Camp Counselor After The Movie

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They sat quietly for a few minutes. Pulling clothing back into place a little dazed from the orgasms they had each experienced. The movie continued providing more of a backdrop than a focus point at the moment. The doctor put an arm around Ingrid and Brenda and drew them close.

“I’d come to the movies more often if they all started like that,” he whispered to them. Brenda and Ingrid looked across at each other and smiled.

“A service provided only during holidays, I’m afraid,” came Brenda’s whispered reply.

“Guess, I will have to make the most of this holiday then,” he whispered back. Ingrid rested her head on his shoulder, his hand slipping down to cup her breast through the black leather of her dress and doing the same with Brenda on the other side. They sat like this for a while the movie vaguely filtering through their consciousness as they basked in the afterglow of hot sex. Ingrid let her hand drift into his lap, gently rubbing his hidden member through the cloth of his shorts. Brenda’s hand joined her own and together they could feel the doctor’s penis swelling. He groaned low in his chest and leaned back in the seat, no longer holding the two women to him.

He closed his eyes lost in the sensations created by their hands. Brenda unfastened the button and unzipped his shorts. They folded back the cloth revealing his cock straining against the cotton of his underwear, a wet sticky stain where the head touched the fabric. They continued to massage his powerful member, Brenda reaching under his waistband to hold him in her hand. He raised his hips and ass off the seat and Ingrid pulled his clothes down to expose his prick. His cock rose to attention pointing towards the ceiling as Brenda slowly moved her hand up and down the hard shaft. Ingrid joined her feeling its heat in her hand as it jerked in time with the beating of his heart. He groaned again.

“Stop, you’re going to make me cum,” he whispered. Brenda looked up and smiled at Ingrid.

“That’s the idea big boy,” Brenda murmured. Brenda slipped down to the floor and moved between his legs. “I’ll take you in my hot little pussy later, right now I want to eat you up,” she whispered in a low husky voice. Ingrid looked around but everyone seemed to be intent on the film. Ingrid fondled his balls as Brenda poised her mouth over the head of his pulsing prick. Slowly she lowered her mouth, engulfing his rampant member, taking it deep down her throat. He started to groan but Ingrid planted her lips firmly on his, exploring his mouth with her tongue. His hands clenched the armrests hard as Brenda started slowly moving her mouth up and down his shaft. Brenda kept him on the verge for 10 minutes, while Ingrid occupied his mouth with her own. He groaned in delicious agony as Brenda’s mouth and tongue licked, sucked and swallowed his cock. Ingrid felt him tense and his balls swell in her hand. “I’m cummmmmming,” he moaned deep and low. His prick swelled and pulsed in Brenda’s mouth and sticky streams of cum shot deep into her throat. So much that she almost choked letting illegal bahis some leak out her mouth to splatter on his thighs. She looked up at him and smiled and then licked it up with her tongue. She moved back to her seat and turned to kiss him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth letting him taste his own cum on her tongue and lips.

“Now, I think everybody is happy for the moment,” she whispered to him, “But, I still have plans for after the movie.” He sat back and let the two women rest their heads on his shoulders again, as he recovered trying to concentrate only on the film and not the two beautiful women in his arms.

The movie ended but the doctor insisted on staying for the credits, trying to figure out whom the people in the initial scenes might have been. For some reason the first half of the movie was only a vague blur, he claimed. Ingrid and Brenda waited patiently, Ingrid was revealing a bit more cleavage than when she had come in the theater and Brenda looked a tad disheveled. They discussed in low tones what to do now, the doctor throwing suspicious looks in their direction. The credits over they left the theater.

“What do you think? A bite to eat perhaps?” he asked, “and I don’t mean me.” He added hurriedly when they gave him a swift appraising glance.

“I was thinking room service would be nice,” Brenda said, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, I don’t have a place to stay yet, I only stopped because I wanted to see that film. Which, I might add, I will now have to try and see again,” he said, giving them his sternest look.

“I bet the second time, won’t be as good as the first time,” replied Ingrid a broad smile on her face.

“And it just so happens that we have a place to stay,” said Brenda, “So we can go there and get room service.”

“Well, if you insist, let me get the jeep though,” he said. They walked across the street to his jeep and hopped in for the short trip to the hotel. They parked and took him inside.

“Awfully nice place for a new counselor and a camp administrator,” he teased. They both poked him in the ribs and took him upstairs to their room. Brenda opened the door and glanced in before letting him inside. “Seems to be awful secretive doesn’t she,” he said to Ingrid. They went inside, and he gave a low whistle, “Now I know I’m in the wrong part of the camp.” He looked around and frowned a bit. “There seems to be an awful lot of luggage for just two people staying overnight,” he mentioned.

“Oh don’t worry, that’s just Angie, Fran and Lisa’s stuff,” said Ingrid.

“Well, it doesn’t sound like there is room for me here then,” he replied.

“Don’t worry, we have two bedrooms and no intentions of sharing you,” soothed Ingrid.

“Not sharing me? Intentions? What intentions could you possibly have for me,” he said, a coy smile flitting across his face.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Ingrid replied, “Maybe something like this.” She reached for him wrapping her arms around him and plastering her lips to his, her tongue probing his lips till he opened illegal bahis siteleri them letting his tongue duel erotically with hers. She could feel his penis begin to swell between them and she ground her pelvis against him in encouragement. His hands fell to her ass and gripped both cheeks holding her even tighter against him. Then Brenda was there, trying her best to share their kiss her arms hugging both of them. The door handled rattled, interrupting them.

