Chance Encounter

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He had been driving forever it seemed. Now every sign post and group of buildings looked the same in the dim illumination of the car’s headlights. How he could have gotten so lost was beyond him. The dreary roads became very ominous once the fuel light started flashing several minutes before. Unfortunately, the last gas station had been passed quite a while before he had noticed how low he was on gas.

The car, as expected, started to stall and finally came to a stop. With a sigh he locked the vehicle and started out on foot down the dark road. About an hour passed until, finally, lights could be seen up ahead. As he neared the building a lone figure stood at the doorway. The person was hard to make out but their actions were clear; they were locking the doors to a convenience store. He picked up his pace and approached the figure.

She turned abruptly, startled by his quick pace.

“I’m not some psycho; I just had car trouble and I need gasoline,” he quickly explained. The woman looked at him, still shaken and a bit nervous.

“I don’t mean to be rude but you can’t be too careful these days.”

“Fully understandable,” he replied. “Honestly, I’m far from home, I have no one to call, and my rented car ran out of gas a few miles back.”

The woman looked him over. He seemed sincere and she was attracted to him by his situation. He was several years younger then her, which added to her desire. He seemed like a nice young man asking for her guidance and it turned her on. She held her keychain with her mace tightly in her left hand, just in case.

“Well, as you can see, there is no gas here, but I have a gas can at my house,” she offered.

“I would really appreciate it. I’m in quite a bind and I will repay you for your help.”

“I’m sure you will,” she said confidently.

They walked to her car and she activated the automatic locks. They both stepped in and drove off. As they sat and made polite small talk he was able to really look at his rescuer. She was a bit older then him and he imagined her beauty had only grown with age. Her frame was small and her body seemed to that of a woman many years younger. She wore a rather short pleated skirt that hiked up a bit in the driver’s seat, revealing her soft, supple legs. Her feet were cover in a pair of calf high boots; a look he really liked. Her shirt was low-cut and accentuated her small, supple breasts. She had a very natural sexuality and he found himself unable to look away from her. Her short hair played against her pretty face as she talked and her full lips were ruby red.

She noticed his glances and knew that he was trying to look at her without being too obvious. She was feeling so attracted to this stranger she thought she would be bold, and take a chance.

“So you seem to like what you see,” she coyly remarked.

“Oh. Um… Sorry. I didn’t mean to stare. But, yes, I find you very attractive,” he stammered.

“What is your name?” she asked.

“Chris. Yours?”

“Hi Chris. I’m Cindy,” she responded.

“Well, Cindy, are you married?”

What a question! She knew where this might lead. And she was hoping it would go there. She lost her husband 2 years ago in an auto accident. She took the life insurance money and purchased the convenience store. She had been running it ever since. She liked being an independent business woman, but it was lonely. There had been no men in her life since she lost her husband. Oh, she tried the dating scene, but they all wanted one of two things; her body or her money. What she wanted and needed was a friend who appreciated her for who she was.

But, since that was an impossible find, she was considering one other option. Here was an attractive young man, “just passing through”. What would it be like to have hot, passionate sex with a stranger, knowing you would never see one another again? No strings, just great physical satisfaction.

The notion began to build steam in her mind. All this was rushing through her head as she answered his question.

“Widowed. You?”

“I almost married once,” he said, Antep Escort Bayan “but it did not work out. I travel a lot and that’s hard on a relationship.”

As he finished his thought, they arrived at her house. She lived on a back rural road, in a modern yet rustic log cabin. She parked the car in the garage and they got out.

“The gas can is right there,” she said as she pointed to the back of the garage. “Would you like to come in for coffee?”

She knew she was taking a chance but she thought she had a good read on him and felt the chance a good risk.

He was very attracted to her and suspected she was offering him an opportunity. He was already painfully hard, his physical attraction strong. He nodded to her offer and they walked into her house.

They were instantly greeted by two big, beautiful Golden Retrievers. She reached down and warmly greeted each dog. He liked the way her face glowed with love for them. After they finished saying Welcome Home to their mistress, they were introduced to him. He smiled and patted each one on the head. Smart, kind, obedient animals.

She put her keys and purse on the counter and started to make coffee. He looked around the house and learned a lot about her from what he saw. The place was neat and orderly but still warm and homey. The furnishings were conservative and tasteful.

“Here we go. Let’s sit on the couch,” she said.

Before she sat down, she put a few logs on the woodstove in the large, cathedral ceiling living room. The woodstove had a glass front so you could see the merry flames as well as feel the welcome warmth.

