Neighborhood Watch Ch. 01

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It began as an experiment by my boss at work. He decided to diversify the office and appointed me the online mortgage headhunter. What this led to was the freedom to work outside of the office and as months went by I spent more and more time at home than at work. That is a direct opposite of my wife who began working more and more hours at the hospital and I admit left me with far too much time on my hands. This led me to a daily perusal of some of the seamier sites on the web until after a month or so I was hooked continuing to venture farther into that world.

After months of voyeurism on the web, I found a site that offered to ship customers used panties through the mail. Since I was a small boy, I have had an infatuation with sexy, silky underwear and before my marriage I had even bought a pair for the sole pleasure of masturbation. I went back to this site on occasion, but never had the nerve to fill out the form, lest my wife would find out my perversion, a perversion I am sure she would not understand. One day as I was surfing, I noticed a new model on the site. She was a gorgeous blonde with a lovely smile and a fantastic backside and claimed that she would masturbate in her panties then send them sealed in a baggie for a nominal fee. I had the uncontrollable hunger to know what that beauty would smell, and yes, even taste like and with trembling fingers I filled in the form and did the unthinkable; gave out my credit card number. It took me three tries.

The advertisement said three to five days for delivery and I waited anxiously for them to arrive. You’re probably wondering why I don’t just take out my obsession on my wife’s clothing, but she has been brought up very strictly, almost severely and, to my knowledge, has never owned a pair. And in honesty, it just wouldn’t have the sense of adventure that goes along with this little endeavor. After three days I became nervous about what I had done, by the fifth day I was on pins and needles. I went back to the site to review my purchase and to my horror I saw that I had typed an 8 in the address instead of a 6. If the package had come, it would have been delivered to the house next door!

The couple who lived next door were not bad people. The husband was a good ole boy from here and was a real nice guy. The wife, however, was another story. She was a stay home wife with three kids who always seemed to have an active feud with other mothers in the neighborhood. She wore clothes that were too expensive for his salary and was usually highly doused with that obsession perfume. My wife referred to her as a bit slutty, but was still polite to her. And this was the woman I would have to confront if I were to get my package.

That night she came over to the house a bit sloshed. I thought for sure she was going to hand me the package and my wife would want me to open it and it would be the most humiliating night of my life. But she came over to talk to my wife about what a bastard everyone was on the street, except us, including her husband who was trying to make peace with some woman who had taken legal action against her.

Ida was dressed in very tight jeans and a sequined black silk blouse with enough buttons undone to let everyone see that she was amply endowed in the chest area. I brought her a drink, intoxicated by the perfume and the push up bra she was revealing to me as I bent over. She wanted to know if we wanted to go out for some drinks. I said yes, my wife a definite no. She hugged my wife out on the porch and apologized for bending her ear back. She looked a little pissed or it was just a flash. She caught me while I was a step down mashing my face into those scented pillows. I was a nervous wreck waiting for the shoe to drop, when she looked into my eyes and began to speak.

“Why couldn’t I have found a man like you?” she hugged me again then brushed past me to leave.

“What was that all about?” I sat outside with my wife.

“She thinks that Dan is having an affair with her arch enemy Vera,” I noticed my wife’s peaches were tightly wrapped in her frumpy sweatshirt.

The next morning I was really high strung as I surfed the net. I came upon the blonde in a number of poses on a different site. They sent me into a frenzy and I needed some kind of release, my pent up emotions from the previous five days didn’t help. I went into the hamper and found some of my wife’s underwear and took them into the guest room. I lay down and placed the pile upon my face and began jacking off breathing in the aroma until strings of cum burst onto my stomach. As I was leaving, I had the uncomfortable feeling of being watched, I turned quickly but could see nothing through the blinds.

The next morning I went out to get the paper and on my way back I noticed the mailbox lid was raised. To my delight, inside was my package. I was as giddy as a schoolboy tearing the box apart revealing the baggie inside with my treasure. I had not felt this way since the first time I found a Playboy under my father’s bed and faked sick so that I could spend all day with it. I pulled bursa escort up the jpegs of the girl I had saved the previous day and as I went from one pose to the other I held those luscious panties below my nose and sniffed the fragrant aroma.

