Clayton’s New Learning Experience

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Even though the opportunity to meet in person has not risen as of yet, we have discussed his need for discipline many times over the computer and on the phone. It has been several months now and he has supplied me with a list of his transgressions and we have discussed many times his deep-seated need for punishment. I inform him that it is about time we get things under way and that he was due to begin to learn his lessons. I suggest meeting next Friday for a weekend for his well deserved domestic discipline. He agrees but before we close our chat and go about our daily business I instruct him where to meet me and what he is to say if he decides to go through with our weekend.

I have given a lot of thought to how you would best benefit from my service and have decided that you will get the full treatment and hopefully will cause you to behave in a manner that is both acceptable and honorable to society. I go to my “spanking room” where on the wall hang many implements. There are a wide variety of paddles, straps, canes, hanging there but only a single hairbrush. After walking past each one I make the decision on how to discipline my wayward boy who is coming to visit this weekend.


We meet in a public place; your last chance to back out of what we both know you need so badly. After a few minutes you make your decision looking up at me from across the table. “Ma’am, I have been a very naughty boy, I think I need my bottom spanked” After hearing you confess that you needed this weekend I give you your safe word but remind you that if you use it, the weekend will end and you will leave without learning your needed lessons in life. You nod and I stand and hand you the bill to go up and pay. Walking over to the cashier you begin to have second thoughts but realize it is too late now and you are in for a full weekend of a sore bottom.

We have discussed how this weekend would go many times, and realizing that it will all begin before you know it you become very apprehensive and fidgety. The lady at the cashier asks if everything was alright and you get the distinct feeling she knows that you are about to spend a weekend with your disciplinarian and simply smile at her hoping she wont ask you any more questions. You tell her quickly to keep the change and we turn to walk out of the coffee shop and down the street to the car.

Once you are seated in the passenger side of the car and we are on our way to my home you let out a sigh and place your hands in your lap. Knowing that in just a few short minutes you will be turned over my lap with your bottom in the air receiving what you know you deserve but are so afraid to feel and you continue to sit quietly.

We reach the house and I park the car. Opening the door and instructing you to meet me at the trunk you quickly get out and walk around to the front of the garage. I pull the cord in order to pull the garage door down, and open the trunk for you to get your luggage out and then we walk into the house. I walk over to the table where I have laid out a few items; I pull out a chair and sit down; Your nervous glance cannot miss the hairbrush, leather paddle and the strap all 3 sitting there waiting to be used. You can almost hear them call out your name as they all look as if they were picked out specifically for your bottom. I point to the floor in front of me and you quickly stand before me. I ask you to recite your transgressions and the reasons that you are in need of this weekend. Your voice cracks and you begin to speak:

“First Ma’am, I need this weekend because I have been a very bad and naughty little boy. Even though I am 19 years old I have not behaved as an adult and therefore need to be punished as the child that I am. Please Ma’am, do as you wish to teach me my lessons, bare my bottom, paddle it hard, whip me, ground me, and humiliate me. However you wish to teach me Ma’am I will be most grateful for the lessons I learn over the next 3 days.”

As he continues I reach up and undo his belt. “I have lied, cheated, and been disrespectful, purposely doing these things; I know they make me a very naughty boy and hope you will forgive me for misbehaving. Please Ma’am, punish me severely to teach me to be a good boy again. I want so desperately to be good Ma’am, but I have fallen short and need reminding who is in charge and who will bare my bottom and blister it to the point that I can not sit for a week.”

Looking up into his baby blue eyes I smile to assure him he will be safe and will indeed learn to be the good boy he so desperately wants to be.

