Chat Sessions Ch. 03

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After dinner Rhonda went out to meet some friends from work and mom and I were left to do the dishes. After cleaning up, we sat in the living room and watched a movie. Mom drank some wine and I had a couple of beers. We were quiet through the movie, but when it was over, mom turned to me.

“Is Rhonda doing okay?” She asked.

My heart leapt in my chest — I was afraid she was making reference to our incestuous relations. “Yeah. I think so. I think the Pete thing is hitting her a little hard.”

Mom looked thoughtful. “Yeah. Breakups really mess with your mind.”

“Are you doing okay, mom?”

She nodded and sipped some wine. “Oh yes. Doing good. I’m thinking about getting into on-line dating. I think with spring coming I need to get back out there.”

I nodded, “That’d be good for you.”

“I know it would be strange, if I met someone and brought him home to meet you guys.”

“Don’t worry about that.” I said with a little concern, thinking of another man in our house, a guy trying to be my dad. “You need to take care of yourself. Besides, Rhonda is probably going to move out this summer and if I do go full-time with the job, I’ll be moving out before too long myself.”

“I hate to think of being in this big house, alone.”

“Maybe the guy you meet will have kids and they can move in here.” I laughed.

Mom laughed, “Oh no, no more kids in the house until I get grand-babies. And I’m not in any rush for those!”

“So, have you checked out the on-line dating scene already?”

She blushed a little, “Some. It’s kind of scary. I’m ready to join one site, but I don’t have a recent picture.”

“We could take some pictures and load them to your computer real quick, mom.”

“We could?”

I got up and went to the closet where our digital camera had been stored. I pulled out the camera. “Look, we can take pictures and download them in minutes.” I tried to turn the camera on, but the battery was dead. “Well, we need to charge the camera first.”

Mom stood up from the couch with a big smile on her face. “It’s okay. We can do that this weekend. I’m not in a big rush to dive in.”

“You got that new phone, mom.” I said and picked her phone up from the coffee table. “This probably takes great pictures. Have you used the camera much?”

Mom reached out for her phone. “Oh, I’ve messed around with it a little, but not much.”

I found the camera icon and turned the phone toward my mother. “Smile.” The phone clicked and flashed before mom could react.

I quickly opened up her photo gallery to show her the picture. I flipped past the first picture and the second picture took the wind from me. There was the little vibrator I had seen in mom’s closet, buried half way into mom’s snatch. I’m sure my face was flushed with color as I quickly attempted to push the to the last picture on the phone just as mom grabbed the camera from me. “Don’t go snapping pictures of me at the end of a long day. I probably look like hell.” She looked down at the phone and turned crimson. She clutched the phone to her chest. “Rick, I — I — I don’t know if you saw this or not, but –“

“I was trying to find that picture I just took of you mom, I didn’t see any of your pics.” I lied, “I’m not familiar with your phone. Did that picture turn out okay?”

Mom nodded and turned away. She sat heavily on the couch. “Yes. It’s fine.” She picked up her wine and took a long drink. “This weekend let’s get the digital camera out and we’ll take some pictures for my dating profile.” She didn’t look at me. “Okay?”

“Sure mom.” I said, adding, “I’m going to grab a beer and head off to bed. I’ve got a project due next week I should be working on.”

Mom looked down at her phone, then to me. “You didn’t see the picture on the phone?”

“It just came up when you grabbed the phone.”

“Okay.” She finished the wine in her glass, “It’s a terrible picture of me.”

I felt very awkward and seeing how mom was feeling made me feel worse. I went to her and hugged her shoulders. “You’re too pretty to take a bad picture!”

She patted my shoulder and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. “You’re sweet.”

I left her sitting there with the phone in her lap. I went upstairs and sat on the bed. I didn’t know if mom noticed or not, but my cock had sprung to life when I saw the pic of her vibrator in her pussy. I thought she was too freaked out to even pay attention.

As I thought about it, it occurred to me that if she had taken that picture she had probably sent it to someone online. There was no doubt that she was being pretty promiscuous online these days. I guessed that she needed it. Hell, I was jerking off sometimes twice a day myself. My family must just be exceptionally horny, I thought.

A couple days passed and then it was the weekend. Rhonda was busy with work and school so we didn’t see much of each other. 1HotTigress had disappeared from chat, but then again, she had told me she was going to be gone. I finally made a date with Creamgirl for Saturday afternoon as she wanted to keep it simple izmir escort for our first meeting.

