Chris and Janet Her Mom

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Growing up back in the 70s was a great time. I was in my late teenage years (I just turned 18) and had some really good friends. It was also a time when my sexual awaking came about.

Chris was a girl I was friends with but not a girlfriend if you know what I mean. She was pretty in her own way and pretty well built. It not that I didn’t want her to be my girlfriend, it just we ran in different crowds and went to different schools, she was also a year older than me. We would talk and were sociable.

She did go to the beach with my family a few times and I got to hold her. I even got to kiss her and feel her up once on the way back from the beach. Dad was driving, mom was in the front seat. Chris and I had the middle seat with a blanket around us. My brothers had the back seat in the station wagon. Those tits were so soft and warm. But nothing came from it.

In high school, I was the school photographer and I was also enrolled in a correspondence photography course. Chris was my model when I needed one. Chris was a few months older than me and she had had several boyfriends by that time. It was during one of my photo shoots that she asked me about my girlfriend. Chris is pretty blunt sometimes. Well the girl wasn’t officially a girlfriend yet, but I was hoping.

“So, have you had sex with her yet?” asks Chris out of the blue.


“Have you at least kissed her?”

“Chris, this isn’t something I want to talk about.”

“You haven’t even kissed her?”

“Yes, we have kissed, once.”

“Did you French kiss her?”


“You do know how to French Kiss, don’t you?”


“Come here, show me.”


“Come on!”

So I walk over and give it my best. I had never even kissed a girl before. Yes, I lied before. But I was a man and was supposed to be worldly and all. Luckily the porn I had watched had taught me something. Apparently, I did okay as Chris dropped the subject.

The photo shoot that day was a fashion shot. Chris was dressed in a dark blue mild mini skirt, button down light blue button down silk blouse, black high heels. She wasn’t wearing stockings as it was late spring. The kiss was on my mind as was my lack of experience so I decided to ask Chris a very personal thing.

“Chris, ah …”


“Well, I was wondering, if ah…”

“Come on spit it out, what do you want to ask me?”

“Oh shit! Never mind.”

“Come on, you can ask me. But no, I will not go out with you. I have a boyfriend.”

“No that wasn’t it.”

“What is it then?”

“How do I please a girl? I mean, I want to make sure she is satisfied when we make out. But I don’t know what to do.”

“What do you mean ‘please a girl’?”

“Well, ah, I guess orally.”

“I don’t know!”

“What do you mean, you don’t know. You’re a girl. Haven’t one of your boyfriends tried to please you yet?”


“No? It just Wham, Bam, Thank you, mam?”

“I guess. I never thought of it, we just did it”


There is a long silence as we both think about the conversation and what our feelings were. After a few minutes, Chris comes over to me, takes my hand and we sit down on the sofa. She takes my hand and places it on her leg. We start to make out. After a few kisses, she spreads her legs and I take my queue and move my hand to her panties. Chris spreads her legs more and off we go. Her panties become wet and I’m floating on cloud nine. Taking it one step further my hand goes under the panties and I touch my first pussy ever. It is so wet. My fingers slide up and down and I find the little knob sticking out at the top. As I run my finger over it, Chris jumps and takes a deep breath. This must mean something and I continue to play with the knob. Within a minute, Chris is breathing fast, then her body goes all stiff and her pussy get very, very wet. Then she pushes my hand away and pulls my head down to her pussy.

As I try to remove her panties, she pulls them to the side. They are ripped from her body and she pulls my head to her sopping wet pussy. The smell is something I will never forget. It is more of a feeling then a smell. To this day, I could not explain the smell. But I couldn’t be torn away from it either. I wanted to be closer to it, taste it, devour it, and I did. My mouth closed over her clit and my tongue began to circle around her clit. Poor Christ could not breathe. She keep gasping for air. Her legs would go from clamping my head tightly to her to spreading wide as her hands pulled me into her and then tried to push me away. I ran my tongue down her pussy and back up again. Noting when she reacted differently.

