Bottom Jock

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Just a few weeks after I joined Nawabshah University and started living in a student residence, a new roommate was assigned to our room. My other two roommates were like me, we had specifically asked for studious and quiet roommates on the initial room assignment forms. In other words, we were a room of nerds.

The new roommate, however, was a real jock. His name was Sattar, and he was built like the proverbial brick shithouse. He came from the hinterlands of Sindh somewhere and grew up on a farm. He was attending Nawabshah U on a volleyball scholarship. Unfortunately, his grades were falling. His volleyball couch assigned to our room, in the hopes that he would stay away from his buddies. Perhaps the couch also hoped that his new roommates would help him in his studies, so Sattar could keep his scholarship.

I was a skinny short little geek at the time, and admired Sattar’s magnificent physique very much. Volleyball is a very physically challenging sport, and requires stamina, muscle and endurance. Sattar’s biceps seemed thicker than my thighs, and his body tapered from a brawny chest to a flat six pack. He wasn’t conventionally handsome, but I liked his homely face with the snub nose and cropped black curls. He liked that I helped him with his work a lot. Every evening he would return after practise, and I would then sit with him to help him with his assignments and courses. The other two roommates hated Sattar, called him loud and obnoxious – never in front of him, they were not that crazy – and stayed more and more out of his way. Sattar and I became somewhat friendly, and I even sometimes hung out with his friend as well, other guys into sports, a rowdy bunch. However, I had nothing in common with any of them, so we just met occasionally.

One fine summer day, I was swotting up for a test, and Sattar had to play a match, so we stayed in the residence when our other roommates had gone home for a holiday. Sattar came back from his match all exhilarated. After the rest of the team left, Sattar, as usual, changed under his towel. However today was different, as he had taken off his trackies, and, turning away from me, dropped the towel with a “whoops!”

I looked up from my books and he was bent over picking up the towel, and he still had his jock strop on, outlining the firm muscular cheeks of his ass. He picked up the towel, İstanbul Escort but didn’t wrap it around himself, saying with a cheeky grin, “Well, you’ve already seen it, so why hide it?”

I teased him back, “well, if you will frame it for view, you can hardly blame someone from looking!”

“It is great, isn’t it,” he said, “watch me.” He turned back around, facing the other way, and began to flex his ass muscles. Wow, it was HOT. His butt was sexy as hell, and my cock became hard as a rock. I had little experience so far, the most I’d done was rub cocks or mutual jackoffs with friends. Sattar’s butt seemed to attract me, I wanted to be buried inside those twin mounds.

“Put your tongue back it, it might fall off!” Satter grinned as he moved towards me. Now that he was facing me, I could see the pouch of his jockstrop bulging obscenely as his cock attempted to escape the confines of thick cotton. When Sattar was near me, he turned around again, and wriggled his butt practically in my face. “Feel it, Zulfi, see how hard it is…”

Timidly, I reached out as though in a dream, and grabbed his butt. The thick muscles felt like warm velvet covered wood. I rubbed each buttock and squeezed them together and separately. Sattar’s breathing grew deeper and deeper. “Damn, your hands feel good… wonder what your cock will feel like!” he said.

“My cock??” I stuttered.

“Don’t you like my ass? You can fuck it, you know, and I trust you that you won’t ever tell anyone.” Sattar said roughly. He turned back around and grabbed my cock through my jeans. “See, you are hard, you do want my ass… come on fuck me, buddy”, he said gleefully.

“Uh…” was my contribution.

Satter impatiently unbuttoned my jeans and tugged them off together with my underwear. He grabbed my cock again and massaged it rather roughly. “Wow, Zulfi, for a small guy, you sure have a big one!”

Not for the first time, I was proud of my genes, I might not have a big muscular body, but I had a real big, thick cock. It is slightly curved upward, with a mushroom head that’s even thicker than the shaft. Sattar seemed to love it as well. “What a big fat cock, fuck me, I can’t wait!” he exclaimed as he stripped off his jock, lay back on his bed, and raised his legs practically to his shoulders. His asshole winked Anadolu Yakası Escort at me.

“Put something slick on, Vaseline or something, there’s a good chap” he instructed me. I got up from the desk, grabbed the closest thing in my closet, a bottle of lotion, and rubbed a handful onto my cock.

