Cindy’s Birthday

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Author’s Note: I received several emails from readers requesting more chapters and I appreciate their comments. This is a continuation of “How One Evening Changed my Life.” Unfortunately now I wished I had used a different title in the beginning so I changed titles. It is my intention to keep each chapter a stand –alone but if you hadn’t read the others, give them a look. Rest assured Larry’s life has never been the same since that “one evening.”


(How One Evening Changed my Life Ch. 3)

The six of us have formed a pretty cohesive group and enjoy doing many things together outside of our sexual play time. One regular activity for the six of us is golf. Tom and John had been playing much longer than me so I’m still learning how the hit the ball. Usually when we play the girls let us go first because we tend to play faster and they like to engage in “girl talk.”

On one recent outing after we had finished our round and were still waiting on the girls John informed Tom and me that this year his lovely wife was turning the big four O. His plan is to have several events throughout her birthday month and to make it a really big deal. What he wanted from our “special” group was special attention given to Cindy. What he had in mind was that we would all do Cindy at the same time. A fantasy for her…. He would be in her ass, I would be in her cunt, and Tom would be in her mouth. Cindy loves the way cum feels no matter where and hopefully we will make her desire ‘cum’ true. Joan and Vickie are to float around fondling her tits and clit and our balls. I was sure glad John waited until after the game to present his ideas otherwise my mind would have been on some fun fucking and not hitting that little ball.

“I know for certain that Joan will want to bring a gift of some kind,” said Tom. “We could get a gag gift or something she might use like a toy or sexy outfit. Do you have any suggestions?”

“She has a pretty good collection of toys and outfits but she does enjoy movies even though we have a pretty good collection of those too.”

“Any particular type or subject?” I asked.

“She really enjoys watching people engaging in some form of sexual activity. In fact, she tends to fast forward through the movie until the characters are naked then go to regular speed to watch the action.

All the while she is enjoying my dick in her cunt and is riding and rocking and jacking off, all it seems, at the same time. She is insatiable and I love her and the way she fucks.”

Tom and I agreed that the four of us need to put our heads together and talk about what we should do for a birthday gift for Cindy. I shared what was going on and our conversation with John with Vickie on the drive home. Tom did the same with Joan. A few days later Vickie and I went over to Tom and Joan’s house for dinner and to discuss Cindy’s birthday and fantasy.

We tossed around a few ideas like a weekend getaway, a spa treatment, or a massage when Vickie said, “Those are one time things, why don’t we make a movie starring the four of us instead. She prefers fuck scenes and I know we are really good at that.”

There was a moment of silence as we thought about it. “What a great idea; it would be something she doesn’t have and I feel confident she would enjoy not the mention the fun we will have making it,” Joan said with a big smile.

Tom then said, “If we are going to make our own movie then we should do it well and not have it look like some rank amateur production. I have access to some good digital video production equipment so we can make a good quality DVD. To do this we need to decide what scenes, how many, and how long. Once we have that we have our movie. I suggest we do like they do in the industry and rather than a script, we make our own picture story board. That way we will can create the scenes and determine the close ups we want. “

I suggested we go on line to some porn sites and see how some are done.

We adjourned to the family room and Tom selected a porn site that had a nice variety of videos, stories and pictures from which to select. By consensus we thought we would concentrate on FFM and MMF type of scenes to study. Vickie and I have watched a few fuck movies together but this was a first to analyze one. We found a couple that were pretty good and replayed them with our roles in mind. We studied one FFM video with the idea that it was to be Tom and the girls and I would have the camera. The second time through the video we paused several times along the way to make notes and to freeze frame pictures. By the end of the video we had created a picture story board with several scenes that included close ups of the girls all over each other’s pussy and the two sharing Tom’s cock at the same time. The girls are proud of their tits and pussy and wanted to make sure I got good close ups. Who am I to argue?

I agreed that I wanted to have good close ups but I’ve never shot a video before. Tom suggested we practice because each of us will be operating Maltepe Escort the camera. So now we needed to create a production schedule. I also pointed out that the only sound was the participants and that would be pretty boring.