Saturday morning I saw Rhonda coming out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her body. When I gave her a cat call she opened the towel and flashed me her body. She waved for me to come into her room, but mom came up the stairs just then and I went back to my room.

Mom followed me into my room. “I’ve got a few errands to run, but I was hoping that when I came home you’d take a couple pictures.” She said it rather quickly and plainly.

Trying to assess her situation I asked what was up. She waved it off and looked away, saying, “Nothing.’

I approached her carefully, “Mom? What’s up?” I put a hand on her shoulder.

She patted my hand and shook her head, “Nothing, just kind of blah. I was hoping the pictures and the promise of getting a date would cheer me up some.”

“As pretty as you are, you’ll have no problem getting a date.”

She patted my hand again and pulled away. “Thanks honey.” She stopped as she turned into the hallway.

Mom stayed in the doorway, “Any suggestions on what to wear?”

I turned back to her and looked her over. In jeans and a Rolling Rock t-shirt, she looked great. “Let’s do one casual, one dressy and one…. uhm…”

“Fun?” She laughed. Then said, “I think I know what you mean.”

“Provacative.” I smiled and she nodded and left the room.

At three o’clock I met Creamgirl, Julia, at a coffee shop on the outskirts of town. Her picture must have been an older one because she didn’t look quite the same from her hair down to her waist. She was a little bit thicker than the picture and her hair, black in the picture, was a light brown in a wild, frizzy, style. Still, her face was nice and her tits were rather large.

We talked over coffee about a wide range of subjects from movies to my home town to our parents and finally about the chat sessions. She confessed that she didn’t like to have cyber sex. She preferred to meet men (and a few women) in person and get to know them. If all went well, then they’d move on to some, safe, fun, sex. She always tried to keep first dates to an hour and if they went well, she’d set up a second date. She asked if I’d like a second date. I told her yes, but my schedule was pretty tight. She told me to buy a box of condoms and she’d show me what “tight” was next weekend.

I went home slightly aroused and wishing we had a little more time to talk. Still, it all went well and I was no worse for the wear. When I got home, mom was in a tight fitting, black dress with her hair all done up. She had a strand of pearls on her neck as well as matching earrings and a bracelet.

“I thought we’d start dressy and work our way down.” Mom had just opened a bottle of wine and poured herself a glass. “Gotta get out there.”

I grabbed the camera and we started taking pictures of mom on the couch and then standing next to the book case. Mom was enjoying herself with the photo shoot. I kept telling her how pretty she was and she just ate it up. We took about twenty pictures when mom suggested she change into her next outfit. She grabbed the half-finished bottle of wine and her glass and headed up the stairs, telling me to meet her in ten minutes in her room.

I downed a beer to pass the time and checked the pictures on the digital camera. Almost all of the pictures had turned out great. When ten minutes passed, I went up the stairs and headed to my mom’s room. There, mom was lying on the bed in a rather revealing white teddi and white stockings with matching high heeled shoes.

“Just a few of these.” She said and struck a sexy pose on the bed. “I don’t want men thinking I’m easy.”

“Yeah, save these for when you know them better.” I commented and snapped a couple of pictures. She sipped more wine and then hung backwards over the bed, so her breasts nearly fell out of the teddi. She fluffed her hair out so it hung down to the floor.

“I always wanted to take photos like Rita Hayworth or one of those actresses from the 40’s and 50’s.” She sat up and adjusted her breasts inside the teddi, then turned and looked at me over her shoulder. The look was sexy and playful. I took a few, full body shots then snapped a couple of close ups of her face that she could easily use.

Mom threw up her hands, “Okay. Let’s knock it down a notch.” She jumped up from the bed and hurried toward her bathroom. “Just hang out here a minute.” With that she disappeared into the master bath.

I sat on her bed and reviewed the pictures. These pictures gave me a hard on. Mom was very sexy. I set the camera down and saw her new phone on the nightstand. I thought about the picture of her vibrator and thought I would see what other pics she had.

After the vibrator picture was a picture of herself that she had taken in her bedroom mirror. The flash obscured most of her face, but it was easy to see she was wearing a read nightgown with one of the straps hanging from her shoulder. Another picture alsancak escort was a close up of her lips, painted a lovely red. The next picture was of her breasts. Several pictures were snapshots of her car, the house, the bird bath in the back yard with a foot of snow on top of it. I flipped ahead and saw mom’s clit. I looked closer. The picture seemed familiar, but in the last six months, I’d seen a few pictures of pussy’s and clits. I set the phone down as I heard the knob rattle on the bathroom door.