Over Resim Yükle the next fifteen to twenty minutes I continued to learn what worked on Chris and what didn’t. Suddenly, Chris went into a spasm that, well all I can say must have rocked her world. Her body locked up, she arched her back, clamped her legs around my head, her face was flushed and she stopped breathing. This seemed to last for several minutes. Her pussy flooded my mouth with the sweetest tasting nectar I have ever experienced in my young life. After about an hour, well actually only a minute or so, Chris collapsed and I think she passed out. Her legs let go of my head and I was able to back away from her.

After several minutes, Chris got up and left. Just like that. No good bye, no words what so ever. She just left. I cleaned up as best I could. Pulled the roll of film from the camera and went about developing the film for my lesson. The whole time my cock was rock hard. I had material in my mind that would last me for a long time before I fell asleep.

But this story isn’t about Chris. It is about her mom. When Chris left she was still recovering from an orgasm that had racked her very soul. Her face was flush, her heart rate hadn’t returned to normal, her breathing was still not back to normal.

She walked into her house and ran into her mother. Moms have a great sixth sense and knew something had happened. In addition, she and Chris talked about everything. Almost like best friends. So it was no surprise that Chris told her what happened or at least tried.

Now, I didn’t know any of this. While Chris and her mom, Janet, talked, I was in my little studio, reliving the afternoon. I had built a 12 x 16 foot shed in the back of my parent’s yard. There was an alleyway that ran behind it and along most of the yards on the block. This little studio was where I took the pictures and develop film and made my prints. It was air conditioned and heated, had a stereo, sofa, hot and cold water. An area for the studio complete with lights and best of all had locks on the doors.

I was just finishing up the developing of the film when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to see Janet standing there. Janet was about 5 ft. 7, prettier than Chris and she took very good care of her body. I knew for a fact that she worked out almost every day. But having her standing there, I felt I was in for a good tongue lashing.

“Mrs. L, please come in.”

“Chris told me what happened.”

“Oh, I can explain.” I knew I couldn’t but what else could I say.

“No, you’re not in trouble.”

“I’m not?”

“No, she told me it was her idea and that you had asked how to please a girl. Her boyfriends had never asked and well she was curious.”

Silence on my part. I am half looking at the floor and at her heaving breasts.

“She also said that she left in a hurry and that well, it didn’t go any further.”

“No Mam, I just wanted to learn how to please a girl. I wasn’t trying to have sex with her.”

“So, she didn’t please you?”

“No. She kept her clothes on the whole time. Honest, we didn’t have sex.”

In my mind I was still trying to make sure I wasn’t in trouble and trying to keep Chris out of trouble as well.

“From what I heard from Chris, you are a pretty fast learner. I like that. I want you to show me what you and Chris did.”

Blood rushed from my head. I felt weak in the knees and my mouth wouldn’t work. I just stood there with what was probably a blank look on my face. Janet took my hand and walked me over to the sofa. Then she kissed me. Her lips were soft and gentle. Just the tip of her tongue pushed between my lips, before I came out of my trance. Janet had her arms around my neck. My arms finally move and I give her a hug as I begin to return her kisses. Things moved a little quickly from there. My hands started to explore her back and butt. As I squeezed her butt she pulled into me more. Pushing her pussy up tight against my cock. Which was rock hard at the moment.

Janet pulled back and asked, “Have you ever seen a woman naked?”

All I could do was shake my head no. I mean I had seen porn but not in person.

“Sit down, let me take it from here”, she says, pushing me down on the sofa.

I look up and she is staring me in the eyes as her hand unbuttons the blouse. I can see part of her bra, then more appears. Nothing special about it, just a plane old, beautiful black bra. Just a little bit of breast swelling up over the top. The blouse falls onto the arm of the sofa and Janet is standing in front of me in her bra and slacks. Those are next, she reaches around the side and undoes the button and zipper. Slowly she slides the pants over her hips and down her legs. She doesn’t have any nylons on either. She is stand in front of me with just her bra and panties on. I am speechless and drooling.