Joan suggested Tom and I work on the picture story board side and she and Vickie would look for some nice light jazz for the sound track.

Vickie stood up and said, “All of this has made me horny. I need a good fuck.” With that announcement she pulled off her dress and stood there in her lacy undies. She is one sexy lady. Did I mention that I am in love with her? One change she has recently made is that she now goes like Cindy and Joan on a regular basis to have her pussy waxed. It didn’t take Joan but a second to do the same and there were these two gorgeous women standing in front of us. Tom and I looked at each other with a big grin then with the help of the girls we were all quickly devoid of our clothes.

Joan hit the play button and then the girls stood behind the chairs letting us know they wanted us to fuck them from behind allowing all of us to watch the video too. Vickie’s pussy was wet and eager as I slid my hard cock deep into her cunt. I slowly pumped her pussy while she fondled my balls. Feeling her hands hold my balls while watching the movie and watching Tom fuck Joan soon had me pumping faster. It wasn’t long before my balls tightened and I shot my load into her cunt. I could feel Vickie tense and her pussy gripped my cock as her orgasm flowed through her body. She tightened her muscles to hold my cock in her cunt and we enjoyed watching Tom and Joan reach their climax.

The next evening Tom and I were in his study mapping out a preliminary picture story board while Joan and Vickie were in the family room going through a stack of jazz CDs. Tom had taken the time to print pictures of various close ups we could use in both the FFM and MMF scenes and we talked about scenes that would feature all four of us at the same time. The first would be the opening scene with all of us naked on the couch with Joan jacking off Tom and Vickie doing me and the only dialog would be the four of us wishing Cindy happy birthday. Then the girls would get down in front of us and start licking and sucking us off. From that point on, I would take the camera and we would switch to close ups of Joan licking Tom’s cock. After several shots of Joan and Tom, Vickie would join in. I could hardly wait this is going to be fun.

We discussed various endings and we thought it would be fun to include a list of nonsense type of characters in the credits. A couple of examples we thought of were: Caterer by Mas Cum, and Wardrobe by T. Nude. We started a list and I took it to the girls so they could also start adding to it. We thought we would roll the credits over the girls giving us a blow job and they would direct our cum into a Champagne glass as the last of the credits rolled up. With some editing it would appear that Tom and I came at the same time. The girls would clink the glasses together, drink the cum and say, “Happy birthday Cindy.”

Tom and I printed pictures from various porn sites and laid them out on the story board. Those sites provide us with ideas for what could happen in the various scenes. And even though action was much the same, you could see that there were different people involved. It was also convenient not to have a dialog so the person operating the camera could direct the action according to the picture story board. The only thing we hadn’t determined was how we would do the cum shots at the end of each scene. We were kicking that around when the girls walked in wearing a big smile and nothing else.

“You boys have been working hard and we think you need to eat something for your strength,” Joan said as she walked up to me. Vickie also moved to stand directly in front of Tom. “Clever girls,” I said, “You always know what we need.”

Joan and Vickie moved closer so their pussy was inches from our face. Then they put one leg on the desk giving us a great view and Joan said, “You are welcomed to seconds too.”

I put my hands on Joan’s butt and pulled her lovely pussy to my mouth. I love eating pussy; I love the way it feels and especially the taste of cum. I started licking Joan’s labia lips all over and then slowly up and down between the lips. She was very wet and I was savoring her sweet juice. I adjusted my position so I could lick her cunt and tongue fuck her wonderful love hole. I love having my mouth and face full of pussy. Her breathing was shallow and quick and I moved my tongue up her slit to her clit. When I inserted my finger deep into her cunt she moaned and I could tell she was very near the edge. I rubbed her G spot with my finger and licked her clit with increasing speed until she let out a loud cry as her orgasm rolled through her body. I could feel her whole body shake but I did not stop. I continued my finger and tongue action until she had her second orgasm.

After Joan caught Kartal Escort her breath, she got on her knees in front of me and said, “My turn.” As we were removing my clothes, which didn’t take long, I glanced over to Vickie and Tom. Tom was licking her clit hard and fast while she was panting and squeezing her nipples. I love to watch her face when she cums.