I manoeuvred myself between his legs, and positioned my cock at his asshole. The tip sank in.

“Ooohhhh” both of us groaned in unison. Sattar’s asshole was slick and tight, and I gently slid all the way home. “Fuck, yes!” Satter said. Obviously his asshole was no virgin, he had been well-fucked in the past. “Yeah Zulfi, that’s it, slide it in and out, deep fuck me, take me rough, I like it rough, do it buddy..” he moaned.

I started moving in and out steadily, and slowly increasing the speed of my thrusts. Pure heaven! I was fucking a jock, a manly muscular sportsman, and he was loving it. He loved my geek cock in his asshole. The very idea made me hotter and hotter. Sattar jacked off his cock in time with my strokes, and for the first time I looked carefully at his hard bare cock as it slid wetly through his fingers, not a bad size, but I felt a frisson of pride that mine was much bigger and thicker.

I started fucking Sattar brutally – every stroke HARD, slamming into him. My sweat was flying every time our bodies collided, my huge horsecock relentlessly pounding into his fuckchute. His moans were louder than ever before.

I could see Sattar’s face as I fucked, he was moaning in ecstasy, as I slammed into him even harder, fucking him fast and furiously. I finally punched it inside deep as it go and held it pressed inside when I finally came inside the hot jock. I made as to withdraw, but Sattar wrpped his legs around my waist desperateey

“Don’t take it out, for the love of god, don’t take it out…” he moaned as he jacked himself faster and furiously. I pressed my huge cockhead into him as he swore, jacked his cock even more roughly and shot his load all over between our bodies.

After several minutes of deep breathing, Sattar finally groaned and opened his eyes. “Wow, that was good, real good.”

As my cock pulled out of him, he groaned again. “Zulfi, you fucked me like no one else could have…”

I felt proud as hell.

Satter pulled himself free, and Kartal Escort rummaged around till he found a t-shirt. He wiped my cock off first carefully and gently, then cleaned himself up. “I’ll have to do the laundry early tomorrow, can’t have those two creeps getting their nasty eyes on this” he said, indicating the soiled shirt.

“If they do, they’ll think you fucked me” I joked. “Nobody could believe such a guy like you would ever take it up the ass!”

“WOOOOO FUCKING HOOOO,” he said loudly, pumping the air with his fist.

Part 2

Satter and I got together many more times, he loved getting fucked, and his rough voice as he begged me to keep my cock inside him was one of the best feelings. We were careful not to take any risks, though, so it was hard to find opportunities and I had to jack of almost every night, just thinking of his tight ass wrapped around my dick.

Several months later, Sattar came down with acute gangrenous appendicitis. He was taken to the emergency and was operated upon. His family arrived and while the rest of them stayed in a motel, his older brother Razzak, a couple years older than Sattar and me, about 20 or 21, stayed in Sattar’s bed in our room. His brother was also into volleyball, and was also on a sports scholarship to the University of Sindh, in Jamshoro, a town about 120 kilometers from Nawabshah where Sattar and I studied.

Razzak was much better looking than his brother, and had the same built body. He was taller than Sattar as well, so the muscles looked even better on him.

Sattar wasn’t discharged from the hospital when the next weekend came, so his brother stayed still in his room. I also stayed over the weekend as usual, to do some studying.

Sattar’s older brother, Razzak came back from the hospital in the evening, and said, “Well, as your roommates are gone for the weekend, it’s just you and me!”

“Yup” I said, still studying at my desk.

“I’m tired and can’t bother to look for a towel. Would you mind very much if I changed without it?” he asked politely.

“No, go ahead,” I said, “I won’t look.”

“Well, if you won’t look, you’ll miss a real hot view,” Razzak said in a seductive voice, “You SHOULD look…”

I turned around and looked, Razzak was naked with his behind towards me, looking over his shoulder and grinning cheekily, just like Sattar had, that first night long ago.

“See how firm and sexy it is,” he said, before flexing his ass, “Don’t you just want to touch it, take it for a test drive?”

“Oh boy, here we go again…” I thought as my cock swelled instantly. It knew what was coming, another jock ass for it to fuck…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32