Beverly Ch. 02

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Reading chapter 1 first will help understand the following. Strong Sexual Content.


Bev woke up the next morning with a smile still on her face. Her breakfast tray was just brought in and she needed her coffee. After she finished and before she had her bath and bed change, she worked out on the trapeze. She was trying to get her arms stronger and to work her way up to sitting straight without pain. The pain was a little less each day and she was almost able to sit fully on her bottom. Just after her bath and bed change Lou came in and said he needed to give her a heads up. This afternoon an officer, he did not know who yet, was coming to see her from JAG. He had no idea why the lawyer wanted to talk with her.

Bev said thanks, she would be on her best behavior. He took her hand for a few seconds and then left. Bev wondered what was going on, was she in trouble for what happened in Iraq? A resident came in and told her it was time to get her stitches out. Bev was relieved that it was one of the female residents as she knew she would have to be exposed and some of the stitches were only about two inches from her pussy. She was glad they would finally come out, that was another step closer to her being over the worst part of this ordeal. Bev asked the resident if it would be easier for her to move over to the edge of the bed so she could sit and be more comfortable.

The resident said she had not thought of that and if Bev did not mind that would be great. Bev did and the resident opened the suture removal kit and then sat and put gloves on. She told Bev this should not hurt but once in a while the skin had attached itself to the suture and pulled as it came out. When the resident uncovered Bev she said WOW. She had never seen Bev’s bottom and there were over 100 stitches on each side. She got started and a couple of times one did pull and hurt but 40 minutes later they were all out. The resident said she should wait 2 more days and then Bev could get into the shower. Bev did not mention it would probably be more than that anyway.

Bev then asked the resident for a favor; would she please give her a prescription for birth control pills. Could she not chart it, just write one out for her to take to the drug store? Bev added she wanted them to regulate her period, she had been on them before for that reason. The resident said no problem and took a pad out of her pocket and wrote one out and handed it to Bev. Bev thanked her profusely and she picked up her stuff and left. After she was gone she reached down and felt her bottom and could tell a big difference already. She got herself back in the middle of the bed and covered up.

After lunch Captain Lou Lincoln knocked at her door. She said come in and he and a Major entered. Lou was very formal with her and introduced Major Frank Simmons to her. The Major was smiling so that made Bev feel a little better. He then turned to Lou and said unfortunately his conversation with the Major needed to be attorney client confidential and would he please leave them alone. Lou said sure, he understood fully and left. Major Frank asked if he could pull the chair over to the bed and Bev said sure. He did and got seated and pulled some paperwork out of his briefcase.

He started out by saying he was here today in the role of representing her in the matter he had to bring up. Bev nodded her head and he asked if she knew a Sandy Larson and she said she did. He told her that the hospital had a rule that NO lawyer could come and visit a patient at any time. They had to produce their paperwork to JAG and they would take it to the patient after getting medical approval. He handed her some of the paperwork and said that this Sandy was asking for a divorce. He asked her to look over the papers and then they would discuss it. It took Bev about 10 minutes to read and reread them. She looked at the JAG officer with surprise on her face.

He looked back at her with a smile on his face. He said he had not seen anything like it before. Sandy was taking responsibility for being the “bad guy” here, Bev had done nothing wrong. He was also offering a large sum of money and another sum of money for ½ of her share in their home. Bev knew they had only had it for a couple of years and there could not be a lot of equity in it, yet he was giving her 50% of the purchase price. He also offered to either ship her belongings to where ever she ended up or tell him the value of them and he would pay it. Bev asked the Major if he saw anything wrong or had she missed something. He said no, he thought it was more than generous.

He asked Bev if she knew why he was doing this and she said yes, thought for a few seconds then told him the truth; Sandy could not face having a wife with no legs. He just shook his head. He asked Bev if he could afford all of this and she said she thought so but wanted some kind of assurance the money would be there if she signed off. He agreed and said he would get güvenilir bahis in touch with his attorney. As he got up he asked if there was anything else she wanted from him and she said no but would think about it while he was checking things. The Major thanked her for her time and she said no, thank you. He left and closed the door. Bev wondered if Lou had waited but he did not come back in.

