Cain , Dagger

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Aria Lee

by Kardas W. Fox
Commissioned by CainLucifrio

Dagger walked into his sparsely decorated dorm and kicked the door shut behind him. The tattooed white dragon placed his laptop on top of the bookshelf with a sigh and flopped down onto a weathered couch.

Cain watched Dagger from across the room, his one good eye keen and alert. He hesitated a moment, then stood and made his way over to his roommate. The orange goat demon sat next to the channel surfing dragon, quite a bit closer than usual.

“What’s up, big guy?”

“Trying to find something good.”

“You look stressed.”

“It’s been a rough day.”

“Maybe I can help?”

“How so?”

“Let’s go out, my treat.”

“I don’t know, we’ve only been acquainted for a couple of weeks.”

“I meant as friends, to get to know each other better. Unless you want it to be a date, that is.”

Dagger blushed and looked away. Cain smiled and slipped out of his pentagram t shirt, exposing an identical symbol on his back, and made his way to his dresser to change into some nicer clothes. Dagger headed to his own dresser to change. They slept in the same room, but had partitions set up to allow the both of them to change clothes and sleep in privacy.


Cain and Dagger made their way off campus grounds and down the street. Few words were spoken, the sounds of passing automobiles filled in for the silence. The two made their way to a small coffee shop, only a block away from the college campus. There was quite a line inside, the dragon and the goat demon had to wait a short while before ordering their drinks. After being served, Cain paid for the both of them and they found a place to sit.

Cain sipped his coffee and allowed his eyes to drift, making a conscious effort not to stare at Dagger. “So…how’s it been going?”

“Good, you?”

“Good, good. What kind of hobbies do you have?”

“I don’t really do much in my free time, I just chill and listen to metal music.”

“Really? No way, me too! I’ll bet that pisses your folks off huh?”


“On that note, you never told me much about your family. Any brothers or sisters?”

“I never really had a family. I have no idea who my biological parents are, I’ve been juggled by the foster care system my entire life. They moved me around from house to house, I never really got to settle in anywhere or get to know anyone. I’ve never been so close to anyone that I could honestly call them family.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay.” The two looked away from each other, and a long moment passed in awkward silence before Dagger spoke again. “So, what’s your family life like?”

“I don’t really have a family either. I’m immortal, so I have to accept that everyone I get close to is going to grow old and die before my eyes. There were people I lived with, they treated me like their own and I looked at them as my family, but that was centuries ago. I’m been afraid of feeling that same pain again, so I’ve been a drifter for most of my life.”

“That’s so sad, I’m sorry.”

“It’s cool.” A few seconds more passed in silence before Cain spoke. “I didn’t mean for this to be so awkward. I think you’re really handsome and it’s been so long since I’ve actually been interested in someone.”

“It’s all right. I have a bit of a crush on you, too. Maybe we can forget the talking part and make up for the awkwardness when we get back to the dorm?”

“Whoa, really?”

Dagger nodded. “I’ve never been with anyone sexually. I’m nervous, but I’ve seen the way you look at me. I like you, Cain. I’ve thought about it. If we’re going to do this, is there any reason we shouldn’t do it tonight?”

Cain grinned. “No, there certainly isn’t.”


Dagger was the first through the door, with Cain close behind. The goat demon was already quite stiff, and in the process of feeling escort bayan bursa the dragon up to try and get him excited. He only took his hands off of his soon-to-be-lover for long enough to shut the door, then groped the dragon shamelessly.

“Cain, slow down. We have all night.”

“Indeed we do, my sweet dragon, and I intend to make use of every bit of that time.” Cain walked past Dagger, undressing all the way. Now fully nude, he leaned on the wall next to his bed and lifted his short tail. “Let’s get this party started.”

“You want me on top?”

“I’m kind of big, I don’t want to overwhelm you on your first time. Take me, and when you’re satisfied I’ll have my turn. Lube’s on the nightstand.”

Dagger hesitantly shed his clothes, exposing his semi-erect dragonhood, and came closer. He grabbed the lubricant from Cain’s nightstand and squirted a gob into his palm. The dragon gripped his meat and stroked it to full hardness, thoroughly coating it with lubricant in the process.

The dragon wedged the head of his draconic cock between Cain’s buttocks and hesitated for a moment. A gasp rose in Dagger’s throat when the goat demon suddenly pushed back hard, taking a quarter of the dragon’s dick in one go. Dagger’s hips reflexively bucked forward in response, burrowing his virgin meat even deeper in tight goat ass.

