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The recent spell of hot weather had me thinking about taking another nude ride in the car with a view to finding somewhere secluded to lay nude in and maybe, just maybe have a play. I showered and then pulled out my usual pair of shorts and a t-shirt along with my unlaced trainers for an easy kick off.

Then it was out to the car and I jumped in. I realised that I had forgotten a towel to sit on when I was driving naked so I went back in to get it. Having got my towel I set off again and followed a route I’ve used many times. It leads into the south of the county where I live and in no time I was driving along country roads without much other traffic. I found a place to pull in by a farm gate and got out of the car. A lorry hurtled past and I then waited a few more minutes, nothing else passed and when I checked the road it was empty. I quickly slipped off my t-shirt and then my shorts, naked except for my trainers.

I quickly got back into my car and found the towel to sit on. I checked the road again, nothing around so I set off again. This part of any nude driving trip always has me twitching. I guess its the thought of being seen by someone else though that was always part of the thrill for me, would someone else see me and if they did what would they think and what would they do.

The roads this afternoon seemed to be almost devoid of traffic and I headed off of the main road onto a narrower country lane, with enough space to drive but not enough space for two cars to pass. There were a number of passing places where cars could move over so another car could pass but as I couldn’t see any other cars I didn’t think i’d need to use one of these. I travelled further on and then saw it, a small white car coming in the opposite direction. I could see that there was one person in the car but not who it was. As the car neared me I pulled into a passing place and could then see that the driver was a middle aged female who had red rimmed glasses on and her grey hair was tied back in a pony tail.

I waited in the passing place and the white car slowed down so that it could pass. This was what I would call a pinch point because as the car slowed the driver would be able to see me in the car and would see that I had at least no top on. The driver slowed and started to move past my car, she looked over as she levelled with me and smiled when she saw me. I didn’t know her so I guess she was being polite.

The driver didn’t seem bothered that I had no top on and I guess that as it was sunny she just took it that I had got hot and taken my top off to cool down. Her car passed mine and as I looked in my rear view mirror I saw her car disappearing along the lane in the direction that I had just driven.

I pulled out of the passing place and carried on. The track then came to an opening and I looked round. To my left was the gate to a field and to my right a small group of trees by a river. I stopped and got out, oblivious to anything around me and I walked over to the gate, my balls swinging along with my cock as I strode over.

Stopping by the gate I could see that the field had crops in it so was out of the question. I walked back across to the car and then over to the small group of trees. As I neared them I could see a field just beyond them that was just grass and which had a hedge round most of it. I entered the field and looked round and stopped to listen. I couldn’t see anyone else and certainly couldn’t hear anyone or any vehicles so Antep Bayan Escort I sat on the dry grass with the sun beating down on me.

I then lay down and closed my eyes, thinking of nothing in particular. The sun was warm on my skin and I started to fall alseep naked and content. I’m not sure how long I had been there but the crack of a twig startled me and I opened my eyes and looked up. As I blinked in the sunshine I saw a woman looking at me. I couldn’t see where she had come from and to say I was startled would be an understatement .In fact for a moment I thought I was daydreaming.

As I looked I could see that she was possibly in her mid to late 40’s, dressed in a summer dress and wearing a pair of sandals. She had brown shoulder length hair and she was watching me intently. I sat up and she moved closer.

Before I could say anything she said “what are you doing here and why are you naked.”

She didn’t seemed angry more curious and puzzled.

I wasn’t quite sure what to say, after all I was naked in a field for no reason other than I liked to be naked outdoors. So I told her that I liked to be nude outdoors and that I had found the field and didn’t think anyone would see me.

She laughed and said that the field was her husbands and that they lived in a farmhouse not too far away. She told me that she had been walking over the field and had seen me laying in the grass so she had come over to see what was going on. She sat down and told me that her name was Kate and that she wished she had the ability to just strip off and lay in a field. I laughed and told her that all you had to do was take your clothes off and that I’d done this many times and had never, as far as I was aware, been seen. She was clearly curious about the whole situation and was asking questions like, how long had I been going nude outdoors, what made me do it and had I ever been seen by anyone before.

I must admit that I found the whole situation a turn on. Here I was, sat naked in a field chatting away to a woman who was curious about me being sat there and who, as I had noticed kept looking at my cock.

Kate explained that her husband would never be brave enough to be nude outdoors. I asked her if she had ever tried it and she said that she hadn’t but she had always wanted to. She looked shocked when i said to her that she could strip off now and be nude with me.

She shot me a look that said are you mad. I said to her that as she had been standing starring at me, naked, for however long before i had opened my eyes then clearly she had seen all that I had and why didn’t she let me see what she had. She nervously laughed. I looked at her and said “come on, there’s nothing to it, you just need to feel comfortable and take your clothes off.”

Kate didn’t seem too sure. We sat and chatted for a while longer and then she announced that she would take her dress off to see how she felt. I told that it was fine and that was a good idea. She stood up and pulled her dress up and over her head. She now stood in front of me in a normal white bra and pants. Nothing sexy just normal everyday underwear. She looked at me and said “well, what do you think.”

“You look fine and if that’s how you want to sit then I’m OK with that.”

She laughed and kicked off her sandals, finally feeling the grass on her feet. She then put her arms behind her back and undid her bra, throwing it on to the ground. Before I could get a good look at her boobs she turned round so I could only see her back and she then pulled her pants down.

Throwing her pants on the ground she then slowly turned round and I could finally see her naked. Her shoulder length hair glowed in the sun and I could see that her dark brown nipples were quite large on her boobs that were possibly only a b cup. She had a strip of dark brown hair above her pussy.