The bathroom door opened, Mom came out of the bathroom in Daisy Duke shorts and a flannel shirt tied in a bow just beneath her tits. Her hair that had been down for the lingerie shoot was now in pig tails and she had tamed down her lipstick some.

“Let’s do a few like this, then I’ll get my jeans on and a different blouse.”

“Whatever you want.” My cock was rock hard and struggling to rip through my jeans. I stayed on the bed and snapped photos of mom in the doorway of the bathroom in her Daisy Duke outfit.

One more change, this time she came out with her hair down, the way she normally wears it and her good jeans on. Her make up was the same, but she wore a tight, white blouse. The look was great. I snapped about twenty more shots of her and then we were done and so was her bottle of wine.

Mom was in a great mood. She was smiling and happy, singing a little country song to herself. Mom went downstairs while I downloaded the pictures to her computer. I noticed a box next to the desk — a web cam box that was opened. I checked the desk and found the web cam behind a bunch of magazines and books piled next to the monitor. It wasn’t installed.

While the pictures downloaded, I plugged in the camera and loaded the software as mom came back with a fresh glass of wine. We looked at her pictures on the computer as she hung over my shoulder, her tits pressing into my back. She was more than happy with the results. She kind of blushed at the pictures in the teddi.

“Those are pretty…risque.” She said with a wicked smile. She seemed lost staring at the pictures and seemed to forget that I was there. With her face so close to mine, I could smell her perfume — sweet and sexy. I struggled to concentrate.

“I hooked up your camera, too.” I told her while she checked the pictures.

“Really?” She hugged me. “You’re just too sweet.”

I showed her how to work it and she got all excited. She moved the camera around until she liked the view of her. Then she ushered me out of the main chair and thanked me again. “I’m going to create my profile.” She said with enthusiasm.

I stood next to her. “Why don’t you wait until tomorrow? Give yourself some time to decide on your picture and what you want to say.”

She shrugged me off and drank some more wine. “I know what I’m going to say.”

“Okay.” I said and slowly backed out of the room. As I left, I could see her moving the camera again to better catch her image.

Back in my room I logged on to my laptop and went straight to the chat room. I was pretty horny and wanted to get something going quick. Mom never seemed to notice the affect she had on me. Even when I stood next to her with the hard on outlined in my pants, she paid no attention. I wanted to see if I could catch her when she came on. It would be funny to mess with her. I suspected it would take her a little while to find the picture she wanted to use and then get the camera situated before she got online. In the meantime, I’d look up one of my other cyber girls and get some much needed relief.

None of the usual cast was on. I came across a girl I’d chatted with a long time ago, but she seemed kind of busy, so I kept moving. A minute or two later, 1HotTigress pinged me.

‘Web cam is up.’

‘So am I.’ I replied and added a smiley face.

We chatted a little, just small talk. Then I asked to see her image. She invited me to see her camera and when the image came up, the lens was focused on her torso. She was wearing a flannel shirt, completely unbuttoned. Under the shirt she had a red push up bra on.

I was focused on the sex and didn’t pay attention to the clothes. I drew a breath and started in:

‘Nice body.’

Her hand came up, pulled the top down a little revealing one breast then she covered up again. ‘Glad you think so.’

I turned on my web cam and pointed it at my crotch. I had slipped out of my jeans and was wearing my boxers. ‘Fair is fair. To bad we’re not closer and could get our bodies together.’

‘Naughty.’ She quickly typed. ‘Give you a little and you want the whole thing.’

‘You’re hot.’ I pulled my boxers down to show my hard cock.

‘You are a little devil, aren’t you.’

‘You make me horny.’

‘I bet you do this all the time, don’t you?’

‘No. If I did, I’d never get anything done.’ I wanted to change my approach and get things moving. ‘I’ve been waiting for you.’

‘I find that hard to believe.’ She flashed her breast at me again.

‘Am I the buca escort only one you’ve been chatting with?’

‘Pretty much.’ She said then added, ‘There’s been a few others who have offered me the goods, but no one’s been as much fun as you.’

‘Can I see your pussy?’

‘LOL!.’ She typed then after a moment, she stood up and pulled her panties down.

Because of the lighting, I could only see her brown patch and not much more. So I told her as much.

