Best Friends Reunited

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After more than a year of missing him with every part of myself, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a very hard day and just needed my best friend. Without thinking, I got in my car and started driving. I drove for days, crossing the vast terrain of the country until I finally made it back home.

It was his day off and I knew he was working on some household projects, so I drove straight to his house. As I pulled up my heart began racing, I could feel my face flush red and I could barely contain my excitement. I got out of the car and ran up to his door and knocked as loud as I could. A few seconds later he opened the door and I leapt into his strong, comfortable arms. It took him a few seconds to process what happened, but then he hugged me even tighter to himself.

“I can’t believe you are here! What made you come back?” He asked.

“I just needed you. I missed you and the phone just wasn’t enough anymore.”

We went inside his house and he closed the door behind him. He took me upstairs to the bedroom, where he was working on a few projects that had been neglected. We started working on them together, as we talked and just enjoyed being in each others company again.

It didn’t take long for sexual innuendos to work their way into conversation. As we sa,t commenting about the hammering, the screwing and hard tools, the atmosphere in the room began to change. Having experienced each other’s bodies before, we knew what was happening. There was no stopping it.

After finishing the work in the bedroom we headed istanbul escort downstairs for some water and lunch. We sat across from each other at his table, and as we talked I began to feel his leg rub mine. We were thinking the same thing. The anticipation was beginning to build for an experience I hoped would happen very soon.

“Let’s go back upstairs, I need a shower after all that hard work.” He said.

He took my hand, leading me up the stairs. He turned on the hot water and the bathroom began to fill with steam. He took his shirt off and then slowly removed my shirt as well. He unhooked my bra and began playing with my boobs. Rising on my toes to meet him, I wanted him to touch me more. Every fiber of my being was wanting him right then. Turning me around, he left one hand playing with my boobs while moving the other down to unbutton my pants. Sliding his hand down to my clit, he began rubbing it slow circles. I responded immediately with a sharp gasp of pleasure.

“So sensitive!” He said. “You need to be touched and played with more don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” I say as I try to maintain my breathing. I don’t want this to go too fast, but I want to get lost in the feel of him.

He continues to play, sliding his middle finger deep inside my wet pussy. As he fingers me he presses his palm against my clit continuing to stimulate it, making it harder for me to think. Pressing me against his body, I can feel his impressive erection growing. I begin moaning and grinding against his cock when he stops escort fındıkzade suddenly. Pulling his hand from my pussy, I groan at the absence of him.

“The shower is ready.” He says.

He undoes his pants and letting them fall to the floor, his erection springing free. It is so hard and long. I get wetter at the sight of it, and must have it inside me. He guides me into the shower and starts washing.

“Let me help you with that.” I say. Putting soap on my hands, I use it as lube to rub his hard cock. Starting at the base of his shaft, wrapping my hand around his impressive girth, I begin moving my hand up and down his length. Feeling his erection pulse under my hand. I know he wants me, but his face never shows it. I quicken the pace and he stops me.

Picking me up, he puts me against the cold tile wall. The cold is shocking, but before I know it he has begun pushing his hard cock inside me. I feel all of him as he enters me. I wrap my legs around him, ensuring that he stays inside me. The muscles inside me pull him in farther as he pushes himself into me. I am so tight and wet and his cock is stretching me to my limit. I revel in the fullness of him. Every nerve in my body is alight with pleasure. I sigh and my breath quickens as he begins thrusting in and out. He is moving deeper and faster. I feel his head hit my precious G-Spot. Needing him more then ever, I try to move in rhythm with him, but he has me pinned expertly to the wall.

He begins moving faster. We are both getting very close escort bayan rus to cumming as he stops. Turning the water off, he grabs a towel. He dries himself off before getting another towel and wrapping me up inside its plush warmth. Picking me up, we move to his bed. He lays me down on the bed and spreads my legs. Kneeling over me, he begins using his hand to play with me. He plays with my clit, using his fingers to trace circles around my opening, driving me insane with need.

I start begging. “Please, please I need your cock back inside me, I need to feel you! I need you!”

He just smiles, continuing to tease me. I begin bucking my hips against his hand trying to get him deeper. My pussy barely touches the tip of his cock and he shudders at the sensation. Moving again, I take his tip inside me and move away quickly. I play this teasing game a few more times before he takes control. Pushing my legs down, he slams himself fast and hard inside me. I feel him thrusting, hammering me into the bed. My breathing is very fast. I am moaning with pleasure. He is thrusting harder and deeper each time. Moving faster, I feel the friction increasing between us. My pussy is so wet I can feel myself drawing him in further. His cock has swollen even more. I am more full of him than I thought possible. He is pounding hard and fast as I finally give myself over to pleasure and cum around him. My pussy tightens and releases around him, causing him to cum inside me. I feel him slow his rhythm as we cum together, until he stills, and pulls out of me.

He lays down on the bed next to me. Trying to catch my breath, I am enjoying the after shocks of pleasure rippling through me. Laying my head on his shoulder, I begin to drift off to sleep.

“I’ve missed you too,” he whispers as we both fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32