When we talked on the phone last, he mentioned to me that he wanted to go to college in my town but would need a place to live if that were what he were to do. I have given it much thought and feel that if the weekend goes well then I will invite him to stay here under one condition. He behaves or is punished immediately no matter what. I know this will be both good for him, as well as be very embarrassing ankara escort for him if he were to misbehave in front of friends but I also know that he will agree as he knows this is what he needs in his life. See he never was punished when he was a child, therefore he has no idea how to behave and I know that it will take a long time to teach him the manners he needs to learn. He has informed me many times that people around him have told him he needed a good old fashioned spanking but giggled when he has told them he already knew he was in need.

Now he realizes that the time has come to pay for his transgressions and he is scared to death. Not knowing what to expect first, or how long he will have to keep his strong boy act up he begins to wonder. Will she get through my strong boy act? Will she actually make me cry? He quickly thought to himself that he was being silly and looked down at her awaiting his next instruction.

Unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down to his knees and taking his right wrist I guide him over my knee. Holding him tightly with my left hand I begin the spanking. I began slowly as this was his very first spanking ever and I did not want to scare him, I wanted him to learn from this experience and accept his punishments as they would be dished out over the next 3 days. My hand connected with his bottom in quick slaps causing a loud smacking sound with each one. He gasps out but he is determined not to cry out as he holds his breath. After what feels like forever my hand stops and I hold him tightly across my knee.

“When I allow you to rise from my knee you will go stand in the corner by the sliding glass door. Your nose will be touching the tape that is on the wall and you will stand with your feet on the footprints on the floor. You will stand still and I will instruct you when it is time to come back over to me. Your pants will stay at your ankles until I have instructed you to remove them completely. After this initial spanking I will show you around the house and will tell you the rules of each room, and of the house rules themselves. Is that understood?”

Trying not to allow your voice to crack your answer is a simple “yes Ma’am”

“Good” and I raise my hand for another round of quick slaps but making these a bit harder so your gasps are a bit more pronounced. After I have decided that you are properly warmed up I stop the spanking and stand you up. You walk over to the glass door and carefully place your feet on the footprints on the floor, and leaning forward putting your nose on the tape. Your body is at a slight bend with your bottom pushed out far away from the wall. This is so if I decide you need a swat or two while in the corner your bottom is easily accessible to me and there you stand for the duration of your first corner time. You will find that you spend a lot of time standing in the corner over the next few days and each time becomes a bit easier as time goes on.

As you stand in the corner you can hear me moving about the kitchen. Running the water, clanging dishes, opening and closing cupboards then you hear nothing but silence. You wonder if I have left the room, and if you were going to be able to handle this spanking without using the safe word. You then continue to wonder what I will use for the spanking you are about to receive. Knowing that we have talked about the entire implement collection I own you know that there is a significant chance I will eventually use them all.

My voice breaks into your thought; “Come here Clayton”

He tries to walk so quickly he almost tripped over his pants around his ankles. Once in front of me his eyes wandered back to the table where the 3 implements were still sitting.

Back over my knees; slowly I lower his boxers, and my hand quickly reddens his bare bottom with a series of fast hard spanks. Once his bottom was a crimson red and I knew I had his full attention the rhythm changes and he feels slow steady spanks to his upturned bottom. He tries to tighten his ass by clinching his cheeks together which causes me to slide him over just a single knee and bend him over a bit more. My right leg moving over his legs to hold him still as my hand continues to smack his bared flesh.

His cheeks bounce with each smack and he grunts in tune with each sound that fills the room. I stop smacking his bottom with my hand and as my lecture begins I turn to pick up the hairbrush, then lying it down on his right cheek.

“Clayton, you have been a very naughty boy and I am unsure where to even start to begin to teach you manners. Until you act as an adult you will be treated as a child. You will be well spanked for each infraction of the rules and will learn to respect your elders. We will begin with your attitude toward adults. You have been rude and I will not have it. You will respect adults and do as you are told to by them. Is this understood?”

As I pick up the hairbrush I await his answer. “Clayton I asked you ankara genç escort a question!”

“Yyyyesss Ma’am, I understand” Is all he said, trying to cover his bottom.

