Becoming a Submissive Ch. 02

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Merci Monsieur


My training and submission to my sister continues, chapter 2

Marge woke me up on Saturday morning with a long passionate kiss which I returned.

After a shower.

“Marge, do you bring any subs here to play with Jimmy?”

“No never.”

“I noticed that your toys are in two suitcases. Does Jimmy question you about that?”

“No, I keep them at Mom’s place and only get them when I need them.”

“So she knows you are playing this week-end. Does she know it is with me?”

“No I did not tell her. She may find it strange not to see either one of us during the week end , if you want to tell her it is okay with me, It is your choice.”

“Now give me the blue bathrobe in the closet, slut. You still need a lot of training.”

I went to the closet and handed her the blue bathrobe. I took a red one for myself and started to put it on. Marge took a handful of my hair and pulled me on my back on the bed. She slapped my tits hard with her hand while holding my hair with the other.

“Slut, I did not permit you to put any clothes on. As long as you are with me you will remain naked unless told otherwise. You will be punished later for this”

“I am sorry, Mistress I will not forget again.”

She straddled me and lifting my head by my hair brought my mouth to her pussy.

“Now eat me slut you better make me come good and clean me, after.”

I could only use my mouth, she was straddling my arms. I pushed my tongue as far as possible in her slit and gave her pussy lips little love bites. She moaned and humped my face .

“Now slut, lick and suck my clit.”

I did. She orgasmed and I tried to lick and swallow all her juice. There was a lot.

“Clean me good bitch or you will be punished more, later.”

“Now slut, go clean your face and don’t play with yourself”

“Yes mistress.”

She put a different collar on me this time, it was wider and had four rings on it, front, back, and both sides. She also strapped the ankle and wrists bracelets on me.

“Get upstairs. You will prepare breakfast for both of us. I will permit you to wear a robe, so you don’t burn yourself while cooking the eggs with the grease drops flying”

The main bedroom is on the first floor, the house is a sort of split level. The kitchen and dining room are on what is like a suspended level five steps up, From the dining room there is an elevated view of the living room and den.

After breakfast, I cleaned the dishes. She told me to go in the den and lay on my back on the coffee table. She sat on the sofa and put her legs up with her feet on my stomach.

“I want to be comfortable while I watch TV and decide on your punishment for your trying to dress this morning without permission slut.”

“I am sorry Mistress.”

“Shut up and massage my feet.”

After about thirty minutes of caressing and massaging her feet and legs, I was getting hot and gyrating and humping my hips. I knew she noticed but said nothing. I wanted to play with myself. But did not dare without being told I had permission. This made me realise how much of a submissive I had become to Marge canlı bahis in such a short time. It was a shock, but also for some reason, it pleased me. I did not understand why my submission to my Sister pleased me so much.

She got up tied my wrist bracelets to the rings on the side of my collar. By clipping the nbracelets to them. She rubbed my cunt and clit. That felt so good I hoped she would make me come.

“Thank you Mistress”

“You dirty little slut, you are all wet. Don’t move I will be back and take care of your punishment. That way you won’t play with yourself while I am gone”

This got me hornier, if possible. I needed release and knew that with the punishment there would be release and I was now her toy. In my mind, I belonged to her.

A few minutes later, she came back wearing a harness with a dildo sticking out and in her hands she had some silk ropes, clamps, and a flogger. She straddled the table and brought the dildo to my face.

“Come on slut, kiss and lick it and suck it. I want to see you suck and lick show me if you are any good at it.”

I started to kiss lick and suck the dildo for all as was worth, It was not as like a real one but if it pleased Marge, it pleased me. I was however wishing that it was a real live cock, one that could fill my mouth with cum.

“You like sucking bitch. You look good with a cock in your mouth I am sure you would prefer a real cock and all the way down your throat and swallowing a nice load of cum.”

“Yes Mistress your slut would love that if it would please you.” What I had just said surprised me. More surprising was realising that I meant it.

“I may grant you this pleasure if you are a good enough slut.” She stood up, unclipped my wrists from the collar rings and sat on the sofa.

“Kneel in front of me with your back to me and take hold of your ankles with your hand.”

This had me on my knees bent back with my head resting on the side of the sofa and her legs on each side of me. From that position, she played with my tits and nipples massaging, squeezing my tits and stretching and twisting my nipples. All the while, she kissed my neck and my mouth with great big tongue kisses.

“None of my other sluts will ever satisfy me again. You have no idea how much I have dreamed of this moment.”

This surprised me so much I could not talk.

“Now slut, your punishment.”

She straightened me, still on my knees, and bound my wrists together and with a short length of rope tied them to the ring in the back of the collar. My hands were up almost between my shoulder blades.

Then, with the two lengths of silk rope she tied each of my tits. She took me to the coffee table and tied the ropes around the table, effectively tying me bent over the table by my tits. She attached a bar to my ankle bracelets and spread my legs wide.

“Now slut, I want to play. I will enjoy punishing you. I know you like that.”

“Yes Mistress, your slut enjoys being punished and she deserves it.”

She ran the flogger slowly down my back ass and legs. It was like caresses. To my surprise, it was not leather but a softer material. The feeling made me moan and wiggle as much as my bonds permitted.

