Cheerleader Lust

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My name is Diane Davis and I’m a 35 year old divorced teacher living in North Caroline. I have been divorced for over 2 years and have not had a sexual partner since then. I admit that it’s not easy and I often get so horny at night that I have to masturbate just so I can go to sleep. My being single has nothing to do with looks or getting offers. I am the cheerleading coach at a high school which so I stay in great shape, I have to keep up with all those 18 year old girls.

I had never consider myself a lesbian not even bisexual, but lately all I fantasies about is making love to women. It all started when I was flipping channels one night and came across a soft core porn. I started watching it and began to masturbate, when it came to a lesbian scene I felt my pussy really start to warm up. Watching to two hot women on screen kissing each others bodies, their fingers working each other’s pussies. It was the best orgasm I had ever had masturbating. I had just discovered how attracted I was to the thought of making love to another woman.

I had put these thoughts out of my head by the next day while I was at school working. That afternoon after classes were over I headed to the school gym for cheerleading practice. After practice I walked into the girls locker room where I had a small office, I decided to do a little paper work before I left. As I walked in I noticed something that had escaped my conscious mind all these years, I had full access to see beautiful naked 18 year old girls. I thought about this as I walked in and saw some of the girls standing around in their skimpy bra and panties talking and laughing together. I quickly walked in my office and closed the door to prevent myself from staring. As I thought more about the girls standing there almost naked I could feel my pussy getting wet with excitement.

I decided now would be a great time to walk around the locker room to make sure everything is ok! I walked out of my office door and my eyes turned to the girls still getting dressed. I was disappointed that they had already got their pants on and were starting to get their shirts back on. It was about that time that I noticed that I heard the showers running. I had not even thought about the fact that some of the girls were showering! I walked around the corner and peeped into the shower room. There were not curtains for dividers, so my eyes had a perfect view of 3 of the girls showering. All 3 were very hot but my attention went to Mary Chin right away.

Mary was a beautiful 18 year old half white half Asian girl who was also our best cheerleader. I watched as she lathered up her smooth tan body, her long black hair hung half way down her back. Her as was round and firm and as she turned around I saw her beautiful small breast. I watched as she washed them and her nipples became hard. I eyes worked their way down her smooth flat stomach until they reached her pubic mound that was covered in thick wet black hair. I thought my pussy was going to explode! When I suddenly realized that I was rubbing my tights together I decided it was time to go back to my office. I quickly entered and shut the door. After I had made sure all the girls had when home I headed to Mary’s locker, there were not locks for the gym lockers so I opened it up. I looked around in casino şirketleri her gym bag and found a pair of thong under wear that she had obviously been wearing today because they were still a little moist. I took them with me into the office and sniffed their sweet pussy smell while I fingered myself to orgasm. It did not take long!

This when on for about a week, everyday after the girls were gone I would get a piece of clothing from Mary’s locker and smell it while I got myself off. Her perfume and body scent were fantastic. One day when I was going through her gym bag I noticed something I had not seen before, I quickly realized that it was her diary. I decided to take it home with me to read, I felt shame but knew I could not control myself. By now I had almost become obsessed with Mary. I figured I’d read it and bring it back before practice. I was hoping to find something juicy but had no idea what I was in store for.

I read for about 10 minutes until I stumbled onto something that would totally shock me. Here is what Mary had written on that very page:

“I can not believe what happened last night after my and Cindy got back from Steve’s party! We were both really drunk and stayed at Cindy’s house since her parents were out of town. As Me and Cindy climbed into bed to go to sleep I noticed she was much more drunker that I was. I even had to help her undress down to her panties and help her get her night shirt on. Cindy was out cold in no time and as I was lying there in bed I started thinking about how I undressed Cindy and started to get turned on. I’ve know for a while that I was attracted to girls too but never thought I would do anything about it. I leaned over Cindy and whispered her name a few times, no answer. I worked up enough nerve to lean down and kiss Cindy on the mouth. Her lips were so hot. I slowly moved my hand until it was on her panty covered pussy, I was so excited but then she started to move and it scared me so I pulled away. I don’t know what to think about these feelings and don’t know if I should explore them. Mary.”

I could hardly breath after I finished reading this entry in Mary’s diary. Mary was struggling with the same sexual thoughts I was. Maybe we could explore them together. I suddenly had a plan. The whole cheerleading squad was going on a trip were we were having to stay at a hotel. I had was about to call and book the rooms we needed so that 2 girls would share a room with small beds and I would get a single room with a large bed. Plans were about to change!

A few days late we were getting off the bus and getting ready to enter our hotel rooms. As I came back from getting our keys I announced that they had screwed up in booking our rooms so that one of the girls would have to stay with me in my room. Instead of asking for volunteers I quickly asked Mary if she would mine, she smiled and said it was fine. Stage one of my plan was complete.

As Mary and I entered our room we found that their was only one small bed that we would have to share, I apologized to Mary and asked her if she was ok with us sharing a bed and she she did not. She gave me that smile again that made me think she was glad to be here with me in this situation.

