Backseat Escapade

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Big Tits

“Hi there, how are we doing tonight?”

The voice was loud and stern. The question was clearly rhetorical but I answered anyway.

“Um, good?” I replied.

“D’you guys want to tell why you’ve been parked here on the side of the road?”

The flashlight was bright. It was all I could see outside the rear passenger side window, the man’s voice booming from behind it. My eyes were adjusted to the darkness of my car’s interior… I squinted past Renee at the figure outside the vehicle – a dark navy blue shirt tucked neatly under a belt into a pair of crisp khakis. The sounds of muffled chatter on a radio coupled with the blinding flashlight shining into our faces eliminated any hopes that this man was just a voyeuristic passerby.

The light shined first on Renee, then it moved to my crotch.

“You’re in your underwear!” I’m sure he wasn’t as shocked as he pretended to be.

“I am in my underwear!” I exclaimed, mimicking his feigned tone of surprise. I looked down at my maroon boxer-briefs, the only thing covering my junk. I couldn’t believe this was really happening. Had he been watching us the whole time?

“Could I get you both to come out of the car please and stand with me here on the sidewalk?” It was more of a command than a request. The chatter on his radio triggered distant memories of previous encounters with the law. It had been a while for me, maybe ten years or so as a kid in high school. At least I had pants on during those times.

I begrudgingly scooped my jeans up off the backseat floor of my Saturn. Renee already had her sweats back on, she must have put them on before we were accosted. She was calm, the alcohol swirling through her system had put her in a slow-moving state by this point. As we both opened the side doors to get out of the car, I had a moment of gratitude that we weren’t interrupted during the act.

It must have been 20 degrees cooler outside the car, the night air chilling against my bare chest as I threw a shirt over my head. The inside of the sedan had become a sauna fueled by the friction of two young, naked bodies pressed against each other just minutes before.

The officer was about my height as we stood in front of him on the sidewalk. He glanced at the two of us.

“First of all, I want to make sure everything going on in there was consensual. Was it?” He looked at me as if it the burden of choice was mine. I looked over at Renee and motioned at her to respond.

“Yeah.” She rolled her eyes, annoyed at the impending interrogation that was beginning.

“Why were you guys doing this on the side of the road? Cars coming up and down the street constantly. Not a smart idea. Can I see some I.D. from both of you?”

I pulled out my wallet from the back of my jeans. Renee didn’t have hers.

“It’s in my house. I live right in that neighborhood, ” she explained.

He shook his head. “Then why aren’t the two of you doing this inside your house?”

“Well, I have a bunch of people over and…we’re…”

“We’re kinda trying to keep,” I searched for the right word, “this… on the down-low.” A car whizzed by on the residential street. We didn’t exactly pick the most remote area to shag in my car.

“How old are you two?”

“24,” I said.

He looked over at Renee.

“29,” she said. Renee was a bit older. I considered it an accomplishment on my part.

“Sheesh.” The officer smirked at me, and I half-smirked back. I wasn’t ashamed. “How do you two know each other?”

“…mutual friends?” I shrugged. That was the simplest and most truthful answer I could come up with. This was quite a love story I was painting a picture of here. Two friends screwing in the back of a ’98 Saturn. I was still high from the post-ejaculatory rush of euphoria kırgız escort that was keeping me warm and sedated on the sidewalk. He went on to lecture us about why it was unsafe, how it was inappropriate and against the law, and what we should have done. I took it all with a grain of salt. I didn’t care.

“Go get yourselves a hotel room, there’s one right off Greenfield and 1st.”

“Alright. Will do. Sorry about that. Thanks.” Yadda-yadda-yadda. Just get out of here already, I thought.

Renee rolled her eyes again at me as the officer walked back up the street to his patrol car several cars back. She was annoyed and embarrassed. I laughed.

“Hey it’s a funny story, right? It seemed like his main concern was that it was consensual.”

“Uh-huh.” We started walking up the street to her house.

“And you lied and said ‘Yes’, so that was good!”

“Pffffft.” She looked away, not amused by my humor. She opened the door to her apartment and the sounds of music and beer sloshing emanated out. I wiped the smile off my face and prepared to meet her friends for the first time.


