Carvella Ch. 10 – First Class Flight

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Group Sex

Carvella – 10 – First Class Flight – The Mile High club – Flying to Venice

First Class.

She’d never flown first class. She’d flown all her life, family trips with Sarah when she was younger, lately she’d gone to some industry conventions [ugh Las Vegas]. But they’d always been coach, never first class.

Linda was still pinching herself.

“Thank you,” she said to the beautiful stewardess, Julia, for the chilled mimosa.

“You let me know if there is anything else I can get for you dear.”

“Thank you Julia.” she said again as Julia walked back down the aisle.

She looked out the window at the terminal at LAX, they hadn’t even left the Gate yet and it was already the best flight she had ever taken. Tatiana was sitting just behind her and Sarah and Dania were in the middle row. They had been spending a lot of time together over the last couple of weeks and Linda had only become more enraptured with this enigmatic, beautiful and complex woman; Tatiana Carvella. Nothing seemed to be beyond her reach.

The captain came over the intercom and informed them they would be pulling back from the jetway shortly and were on time for their flight to Venice, the weather looked good and they had a tailwind on their flight. Arrival time was estimated to be 20 minutes early.

Linda scrunched back into her seat and remembered all that had happened the last two weeks.

The first few days of incredible sexual exploration, learning how to please Tatiana. And then pleasing Tatiana and other women.

She remembered the night she went to the UCLA campus and serviced the Dean of Admissions. Tatiana had it all arranged. Linda had dressed in the pretty little black dress Tatiana had bought for her, it looked great. When they got to the house, it was a nice large older house built back in the 1930s with a lot of brick. They were met at the door by the dean’s personal secretary, who knew the plan for the evening, Tatiana had said goodbye then and the secretary led her upstairs to the bedroom and then left her alone.

It was 9:30.

The room had been beautiful and the bed a four post king. Linda got undressed as instructed and crawled into bed, naked, and waited. It wasn’t hard to get wet and aroused as she had been instructed. The mere fact that she was in a strange woman’s house, whom she hadn’t even met yet, she was naked, she was in the woman’s bed, she was there for one reason only, for sex. It was incredible.

She had touched herself and couldn’t believe how wet she was.

After a while she heard voices downstairs and again after some more time the door opened and a woman stood there, she looked at the bed and saw Linda, “mmmmmm nice.” She was wearing a nice dress, like she had come from an official dinner of some sort. She showered then and came back to the bed with a towel around her.

She dropped the towel and stood in the semi-dark room. She was beautiful, and Linda knew the night was going to be special.

They had made love late into the night. It was the only way to describe it. She was loving and soft and explored Linda’s body completely. Linda had caressed and explored her in turn. In the end she had fallen asleep, lovingly in another woman’s arms.

Linda came back to the present and smiled at the wonderful memory as she sipped her mimosa, and she realized she was wet again.

The plane took off into the sky.

After they had leveled off her stewardess came by retrieved her mimosa glass, “How are you ma’am, is there anything I can get for you, anything I can do?”

Linda thought about the many things she could do for her, but didn’t say anything, she blushed at her naughty thoughts and mumbled, “no thank you.”

“Ok, just let me know if you need anything.” Said Julia and she walked away again.

Linda squirmed and rubbed her legs together.

“Feeling a bit aroused my pet?” Asked Tatiana, who was suddenly there, standing next to her seat, looking down at her as she squirmed. Linda was embarrassed at having been caught.


“Answer truthfully Miss Moore.”

Linda looked down in embarrassment, “Yes Mistress… yes I was.”

“What were you thinking of Miss Moore.”

“The night at Ms. Diamora’s house.”

“Ahh…yes, I know you enjoyed her company, she enjoyed yours too.”

Tatiana put her hand on Linda’s shoulder, leaned in and whispered in her ear, “It’s a long flight Miss Moore, I expect there will be several fun opportunities during the flight.” She looked around the First class area, “It’s really quite empty up here, apart from the four of us there are only 3 more people, we should be able to have some fun.”

[Oh my god, what was she going to do?] thought Linda.

Julia and her partner Bridget came by after a bit with a light breakfast of fruits and a light souffle. It was an excellent meal for a flight. Sarah, Dania and Linda talked about the upcoming adventure in Venice. Tatiana participated by answering their questions, she seemed well versed in Venice and Carnival. Linda pinched herself again, she couldn’t believe illegal bahis she was fiying to Venice, First Class, to stay in a villa and go to Carnival. It was never an inkling of a dream and now she was going to do it.