Joan took my hard cock in her hand and licked the pre-cum off the tip; swirling her tongue all over the head. What a wonderful sensation. Then she took my cock into her mouth and began a nice and slow pumping action with her hand and mouth. The way her lips and tongue moved up and down my shaft soon had me breathing hard. She cupped my balls and increased her speed and I could feel my orgasm begin to build. After a few more strokes, my body tensed as I shot my cum into her mouth. She took it all and milked every drop from my cock.

I got my breath back and pulled Joan up for a kiss. We looked over at Tom and Vickie and she was milking the last drop of cum from Tom. I got a tingle in my balls just watching her suck and lick his cock.

After some recovery time we moved to more comfortable chairs to watch Tom’s presentation of the picture story board. I was particularly comfortable because Vickie was in my lap and I was fondling her breast and rubbing the nipple between my fingers. Tom presented the story in pretty good detail. It started with the four of us, then a pair each, FF Tom, FF Larry, MM Vickie, MM Joan, and ending with the four of us again. We talked at length about the close ups and decided that whomever was running the camera would follow the story board and it was up to that person to judge the amount of time they would use for that shot.

I could imagine the fun Tom and I will have editing all those scenes. Maybe we should make a second DVD just for us.

“The question we have to settle is the cum shots,” Tom stated. “Cum shots for guys is usually at the end of the scene so Larry and I would have five each. It will be easier to do the cum shot as a separate close up and use the magic of editing. In regular porn movies the guy shoots his cum for all to see so our question to you girls is do you have a preference and if so where?”

“Vickie and I have already discussed that and here is what we decided. With the two guys you both should cum on our face at the same time. We don’t think it really matters that we are duplicating the same ending and as you pointed out, there is the magic of editing. For the individual guys, Tom you cum on my pussy and Vickie will lick it off. Larry, you cum on Vickie’s tits and I will lick it off. I believe for the final scene we are holding your cocks so you cum into a Champagne glass. Does that sound ok to you?”

“Perfect sweetheart,” Tom said with a big grin. “Well now that that is settled, let’s do a rehearsal two days from now. I need to get the rest of the equipment and we all need some practice shooting with the camera.”

“It will give Vickie and me an opportunity to get a wax job on our pussies too so we look nice and fresh.

“We should include Nikki at the salon someway in the credits,” laughed Vickie. “Like: Makeup by Pussy Care. Then again I should be listed in the credit for shaving Larry’s cock and balls.”

“We both should be listed in the credits for that,” chimed in Joan. “Just one more fun activity in the shower plus I just love to run my tongue all over his cock and balls to check the quality of my barbering.”

“We’ll have to think something up,” Vickie said with a giggle.

Two days later Vickie and I were standing in Tom and Joan’s family room ready for a “dress” rehearsal and to learn the trick of being a camera operator. The girls looked stunning. Hair and makeup was done with care and they looked like they were ready to walk out the door for a very nice evening except they were naked. Tom and I enjoyed watching Vickie and Joan admire their bodies in the mirror especially how their freshly waxed pussy looked. How absolutely beautiful they were. They are about the same size but Vickie is about an inch shorter and has a darker hair color. They saw us watching them and turned around with a good laugh. Since Vickie enjoys old classic movies and much as I do, I just knew the line she was going to recite and sure enough she said, “All right Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up.” Have I mentioned how much I love her?

Tom explained the camera operation and we each gave it a try on items in the room. The principal idea is to start wide, zoom in, and then fade wide. Holding it steady when you move is not easy at all. It took some practice to move slow and steady. After attacking the lamp a few times from different angles we were ready to try moving bodies.

The girls and Tom went first. I shot three poses. First was both girls licking his dick at the same time and watching each other lick and suck it. The second was Joan on her back to allow Vickie to eat her pussy while Tom fucked Vickie from behind. Kurtköy Escort The last was Joan kneeling with her pussy over Vickie’s mouth and give Tom a bj at the same time. Vickie’s wet pussy looked so lovely and inviting but I had to wait my turn. We played them back and I could see I needed to zoom even more and really show Tom’s cock sliding in and out of Vickie’s cunt and more angles of Joan’s bj. We repeated just the portion of Joan’s bj and I got several angles with much better close ups. We reviewed the newly shot video and the improvement was obvious. “Much sexier and erotic,” Joan said.