“Kate, you look fine to me.”

“You would say that, you’re a man.”

“Yes I’m a man Kate but I am honest.”

“Stand up”.

I stood up and wondered what was now going on. Kate walked over to me and looked at my cock, she moved herself close to me and started to caress my cock and then my balls.

“You’re a bit forward aren’t you”.

“I want to see what they feel like. To be honest, other than my husband I’ve never touched anyone elses cock or balls, so I’m intrigued.”

She then gently cupped my balls in her hand, rolling them round, gently squeezing them which had my cock throbbing. She looked up at me as she squeezed them. Smiling she then looked at my cock. She gently used the tips of her fingers to run up and down its length, almost mesmerised by it. She moved her head closer and then tentatively licked the tip of my cock. I must admit this sent a spasm right through me. It was so gentle and completely out of the blue. She then gently pulled my foreskin back, exposing the throbbing purple tip of my helmet. She spent a moment just looking at it and then a small amount of pre-cum seeped out of the end. She licked the pre-cum and then opened her mouth and started to suck my hard, waiting cock. I looked down to see her brown hair bobbing backwards and forwards as she sucked my cock, not fast and greedily but slowly as if she had all the time in the world. Maybe she did.

As she sucked my cock she gently squeezed my balls which again made me spasm as my nerve endings tingled.

I knew one thing for sure and that was I didn’t want to cum like this, though I knew from bitter experience that sometimes, just sometimes a woman could bring me to the boil in no time. I had a feeling this may be one of those times and I didn’t want to scare Kate off by jetting my load inside her mouth. I needn’t have worried as she slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me.

“Pete, do you like to use your tongue on a woman?”

“Of course I do.”

“Good because my husband has never ever teased me with his tongue. He’s all very, wham, bam, thank you mam.”

“Ok, well lets see if I can please you then.”

Kate lay on the grass, pulling her knees up she lay there as I knelt in front of her and then lowered my head towards her inviting pussy. I slowly pulled her lips apart and started to run my tongue up and down them, from the bottom to the top. She murmured as I slowly teased her pussy lips. I could see her clit as it started to swell and I flicked my tongue round it. Kate then gripped my head between her legs and I sensed that this was a situation that she was enjoying. She murmured and put her hands on her boobs as I continued to lick and tease her pussy. She tasted sweet, like nectar if I was a bee, I wasn’t going to stop teasing her until she had cum. While I licked her pussy lips I slipped a couple of fingers into her now, wet pussy. She gasped as I circled my tongue on her clit while I finger fucked her. My fingers started to pump faster inside her and I could feel just how wet she was.

“You dirty bastard Pete, don’t stop.”

I carried on and made my tongue circle her clit, teasing it like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly I felt Kates legs go tense as she then spasmed and moaned as she covered my mouth and jaw in her juices. This was the sort of facial shower I didn’t mind.

I sat up and she smiled at me.

“You are unbelievable, I have never orgasmed like that before.”

I sat back down and then lay down. Kate used her hand to gently stroke my cock.

“That’s not it, is it Pete?”

I looked at her and she smiled back. I lay back and my cock did its level best to impersonate a flag pole. Kate stood up and then she gently lowered herself onto my cock. Holding it as she slid it into her wet hole.

“Oh my god, you fill me.”

I laughed and she started to ride my cock while I played with her boobs. She was definitely enjoying riding my cock though a couple of times she almost slammed down pulling my foreskin and making me wince. This didn’t stop her and I guess she hadn’t seen my face as she was clearly lost in the moment, riding me as I stared at my cock as she pumped up and down on it.

Kate then stood up and I could see her juices on my cock as it glistened in the sunshine. She laydown next to me and I gently moved her so that her back was facing me and I slid my cock into her pussy. I started to gently thrust my throbbing cock into her pussy. She lifted her leg up so that my access to her wet hole was even better. Now she was either used to being fucked like this or she was just massively aware of how much more of my cock she could feel in this position.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be outdoors, in the sun, nude and fucking. I then slid my cock out as Kate moaned and she rubbed her swollen pussy lips.

“How about doing it doggy style?”

Kate turned over and was in a position so that I could stand behind her and slide my cock into her gaping hole. I slowly started to fuck her and I could hear her moan as my cock was pushed in and out. Her boobs may have been on the small side but i could hear then as they slapped together as we fucked. I looked down and could see her arse hole, puckered and as i drove my cock into her I sucked on one of my fingers, making it wet. I then gently rubbed it around her butt hole. She murmured as I did this and I started to gently push it into her butt.

Before I knew it I had my finger insider her arse hole while I was fucking her. She groaned with pleasure as I both fucked her and finger fucked her. I could feel my balls slapping on her and knew that I would soon be emptying my balls into her.

I could feel myself twitch and then a rise from my balls as i shot my hot cum deep into her hole. Kate groaned and I kept my cock inside her while I finished. I could feel her pussy lips clasping round my cock. I then pulled my cock out and my finger. Kate stood up, looked at me and smiled.

“You are one dirty bastard Pete.”

“I try my best”.

I then laughed and she started to put her clothes back on.

I lay back down and as she finished dressing she looked down at me and smiled.

“Well Pete, maybe, just maybe, I’ll find you here again.”

“I hope so Kate.”

She smiled, said goodbye and walked away across the field. I was entranced by her and wanted more but who knows maybe, just maybe it would happen again.

lying on her side a I lay behind her thrusting my cock into her

her on top riding myc cok while I play with her tits

her bent over on the grass while I fucked her hard from behind

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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