While bringing it up along my thighs, bahis siteleri she pulled back and gave my ass a good shot it stung I let out a loud yelp and took in my breath it was painful. Also it made me jerk that pulled on my tits hard they were beginning to tingle. She then began to flog my ass and thighs hard enough for me to let out a bunch of ( ouch and yelps)

“Please Mistress, your slut has been punished enough, stop and let her cum.” I knew that she would not stop until I used my safe word. She had told me that.

“You can plead and scream all you want, bitch, I will decide when you have been punished enough. Besides, I love to hear you plead and yelp in pain. You deserve this.”

She stopped for a second and took my pussy in a hand and squeezed and pulled on my lips.

“You are all wet, slut. You are enjoying this, you deserve some more for being such a dirty slut.”

With that she went back to flogging my ass and thighs. I kept pleading for her to stop and make me cum. I realised that she enjoyed my pleading. Through my moans and yelps of pain, I kept pleading. But, I loved what she was doing. I did not want it to stop. The pain was not extreme but it was good. Every three or four shots to my ass, she brought the flogger up between my thighs and getting my pussy. The ends of the flogger stung my lower belly. It was a sensation like nothing else. The inside of my vagina spasmed and my ass moved on its own.

“This is good Mistress, but please let your slut cum. She is begging you.”

“When it pleases me, I will let you cum slut,”

“I am begging Mistress.” That seemed to encourage her. She put more energy in the flogging.

“I began screaming louder, “Ouch, ouch,” Every time the flogger came down I yelled and moaned.

She finally stopped. I was disappointed a bit. She had brought a bottle of Lube with a long nozzle. She inserted the nozzle in my ass and squeezed the bottle. I felt the coolness of the lube going deep in my ass.

“You will be ready for my pleasure in a while slut.” She knelt behind me and I thought she would fuck my ass, but she pushed the dildo in my cunt. I could feel it was a bit longer and bigger than the one from last evening.

“After I am finished pleasing you here, I will take care of your ass for my pleasure.”

I realised that for her, fucking my ass was probably more of a pleasure than doing the same to my pussy.

She fucked me slowly at first

“Please Mistress fuck your slut harder and faster she is so hot and needs to cum so much.”

She started to fuck me faster almost violently holding on to my shoulders, pulling as she pushed deep into me. She was humping my hard and fast.

“Yes Mistress this is good. I am comingggg I let out a throaty groan that surprised even me. I orgasmed hard and long She kept pumping me to another orgasm.

“Now bitch be a good slut and let your Mistress have her pleasure.”

With that, she pulled out of my pussy I was sorry she did. She lined the dildo with my ass and pushed slowly in my ass. She went in by small pushes. It was bigger than what I was used to, but there was not much pain. After a few in and out thrusts, she had it all in my ass, she let me relax a while. I was breathing hard and feeling bahis şirketleri my insides shake.

“Now I will take my pleasure yell, scream or plead but this is for me not you.”

She took my pony tail with her hands and started to fuck my ass with long hard strokes. It was good after a few strokes I got into it and did my best to push back and meet her strokes.

“This is so good Mistress. Make your slut come again,” I cried through my moans and yelps. I was in a place that is hard to describe but it was good. She managed to put a hand under me and started to squeeze and pull my clit. I was beside myself with pleasure and lust.

“Yes Mistress take your pleasure from your slut, she loves pleasing you.”

“You are a good slut. Your Mistress is pleased with you. But, I am sure that you would like a real warm cock in that ass of yours,” she said and started stroking me harder and pulled my hair harder and really pulling hard on my clit. I could not help screaming loud as a big orgasm overtook me.

She did not stop humping me for some more minutes. I kept having orgasms

Finally, she had one big orgasm and I felt her having a few smaller ones. She crumbled on my back where she remained for some minutes, kissing my neck and telling me how good this was for her.

“Pleasing you is good for me too, Mistress.”

She untied my hand first, then my tits and removed the ropes. My arms were getting numbs and my tits were tingling hard. After removing the bar from my ankles, she helped me to the sofa and held me tight while kissing me and caressing my breasts.

I noticed she was crying.

“What is the matter Mistress?”

“Marge will do Fran. The scene is over. I am afraid I went too far little sister.”

“No, you did not, Marge. I would have used my safe word if it had gotten too much.”

“Are you sure? Please, Fran, promise me solemnly that you will never hesitate to use it if you ever feel it is going too far.”

“I promise Marge.”

“I also make a solemn promise to you. I sometimes loan my subs to other Doms to play with, but I will never loan you out to anyone. I could not live with that. If you ever accept to play with another I will be there to protect you always I swear.”

“I believe you Marge and thanks.”

“Would you really like a real cock in your mouth and ass?”

“Of course. I still like men.”

“There is that Widower I mentioned to you once. He is safe, not really rough. He leaves the rough stuff to me. He does like bondage and using a sub’s mouth and ass. He is also well hung. I would be there to also play with you, if you are interested in a real cock. You deserve to be thanked for being such a good sub to me.”

I did not consider it long.

“If you promise to be there and in charge, Marge, and if it would please you, I agree.”

“Yes it pleases me I would enjoy seeing you get something that pleases you to. I will phone him now. Would tonight be okay?”

“Yes Marge I miss a good warm cock like you said.”

She got on the phone and came back a few minutes later.

“He is expecting us at 8 tonight now you must rest and get ready. You please me so much Fran.”

” Marge. I want nothing that burns or give elecric shocks.”

“Promise, I will tell him to hide the violet wand.”

“Thanks I may be willing to try that in the future but not now.”


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