Cain moved his body in perfect synchrony with his partner, rocking back to every thrust with equal force. Dagger’s knees buckled, the new sensation affecting him more than his own hand ever could. after a few more shaky thrusts, the dragon pulled out and sat back on the bed.

“Why’d you stop?”

“Sorry, I can’t do it standing up like that. My legs are getting too wobbly.”

Cain smiled and got down on his hands and knees, hips raised and tail hiked out out of the way. “Why didn’t you just say so? Come on, I want you to finish in me!”

Dagger slid off of the bed and knelt behind Cain. He pressed the head of his draconic cock to Cain’s tight anus and crammed his full length inside with one push, making both males groan. Within a couple of seconds, they found their rhythm again. Cain easily matched Dagger’s pace, timing his clenches carefully and countering every thrust.

The dragon’s hips moved faster and faster as he built up to a powerful climax. Dagger didn’t last much longer, and soon pushed as deep as he could with a triumphant roar. Ribbons of hot dragon seed erupted into the groaning goat’s rectum. Cain continued to clench and wiggle, milking Dagger for every last drop.

Dagger held himself in for a few seconds after he was done, then pulled out with a happy sigh. Cain tucked his tail down, holding in his cream filling, and turned to face Dagger. Sitting up on his knees, the goat demon shamelessly displayed his throbbing erection. The sight of it still made Dagger blush, but he couldn’t look away.

“Now it’s my turn, get up on the bed.”

Dagger obediently climbed up onto the bed. On his hands and knees with his tail raised high, he looked back at the goat demon. “Like this?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect.”

Cain got on the bed behind Dagger and rest his hard cock between the dragon’s ass cheeks. He grabbed the lube and poured it all over his shaft. After grinding for a few seconds to smear the lube around his meat and Dagger’s ass, Cain lined himself up with the dragon’s hole. The goat demon prodded a couple of times, then pushed his bulbous cock head into Dagger’s virgin sphincter. The dragon arched and moaned, accepting the goat demon’s length as it burrowed deeper and deeper.

Dagger wrapped his tail around Cain’s waist, urging him in further despite the burning feel of being stretched for the first time. The goat was gentle with his lover and eased in as slowly as he could tolerate. Within a couple of minutes, Cain’s hips were pressed firmly against Dagger’s ass and their balls met.

“Impressive, bursa sinirsiz eskort I didn’t think you’d be able to take the whole thing.”

Dagger blushed. “Thank you. It’s really big, but it feels good inside me. I think I like taking more than giving. Please Cain, fuck me…”

The goat demon needed no second bidding. He firmly gripped Dagger’s hips and pulled back halfway, only to press back in. Cain worked into a slow but firm pace, taking the dragon hard but not rough. Dagger threw his head back and moaned every time the hung goat demon bottomed out in him.

Cain maintained his steady pace, rolling his hips in smooth and even thrusts. After getting used to the feeling, Dagger started to rock his hips back to the goat demon’s deep humping. His clenches came reflexively beyond his ability to control them, but with each squeeze he could feel every exquisite detail of the thick shaft and bulbous head invading his inexperienced rump.

Without warning, the sensation stopped. Dagger gasped at the sudden feeling of emptiness. “Why’d you stop?”

“Roll over on your back. I want to see your pretty face while I breed you.”

Dagger did as he was told, now flat on his back with his erection standing proudly. Cain lifted the dragon’s hips and plunged his hot meat deep into Dagger’s ass again. The dragon cried out in combined pleasure and pain, squeezing tight around that hot demon cock. Dagger’s tail wrapped around Cain once more, holding him in.

After a moment, the dragon’s tail loosened its grip on the goat demon, and Cain began to thrust. Shucking the steady pace from before, the goat demon’s thrusts came fast and hard now. Grunts and groans emanated from both males, and the bed frame creaked in protest of Cain’s swiftly moving hips. Dagger wrapped his arms around Cain, digging his claws into the goat’s back. His embrace only encouraged the goat demon to hump faster.

After a few moments, Cain’s thrusting stopped again, but he didn’t pull out this time. Dagger looked up at him pleadingly, and Cain smiled. “Move with me, I want to finish with you on top.”

The two males rolled over without separating, placing Dagger in Cain’s lap. The dragon put his hands on the demon’s chest for support and started to bounce right away. Cain groaned and crossed his arms behind his head, allowing the dragon to do all the work.

Dagger rode his lover fast and hard, trying to replicate the pace Cain had set before but unable to move quite so quick. The goat demon’s balls drew close as he approached a climax, his moans building in volume as he edged ever closer. Finally, he cried out and bucked his hips upward. Thick ropes of burning hot demon semen exploded into Dagger’s back door, making the dragon cry out as well. He continued to bounce until he felt the squirting stop, and then slowly pulled himself off of the thoroughly milked goat to lie beside him.