Vickie was next with the camera and she learned well from my experience. We started by standing in front of Joan with close ups of Joan first jacking off Tom from different angles. We repeated the same shots with me and then Tom moved in and Joan jacked us both off at the same time. Vickie moved in very close when Joan put both our cocks into her mouth and jacked us both off. After several minutes Joan got on her knees to allow Tom to take her from behind and I could fuck her face. Vickie was everywhere with the camera and It is difficult not to be distracted even with what wonderful things Joan was doing to my cock. To end the scene she moved to sitting in Tom’s lap, with his dick in her cunt and my cock in her mouth. Probably one of my favorite positions because she can hold my balls with one hand, my dick with the other and I can fondle her tits. I was looking forward to the repeat of this when I can cum too. We reviewed the video and it was high fives all around. Lots of great footage which will make for interesting editing later.

Joan repeated with the camera much of what Vickie had done except she had me sitting on the top of the couch, Tom sitting on the couch, and Vickie facing Tom. Vickie slid her cunt down Tom’s cock and took my cock into her mouth. Tom pounded Vickie while she sucked pumped and sucked on my cock. Her video was every bit as hot as Vickie’s. We were all very proud and ready for the real thing.

One last thing Tom suggested was setting up the camera on the tripod so we could do our opening scene which will be the four of us on the couch and the girls jacking us off. After we all say “Happy Birthday Cindy,” the girls would move to straddle our cocks. Joan will face away from Tom and Vickie will face me. From then on we move to shooting couples. The camera part was easy however it was sitting on the couch and having the girls slide onto our cocks that proved a bit more difficult. Joan quickly solved the problem by retrieving some lube from their bedroom. We would start the scene with our cocks lubricated and the girls slid their eager cunts down our cocks quite nicely.

Since that was the last of the rehearsal Vickie suggested we stay in our position and continue fucking for real. As Vickie moved up and down, forward and back, I lightly rub her clit. That always brings on several orgasms and I love the way her cum runs down my cock and makes my balls wet. She collapsed into my arms and after catching her breath moved down on her knees in front of me and licked my cock and balls. The sensation is overwhelming. When she takes my cock into her mouth it feels so wonderful. Her hand and mouth quickly bring me to my orgasm.

We waited until Saturday to start production that way we would have all day to shoot in better lighting. The goal was to shoot as much of the scenes as possible but leave the close up cum shot of Tom and me for later. If that worked out, we could do a cum shot each evening for the next few days to finish off the movie. Plus that would give us time to review the footage and allow for any retakes.

We actually did better than planned. We did four hours of shooting for probably a forty minute movie.

After lunch we watched the raw footage and didn’t see any need for retakes but there were some shots that needed to be added to the story board. We were all excited about what we had accomplished.

For the next week Tom and I edited every evening plus added our cum shot to be included later in the video. It was lots of fun having the girls bring us off and then aim our dicks as we shot our load in a predetermined place. The nice part is that Tom and I had to do it separately because one of the girls was operating the camera. So when Joan was sucking on Tom’s dick, I was playing with her pussy at the same time. Then we would change and when Vickie was sucking on my cock, Tom was playing with her pussy.

It took a lot more work than I think we had envisioned but we were all glad we did it and pleased with the final product. Cindy’s party was a few weeks away and we finished with time to spare.

The day of the big bash finally arrived. We all had sexual explicit birthday cards and some nice gifts. Vickie and I gave her a gift certificate at a massage and spa while Joan and Tom gave her something she has always talked about and that is golf lessons. Then we told her that later we have a little surprise. We moved out to the pool area where we all removed our clothes and jumped into the water. How very refreshing on a hot day. I sat Vickie on the edge of the pool and ate her pussy like I did on our very first meeting. That evening will always be special to us. It truly changed my life forever.

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