“Quick, into the bedroom,” hissed Brenda. They hurriedly moved to the bedroom closing and locking the door behind them. Brenda stood for a moment listening. The sounds of girlish laughter could be faintly heard through the door. “I think they have company,” whispered Brenda, “I don’t think they will be bothering us.” Brenda turned to find Ingrid and Kris locked together again. His shorts were down and Ingrid’s arm was slowly moving up and down between them. He was in the process of undressing her. Soon Ingrid was standing naked except for her black leather thong. His hands moved slowly down her back to her ass drawing her tight against him.

Brenda, not wanting to be left out, striped quickly out of her clothes. She came up behind Ingrid and pressing against her, trapping his hands between them. Brenda reached around to fondle Ingrid’s breasts since he was busy with her ass, pulling and tweaking the hard nipples till Ingrid cried out. He sat down on the edge of the bed his mouth and tongue fighting with Brenda’s hands to tease Ingrid’s breasts. They quickly reached an understanding. Brenda cupping one breast and offering it to him, he would take the offered breast in his mouth his tongue drawing circles around the hard nipple before sucking hard and making Ingrid cry out in pleasure. They repeated this with the other breast and Ingrid felt her knees and legs going weak, Brenda cupping and squeezing her breasts while Kris licked and sucked them his hands wandering over squeezing and exploring her ass, slipping under her skimpy thong and probing her dripping pussy from behind.

Ingrid pushed him back on to the bed and crawled on top of him. She locked her lips to his again gently rubbing her wet, hot pussy up and down his shaft. “Oh no you don’t,” said Brenda “I get his cock next. Let’s move up further on the bed, I need some room back here.” She shoved on Ingrid’s ass till Ingrid moved up further on the bed, Kris doing his best to move higher on to the bed as well. Ingrid turned around to face Brenda, straddling his head between her legs, her pussy inches away from his tongue. She held Brenda’s hands as Brenda poised herself above the hard, pulsing cock. Brenda guided the cock to the entrance to her pussy and paused for a moment the tip just lodged in her hole. Slowly she drove herself down on the big cock, sighing as each inch penetrated her hot pussy. He groaned in turn feeling her hot pussy engulf his shaft to the hilt. She paused for a moment as she hit bottom her muscles milking the hard length of the shaft inside her. Ingrid lowered her pussy to his waiting tongue canlı bahis siteleri and drew Brenda in for a kiss.

He probed her wet slit, and she scooted back and leaned forward to give him better access. Ingrid leaned against Brenda’s breasts and sucked and licked the hard nipples as his tongue probed her secret depths. Brenda was slowly sliding up and down his rampant shaft as Ingrid toyed and teased her breasts. Her eyes were closed and a low, almost continuous moan came from her throat. She would slowly slide up the shaft until just the head of the throbbing prick was lodged in her pussy. Then she would swiftly impale herself upon it till her ass slapped against the top of his thighs and then flex her muscles and milk the rigid shaft.

His moans were muffled by Ingrid’s pussy his hands gripping Brenda’s hips helping her impale herself on his cock. He began a rocking motion meeting each of her thrusts with one of his own driving his shaft harder into her hot pussy. His tongue made long licks up and down Ingrid’s pussy, pausing at the top to tease her clit and at the bottom to probe her entrance. Ingrid shivered with pleasure each time, feeling her body begin to tense. His tongue paused and he engulfed her vulva with his mouth sucking on each lip and massaging it with his tongue. She cried out with pleasure as he sucked hard on her clit sending electric thrills up and down her spine. She started thrusting to meet his tongue and lips feeling her pleasure heighten with each stroke of his tongue.

Brenda began crying out with each thrust of his hips and picking up the tempo as she felt her own orgasm begin to grow deep in her pussy. Her breasts were on fire from Ingrid’s attentions and she dropped her hands to finger her clit. She dropped all pretense of holding back, uncontrollably thrusting up and down on the hot, rigid shaft moving inside her. Brenda’s body tensing more with each stroke, the cock pulsing and throbbing inside her. Ingrid was close too, her cries almost continuous as the talented tongue and lips had their way with her pussy. She began to lose control thrusting her pussy hard into his face while trying to hold on to the Brenda still pumping up and down on his cock

“Oh, oh, oh, that’s it, fuck me harder, fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee!” Brenda wailed. He thrust up hard into her pussy and felt her body go rigid around him trapping him, her muscles convulsing in a powerful orgasm. The orgasm ripping through her muscles gripping him tight, he could hold off no longer the blood engorged head throbbing, flexing, his hips thrusting up shooting jet after jet of cum into Brenda’s contracting pussy. As his cock spewed forth his seed he sucked hard on Ingrid’s clit and she wailed in pleasure convulsing and bucking against him her orgasm rocketing through every fiber of her being.

Ingrid and Brenda collapsed into each other’s arms and sagged down on his prostrate form. They gathered their breath and kissed gently. He gently nudged Ingrid to release him and she moved to one side stretching out next to him in the bed her head resting on his chest, the pounding of his heart loud in her ears. Brenda curled up with him on the other side and with him lovingly trapped between them they drifted off to sleep. They slept undisturbed by the odd noises coming from the other room.

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