Bev was still in shock when Julia came back in. All Bev told her was her husband had sent papers for their divorce. She added that she was glad it was almost over with. Julia said let her know if there was anything she could do. They hugged and she left. Bev took hold of the trapeze and sat up straight on her butt for the first time. She pumped her hand and said yeah. There was some pain but she said to herself it would be gone very soon along with the bad guy. She then spent some time exercising doing pull ups. Ruth came in and said good afternoon and Bev said watch; she pulled herself up straight and Ruth said great work. She asked if it felt good to have the stitches out and Bev said she thought so.

Ruth asked if she needed anything and Bev said a shower, Ruth laughed and said two more days and I will hose you off. She added that Lou had left word for her to not eat the hospital food tonight and was that ok with her. Bev said she wondered what he was up to and Ruth just grinned. She would not tell Bev what was going on so Bev said ok, don’t bring my tray in. About 7 Lou showed up in his wheelchair pulling a cooler. He opened it up and there were several paper bags. He got two out, told Bev to wait for him and he left. About 5 minutes later he was back. He asked if she looked and she said no but could smell hamburgers and fries and onions. He said she was right and to dig in.

He said once a month he brought in the bags for several of the other patients who did not have anyone around. He usually changed up who got them as he only got so many. The place he got them donated them. She took a bite and it was the best she had ever had. They all had everything and who ever got something they did not like could take it off. Bev stuck with everything. She laughed and said she hoped she did not have to kiss anyone tonight with all the onion that was on it. Lou just looked at her. The fries were made from fresh cut potatoes and not frozen. He told her that her doctor had not seen his request for a beer yet so he could not give her one. He would bring her in one later when he did sign off.

After they ate, Bev told him what the JAG visit was all about. She only said his offer was generous and after the JAG lawyer asked a couple of questions of Sandy’s lawyer she intended to sign. In their home state there was only a very short waiting time and it would be final. Lou said he was sorry she had to go through this. She said thanks but she was very glad he had instigated it and it would be done very soon. She also said watch and took hold of the trapeze and lifted herself up straight. She had undone the top of her gown when he left to deliver the other bags and it fell open. He looked at her for a few seconds then locked the door and pushed himself up out of his wheelchair.

He said he still owed her one and he was going to pay off if she wanted. I want she said. Her bed was not up all the way as she had lowered it when the JAG officer was there. Lou was right at eye level and he undid his trousers and dropped them. He had nothing on under them and Bev first looked at his stump. It was thin and banged up. She asked if she could touch and he said by all means. She grasp it and looked up at him. He said that felt great. She then looked over at his cock. He was hard and it was standing out, leaking cum. Again she looked up at him as just as she started to say something he said by all means again and they laughed. Bev took hold of his shaft and scooped her finger across the head getting a finger full of pre cum.

She licked it off and then said to him that she now owed him one as he had not touched her. She pulled her gown up and he could see all of her. He said I see you got your stitches out. She said yes, today and yes you can. He grinned and ran his fingers over her legless torso. His finger went over and he ran one up her slit and licked it off. With a serious look on his face he said I hope you are a divorced woman very soon. Bev looking back at him I do also, very soon indeed. He pulled his pants up as Bev covered herself up. While he kissed her he put his hand in the gown and cupped a breast. When they broke the kiss she said thanks and he withdrew his hand. He unlocked the door and wheeled out looking back over his shoulder with a big grin.

Ruth came back in a little later and asked how her burger was. She said great and the delivery guy was even better. Ruth looked at her and asked if she needed some relief and Bev said if you have time, yes. As Ruth walked to the door to lock it she said she always had time for important things. She güvenilir bahis siteleri also turned the lights out and only the night light near the floor gave off a small bit. She sat on the bed and pulled the sheet down. Bev’s gown was still pulled up and she put her hand on the empty hip socket and started massaging the area. She said it sure felt good with the stitches gone. Ruth also applied some lotion to the area as she went.

