Beauty and the Geek Ch. 17

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PART 1 — South Beach


The mid-day streets of downtown Miami were bustling from the Friday lunch hour, with suits flooding the sidewalks and the honking of taxicabs echoing in every direction. When Brian angrily spit out of a tall office building through a revolving door it was into a crowd of people; the passers-by gave the nineteen year-old a wide berth as he growled loudly in frustration and ripped a tie from around his neck. He threw it to the concrete ground with as much strength as he could muster, and then turned to face Charlie and Miley as they came through the door’s next rotation.

“Can you believe that crap?” Brian asked of his friends.

Miley tried to calm him. “Brian, you need to relax-“

“My backgrounds need work?” Brian interrupted. “The writing is cliché?!? They basically shit on our entire project, Miley!”

Charlie offered an apologetic smile to a group of passing women who were staring at Brian’s tirade.

Brian continued ranting, “Pow! invited us all the way to Miami just to tell us that? They could have done that over the fucking phone!”

Miley put her hand to Brian’s shoulder, “I think they’re interested, hon. In fact, they really seemed to like your concept pieces. They just want to see something more polished.”

“More polished my ass,” Brian scowled. “It’s a pulp piece, it’s supposed to look dark and sketchy.”

Miley bit her lip with worry, unsure of what she could say to make Brian feel better.

“I think Brian’s right,” Charlie said. “They totally missed the point. ‘Captain Darkness’ is like a period film, we gave it a specific look to match a certain era, and I purposefully wrote the dialogue to be as cheesy as those old comics used to be. I don’t think they got it.”

“Where the hell was Sam, the submissions editor?” Brian asked. “He was supposed to be there today. Those dickheads we just met with don’t have the first damn clue what a good comic book is.”

“That was pretty weird,” Miley agreed. “They said he was ‘out’ but didn’t really explain it any further. I got the sense that maybe Sam doesn’t work there anymore.”

“How could that be?” Charlie wondered. He looked to Brian, “Didn’t you talk to him just this week?”

Brian nodded, “Yeah, we texted each other on Monday to set the appointment time up.”

Miley looked confused, “That was only four days ago. Maybe he’s sick or something? That would explain why he didn’t re-schedule or let you guys know he wouldn’t be there.”

“Shit,” Brian cursed. “I guess it’s back to licking submissions envelopes again.”

“Keep your chin up,” Charlie encouraged. “It’s just one meeting; one comic book publisher. There will be others.”

Miley gave Brian a sympathetic look and pat him on the back, “Look on the bright side, we have the rest of the weekend to enjoy Miami?”

“I feel like going home,” Brian complained.

“Oh no,” Charlie shook his head. “This is the first three-day weekend I’ve had all summer, and I’m taking advantage of it. We can’t let this discourage us. Shrug it off buddy, Captain Darkness isn’t dead yet.”

“Yeah,” Miley agreed, thankful that Charlie had such a positive attitude. She waved for a cab, “As soon as we get back to the hotel and lay out on that glorious beach you’ll forget all about comic books.”

Brian looked dubious, “What’s so special about the beaches here? It’s not like we don’t have beaches at home.”


The Carlton Hotel, where Brian, Charlie, and Miley were staying, was situated right on Miami’s famous South Beach. Sand and lapping waves were only a short walk from the rear of the hotel, beyond an outdoor pool plaza.

As two stunning women dressed in dental floss bikinis walked by, Brian didn’t even attempt to conceal the fact that he was ogling them, “Damn, dude.”

Charlie grinned as he was applying sunscreen to his arms. The two friends were seated in the sand upon large towels, and Brian had been feasting on the eye-candy since they arrived. Beautiful women dotted the beach as far as either of them could see.

“Seriously dude, I’ve never seen so much scattered ass in my entire life,” Brian remarked. “Even Miley would just blend in around here.”

“Don’t tell Miley that,” Charlie replied dryly, squeezing out more sunscreen into his palm for his torso. He and Brian were wearing only baggy swim trunks, and Charlie worried about burning.

“Speaking of Miley, where is she?”

“I don’t know,” Charlie looked over his shoulder towards the hotel, “She said she had to get ready, but that she’d be right down.”

“Ready? What is there to get ready? It’s not like she’s coming to a formal occasion, it’s the beach.”

Charlie shrugged, “She was still in the bathroom when you knocked on the door. I don’t ask questions about what she does in the bathroom; I’m certain it’s unfathomable.”

Brian grinned, “You’re so fucking whipped, dude.”