Renee and I had hung out a few times before. Having just broken up with my long-distance girlfriend, I was free to do as I pleased with her. And it was that kind of relationship: pleasure-based. We would be at a party or at my house hanging out with friends. A few hours would pass and we’d transition into the bedroom. No words were exchanged, no discussion of feelings, no talking in between kisses, no playful banter…just headboard-banging, neighbor-waking, ball-slapping, dirty, hot, wet sex. The kind that leaves you in a vacuous stupor afterword, giggling like a brain-dead junkie who just got his fix. It wasn’t the least bit romantic, even if I sometimes fantasized about it being that way. Sometimes I looked for something more that wasn’t there. But I certainly didn’t have anything to complain about.

She invited me over on a Saturday night to hang out with her friends. I had never been to her place. I stopped by the liquor store along the way and grabbed a bottle of whisky. She had been drinking all night with her friends, so I had some catching up to do.

“Just park wherever you can.” Her text message was wishful thinking; there were no spots in sight.

“I’ll come out and help you find one,” her next text said. I pulled up outside her place and she came out and hopped in my car.

“Hey,” I said, cracking a smile.

“Hey. Just drive around, we might have to look on the street.”

Renee was wearing dark purple sweatpants and a pink tank top. She was comfortable. Her breasts were barely contained by the thin material. She was holding a plastic red cup, filled with the beverage of her choice. She had definitely had a few already.

“How’s your night been so far?” I asked, cruising around the area looking for an open spot.

“Fuckin’ awful. Had the worst date ever.”

“Oh yeah?” I didn’t know she was actively going on dates. As far as I knew she had somewhat of a boyfriend who lived in Utah, though he always sounded like a myth to me.

“Terrible. I don’t even want to talk about it.”

“I won’t ask then.” Nor did I really care to hear about it.

We continued to drive in circles around the complex, looking for a place to park. With nothing available, we ended up out on the main road, and I parallel parked in between two cars. Renee tossed back the rest of whatever was in her cup, swallowed, and put the cup in my cupholder. I put the car into park and shut off the ignition. There was that moment of pause, of tension. Would I pounce on her right there? Would we race to the back seat like two kids in high school? We both knew this might be our only chance for a while eskort istanbul because we certainly weren’t about to go public with this in front of her friends. We had even talked about hooking up in the car once or twice before, and how fun it would be. The moment lingered for not more than a few seconds though before we both opened our doors, and slowly got out of the car and into the street. So much for that. Dammit…

Renee was definitely drunk. She darted out into the street without looking and I nearly had to save her from getting slammed by an oncoming car. Maybe it was for the better that I didn’t make a move on her there in the car. Although I had to admit, the thought of hooking up with a hot and willing drunk girl while I’m totally sober was a little kinky…

We crossed the street, and after starting to walk into her neighborhood towards her apartment, she paused for a minute on the corner and turned to look back at me. Renee was largely expressionless when she was intoxicated, her eyes somewhat catatonic but hypnotizing to gaze into. She was one of the more attractive girls I had been with. Her dark brown hair flowed down far past her shoulders, and conformed neatly to her round, cat-like facial features. At about 5′ 7″ tall, she had a womanly figure, and soft, supple breasts that were large enough to be more than a handful yet still perky (such is the magic of implants). We closed in on each other, her lips met mine as I put my hand behind her neck, my thumb rubbing against her cheek. Renee had the softest lips, and a warm, slow kissing technique that matched my own. Not like the ones that attack your mouth, cramming their tongue down your throat or attempting to swallow yours. Our tongues gently glided against one another as we embraced on the sidewalk, her lovely breasts pressing against my chest like soft cushions. I felt my cock growing in my pants…

“I guess we don’t have to go inside yet,” I smirked.

“No, we really don’t,” she replied. I took her by the hand, and led her back across the street in the direction of my car. This was going to happen right fucking now.

We crossed the street over to my car, and I opened the passenger-side door to the backseat for her (like a gentleman). I got in on my side. We’d need heat and music, that was for sure. I reached forward to the front seat and took care of that, putting on something slow and sexy to have in the background. When I returned, Renee was beside me completely naked already. She was never one to take her time with that part. As soon there was any hint we’d be having sex, her clothes would come flying off. Made my job easier I guess.