Cain wrapped his arms around Dagger and pulled the dragon into a close cuddle. The goat planted a soft kiss on his lover’s lips, making the dragon blush. “So, how was your first time?”

“That was incredible, better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much Cain, but is this it?”

“If you wait a few minutes, I can do it again.”

“No, I mean is our relationship going to be anything beyond the physical? I would prefer something more, but I’m cool either way.”

“Of course, I was hoping you’d be my boyfriend. You’re a really cool guy.”

“I’d love to be your boyfriend! I think you’re a great guy too, Cain.”

“Great! Now turn around, I’m good to go again.”

Dagger rolled over so that he was facing away from Cain and draped his tail over is leg. The goat demon pressed himself against his lover’s back and drove his cock into the dragon’s ass without hesitation. Dagger cried out at the sudden penetration, then let out a long escort bayan moan when Cain began spoon-fucking him as roughly as the position would allow.

Cain’s hands roamed all over Dagger’s body, caressing his scales. The tenderness was directly contrasted by the force of Cain’s rolling hips. Dagger could do nothing but squirm and moan as the goat demon’s tool violated him so thoroughly, his own cock painfully stiff and dripping pre-cum on the sheets.

The goat demon wrapped his fingers tightly around the dragon’s cock and began to stroke at a pace that matched his thrusting. “Cum with me Dagger!”

The two males didn’t take much longer to reach their respective climaxes. Cain pressed deep and groaned, an instant afterwards Dagger let out a roar. The dragon’s seed released as soon as he felt more goat cum spurt into his well-abused ass. His butt clenched around Cain’s prick, milking out an extra squirt of goo. Cain and Dagger dozed off in the spoons position, the goat demon still buried balls-deep in the dragon’s ass.


Cain woke to the sound of running water the next morning. After a moment, he rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Dagger faced away from the door as he showered, blissfully unaware that he was being watched. Cain crept across the floor silently and slid open the door of the shower stall for an instant to slip inside. Before Dagger could turn around, the goat demon hugged him tightly from behind.

The dragon gasped, then let out a soft laugh. “Good morning Cain, I hope you slept well…”

“Of course, how could I not after such an wonderful evening?”

Dagger arched and gasped to the feel of Cain’s morning wood grinding against his ass. Without hesitation, he moved his tail to the side and pressed his rump back to his lover. The goat demon penetrated him right away and began to plow him hard, earning a pleasured groan from the dragon. Dagger leaned forward and put his hands on the wall for support, listening to the sweet music of their wet bodies slapping together as it echoed off the tile walls of the shower stall.

Cain held the dragon’s hips tight as he ravaged that ass, the force of his thrusts throwing water in all directions every time he spanked Dagger with his hips. His balls hit Dagger’s with such force that they were sore after just a few seconds, but he kept up the manic pace. The goat demon didn’t know what time it was, but had no intention of making either of them late for their morning classes.

The dragon growled and clawed at the tile, flexing his ass reflexively. The pleasantness of the brutal fucking had worn off quickly, and Dagger now winced every time Cain buried his length. Just as the dragon was about to ask his lover to slow down, the goat demon buried himself deep and unleashed a wad of warmth with a groan. Dagger sighed and clenched, making sure Cain was properly drained. The goat reached around and stroked the dragon’s stiff cock swiftly, coaxing his white goo onto the shower wall within about a minute.

Cain pulled out reluctantly and gave Dagger a playful slap on the ass. “Sorry to be so brief, I didn’t want to hold us up more than necessary.”

“It’s okay, I’ll get you back for that tonight.”

“I might just hold you to that.”

The two males helped each other wash, then Dagger turned off the water. They toweled each other off, and headed into the main room to get dressed. Cain was the first out the door, but Dagger followed soon after with laptop in hand. The dragon checked the door to ensure it was locked, then the two of them shared a kiss.

“Cain, I can’t thank you enough. I’ve never been so happy, I think you’re the one for me.”

Cain wrapped his arms around Dagger and pulled the dragon into a tight embrace. He took his lover in another kiss, this time slipping his tongue into the dragon’s mouth. Dagger let out a muffled moan, then closed his eyes and obediently suckled the goat demon’s tongue. Cain held the kiss for well over a minute before he pulled away, which left Dagger gasping for air.

“I love you Dagger.”

“I love you too, Cain. I’ll see you tonight.” The goat demon slapped the dragon’s ass, and the two of them parted ways for the day.

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