‘I’ll put it in the light in a minute.’

I stood up and pulled my boxers off. ‘You give me yours, I’ll give you mine.’

‘Ohhh! I like that! Did I tell you I like a nice, thick cock?’

‘I think you did.’

‘Would love to get my lips around that — both sets!’

I thought about the picture of my mom’s lips on her phone. ‘Do you have nice lips. I like lips that aren’t too thick or too thin. A little red lipstick.’

‘I’ll show you my lips. Would you like to see me suck on my dildo?’

‘I’d like to see you suck on my cock!’

‘First things first.’

Something covered the camera for about twenty seconds. I typed, ‘What are you doing?’

The cloth that was over the camera removed and there was her reddish-orange lips wrapped around her white vibrator, right in front of the camera. She sucked on it for a good thirty seconds, smearing her lipstick all over it. Then she moved up and pulled back, so her face was out of view, but her torso was exposed. Her teddi was off and her panties were gone. The vibrator went down her body to her snatch. She slipped it between her legs and then pulled it out again. She set the vibrator down and typed: ‘Does that do anything for you?’

I stroked my cock some more, then typed, ‘You are hot.’

‘I can’t believe how horny I am. I like this.’ She picked up the dildo again and brought it up, rubbing it over her nipples, then up to her throat, to her chin and then back to her mouth. She sucked it good.

‘You like licking those pussy juices off a cock?’

‘Only ever tasted my own pussy.’

‘Maybe we can do a threesome some time.’

‘Your friend, Tiffany2000, me and you?’

‘Sounds good to me.’

‘You’d like to see me fuck her with my dildo? Lick her pussy juices off of it?’ She put the dildo in her mouth again, careful not to let me see more than just the lower portion of her face.

‘Yeah. I could be fucking you from behind, my hands on those great tits.’

She set the dildo down again, the web cam pointed at her neck and the top of her breasts. ‘That does sound hot. You could fuck me and have her suck you off and then fuck her and have me suck her juices off your cock. Would you like that?’

‘I’m ready to blow just thinking about it. Never been with two women before.’

‘I think I’d like being with another woman.’

‘Maybe you should try it.’

‘I had an opportunity recently, but I didn’t follow through. I was nervous.’

‘Maybe if you did a threesome, had a guy there, it would make it easier.’

‘LOL. Still trying to work your way into that picture, aren’t you?’

She threw something over the camera again. The light changed and then then a minute later, the cloth was removed and I was staring at her nicely trimmed bush, the dildo in her hand, pumping in and out of her pussy. She had moved her desk lamp so I could see it clearly.

‘You are so fucking hot.’

She stopped and typed: ‘Tell me what you’d like. Tell your little bitch what you’d like to do with her, either by myself or with another girl.’

I thought about my mom in the next room, probably chatting with a guy right then. The idea was bizarre. I looked at the monitor of the vibrator going in and out of 1Hottigress’s pussy.

‘I think it would be hot just to be in the same room with you while you fucked yourself with your dildo. I’d like to see it good and wet and then have you suck your own juices off of it.’

She pumped the dildo faster into her wet snatch.

‘Then, I’d like to kiss you. Taste your pussy from your lips. I’d like to finger your wet hole. Feel your excitement. I’d be so excited I’d be stroking my own cock. Then I’d get you on your knees so you could really suck my cock.’

She pulled the dildo out and held it up to the camera so I could see how wet it was.

‘I’d fuck your mouth. Then, I’d turn you around and fuck you from behind.’ I could see the images clearly in my head. It was so exciting, I could barely concentrate. I felt as though I’d cum before she did. I kept going. ‘I’d fuck you hard, slap my hip against your ass and reach around and feel your tits. I’d pull out and make you suck your juices off of me and then I’d put you on your back, raise your legs up over your head and dive into you with my cock. I’d fuck you while I kissed your neck and nibbled on your ears. I’d suck on your nipples and then I’d pull out and rub my cock on your slit until you came. And when you came –‘

I saw her hips buck. The dildo went in deep and stopped. One hand went to her clit as her fingers rubbed it furiously. From the other room, I thought I heard my mother moan. I grabbed my cock then as it throbbed of its own volition and stroked it a few times. Then I came. I shot a stream across the camera and onto the keyboard. I’d laid a towel by the keyboard before, but there hadn’t been time. I grabbed it then and used it to catch the remainder of my load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32