I followed suit and began taking my shirt and pants off. My erection had been bulging out of my pants, and I finally set it free. After a minute of making out, Renee leaned over my lap and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked and stroked my length with her hand, bobbing up and down in my lap. I took her long hair into my hands and made a ponytail, assisting her as she raised and lowered her head on my shaft. My cock grew even harder in her mouth. I felt the tightness of the back of her throat gripping me, sending waves of pleasure down my shaft all the way to my balls, which were not ignored. Renee massaged them as she continued to blow me, caressing them gently while making love to my cock with her soft lips. She kissed and licked it from the side, bottom to top.

As she pleasured me on all fours like this on the backseat, I reached behind her and gave her bare ass a firm squeeze, and a hard smack. I started rubbing my fingers over her pussy lips, teasing them until I made my way to her clit. I kept my gaze on her sweet mouth massaging my cock as I circled around her wet clit with my two fingers. She let out a soft genç escort moan as I slid a finger into her warmth, and then another, driving my fingers in and out of her snatch to match her up and down motions on my cock. This was heavenly. Only one thing could be better, and that was being deep inside of her.

After this went on for several minutes, I lifted Renee by her ponytail off of me, and pushed her back against the seat, partially leaning up against the door. My car wasn’t very comfortable, the rough leather of the seat and hard plastic of the door surely would’ve been painful if it weren’t for her buzz. In this position with Renee pinned up against the corner of the backseat, I took my tightly-circumcised cock firmly into my hand and pressed it at the entrance to her love tunnel. As I put my hands now on opposite sides of her, Renee grabbed my shaft and pulled it inside her. I pressed forward and sank deeply into her, filling her body in the first thrust with every inch of my bare cock. Her pussy surrounded me with deep, visceral warmth, full of everything good about the world. Her wet hole gripped me tightly as I slowly began to drill in and out, looking into her drunk eyes, intoxicating on their own accord.

Her lips beckoned to be kissed as she moaned quietly through them. I shut them up with my own, breathing deeply into her hot mouth while I continued to slam into her cunt. The wet, slapping sound of my hips thrusting into her body drowned out all other sounds as I stared down at my cock disappearing into her over and over again. Her eyes were only half-open at this point, nearly rolling back in her skull. The combination of being drunk and being impaled by thick cock was too much for her to handle. I put my hands behind her head, and prepared to thrust into her faster. The thought of using this sexy, drunk body to get myself off was enough to nearly send me right over the edge. As I continued to pound her into the corner of the seat against the window, I felt waves of orgasmic tension building up inside my whole body…

“Oh fuck I’m gonna come!” I started to slide my cock out of her so that I could shoot my load on her stomach, or in her mouth. But she wouldn’t let me withdraw. She didn’t want my cock to leave the warm clutches of her eager pussy. Before I could pull out, Renee put both her hands on my hips and looked up at me as she pulled me in closer, almost instinctively, as it was the only time she’s ever exerted any force on me. She pulled me into her as I continued pounding her like my life depended on it.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna come inside you…I’m gonna come in your fucking pussy.” Hearing the words leave my mouth triggered an explosion inside me as the tension in my cock erupted deep into Renee, shooting rope after rope of hot cum into the deepest depths of her tight snatch. We both moaned and panted in ecstasy, our bodies continuing to grind into one another like animals. My cock was a white, sticky mess that never stopped impaling her even after getting off inside her. I leaned forward and kissed her, feeling her soft, comforting breasts pressing into me.

Finally, I lay on top of her, reality rushing back into me. I looked around as I remained inside her, the car windows were completely fogged. Music was still playing in the background. I gathered my strength and we both watched as my cum-soaked penis withdrew from her slit and I sat in the seat next to her, leaving the middle-seat space in between us. It was hot in the car. We both sat there for a few minutes in silence, panting and staring forward at nothing. I just emptied my seed inside Renee, and it felt so fucking good.

After a few minutes of gathering my bearings, I picked my underwear up off the floor and slid it on. Renee cleaned off her thighs with a tissue that I handed to her. We both continued to sit in the warmth of the car. It was such a blissful peace, that I wasn’t even startled when it happened. I knew what this was. We were being watched.

When he knocked on the window with the flashlight, I couldn’t help but chuckle…

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