She laughs and says, “Oh this is going to be fun.”

With that her arms go behind her, she is taking off her bra! After the clasp is unhooked her arms come around front and she holds the bra to her breast. I am about ready to cum just watching this beautiful woman undress before me. First the left side strap comes down and then the right side. Slowly she removes the straps from her arms. Only her hands hold the bra to her breasts. She removes first her right hand and then with her left she removes the bra and I get to see what every boy my age dreams about, real breasts.

The panties slide down her hips pretty quickly and she is naked before me. My mind has taken a thousand photographs of this goddess. She is now sitting on my lap. Her left hand is holding her left breast and her right hand is behind my head. She pulls me to her breast and instructs me to gently take the nipple into my mouth. It seems second nature to me. I begin to run my tongue around the nipple and gently suck it into my mouth. My hands are roaming her body, cupping her ass, running up her sides, when I finally cup her right breast. Her nipple goes instantly hard in my hand.

After a few minutes, she pulls her breast from my mouth and stands up in front of me.

“You can have more of that later. Now I want you to show me what you did to Chris.” She says as she sits on the sofa next to me.

As I get on the floor, she lays back and spreads her legs. Using her hands she spreads her pussy lips. Her clit is already hardening and that smell is back and very strong. I know what to do this time and with such an open invitation, I get right to work. My mouth wraps around her clit and my tongue begins to explore the area. Gently using my teeth, I begin to nibble on her clit as I suck it into my mouth. Janet’s eyes are closed, her mouth is open and her breathing is becoming irregular.

Her hands are playing with my hair and at times pull me into her pussy. I continue to lick and explore her pussy. My hands are both playing with her breast. Making the most of her hard nipples. I pinch one and then the other. Her breathing stops and she arches her chest into my hands. She must like it.

When I was licking Chris’s pussy, I never slid my tongue into her. But for some reason, I had to get more of this wonderful nectar from Janet, so I slide my tongue into her. Her legs immediately clamped around my head, her hands pulled me into her and she stiffened for a few seconds then relaxed and I went back to work. I was able to keep this up for about 20 minutes and then it happened.

Out of the blue Janet clamped down on me with her legs. At first she just held me there and then I flicked my tongue against her clit. Her arms flew around my head so quick and pulled me into her clit that my teeth mashed against her clit. That did it, Janet lost it. She spasmed hard. My head was pulled even harder into her. Her breathing stopped, she turned beet red and began to shake. Her legs spasmed around my head, her arms shook and all of the sudden she began squirting into my mouth! It lasted only a few moments but I had to swallow 3 times to keep from drowning.

It was a while before Janet was able to calm down enough and move. Her first words were WOW. I got off the floor and sat down beside her. Her eyes were closed and I wasn’t sure if she was asleep or not. Then she opened them and there was a strange look in her eyes. It looked like she was in a dream or something.

“Hon, that was fantastic. No wonder Chris had that dreamy look in her eyes when she came home. Now, it is time for the next part of your lesson. What a girl can do to rock your world.”

Janet then sat up and started to take my shirt and undershirt of. She pulled them both over my head at the same time and they ended up on the floor. Her hands ran over my nearly hairless chest. She played with my nipples until they were both hard. As she played with my nipples, I noticed that hers had hardened again.

She told me to stand up in front of her and she undid my belt. Next the button of my jeans and finally the zipper came down. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but my cock was rock hard and my underwear were slightly wet from what I would learn was pre-cum. Janet moved to the edge of the sofa and then pulled the jeans down and off my feet. Her hands then roamed over my cock and balls through the underwear.

She licked her lips and then slid her hands through the legs and cupped my balls and cock. I thought I would cum right then and there. She pulled her hands out and slid the underwear down my legs. As my cock popped free, she left the underwear fall and took hold of my cock. At first she just seemed to be admiring it. I am normally around 7 inches long and maybe 2 and a half inches around. Today, it seemed to be thicker and longer.