Charlie didn’t appear to take insult. “I’ve been staying at Miley’s a lot this summer and I’ve realized the intimate relationship escort şişli a woman has with her bathroom. I don’t understand it, but I calculate Miley has spent roughly half her entire life in one bathroom or another.”

Brian laughed, “Stacy’s the same way. One time I walked in on her and she was sitting on the toilet peeing, but she didn’t even care that I was in there. Then another time I interrupted her while she was doing something to her face with a tweezers and she totally freaked, yelling at me to get out.”

Charlie seemed to empathize, “Women are strange creatures, my friend.”

“Yeah they are, I’ll never… …”

Charlie glanced at Brian after his friend went silent.

“Holy shit,” Brian half whispered.

“What?” Charlie looked in the direction his Brian was staring.

“I was totally wrong about Miley being average for South Beach.”

Charlie spotted Miley, who was standing about fifty feet away looking around as though she were lost. She was wearing a yellow bikini that looked spectacular on her toned body, the bottom of which was little more than two strings across her hips that disappeared into the crack of her ass. The top was more modest to help make up for the smaller size of Miley’s bosom, but lacked shoulder straps and simply stretched around her chest like a narrow band. Her dark wavy curls were tied back into a kinky pony tail, and Miley wore big movie-star sunglasses and a floppy brimmed hat.

Lacking a job, Miley had been spending the better part of her summer sunning on the roof of her apartment building, so her golden form was ready for South Beach and she put a majority of the other women in sight to shame.

“Miley!” Charlie lifted his arm and waved.

Turning to the sound of her name, Miley beamed a smile when she spotted her boys and trotted through the sand in her spiky sandals. “Oh my god, how awesome is this? The weather is perfect and there are hot guys everywhere!”

Charlie grinned as Miley dropped her beach bag in the sand and joined him on his large towel. “You’re just in time, I need someone to put sunscreen on my back and Brian refused me.”

“Sure baby,” Miley kneeled behind Charlie, reaching for the bottle.

“Miley, you’re not supposed to be staring at other guys.” Brian teased, “Not with Charlie right here.”

“Whatever.” Miley spread her palms across Charlie’s back, “Like you guys haven’t been drooling over every girl in sight.”

“Brian has,” Charlie confirmed. “I’ve been waiting to drool on you.”

Brian glanced aside at Miley’s backside as she knelt behind Charlie, “Yeah Miley, damn…”

“Quit staring at my ass, Brian.”

“Fine,” Brian acquiesced. “I’m thirsty anyway. I’m going to go get something to drink, either of you want a soda or something?”

Miley shook her head.

“No thanks,” Charlie replied.

As Brian got up and walked towards the outdoor bar in the hotel’s pool plaza, Miley laid down beside Charlie, but kept herself propped up on a couple of elbows. “See any hot girls you like?”

“Just you,” Charlie replied safely, putting his sunglasses on.

Miley leaned over and kissed his cheek, “You’re a sweetie, but come on. Play along. What about that one over there? The one with the big tits.”

Charlie followed Miley’s pointing finger to see a tall blonde. The triangles of her bikini top covered her nipples, but little else. “Hmm, nice body but she’s got kind of a horse-face.”

Miley giggled, “Okay, what about her?”

Charlie’s eyes moved to the next girl Miley pointed out, a brunette in a one-piece. “She’s not bad. But what about that guy she’s talking to?”

Miley wrinkled her nose at the muscled guy, “Definitely not.”

Charlie sounded surprised, “Seriously?”

“I don’t like that steroid look,” Miley replied.

“All right…” Charlie scanned the beach, “What about that guy?”

“Ew. Too hairy. His chest looks like it needs a weed-whacker.”

Charlie chuckled, “So what you’re saying is that you like smooth skinny guys like me?”

Miley grinned, “You’re not that skinny, baby. But yeah, I like smooth slender guys.” Then Miley got a devilish expression, “Ones with gigantic cocks.”

“Miley…!” Charlie had to grab her wrist as Miley playfully reached towards the crotch of his trunks.

“Seriously you two,” Brian suddenly reappeared, carrying a large glass containing something fruity. “This is a public beach.”

Miley looked up, “Oooh, that looks good. Charlie would you get me one?”

“But you just told Brian you didn’t want anything,” Charlie complained.

“I changed my mind. Please?”

Charlie pushed to his feet with a sigh, “All right.”

Brian sat back down on his towel and made a whipping sound, teasing Charlie.


Stacy frowned as Brian’s cell phone went to voicemail. She didn’t leave a message, assuming that Brian was probably still in the meeting at Pow! Comics and had his phone off.

“Hello Stacy,” her doctor greeted, re-entering the small examination room just as Stacy escort beşiktaş was slipping her cell phone back into her purse. “Your test results came back fine, but I’m a little concerned about your blood pressure.”