She finished her breakfast and again the stewardesses cleared away the trays. Linda reminisced about the last several weeks again, amazed, looking back she realized that she had been making love to women in the most erotic scenarios for weeks, her thoughts were flashing across all her encounters, and as Julia cleared her dishes away, Linda undressed her with her eyes, enjoying the woman’s form, [oooh my she is very beautiful] she thought.

Julia looked at her and paused while lifting a teacup, she smiled slightly…and winked. Linda’s eyes went wide and she said “ooooh” quietly. Julia virtually sashayed back down the aisle.

[oh my, what have I done now] and she blushed terribly again.

She sat back again and closed her eyes in the comfortable seat and remembered a night earlier this week when Tatiana had taken her to the Opera. She’d only been to the opera once before and this time she was in a private balcony with Tatiana. All through the opera, Tatiana translated the story so Linda could follow along. Their night ended with a great night of sex in the downtown Hilton. Tatiana was tender and rough and finished Linda off with a wondrous fuck with her strapon.

“mmmmmmm” said Linda. So many great memories in so short a time, she was almost forgetting her life before Tatiana came into it.

She remembered seducing Mrs. Carter last week. Emboldened by Tatiana she had taken the initiative and invited her to a final walk-through. The house was still staged and Linda had maneuvered Mrs. Carter up to the bedroom. She was right, when she cautiously leaned in to kiss, Mrs. Carter had responded, and kissed her back.

She played with her, acting as she thought Tatiana would, having the other woman undress for her. Having Mrs. Carter lie in bed naked, naked and vulnerable for Linda. She licked Mrs. Carter to orgasm, she was clothed still and in full control and Mrs. Carter was naked submissive, her legs spread, her moist pussy open for Linda.

She found the reversal of her role intoxicating.

They’d made love in the bedroom of the house for hours that afternoon. And in the end Linda had told her that for the whole time she owned the house Mrs. Carter would remember who the first person she had sex with. Every time she was making love to her husband she would remember her first.

The power felt good.

But giving up the power felt good too.

Giving Tatiana her power felt sooo right, so wonderful, so sexy and naughty.

As if she had wished it Tatiana was suddenly standing again next to her seat, “Miss Moore, I have a present for you, something that …em…how do you say… entertain, amuse … eh pleasure you for the rest of the flight.” And she handed Linda a little gift bag.

“Thank you Mistress,” said Linda. She was hesitant and filled with trepidation, [what could it be?]

She opened the bag and inside were a couple of small items. She pulled out the first and it looked like a smooth egg, pink colored and a smooth soft plastic.

“That is for you vagina.” said Tatiana matter of factly. It was a vibrating egg toy.

Linda reached in and pulled out the other item, she knew it right away, having studied as Tatiana had told her to the last week, studied anal sex. It was a butt plug.

“That is for your anus.” said Tatiana.

Linda looked at it in shock and then quickly put it back in the bag in embarrassment. The last thing in the bag was a bottle of lube. [Oh no.] thought Linda [she wants me to put these inside me. not now notnownotnow. please oh god.]

“Now, my pet, I want you to go into the lavatory and insert those two toys into your vagina and ass.” She smiled at Linda, “it will make the rest of the flight so much fun.”

“I…Mistress…please do I have to Mistress?…I…its.”

“Yes Miss Moore, you do.” And without another word, Tatiana went back to her seat, leaving Linda with her thoughts.

[ohmygod, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t] she thought. But she knew Tatiana, she knew there was no argument.

She half stood up and then sat back down. There was no way she could do this, that thing wouldn’t fit in her butt, even with the lube. And the vibrating egg thing? How long was she going to have that inside her? Not for the rest of the flight? That was more than 9 hours.

She finally stood up, took a deep breath and started walking back to the lavatory.

“Miss Moore,” said Tatiana, before she could scoot past.

“Yes Mistress.” Linda was semi-private and she didn’t think anyone else would hear her.

“Miss Moore, I shall inspect before you sit, so no cheating.”

Linda blushed, [will she pull up my dress? oh no!] thought Linda and with that thought she walked the rest of the way to the Lavatory.

Linda closed the door to the lavatory and set the bag on the small counter.

She pulled out the butt plug.