As Ruth rubbed the lotion in Bev got more and more aroused. Seeing Lou’s long hard cock had gotten her started and now Ruth’s hands had her even more inflamed. She told her how good it felt for her hands to rub her hip socket but intimated more towards the center would feel good also. They both laughed but Ruth took the hint and worked her way towards Bev’s pussy. She finally got there and it was sopping wet and running down onto the sheet. Ruth worked her way up the moisture into her slit and into Bev’s vagina. Bev jerked when she felt the finger enter her. Ruth heard her moan her approval and added another finger. It did not take her long to find the G spot. She had her fingers in deep against Bev’s cervix and then pulled lower.

Bev gave a sharp yelp as her G spot was hit again and she came squeezing Ruth’s fingers as she did. Ruth kept the pressure up and added her thumb to her clit which added to Bev’s movements. Bev finally said enough and tried to push Ruth’s hand away. After a few more seconds of stimulation Ruth relented and withdrew her finger and thumb. She continued her application and massage of the other hip area and stopped. Bev opened her eyes and said wow, you have very talented hands. Ruth said she tries and covered Bev and got up to wash her hands. She came back over to the bed and Bev took it in hers and pulled it up to her mouth and kissed it saying thank you very much. Ruth said being able to see her sexy bottom was thanks enough.

Bev tried turning on her side for the first time and found that there was no pain but it was hard to stay that way with no legs. So she returned to her back and fell asleep. She did not hear anything until Gayle made some noise around 4:30 when she was checking on her. She said sorry, she had not meant to wake her up. Bev said no problem and went right back to sleep.

The JAG officer came back around 10 and told Bev that Sandy’s attorney said they would be willing to put a bond up to guarantee money available. Bev said fine, she did not think of anything else she wanted and asked for the papers so she could sign them. Bev signed and initialed at the indicated places and Major Simmons said she sure had a good deal. She thanked him for his help and they said good bye. Bev put her light on and when Julia came in she asked if she could get a large envelope for her and showed her the size. Julia said she would be glad to and asked if she signed. Bev said you bet I did. They hugged and Julia left to find one.

Lou came in just as Julia was leaving after finding an envelope. Bev told him she signed the paperwork and held it up. She dropped it on the bed and held her arms out for him. Lou grabbed her and they hugged and he kissed her. It was a quick one as they did not want to get caught. Bev told him she was so relieved she did not know how to act. He asked how long it would take and she said she was not sure. The paperwork would be over nighted and she assumed his lawyer would file them right away. There was a one week waiting period and the judge would then sign the final decree. Lou said he was sorry he had to run but he would see her tonight and left.

Bev yelled at him just as he went out the door and he stuck his head back in. She asked him if there was anyplace he could put her papers and he said sure. She put them in the envelope, put her name and SSN on it and gave it to him. She also gave him the prescription for her birth control pills and asked if he could get it filled. He looked at it, smiled and said no problem. He asked if she had anything else and she laughed and said no. He left again.

Bev was on a cloud the rest of the day but she did not tell hardly any other people, just her nurses and Lou knew. Lou was back about 9 and had a can of beer for each of them. He told her that hers was only 3.2 beer as she had not had a drink for some time and not having her legs made her tolerance much different. This can would be a trial run to see what happened. She laughed at him and said she was surprised he was not trying to get her drunk. His reply was did she think that would be what it takes and she said no, sorry I said that. He then smiled and said no problem. He handed her the birth control pills and opened the beer. She took one with a sip of beer.

After they drank their beer, Bev said she was surprised, she got a little buzz out of it. She said before drinking 3.2 was like drinking water to her. They had a good talk and time flew. The next thing they knew Gayle was making rounds. He asked her if he could have 15 iddaa siteleri minutes alone and she said sure. Then she said that long? Word is you don’t last long. They all laughed and Gayle said have a good time and left locking the door behind her. Lou got up and sat on the bed beside her. Bev wasted no time in putting her arms around him and they kissed and had a tongue fight. They finally broke and Bev undid the tie at the top of her gown and shrugged her shoulders letting it slide off.