Stacy looked immediately worried.

“Have you had any headaches?” the doctor asked. “Blurred vision, or sensitivity to light?”

Stacy shook her head, “No, I have been feeling fine. I’m a little stressed over this whole pregnancy thing, but other than that…”

The doctor nodded, “Perfectly normal. I want you to cut back on your salt intake, drink plenty of water — about eight glasses a day, and I want you to try and relax.”

“Okay,” Stacy was making mental notes. “Um, relax? I feel like I do a lot of that already.”

The doctor chuckled, “Try not to worry about the pregnancy so much. Maybe get out of town for the weekend, get your mind off things.”

Stacy blinked, as though her doctor had read her mind. She asked, “You mean like lounging on the beach with my friends all weekend?”

As he wrote some notes in Stacy’s chart the doctor nodded, “Exactly.”


Brian slipped the card-key into the slot that unlocked his hotel room door, “I’ll see you guys in a bit, for dinner?”

Miley nodded as Charlie opened the door to the room they were sharing, “Give us a couple hours? I’ll need some time to get ready.”

Charlie and Brian both shared a grin at that before Brian disappeared into his room.

Brian spotted his cell phone blinking on the bedside stand and moved to check for any messages. He smiled when he saw that Stacy had called, though there were no voicemails. There was a text however, and Brian was surprised to see that it was from Sam. Sam was asking where Brian was staying, and if they could meet later that night. Brian immediately texted Sam back, saying that he was at the Carlton Hotel and offered the room number. Brian also indicated that he and Charlie were having dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, and that Sam was welcome to join them.

Maybe Captain Darkness wasn’t dead after all, Brian thought, just like Charlie said.


As soon as they were alone in their room, Miley was all over Charlie. “Let’s do it.”

“Right now?” Charlie asked as Miley pressed her bikini-clad body against his. She felt warm and enticing.

Miley kissed his chest and neck, “Yeah, you know how horny I get after I sunbathe.”

“I hadn’t noticed,” Charlie replied honestly. “I mean, you’re always horny.”

Miley giggled, cupping his cheek in her palm. “You’re silly. Remember that day last week you came over after work and I practically raped you?”

Charlie made a fond smile, remembering. “Yeah…?”

“I had been on the roof all day.”

“But you told Brian you needed time to get ready for dinner?”

“I told him a couple hours. I only need one to get ready. I wanted the other one so you’d have time to stick your big thing inside me.”

“You’re brilliant,” Charlie grinned.

“I know.” Miley reached into Charlie’s swimming trunks with a smile, “And I want to take good care of you this weekend.”

“What do you mean?” Charlie asked, untying the waist of his trunks to allow Miley better access.

“You’ve been working so hard this summer,” Miley kissed Charlie’s jaw line. “And this is your first long weekend. I want to make sure you enjoy it, so I’m going to let you stick your cock in me as often as you want like a good girlfriend should.”

Charlie breathed out a laugh, “Miley, we have sex all the time. Almost every day. Sometimes twice a day! How will this weekend be any different?”

Miley looked up into Charlie’s eyes with a smoky expression, her hand firmly gripped upon his ever-hardening shaft. “Because this weekend I’ll be really dirty.”

Charlie swallowed, his cock leaping in Miley’s hand.

Miley gave Charlie’s penis one more squeeze, then backed away from him. Her expression was sultry as she reached behind and unhooked her bikini top, letting it slowly fall from her chest. Miley slid her palms over her small breasts, squeezing them for Charlie, fondling the nipples between her fingers.

Charlie murmured, “You are so beautiful, you know that?”

Miley smiled warmly at the compliment, sitting back on the large bed. “Take your trunks off,” she instructed, slipping her own bikini bottoms down her skinny legs.

Charlie hooked the hem of his trunks with his thumbs and pushed them down to his ankles, stepping out of them. His erection was already bobbing with arousal, sticking straight out but not yet fully erect.

Miley spread her legs and slid her hand over her bald mound, parting her lips with a pair of spread fingers. “Look at my pussy, Charlie. See how damp it already is? My pussy knows it’s about to get stuffed full of your hard cock, and it can’t wait.”

Charlie stared between Miley’s legs, noting that her passage was already glistening.

“It’s like when you’re hungry,” Miley continued to explain, “and you smell something really yummy, which makes escort beyoğlu you salivate. That’s what it’s like for my pussy, Charlie. It wants your yummy cock, and it starts drooling in anticipation.”

Charlie’s shaft quickly grew to stand fully erect, sticking straight up, as he watched Miley play with herself.