She illegal bahis siteleri held it and looked at it carefully, now that she had some privacy. It was about 3 inches long and about an two inches or so at its widest, then it thinned sharply in and had a flat cap on the end so that it would be held in place by her sphincter. [oh my god, how am I going to get this inside me]

She sniffed it and brought it to her mouth and sucked it like a pacifier. She didn’t know why, it just seemed what she needed to do. It tasted bitter, like rubber.

Linda took a deep breath, she’d been getting ready for this. She knew that Tatiana was going to deflower her ass while they were in Venice, she had told her. Tatiana had also told her to educate herself on anal sex, given her some websites to read, learn how to do it right and stay clean and healthy. Tatiana had told her that to enjoy being fucked in the ass, she had to be ready for it.

She had even had Linda watch some porn videos of anal sex. Watching a woman fuck another woman in the ass…it had been odd at first. Tatiana almost made her treat it like a book report and write down in her journal what she liked about it, and what she didn’t. The second time Tatiana made her watch an anal sex video, she had made her masturbate to it.

But she had read and watched and she had learned.

She pulled her dress up and pulled her panties down. She took another deep breath, opened the bottle of lube

dripped a good amount of lube on the butt plug and then leaned over the toilet.

[Relax] she thought, [relaaaaax]

She pressed the tip of the plug at her ass and pressed in, [relaxrelaxrelax] she thought. It spread her rosebud as she pressed, an inch went in, [relaxrelaxrelaaaaaax] now up to the widest part, [oh god its so big]

‘Ungh!” she grunted involuntarily. And then it slid inside and settled in place. It was in!

She stayed bent over for a minute getting used to it. It felt so weird and she felt so full, but after a minute she got a bit used to it and she could stand up. She turned around.

[Wow that feels good] she thought, the lube on the butt plug made it all squirmy in her ass and the slipperiness felt really good.

“oooh.” she said and then with her panties still down around her knees she sat on the toilet, and decided she should pee first before putting in the vibrating egg. After relieving herself she put a couple drips of the lube on the egg and worked it up and down her pussy lips and then pressed it inside, there was a little draw string hanging down to pull it out later.

“oooh” she said again.

She pulled her panties back up and straightened her dress, then looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, she looked completely normal, took a deep breath and walked back out to go sit back down.

She knew what Tatiana expected and stopped next to her Mistress’s seat. Tatiana looked up at her then just put her hand on Linda’s ass and felt through the dress to press against the hard nubbin of the butt plug.

“Well done Miss Moore, you are just wonderful.”

Linda sat down in her seat, sat on the butt plug which sent a shock of pleasure through her. And then the egg started buzzing in her pussy.

“ooh!” she said. Tatiana was playing with her.

The buzzing got stronger and stronger as Tatiana put the setting all the way to the highest.

“ooooh ahhh ssshhhh.” Linda tried to be quiet, and then the buzzing was turned down to its lowest and just softly buzzed inside her cunt.

“Ohh my.” said Linda as she smiled in pleasure. Tatiana was right, [This WAS going to be a fun flight] she thought.

Linda turned on a movie, and watched it, but Tatiana kept playing with her and every so often the buzzing would change. It was maddening, it was not enough to get her off, but it just kept her on the edge. The movie came and went and Linda barely remembered what she watched.

Julia and Bridgette came around then and served them their lunch, it was an arugula salad and salmon. Just as her plate was placed in front of her, Tatiana cranked up the vibrator and Linda said “ooooooh” and gripped the arms of her seat.

“Are you ok ma’am?” asked Julia.

“Y-y-yessss, I’m f-f-finnnemmmm” said Linda as the vibrator kept going at the high speed. “ooh.” and she grabbed Julia’s hand. “oooh fuck oh my god.” She looked Julia in the eyes as the stewardess stared at her in shock, Linda’s grip was very tight and it shook and shuddered. “oh god…I’m cumming.” said Linda, trying to keep her voice down, as she had an almost secret orgasm. But Julia heard her and looked in astonishment as the passenger in 2A had an orgasm right in front of her, holding her hand and shaking in ecstasy.

And only then did Tatiana lower the buzzing of the vibrator in Linda’s pussy.

Linda took a shuddering breath and let go of Julia’s hand, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.” she said, she was so embarrassed. “I… uh.. its just that… I..”

Julia recovered from her shock and leaned down a bit closer to Linda, “Its’ ok ma’am, I canlı bahis siteleri can see you are having a GREAT flight.” She patted Linda on the shoulder, “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.” Linda was blushing bright red now, she knew Tatiana had done that on purpose, just then, just to make that happen. She was relieved when Julia stepped away.

