Black Canadian Women are Submissive

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Hey, there. My name is Heather. I’m a short, slim, blonde-haired and green-eyed white chick living in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a student at Carleton University, majoring in business. I’m also a closet lesbian who’s into some wicked fun. What kind of fun am I talking about? The unique fun of taking a strong, modern-day Black woman and enslaving her sexually because that’s what she’s into.

Apparently, there really are lots of sexually submissive Black lesbians with slave fantasies. Who knew? I met Tina Joel when we were both in high school. She’s a big and tall, dark-skinned Black woman who lives in the suburb of Orleans near Ottawa. Tina is Haitian and comes from a deeply conservative family. She’s hiding from them the fact that she’s a big fat lesbian. To throw them off the scent, she sometimes hangs out with this chubby Black dude named Oliver and has everybody in her family believing he’s her boyfriend. The big Black bitch thinks she is slick. I can see right through her bullshit. What her parents would have trouble believing is that Tina likes pussy. Make that white pussy. Especially mine. End of story. I’ve been getting hit on by lots of Black chicks lately. It seems every big Black lesbian has a thing for skinny white chicks like myself. Not that I blame them. Black women might hate us for this but in the western world, many people still think of white chicks as the standards of beauty.

Of course, since there are scores of Black, Hispanic and Asian models coming out of the U.S. and other parts of the world, that’s slowly changing. The current Miss America is a Black woman. The current Miss World is a Hispanic woman. The former Miss Britain is a biracial woman of English and African descent. Yeah, things are slowly changing. But not in Ottawa. Everyone in Ottawa thinks skinny, blonde-haired white chicks are hot and that big Black chicks are not. Tina has a thing for skinny white chicks like tokat escort myself and I am both flattered and thrilled by this.

When we were growing up in Orleans, Tina played every sport you could imagine, from Soccer to Baseball and Basketball. Yeah, the big Black chick was quite sportive. Kind of a tomboy but not too butch, though. Tina didn’t mind wearing dresses. I personally liked the way her big ass looked when she wore short dresses. Yes, I do love a big butt. I usually go after big-booty Hispanic women or Black women. I’m a white lesbian who doesn’t sleep with other white chicks. Weird, I know, but my preference is for exotic women. Lucky for me, tons of sexy women from Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East are coming to Ottawa. Some just for higher education, others to live there permanently. I don’t give a fuck why they come here. All I know is that I like the taste of foreign pussy. Borderline addicted is what I am. Tina once told me that she was in love with me. Being a natural opportunist, I sought to see how I could use that to my advantage. At the time, I’d gotten dumped by my ex-girlfriend Alicia Al-Shariff, a sexy young Muslim woman from the United Arab Emirates. She apparently couldn’t reconcile her Muslim faith with the fact that she’s a pussy-licking dyke. Those times she was licking my cunt, her faith didn’t seem to get in the way.

I don’t like it when other broads ditch me in the name of religion. They’re such frigging hypocrites. I decided that I’m going to make Alicia Al-Shariff sorry she ever touched my pussy. You see, I always videotape myself doing it with my women. What? Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. Lesbians can be freaky too. Get used to it. Anyhow, I sent Alicia Al-Shariff’s parents a take of the two of us having sex. I just wish I could have seen the look on her deceptively pretty face when she was finally confronted tokat escort bayan with the consequences of her actions. Especially since her father Abu is the Imam of the local Muslim community. Oh, yeah. I’m bad. Anyhow, now that Alicia Al-Shariff has been dealt with, I can focus my attention on Tina Joel. This big and tall, fat-bottomed and extremely dark-skinned ( and beautifully so, I might add ) Black chick wants to experience domination. I am quite bossy in and out of bed but I’m not usually rough with my women. Well, it’s what Tina Joel craves. Well, since that’s what she needs, then that’s what I will be for her. Tina Joel was definitely weird. A big Black woman who craves extreme verbal and physical domination in a deeply sexual manner.

I completely dominated her during our sessions in my dormitory. I made Tina Joel strip naked and crawl about on all fours. I made her suck my toes and clean my pussy with her tongue, though not necessarily in that order. I bent her over my knee and gave those big Black butt cheeks of hers a good spanking. Then I made her kneel before me and call me Mistress. I really got off on that last part. I’m five-foot-four and I’m completely dominating a big Black woman who’s five-foot-eleven and weighs over two hundred and fifty pounds. You’ve got to admit that this is seriously hot! My favorite part was making Tina Joel suck my strap-on dildo while on her knees. I’m short, cute, blonde and absolutely feminine. A lot of butch women have trouble believing how dominant I can be. I made Tina get on her knees and suck my dildo. The sight of a big Black woman kneeling before me and sucking my dildo was very erotic. Afterwards, I put Tina Joel on all fours and spanked her ass. I pressed my dildo against her hairy pussy and eased it inside. Tina moaned as I penetrated her. Smacking her big Black ass, I told her to shut the hell up. She’s escort tokat my bitch now. She’s gotta do as I say.

Face down and ass up, that’s the way I like to fuck my bitches. I thrust my dildo deep inside Tina’s cunt, loving the moaning and squealing sounds she made. After fucking her like this for a while, I tried something new. I spread her plump ass cheeks and slid one finger inside her asshole. She didn’t protest so I added a second one. Tina apparently likes having her asshole played. Cool. I pressed the dildo against Tina’s backdoor. The big Black lesbian shuddered. Gently, I bit her ear and eased the dildo into her rectal cavity. Tina gasped as I entered her. I smiled and began to slowly work my dildo into her asshole. I took my sweet time as I fucked my big Black slut in her ass at the first time. I tapped Tina’s ass, folks, as they say around these parts. I drilled my slim dildo up her ass, and took her anal virginity once and for all.

She was incredibly submissive throughout the entire experience. She simply took it like a champ while keeping the whining to a minimum. I admired that about her. Tina is a natural submissive. Like any good Black lesbian slut. Although they’ve always been out there, they’re harder to find these days. After fucking Tina’s asshole with the dildo, I made her suck it. I wanted the big Black slut to taste her ass on my dildo. And she must have liked the taste because she polished the dildo with her tongue. What did I tell you? These days, I’m having all kinds of fun with the sexy lesbians of Ottawa. Especially if they’re from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, Latin America or the Middle East. I’m addicted to the taste of foreign pussy, as I’ve said before. These days, Tina is providing me with the flavors of the Caribbean. And I can’t thank her enough for that. Got to enjoy my life, you know? Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip through my world. I’m a bitch, I’m cruel and I’m manipulative. I’m a woman-loving woman. The lesbian underworld is full of nasty bitches and if you don’t watch your back, you could get hurt. I’ve got to be ruthless. What did you expect? I may look like Barbie but underneath it all, I’m tougher and meaner than G.I. Joe. You’ve been warned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32