She sat down next to him on the small couch. Their knees were only inches apart, but they both could feel the electricity sparking between them. Silently, they sipped. He wanted to be forward and touch her, but did not want to scare her away. She knew she would have to make a move if anything was to happen. She sensed his hesitancy.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see his erection. “You know? You only live once. Take a chance,” she said to herself.

What she did next surprised even her.

She reached over, put a hand on his thigh to get his attention, and leaned into a kiss when he turned his face to her. The contact was electrifying! When their lips touched, they both got chills. His hardon got tighter. She could feel the trickling warmth of her desire.

When the kiss broke, they looked into each other’s eyes and simultaneously burst out laughing. Perfect! The laughter broke the tension. “Look, Chris, I would be very interested in getting physical with you tonight. Forgive my forwardness, but I sense this is what you want, too. I do not normally do this; in fact, I have not been with a man since my husband passed away. I am not looking to commit you to anything, but I wish to be bold here and have a hot, passionate experience with you.”

He could not believe his ears. He liked her more and more as he came to know her. “I, too, am not casual about my encounters. However, I would enjoy you on whatever terms you set.”

She put her coffee cup down and took his hand as she stood up. He silently followed her lead. She led him to her bedroom. The room was large and roomy. The bed neat. Kingsize. She led him right to the bed and gently pushed him down on it. She leaned over him and kissed him again. This kiss was deep and made both of them even hotter. She moved her hands along his chest and felt the strength there. She broke the kiss and ran her hands over his attractive face for a moment. She boldly reached her hand and felt his erection through his pants. A moan escaped him. She came back up and unbuttoned his shirt. His chest exposed, she ran her hands lightly over his skin. She liked the look and feel of his chest. She brought her face to it next, smelled of him, ran her hair and cheek lightly over his skin. His masculine odor was very appealing.

She moved to his pants next. Quickly, she unbuckled his belt. She unsnapped his jeans and eased the zipper down. In a deft move, she had his pants lowered. She looked up at him and he humped his legs up so she could remove his pants entirely. There he was; she took a moment to appreciate him. His chest was exposed, as were his long legs. He had a lean, strong look about him. She could not help but admire his erection bolding outlined through his shorts. Their eyes met and the smoky, half-lidded, passionate look they exchanged told them both this was right.

She wanted to taste him very badly. She moved her face to his hips and put her lips on his cock through his shorts. She blew her hot breath on him. His cock jerked reflexively. She wanted to take her time, but she was hot and really needed to feel his flesh. She lifted his shorts and took them off, too. Again, she took a moment to admire him. She reached over to the head of his cock and saw the clear, moist drop of his desire. She touched it lightly with her finger and spread it around his head. She dropped her head to his cock and licked it lightly. She lazily circled his head, around the tip, with her tongue. Holding his cock in one hand, she licked down the front of it. Lightly back to the head, then down the front. First slowly, then with increasing tempo.

His eyes were closed at first and he was thinking how incredible, and unlikely, this was. He opened his eyes and watched her expertly enjoy his cock. She was good! The best part was her obvious pleasure. She was truly into pleasing him. Tasting him. Pleasuring him. He closed his eyes again and just enjoyed.

Now she was really getting into it. She was gasping and writhing as she began to suck him. She took all of him deeply in her mouth. Then back up. Down again. First slowly and hotly, then with increasingly fast strokes. On her way up, she would apply suction, drawing more of his desire out.

She could tell he was getting close to cumming, so she eased off. She wanted him to have a chance to pleasure her. She gave one last deep, warm suck, a long lick, and one more circle of his head. She came back up, climbed over him, joining him in bed.

“Oh, that was GREAT,” he gasped.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I sure did. But I’m so hot now, I’d love it of you would return the favor.”

He laughed at her comment and kissed her deeply on the lips. He rolled over her body, ending up on top, straddling her. His tongue and lips played along her neck and the exposed part of her chest above her shirt. His hands trembled a bit with excitement as he pulled her arms over her head. He then slid both his hands down her sides and began to unbutton her blouse. A soft moan escaped her lips as his hands glided over her hard nipples, beneath the cotton of her garment. Each button he undid allowed his hot mouth to continue to descend down her chest and stomach. She lay under him, shirt unbuttoned, with her small firm breasts hidden only beneath her lacy violet bra. He took in her beauty as he sat up and her own hands grasped his thighs tightly.

“I want your mouth all over me,” she whimpered.

