed the lotion and lubed my ass again as well as his cock. Inhibitions drowned with beer, I encouraged him.

He pushed my legs back and stood at the edge of my bed with my ass in the air. He placed his cock head against my ass and began to slowly but forcefully push. He worked the tip of his cock in and the pain retuned. I struggled, pushing back but before I could say stop, he thrust forward and sank a few inches of his 9″ snake into my ass. The pain subsided again and he inched in again. In a few minutes, he was sliding about half his cock in and out. I could not speak; I grunted and moaned as he slid in and out. He held my ankles as he rocked back and forth. I slowly stroked my cock as I enjoyed the warmth in my ass. The sight of him, his canlı casino siteleri wrinkled brow in pleasure, eyes clamped shut, short panting breaths., made me hornier. Suddenly, I gasped, let out what sounded like a yelp as he pushed full in, let go of my ankles and fell on me. I saw stars and shook with pleasure. When he regained his footing, I could see a large drop of cum arose on my cock head. That was a pleasure I had never felt! When he pulled back, I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him back in. He again grabbed my ankles pushing my legs back and began to rapidly piston in and out of my ass. Each time he buried his cock in me, my body shook with sensations. I was stroking my cock in vibe with his motion and finally exploded as he again pushed fully in and hit that spot. As I came, I twitched and my ass tightened clamping his cock. Unable to move, he gasped, moaned loudly and came. He pulled out much too quickly and lay on the bed next to me face down.

I took the lotion, a stood behind him. With a generous handful of lotion, I massaged it into his ass. He moaned into the pillow as my fingers worked into his with surprising ease. I slathered the lotion on my cock and crouched over his collapsed body, and began to push. The head seemingly popped into his ass as he pushed back on me. I slowly slid in my thicker shaft and stopped as Ray winced in pain. “No, don’t stop,” he said. I then began to slide in and out slowly as ray lossened up. Having never fucked a woman, I had nothing to compare it to but it was great! My breath quickened. Sweat began to pour down my face. The sight of my cock sliding in and out of his ass was exquisite. Ray was obviously a screamer as he moaned more loudly into the pillow. This only excited me more. I thought I was going to explode when I finally slid fully into him. As I slid in you could hear my balls slap against his ass. Between my grunts and his moans and god knows what else, I can only imagine what the other guys on the floor thought. My balls tightened, I tried to hold on but exploded in Ray. I quivered as I drained into him. I pulled out as my last shot spewed from my cock on to his ass. Ray stopped moaning and sighed in pleasure.

It was now 2 am. Ray stood up, took me by the hand, and led me to the shower. We washed away the sweat and smell of our sexual tryst. Ray and I kissed, at first tentatively, then his tongue probed deeper into my mouth. After the tongue wrestling, we began to gnaw at each other’s neck like back-seat sluts on movie night. Our soapy hands explored each other. Ray slipped a soapy finger in my ass that sent shivers down my spine. It was getting late, we had the full weekend ahead of us. Much more an doubt either of us could not walk down the hall funny in the morning.

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