Picking up the brush, I begin slowly swatting each cheek with hard solid swats. First the right, then the left, grabbing his hand and holding it behind his back telling him “Take your spanking Clayton you know you deserve it!”

His bottom bounces with each hard swat as he begins to squirm around and pleads for me to stop the spanking, but the safe word is never said. I continue with his punishment, the swats starting to get harder and harder with each one. Tears begin to form in his eyes, and he starts to kick his feet with pain. Before long he is sobbing uncontrollably and begins to accept that he is now being punished. He lays across my knee limp, his body bouncing with each hard smack his ass a bright red color with white streaks left from the swats of the hairbrush. He tries to wipe the tears away before I can notice they are running down his face. After what seems like a thousand smacks on his upturned bare ass I stop, and instruct him to go to the corner. He quickly stands, and tries to run to the corner so I could not see his face but I knew that I was getting through to him without seeing his pain stricken face.

I was quite pleased with the way this spanking was going and knew that by the time I was done, the end result would be favorable. He would definitely learn to behave better after the spankings he had coming over the next 3 days.

After a long while I walk over to him standing in the corner and rub both his cheeks. The heat emanating from his bottom had disappeared but I could tell the sting was still within reach as he flinched when my hand touched him. Telling him to step out of his pants and boxers and to follow me he turns steps out of his clothes and walks over to the kitchen table.. I explain to him that his first spanking is not over just yet and that I want him to lean over the table and I will continue his first punishment.

The tears in his eyes appear before he turns and bends over to accept the rest of his discipline. He begs me not to continue.. “Please Ma’am, I have learned that I have to behave. Please no more, I don’t think my ass can handle anymore abuse”

“Clayton!” I said sternly. “Bend over that table, so I can continue to teach you the lesson you are in desperate need of learning.”

He bends over and I pick up the strap and stand back. Raising my hand and bringing the strap down hard across both cheeks with one fast SWISH… He quickly cries out and professes to behave and that he has learned his lesson. His cries go unheard and I bring the strap down again, and then again, and another 7 times until he had received all 10 hard swats.

Leaving him leaning over the table I go over to the sink, getting a wet cool washcloth I walk back over and lay it across his burning flesh. He coos quietly and I watch as he relaxes the rest of his body. I then pick the leather paddle up and remove the washcloth bringing the paddle down hard to replace it. He wasn’t expecting to feel more and instantly he tensed his muscles and began to cry loudly and uncontrollably.

I then instructed him to count these swats and continued on swatting his bright red bottom another 19 swats. He didn’t miss a count although some were hard to hear or understand he counted each and every one out loud. I then told him to go to the corner again, and that I would be back in a bit. He quickly went over and assumed the corner stance and I left to go take a shower.

After my shower I returned to the kitchen and handed Clayton his boxers and pants and said. “Put these back on, and I will give you the tour of the house”

Once he was dressed again I showed him around the house showing him the different corners he would be standing in, the implements I would be using eventually and then finally I took him to his bedroom. He was then told to get ready for bed and get into bed and I would be in to tuck him in soon. He began to protest, after all he was 19, and didn’t feel he needed tucking in but I then reminded him of his behavior and that when a person acts like a child they are treated as one and children get tucked in when its bedtime. He nodded and I closed his door and walked back downstairs to put the implements I used tonight away.

After putting the implements away I walked to his bedroom, walking in without knocking first and over to the bed. He was lying on his stomach with just the sheet over his body. Sitting on the edge of the bed and laying my hand on his back I told him that I loved him and that he will be a better person after this weekend. He began to turn over, and as he did the sheet turned with him. I noticed he was naked and asked him if he slept this way at home too. He told me yes and that he didn’t think he could handle having any material touching his sore ass. Standing up antalya escort and tucking the sheet up around him I bend down and kiss his cheek. “Good night my needy little boy”

“Goodnight Ma’am”

I walk out of the room and close the door behind me.. I return to the living room for a quiet evening knowing that my little boy would be crying himself to sleep soon.