Lou said my god, you are so beautiful and leaned forward and took a nipple in his mouth. It was hard but got even larger and harder. He took turns at both nipples. Bev smiled to herself thinking of the difference between Lou and Julia, not that she disliked anything about what he was doing to her. He used his hands to cup and massaged her breasts. He looked into her eyes then down her front. She smiled and nodded her head and his hand slid down her to her pussy. She pushed the covers back to give him good access and his finger slid through her wet slit. He found the entrance to her vagina and put a finger in moving it in and out and around.

Bev felt for his cock through his pants and undid his belt. He stopped long enough to lift his butt and she pulled them down his hips. Even though he had been in his chair he still had his leg prosthesis on. She could not get to any of his stump as it was tight against his body at the top of his leg. She found his hard cock and started pumping it. She was not able to concentrate on that for long as Lou was doing a job on her pussy. He soon got her to cum hard and kept her up for a minute or so. He finally slowed down and then stopped. Bev finally was able to tell him that was fantastic.

She finally went back to his shaft and again noticed how long he was. She reached over and got a towel and kept it handy for when he came. She did not want to make a mess all over him so it was seen while he was on his way out. The position they were in only allowed her to use one of her hands but she soon got him to empty his cum on to the towel. There was quite a bit there and Lou had been looking at her hand the whole time. They kissed for a while and Bev felt him get soft in her hand. She was careful not to spill any cum and folded the towel up. Lou said he had not had that done for some time and it felt great. Lou stood and pulled his pants up and Bev retied her gown and pulled it closed. Lou said he was not expecting this tonight.

Bev said she had not planned it either but was very glad it happened. They kissed again and Lou got back in his chair. Bev told him he looked so very sexy sitting there and really turned her on when she saw him in it especially if he did not have his leg on. Lou said he would have to remember that. He said good night and rolled out of the room. Gayle came in a few minutes later and said well how was it. Bev said nothing really happened; they just fooled around a little. They were waiting for the divorce to be final to have sex. Gayle said she understood, took her BP which she said was sky high and left laughing. Bev laughed along with her and when she was gone immediately used her hand to get herself off again. Now she felt better and went to sleep.

When Dr. Jenkins came in later in the day Bev showed him how good she could sit up and he said it was time to start going down to physical therapy. He had seen her chair and said she needed to start learning how to live in it. Bev agreed and said she was looking forward to getting out of jail. Julia came in a few minutes later and asked if she would like to take a shower. Bev said naw, she could wait another year and then threw a pillow at her. Julia grabbed it and helped her get into her chair. This was the first time she had been able to use it. Bev pushed herself around the room a little then headed for the bathroom. It had a roll in shower and Julia put down a couple of folded towels to make sitting softer.

Julia stood by and Bev moved herself over to the bench mounted on the wall. Bev looked nervous and asked Julia if she could stay and help her. Julia said sure, that was allowed and went out and put the bath sign out and locked the door. She stripped in front of Bev and turned on the water. Bev was too far away for the shower head on the wall to hit her so Julia turned the hand held one on for her. She instructed Bev to put the belt that was attached to the wall around her and she did. She handed the wand to Bev and she directed the water over her. She said it felt fantastic.

After she got wet Julia took the bar of soap and rubbed it all over her. She then used her hands to wash her good. She took her time with Bev’s breasts and then Bev was able to lean to each side far enough to have her bottom washed. Julia said she needed to get her clean everywhere and ran her fingers through Bev’s slit. This caused Bev to cum. Bev then wet Julia down and washed her breasts and pussy and made her cum. They both rinsed off good and dried off. Julia put a towel on the seat of Bev’s chair and she undid the belt and moved to it. Julia got dressed and found a clean night gown for Bev to put on. She said she would find a robe for her to put on and she went out of the room.

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