Mary was on the bed watching tv when I came out of the bathroom wearing casino firmaları nothing but a towel. I was so nervous, it had been a long time since I had been naked in front of someone, but I wanted Mary to see my body and judge her response. I could tell Mary was a little shock to see me in just a towel as she kept staring. I had my back towards Mary as I opened up my suitcase and let my towel fall to the floor. I got a long shirt out and turned towards her as I put it one. I gave her a chance to see my breast which were much larger than hers. After I had put my night shirt on I looked at Mary who’s mouth was open. I smiled at her and apologized for her having to see my old body like that. Mary smiled and said she thought I had a great body and wished her tit’s were that big! After she realized what she had just said to her teacher her face turned red with embarrassment. I laughed and told her I thought that was a great compliment coming from such a beautiful girl. There was some awkward since before Mary said she was going to take a shower.

As Mary got out of the shower and began drying off with a towel I noticed that she had left the door open enough that I could see her sexy naked body in the mirror. Had she done this on purpose? I had to find out this very night!

I was lying on the bed with just my night shirt own watching tv when Mary came out from the bathroom. Mary was also wearing a night shirt and climbed onto the bed with me. We started talking about the cheerleading event that was planned for tomorrow and I asked her how was she feeling. She told me she was feeling great but that her legs as ass were sore from the practice yesterday. I quickly jumped on this opportunity and offered up a massage. Mary quickly agreed.

Mary laid face down on the bed and I climbed to the foot so I had access to her lovely smooth legs. I started with her calf muscles and stared working my way up trying not to seem to excited about touching her. Mary’s face was turned to the side and I noticed that she had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying the feelings of my hands on her body. I worked my way up to her knees and then upper thighs. As my hands moved up so did her night shirt, it was not long until I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks and saw that she was wearing one of her now famous thongs. I smiled to myself as I realized it was one I had sniffed before.

My finger tips had reached the top of her ass cheeks and she still looked as if she was enjoying herself. I was starting to feel very excited and stammered as I spoke. I asked Mary if she would like me to see if I could rub some of the soreness out of her butt cheeks. Mary never opened her eyes but nodded her head yes. I was about to explode! I slowly moved Mary’s shirt up to her waist line and she had moved her body to make it easier, I was starting to think she wanted this as much as me.

My hands gripped both ass cheeks and began to work them as if working dough. The more I massaged her ass cheeks the faster her breathing became. Was she getting excited. From her diary I already knew that she wanted to experiment with another women. I was massaging her ass cheeks slow when I let my thumbs start to slide between her ass cheeks. Each time they did this it opened her ass up exposing the thin piece güvenilir casino of fabric from her white thong. As I massaged her ass I let one of my thumbs slip under the thin g string fabric and come into direct contact with her pink little asshole. I was so hot! I was now straddling her legs and since I did not have any underwear on under my night shirt my pussy was rubbing against her leg. As I rubbed her asshole my hot wet pussy was rubbing against her leg and I was starting to feel an orgasm coming on.

My thumb now lowered pass her asshole and was touching her pussy lips. I noticed that Mary was breathing really hard and starting to move her hips. I looked down and could tell her white underwear was wet. As my thumb touched the outside of her pussy lips a soft moan came from Mary. I was about to make another move when a knock came at the door. We both jumped up with shock. I smiled at Mary and asked if she enjoyed her massage, her face was red and flushed and she only nodded yes. I when to the door and saw it was one of the other cheerleaders who just wanted to tell us good night. Stupid bitch!

Later that night we were both in bed and Mary had her back to me. She was curled up in a fetal position with her knees against her stomach. I listened to her breath as I smelled her hair. I had never wanted anything so bad in my life. Deep down I knew I had to go for this or I would regret it for the rest of my life.

I quietly pulled my shirt off so that I was completely naked and gently scooted my body so that my tits were up against Mary’s back. I felt the tingle in my hard nipples as they touched her shirt. I moved Mary’s hair out of the way to expose her pretty thin neck. I leaned down and let my lips softly kiss it. My hand had moved under her shirt and were squeezing her small breast, her nipples were as hard as small pebbles. My hand then moved down to her stomach which was moved in and out very fast. I lowered my mouth to Mary’s ear and asked if she was awake. She did not say a word or even open her eyes, all she did was shake her head yes. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she shook her head no.

This was all I needed to know. My hand that was on her stomach moved to the waist band of her thong and my fingers slipped underneath. My fingers were quickly welcomed by the puff of pubic hair that I had seen in the shower. My fingers moved down until they found Mary’s clit. As soon as I touched her swollen clit a loud moan escaped her lips. As my fingers started to move in a circular motion, Mary’s hips started to move up and down working with my hand.

Soon her panties had work their way down to her ankles and she kicked them off. Her shirt was next which left us naked in each others arms. I started to suck her nipples as she began to squeeze my large tits that she was amazed by earlier.

It took no time for us to find ourselves in a 69 position with Mary on top. Her pussy was in my mouth and her sweet asshole against my nose. I felt Mary spread my pussy lips apart and thrust her tongue in. We lapped each others pussies hungrily using our mouths, our fingers, and out faces. My pussy was getting wetter as I heard Mary’s slurred moans coming from her mouth full of pussy. Soon both of our bodies were shaking with incredible orgasms.

We made love in the shower that night and several more times in bed. Mary has graduated now and is in college and I now have a live in girlfriend. But each time Mary comes to town she stops by for a night of passion with me and my new girlfriend.

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