She finished her lunch and Julia smiled and winked as she picked up the tray later. Linda was relieved that the buzzing egg stayed on a low level while Julia was there this time.

After lunch she tried to relax but the egg started to go up and down in speed. It was different. It was maddening, Tatiana was not being nice, there wasn’t a pattern. Linda glanced around and noticed then that Dania was smiling at her from her seat and she flashed the remote control.

[Oh no, Dania has the remote!] she thought, Tatiana had given the remote to Dania. [oh no, ohnoohno].

Dania held it up and slowly pressed the “plus” button, the egg buzzed faster. She played with Linda for a bit and then let pressed the “minus” sign, not letting Linda have release. The buzzing went back down.

Linda stared at Dania as she stood up and took a step or two forward to Linda’s daughter Sarah who was watching a movie, Linda watched in growing fear as Dania leaned down to Sarah and whispered in her ear.

Sarah’s eyes flicked to Linda as Dania whispered, [oh no, oh no, don’tdon’t don’t tell her] she thought. And she watched as Dania showed the remote to Sarah. [oh no ohnoohno, don’t] she thought. Dania handed the remote to Sarah. Sarah held it in her hand and the two Moore women stared at each other. Sarah’s mind was spinning. Her incestuous thoughts of her mom had been spinning for days in her head. Ever since she’d seen her mom naked in her bed, she found herself fantasizing about her mom, daydreaming about her.

And now she had the remote. Dania whispered in her ear again and then went back to her seat.

Linda was horrified, her daughter held the remote, what would she do. [oh my god, don’t don’t don’t]

Sarah pressed the “plus” button.

“oooh.” said Linda and she shook her head with a small motion. “oooh”

Sarah watched as she pressed the “plus” button again and a third time. “oooh oooh” it was almost at the highest level, Linda felt another orgasm approach. [No no please no, not Sarah, don’t cum for Sarah, not my daughter, no no, oh my god] She thought. She couldn’t cum, she wouldn’t. Her daughter was playing with her, she couldn’t cum for her daughter, she couldn’t. It was like her daughter was masturbating her.

Sarah stared at her and pressed the “plus” button again. The vibrating egg went to full power. Sarah was obsessed now, focused and thinking only about her mom and making her cum. Remotely making her mom cum was getting Sarah hot, she reached down with her other hand and started playing with herself through her thin yoga pants. Linda looked back at her daughter through fearful, sex-hazed eyes, [Sarah! god no. oh my god!] she saw her daughter then playing with herself. Sarah was getting off while making Linda cum.

[oh my god] her orgasm rose unstoppable now.

‘oooh ahhha.” the two Moore women stared at each other as Linda grabbed her armrest again and shook, “ooooh aahhh.” and she came! She came from the buzzing in her pussy. The buzzing under the control of her daughter. Sarah smiled and played with her clit through the thin fabric, she was close herself [so quick] she thought. She pulled her hand up and then slid it inside her pants, she wasn’t wearing panties, her pussy was so wet she started playing with her clit as she watched her mom cum.

Linda’s orgasm rolled on as she watched her daughter play with herself.

Sarah then let Linda settle down by pressing the “minus” sign several times.

[ohmygod, Sarah just got me off] her daughter had just made her cum. The mere thought made her almost cum again. She took a shuddering breath and watched her daughter as she saw her shudder.

Sarah came right after her mom.

The two Moore women watched each other intently. Sarah smiled at her mom and nodded. She pulled her hand out of her pants, and while keeping her mom’s gaze, she stood and took two steps across the aisle, and knelt next to her mom, put her hand up to Linda’s cheek and then leaned in and kissed her mom gently.

“I love you mom.”

Linda’s heart swelled, it was going to be ok, it was ok. “I love you too Sarah.”

Sarah wanted to do so much more, but not here, not now. She leaned in and kissed her mom again, this time just a bit longer, a bit more passionate. The two of them could feel there was far more there, something much deeper, something they were going to explore together. But not here, not now.

Sarah leaned back and smiled. She waggled the remote and laughed lightly and then stood. Linda smiled as well and watched Sarah hand the remote back to Tatiana. Sarah sat back down and the Moore’s looked at each other with loving eyes for a long time.


Back in the First Class kitchen the two stewardesses were stowing the meal from earlier when Diana tapped Bridget on the shoulder and grabbed her hand and almost giggling leans in and whispered, “Did you see what’s going on between the two ladies seated in 2A and 3A?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32