His hands found her breasts again and he grasped them through her bra. He pulled the straps from over her shoulders and began to lower her bra to her stomach. Her nipples were hard and ready to be enjoyed. He leaned over and gently ran his tongue over her breasts. He nibbled and played gently at first, letting her excitement build. His kisses and licks became gently sucking, as he switched back and forth between her tits. Her legs writhed up between his and he felt her crotch through her skirt. He ran his hands up her skirt, exposing her matching lace panties. He leaned back and slid her skirt off, throwing it to the corner. He kneeled at the foot of the bed and gently pulled her tight, soft legs toward him. Her legs hung over the edge of the bed and he lowered his head between her legs. His hot breath through her panties made her even hotter, her own hands groped at her breasts.

His hands gripped her ass tightly and he found the top of her panties, pulling them down and off. Her pussy was already quite wet with her excitement. She had shaved her pussy that morning, leaving a soft stubble around her wetness. He gently licked and kissed each inner thigh, his already strong hard-on pulsed with excitement. The smell of her turned him on even before he tasted her. His tongue gently touched her lips and he drank in the first bit of her wetness.

He played there a bit; licking and kissing her outer lips enough to make her squirm. He continued to do this until he felt her hands on either sides of his face; not pushing but guiding. He knew she wanted more and began to dart his tongue in and out of her wetness. She tasted so good, he wanted to get his tongue as deeply into her as he could. As he picked up the pace, his chin and lips became drenched with her hot cum. His hand slid toward her and he inserted a finger inside her as he continued.

“Ohhhh, OHHH Yesss, lick my pussy, baby; that’s it,” she begged.

Her somewhat dirty talk was unexpected but appreciated; it made him hotter and hotter knowing how good he was making her feel. He rose up briefly and pulled her to him, kissing her deeply, letting her taste her own wetness. She crawled over him and began to straddle him. His hands reached below her thighs before she could lower herself on to his cock.

“Not yet…” he told her.

He forcefully moved her toward his face, and she sat over him, now in control of him. She pushed her pussy over his face and grabbed the headboard to steady herself. His hands grabbed at her tight ass as he continued to eat her out. He moaned as did she, their sexual noises turning the other on even more. He felt her ass tighten and he knew she was close. He continued his pace, and her juices were now dripping all over his face.

“Oh, God, YES, YES!! I’m CUMMING!!!” she screamed.

Her body shook and a flood of her juices flowed into his mouth. She was quivering, but still managed to lower herself to his knees. Still shaking, she took his rock-hard cock back in her hot mouth and began to lick. He was so hard and so ready. She was hungry for the feel of his stiff rod deep inside her. She thought of this as she sucked and licked.

Suddenly, he grabbed her head. She looked up at him; at the intense look on his face. She knew just what he needed; it was what she needed, too. She moved back up his body and this time he let her straddle his cock. She eased it in just a little. Even though she was hot and had already cum, her pussy was very tight. He almost lost it right there! But she sensed this and backed off. She eased on again, a little deeper, then up. Down, then up. Each time a little deeper. Each time she stopped for a moment longer before moving back up. Finally, he was in her all the way. He could feel the end of her inside. Her pussy lips were resting on his balls. A perfect fit!

She raised up one more time, partially, then down all the way, pushing, squirming, pushing deeper. Her head was thrown back. Her nipples hard and thrust out like pencil erasers. His hands were on her hips. She grabbed his wrists, quivered, and screamed out as she came fiercely. Watching her cum like that brought him to peak instantly. He cried out as he came, too. He came so hard he could feel it right through his balls.

“Oh, that was incredible!” she said when she got her breath back. She was laying by his side now, still in bed. She still had her calf boots on. Her bra still around her stomach.

“Oh, yes, it was,” he agreed.

They got up and got dressed. She had to get up early in the morning and he still had a long drive ahead of him tonight. They grabbed the gas can and got in her car. They were both thinking about how awesome they were together and regretting they would never see one another again.

When they got to his car, he put the gas in. He unlocked the door and climbed in. She stood outside his door to say goodbye.

“I never paid you for the gas!” he remembered.

“Oh yes! Yes, you did,” she stated. She smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss.

“You know, I do get up this way every now and again…”

“And you know where I live,” she replied.

They both smiled as he drove away. She went back to her car and wondered if she’d ever see him again. When he drove past her convenience store a moment later, he thought to himself, “Yes, I think I’ll be out this way soon indeed!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32