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Play with me a little while you are moving to straddle me, to bring your body above mine. As soon as your hand is around me, I will start raising my hips, trying to fuck your curled fingers. You smirk, and keep your hand open enough that I can’t really get going. Let go of me as you climb over my thighs. I’ll moan a little in frustration, but when I open my eyes again and see that you have taken the bottle of oil from the night stand, I’ll wait, quiet and eager. My eyes won’t miss a drop, won’t miss an inch of your sweet, wondrous body.

Take some oil in your palm, warming it there, and slide that hand down your body. The waning rays of the sun catch the slick trail you are making from your breasts down the joyous curve of your stomach; inch by inch, make your body glisten for me. Wipe your hand down my own chest until you reach my cock, and give it any leftovers. I know what is coming, so I won’t move yet.

Now come down on top of me and kiss me. anadolu yakası escort Kiss me hard, lover; kiss me until our teeth clack together and we can’t breathe. Squirm on top of me, slippery from the oil. Let my hands move across your body once, but then move them down to the mattress. Look into my eyes and smile at the lust you see there. Wriggle against my cock and say, “I know what you want.” You know how I’ll moan in reply.

Then move down a bit, until your knees are about even with mine, and push up on your forearms so you are over me. Wriggle one last time until my cock is in place, the length of it against your belly. If you want to, slide up and down it once that way, teasing me. I won’t move until you say, so look down at me breathing hard and say it. Tell me I can.

As soon as you say so, my hips will start moving. God, lover, the feeling of your skin against me, the warmth, the slippery curve of you, way the shadows deepen avrupa yakası escort down our bodies until I can’t really see what I’m doing to you. But I can feel it, god, so crazy for the feeling of your belly sliding along my cock, surrounding it.

Like doing it any other way, I try to start out with slow long strokes, savoring the feeling. I reach up and fondle your breasts, maybe even sit up enough to kiss you again for a moment. But as the excitement overtakes me, I fall back on the mattress and my hands grab both edges, forcing my body up harder and faster as I slide against you again and again. God, how I love your stomach. How crazy it makes me. The head of my cock keeps popping past your navel, and every time it rubs against there I need your body more against me, more around me.

Of course, all this time you aren’t silent. You keep encouraging me further, moaning in sympathetic ecstasy, moving your body just enough against mine eryaman escort to drive me wilder and closer. And I am responding to you. Oh yes, lover. God, it feels so fucking good. Oh, christ …

I’m desperately trying to hold my orgasm back. I can never get enough of doing this with you. But your body is so lithe and so full against mine, so slick and so good … I can barely gasp out, “Going to — come –” before I feel it rushing up my cock. God, the fire in your eyes when you hear that, when I start moving frantically faster, when my eyes squeeze shut and I spurt up, between us, against your breasts, in my chest hair, in between making our slick bodies even slicker — once, twice, three times before I finally collapse and you fall down above me, your sides heaving almost as hard as my own. We kiss …

And between us, as it begins to dwindle, you can feel the last few drops being pumped from me and spreading between both our bodies, bonding us together, making it certain that when you finally rise long glistening strands will stretch between us, stretch between my cock and your stomach as a confession of just what that delicious, delightful curve does — has done — to me.

God lover, I want your belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32