He awakes about 8AM and slowly gets out of bed, he is unsure if he really wants to get up because he knows that he has more discipline to go through and regrets ever misbehaving. Walking down stairs and into the kitchen where I am sitting drinking a cup of coffee. He joins me and pours a glass of juice and eats a bowl of cereal.

We discuss our plan of action for the day and I explain to him that he is considered grounded and when grounded in my home he will be doing chores to occupy his time. A young boy with extra time on his hands only gets himself in trouble therefore I wont give him any free time so he wont be in any more trouble then he already is. He will clean house, mow the lawn, pull weeds, wash the deck, walk the dogs, and any other chore I find for him to do around the house. He will receive 3 spankings today and 2 spankings tomorrow before going home.

I will make the decision if I will allow him to move in for college tomorrow and discuss my decision before he goes home. As it stands right now I suspect that I will have a young boy living in my home while he attends the local college. I only hope he behaves himself while doing so.

“After you have finished your breakfast I want you to go to the spanking room, and on the wall there is a belt hanging, I want you to bring that to me. I will be in the living room waiting for you. After your spanking you will go outside and mow the lawn before it gets too hot.”

“Yes Ma’am” He says.

I walk into the living room and sit in my oversized stuffed chair in front of the large window. The window is from the floor to ceiling and about half the width of the wall. The curtains are open and anyone driving or walking by has an open view of the living room. I will be giving Clayton his spanking while he is bent over the arm of this chair. I’m sure he will not be happy about having his bottom in the air in front of an open window however if he had behaved acceptably then he wouldn’t have to submit to this embarrassment.

About 20 minutes later he walked into the living room holding the belt. The look on his face tells me he hopes that I will take pity on him and change my mind about giving him the belting he deserves.

“No such luck Clayton, Come here, take your pants down and bend over the arm of this chair. The spanking you had last night will be your warm up as I am sure you are still feeling the sting it produced.”

He walks over slowly, undoes his jeans and drops them to his knees. Then down with his boxers and continues his walk to the arm of the chair. He glances outside as 2 young girls walk by glancing in this direction. He leans over the arm and I raise the belt. With a quick snap of my wrist I bring the belt down hard across his already red bare bottom. I continue with my strokes for quite some time. The tears stream down his face as the cries become louder and louder with each slap of the belt. I scold him on his previous behavior and inform him that he will not ever get away with being irresponsible and disrespectful again.

After I have finished using the belt on his upturned bottom I continue with a warm hand spanking. After what he thought seemed like the rest of the day I finished and demanded him to stand in the corner. The 2 girls had stopped and watched the entire infliction on his sore ass cheeks; they wondered who he was and were somewhat excited about the possibility of having a young man living so close in the neighborhood.

Once his corner time was completed I say: “Go out and mow the lawn, and when it is lunch time I will call you in, then after lunch we will meet in the spanking room. You will have your pants down and be bent over the spanking bench prior to me coming into the room, Is that understood young man?”

“Yes Ma’am, understood Ma’am”

He goes outside and begins to mow the lawn, after finishing the back yard he takes the mower out to the front in hopes that the 2 girls would be gone from the yard. As he came around the corner the girls both say hello and introduce themselves to him.

“Hello, my name is Karen and this is Lisa” Karen says.

“Hello, my name is Clayton”

“Nice to meet you Clayton, I couldn’t help but notice that you were being spanked earlier. How old are you, and is she your mother or aunt?”

Giggling he says “Ummmm neither actually. She is my disciplinarian and I really have to get busy mowing the lawn before you get another free showing of my ass being abused”

He then turns the mower back on and continues on with his chore. While walking behind the lawn mower he thought about these 2 girls watching and wonders what they are thinking of him. Would they hold it against him? Would they want to be friends? Would either of them ever consider dating him? They were both beautiful girls and he hoped they would forget about the show they witnessed before.

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