Regardless Janet just seemed to stare at it. Finally it began. Janet began to slowly stroke my cock. First with one hand and the other played with my balls. Then she used both hands to stroke me. As she was stoking my cock her face got closer and closer. Then without warning she took my whole cock into her mouth. In one swift movement she had me buried to my balls in her mouth. She went crazy after that.

Her head was bobbing up and down on my cock. Her tongue was all over my cock. I couldn’t breathe. The feeling was out of this world. Nothing had ever felt this good, not even the most fantastic jerk off session I have ever had. Slowly she seemed to come to her senses. Her hands came back into play and she established a sort of rhythm. Between my experience with Chris and then Janet, I was beginning to feel the urge to cum. My balls were swelling up and I was going to shoot any time.

“Janet! I am going to cum if you keep that up”

“Hmmm, go ahead, give me your cum.”

With that I came and hard. My first shot was as she had me deep in her mouth. I calm down her throat. The second was into the back of her mouth. I lost it after that. I’m not sure of how many shots I did, but I was spent. Janet finally pulled my cock out of her mouth and let me sit down on the sofa.

Which was a good thing because I would have fallen if she hadn’t. I laid back with my head on the back of the sofa, Janet’s hands continued to slowly rub my cock and balls. It was the strangest thing, my cock never got soft.

“Okay lover, now for your next lesson.” Janet says as she climbs on top of my lap.

“You mean there is more?”

“Oh yes, lots more. But only one more lesson today.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“You, my young man, are going to become a man today. We are going to fuck! Normally, I would say make love, but in the mood I am in right now, I am going to fuck you. I am going to use this wonderful tool and show you how a woman likes to fuck.”

With that Janet sits up and puts the head of my cock right at the entrance of her pussy. She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and slams down on my cock. I feel a thousand sensations all at once. My cock is engulfed in warm wetness. The head of my cock hits a soft wall and then the walls begin to squeeze me. Just as fast, Janet rises up and all but the head of my cock slides out of her pussy. Too be followed by another rapid sinking into her pussy. This lasts for several minutes and about a hundred times.

Janet puts her hands behind my head and pulls me to the floor. Next thing I know I am on the floor above her with my cock just barely inside of her. She wraps her legs around my butt and tells me to fuck her as fast and hard as I can. I begin to pump into her. The feelings are beyond words.

“Faster, harder. You can’t break me. Give me what I want, NOW!”

I pump faster. My cock feels so big and hard. I’m afraid of hurting her, but she just keeps demanding it be faster and harder. After a few seconds I feel like a jack hammer. I am slamming myself into her so hard that my pelvic bone almost hurts. Again it happens, Janet’s eyes close, she stops breathing, her legs wrap around my waist and her pussy rises up and clamps down on my cock.

There is a hot, wet feeling around my cock and then my balls are soaked. Janet lets out a yell that I am sure anyone outside in their yards heard. With all the action around my cock, I am close to coming again. I slow down just a little to stop myself from cumming in Janet’s pussy.

She opens her eyes and says “Don’t you dare slow down. Fuck me fast and hard, dammit.”

“If I do that I will cum”

“That is what I want. Shoot you’re cum deep into my pussy. Do it now!”

With that I pick up the pace and within seconds I can feel the cum rising from my balls. I let out a moan and shoot my load of cum as my cock gets buried deep into Janet’s pussy. Janet’s eyes roll back into her head and her pussy begins to spasm around my cock.

She cums for a second time while I am fucking her. I stop pumping my cock into her pussy and collapse on top of her. After a few minutes we both catch our breaths and I roll off of her. She rolls onto her side and then up on her arms. She bends over and kisses me. My cock stirs which she catches out of the side of her eyes.

A small smile comes to her lips and she says “That is what I love about a young lover, the littlest things gets them ready for more, but I need to head home. Tomorrow is another day and a new set of lessons.”

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