BtB: Late to Class

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Becca and I are sitting around talking, when Ashley walks in.

“What are you two talking about,” she asks, a fake gleam of jealousy in her eyes.

I laugh and pull her into my lap. “Well, babe, I was just asking Becca how you two met. I mean, all this time and I’ve never heard the story.”

Ashley looked at Becca, both of them blushing slightly. “What makes you think there’s a story behind it?”

I snort, my disbelief obvious. “Come on. I know you two too well. There has to be a story.” They looked at each other and giggled. “Come on, Ash. I want to hear it.”

Ashley took a deep breath and looks at Becca, telling the story to her. “Okay. Well, I’m running late to class…”

I’m running late to class. Overslept. I spent too much time in the shower. I couldn’t find my shoes. The same old stuff. This always happens on the day of the big pre-test lecture. God. I hate this class. And today, I actually have to pay attention.

I check my watch. Great. I’m only 5 minutes late. The professor can’t be too upset, right? Yeah, right. He’s one of the old school professors. Be here on time or don’t waste his time showing up late.

I pull the door open as quietly as I can. Lucky for me, it opens noiselessly. The professor has his back to the room as he writes something on the board. I look around and the only seat is in the back of the room. Damn. Now I have to make it past six rows of snickering students to get to my seat. And I hate these seats. They’re too close together. Almost like sitting on the person’s lap next to you.

I hold my finger to my lips in the ‘Shhh’ signal and move as quickly and as silently as I can to my seat. I drop into my seat just as the teacher turns around. He squints, looking around the room. He knows something just happened, but can’t figure out what. He turns back to the board and I get out my pen and notebook.

That’s when I notice you, sitting in the seat to my left. You smile at me and whisper “Nice entrance.”

I grin back and say, “Thanks. Did I miss much?”

“Not really. He just got started.” You slide your notebook over to me so I can catch up on the notes I missed.

“Thanks again. I appreciate it. I hate this class. Oh. Sorry. I’m Ashley.” I stick out my hand and smile.

You smile back and shake my hand, “I’m Becca. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Not yet. Your pleasure comes later.” I have to stifle a laugh at the look on your face. You’re blushing and your mouth is hanging open. The old ‘fish out adıyaman escort of water’ look. “Sorry,” I say, trying not to laugh. Much. “I’m just a big flirt. Don’t mind me. I say things without thinking about them sometimes.”

“Oh. Okay. I mean that’s all right. I’m not offended or anything. You just caught me by surprise is all.”

Before either of us can say anything else, the teacher turns back around and begins his lecture. We both go back to taking notes, trying to pay attention to the droning of the teacher. Every now and then, I look at you out of the corner my eye, looking at your large breasts, your hair, and the curve of your face. I shake myself out of looking at you, trying to take notes.

I’m taking notes, trying not to look at you, and my pen runs dry. “Damn it!” I say quietly and drop my pen onto my notebook. I watch as it bounces off my notebook and falls under your chair. I look over at you and you’re trying not to laugh. You try to reach my pen, but you can’t with these stupid desk things that are attached to the chair. “Don’t worry, ” I whisper. “I’ll get it.”

I lean over, but it’s just out of my reach. I ask if I can use your leg for balance. You nod and watch me. I put my hand on your leg and lean over. I grab my pen and sit up, trying to get my pen to work again. I notice you’re looking at me. I look up and you have an odd look on your face.

“You okay? You look kind of funny.” It’s takes you a second to respond. “Yeah. Um…I’m fine.” You smile and go back to writing. I look at you for

a minute and then shrug, taking notes again, now that my pen has decided to work. The professor has to take a quick break, because someone came to the door.

“So,” I say, taking a deep breath. “What are you doing for lunch after class?”

“I don’t know. I hadn’t really thought about it. I’ll probably just go to the cafeteria. You?”

I smile back. “Well, I had thought about going to that new Chinese place. You want to go with?”

“Wow,” you say. “I’ve heard that place is kind of expensive and I don’t have any money. Thanks, but I don’t think…”

“Don’t worry about it,” I say, cutting you off. “Think of it as our first date. My treat.”

“No. I couldn’t accept something like that. I mean, we just met.”

I wave you off, saying “Come on. You can buy next time. We’ll even it out somehow.”

“Wow,” you say, laughing, “My first date with a girl! Maybe we can go steady and stuff.” We burst into giggles, escort adıyaman causing people in front of us to turn around and look.