“It wants to swallow that big thing whole, and suck all of its cum out until your balls are milked dry.” Miley stretched her middle finger back and forth across her clitoris as she spoke her dirty talk, “It wants your babies, Charlie. My fertile pussy wants to be stuffed full of your little seeds so it can make children for you.”

The dirty talk was making Charlie dizzy with arousal.

Miley continued, speaking rather matter-of-factly, “Your cock claimed my virginity, so my pussy belongs to you. It’s where your cock belongs, Charlie. My pussy is its home. No other cock will ever know how sweet my pussy is, baby, because I’ll never allow another between my legs.”

Charlie could take no more, crazy with lust from Miley’s dirty talk. He strode forward, clutching her around her hips, and thrust his cock towards her entrance.

Miley welcomed the intrusion, grabbing his shaft and guiding Charlie’s penetration. Her ankles wrapped around Charlie’s backside so that her heels rested against the back of his thighs, and then Miley put her arms around his neck as he mounted her. She bore his weight as Charlie’s chest pressed against hers, her breasts pressed between them.

“Take your pussy,” Miley whispered encouragingly in Charlie’s ear as he buried his face into her neck, kissing and licking her sun-kissed skin. She moaned hotly as he started humping between her legs, “Fuck your pussy. That’s it baby, take your pleasure from my body.”

Charlie groaned and leaned back. He pushed Miley’s thighs off of him and pulled his cock from her insides. Miley was confused for a moment, until Charlie grabbed her by the hips and spun her around. She figured it out quickly enough and moved her knees beneath her so that she could present herself to Charlie. Less than a moment later Miley felt his shaft slide back within her soaked passage. She was helpless as Charlie grabbed her by the hips and slid her whole body back along the bed, impaling her roughly.

“Uhn!” Miley grunted, bearing his cock and bracing her arms on the bed. “Take me Charlie, take me like you don’t give a fuck about my pleasure. Use me like a bitch, like your fuck-thing. Breed me…”

“Oh fuck,” Charlie moaned, clutching his hands into the flash of Miley’s backside, using his grip to pull her ass back into him as he bucked violently against her.

“That’s it baby,” Miley gasped. “My pussy exists to give your big cock pleasure. It wants your baby, Charlie, my pussy is begging for it. It wants to give you sons. My body is yours to breed. Your babies will grow in my womb, and my tits will feed them….”

Charlie gasped and exploded, his cock pumping what felt like a gallon of semen into Miley’s depths. His hips bucked, his shaft heaved, and Charlie swore he could feel his scrotum shrink as it emptied itself of his pleasure. He couldn’t remember the last time an orgasm had arrived so quickly, though it didn’t surprise him; whenever Miley centered her dirty talk on pregnancy it drove Charlie crazy.

But Miley wasn’t done. She reached beneath herself and Charlie could feel it against his shaft as she started to masturbate herself, “Oh Charlie, I can feel your messy seeds in me… they’re looking for my egg. It’s so fucking hot.”

Charlie unsheathed himself from her sex, which elicited a whimper from Miley, and looked down as a strand of her fluids mixed with his stretched between the head of his cock and her entrance. Her ass looked so beautiful and tan, with her cunt hanging beneath it. Charlie could see Miley’s fingers dancing across her clit as she moaned in arousal. Without thinking about it, as though drawn by some unseen force, Charlie knelt down and buried his face between Miley’s ass cheeks.

“Oh god!!!” Miley screamed as she felt the tip of Charlie’s tongue press against her asshole. “Oh fuck, baby, that’s so nasty. Stick your tongue in me… stick your tongue in my ass!”

Charlie pushed Miley’s ass cheeks apart and pressed his tongue into her, ignoring his brain and heeding his loins. It didn’t matter to Charlie that he was sticking his tongue into an asshole. This was Miley, his woman, the one person in the world that had given him more pleasure than he could have ever dreamed of. No part of her was disgusting to him, every centimeter of her body was beautiful to Charlie.

Miley clutched at the bedspread with her free hand, masturbating vigorously with the other. The side of her face pressed against the bed and her eyes clenched shut as the wet intrusion of Charlie’s tongue explored her puckered hole. It felt dirty, sexy, and exquisite. Her orgasm came like a flood, pouring itself through her entire body. Fluids leaked from her pussy, between her fingers, and the scent of it assaulted Charlie.

Miley collapsed on the bed after her orgasm, exhausted from the power of it. She felt Charlie’s palm caressing her ass and lower back, then felt his lips kissing the backs of her thighs. She smiled at his gentle touch, “That felt amazing,” she whispered.

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