The professor comes back from his little conference and returns to his lecture. We’re scribbling away, trying to keep up with him and this time, it’s your pen that drops on the floor. “Shit. Now I have to get that one,” you say. “Can I use your leg for balance this time?” I nod and then gasp quickly as your hand is on the inside of my thigh, near the hem of my shorts. You lean back up, an evil glimmer in your eye.

I raise an eyebrow at you. You smile back innocently. “Sorry. It went father than I thought. I had to lean over more.”

“That’s okay,” I say. “This time, you took me by surprise.” You laugh quietly and smirk, knowing exactly what you did.

We get to the part of the lecture that we’ve both heard before. How much the test is worth, yadda yadda. Boring. Well, more boring than usual. I lean over on my hand and am surprised when you lean on the other side. I look over at you and you start giggling again. I smile back and notice the clock. All this lecturing and stuff and we still have half an hour left. “I can’t believe time is moving this slow. What are we going to do?”

“Hey. Look at that.” I turn to see what you’re pointing at. As I look, you grab my pen and laugh. I turn back around and you’re holding it over the neck of your shirt.

I raise my eyebrow again. “You do that and I’ll tell you right now that I’ll go after it. Right here, in front of everybody. You may have just met me, but I guarantee that I’ll do it.”

You smile wickedly. “Well, we can’t have you groping my chest here in class. That’ll have to be later.” You start giggling again.

I just shake my head and chuckle. “So. Do I get my pen back?”

You think about it for a minute. “Only if you’re really willing to go after it.”

“I already told you that I am. You put it in your shirt and we’ll have everyone looking at us, seeing me groping you. It’s up to you.”

You crook your finger, leaning in to whisper something to me. “I wasn’t planning on putting down my shirt.” You nibble on my ear, running your tongue over my earlobe, causing me to shudder and moan softly. You lean away from me, this time laughing at my expression. As I turn slowly to look at you, you quickly slide my pen into your shorts.

I raise my eyebrow again. “What do you say, girlfriend?” You say. “You going to go after it?” Almost daring me to, adıyaman escort bayan here in class. I look you in the eye, trying to determine whether you’re serious.

Once I figure you are, I smile and say “Sure. Why not?”

I reach over and undo the button on your shorts, trying to make as little noise as possible. “Well,” I say, taking a deep breath. “Here goes nothing.” I reach into your shorts and snake my fingers past the waistband of your panties, lightly touching your skin. I look at your face and your eyes are wide in shock “Hah. You should dare someone if you don’t know whether they’ll accept.” You can only nod as I push my fingers a little further into your panties.

I open my eyes a little wider when I realize that I should have felt hair by now. You smile at me, closing your eyes. Shaved then. Just the way I like it. I push my hand in further and then turn myself so that it looks like I’m paying attention to the professor.

You gasp when I reach your pussy. I run a finger in light, slow circles around your clit. I push a fingertip into your wetness, barely past your lips. I can feel you tensing slightly, wanting to pull my finger into you. I chuckle under my breath and keep teasing you.

I look over at you and your eyes are wide, your lips partly open. I lean in and take a quick kiss, licking your lips as I pull away. You spread your legs wider and I respond by pushing my finger into your pussy harder than before, thumbing your clit harder than before, feeling your muscles clenching, your time coming, wanting to yield, but savoring the feelings.

I see you opening your mouth, so I insert a finger, which you suck reflexively, stifling your moan. You take my finger like a penis, bobbing your head on it, biting down when your orgasm hits, your muscles grabbing my finger, my hand covered with your flow.

I pull my hand out as you breath quick and hard through your nose. I lick my fingers clean, smiling at you the whole time. You lean over to whisper to me. “You…uh…missed your pen.” We giggle quietly. Suddenly the bell rings. We both look up in alarm. We missed half a class worth of notes.

As we gather up our things, my pen falls from the leg of your shorts. We look at each other and laugh.

We leave together like we planned, but we never make it to lunch. But plenty gets eaten.

Ashley and Becca were both getting more and more turned as Ashley told the story. I could feel her wetness through her pants.

“Wow,” I say. “That’s quite a story, Ash.”

“Mm” is all she says, looking into Becca’s eyes, Becca moving toward her on my lap.

I pick up Ashley and set her on the couch and I start to move out of the way, letting these two gorgeous women have each other.

“No way, Tiger,” Ashley says. “This time, you’re going to be involved.”

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