I jerked off three times that morning, picturing that young thing bent over telling me what to do, where to put my tongue, where to put my dick. It was intoxicating. I tried to concentrate on work, but every few minutes I had to return to those jpegs and those panties. I barely had time to secure my treasure in the closet after I heard my wife’s car pull up the driveway. It was our sex night, but my wife was tired and I was relieved to not have to try to get hard again after my day.

The next morning I awoke with a stiffy. Through slits in my eyes, I watched as my wife bent over in her panties to shuck her slacks up her legs. God, I was turning into a pervert, but it was my wife. As soon as the front door shut, I leapt out of bed and went to the closet. I was determined to hold off my ejaculation for as long as I could, teasing myself with the panties throughout the day. After priming myself, I went out to get the paper and I noticed that Ida was working in the garden. She was wearing denim shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt and a straw hat and I caught myself mesmerized by her voluptuous ass, so different than my wife’s skinny bum, as she bent over the garden. I could glimpse the sides of her boobs as they hung down within the shirt.

I’m not sure how long I stood there staring, but eventually she turned and gave me a smile and a wave. Embarrassed, I waved back and headed back into the house.

I sat back down at the computer to get some work done, but my mind kept drifting back to Ida and the garden. I went into the guest bedroom where I could peek through the blinds and I had a great view of her ass stretching the confines of the denim. A great idea struck me and I went to the hallway closet and pulled down the binoculars. From my vantage point I could that the jeans didn’t quite cover her globes and the bottom eighth of them were displayed. I could see where the denim veed into the crotch and I could see a strip of green and a few black hairs hanging from the threads.

I stripped off my clothing and grabbed my cock in one hand while I panned her entire body with the specs. This was better than the panties in the mail, this was real. I was wanking on my pod and drinking her in and she suddenly got up and stretched. I was spellbound as those enormous orbs stretched the fabric of her shirt, then I realized that she was looking right at my window. I shot my spunk against the wall, turning away for fear the glasses were reflecting. When I looked again she had vanished.

I’m not sure what emotions ran through me at that point. If she saw me she might tell my wife then I would have to explain. I went through the rest of the day in a daze, the last thing on my mind was getting off, so I poured myself into my work and finished a stage of my project. I called my boss and drove down to work to present it that afternoon. When I arrived home it was after five and my face drained of color when I saw out on the porch my wife and Ida drinking screwdrivers and chatting and laughing. Visions of what may have transpired between those two sent me into a dither and I was close to non responsive when my wife called out to me to make more drinks and bring them out. Reluctantly I entered the porch and served the drinks. Both women were half lit giggling and talking like schoolgirls as I stood nerve shaken beside them. They said some demeaning things about men ‘little boys with little toys’ and how they would do anything to get into girl’s panties. Laughing the entire time while I just stood there. A wave of humiliation washed over me and I was mortified to feel the beginning pulse of my cock as it began to harden. But the worst moment was when my wife slapped my ass and ordered me to make more drinks. The gales of laughter assaulted me as I meekly went into the kitchen to stir.

That night my wife took my cock in her mouth. It was a rare occasion, my wife giving head, but tonight was different as she controlled the action with me just lying there. She would lick, jerk, go down on me, start moaning with no discernable rhythm as if by whim. She was pretty drunk so that might have been it. She then began jerking me hard and when she snaked a finger up my ass I came in spurts. She told me to clean up and go to sleep.

The next several days I worked diligently upon my project, the reminder that the panties were in the closet kept gnawing at me. I finally succumbed and, don’t even ask me why, but I took the panties down, stripped, and then put them on. The silk felt great against my skin and I was able to get back to work without the itch to do something. I noticed that Ida was out in her garden every morning wearing the same shorts and shirt, but I felt I had dodged a bullet as nothing was said by my wife or her. My wife had mentioned that the other night was just another bitch session between Ida and escort bursa her feuding neighbors and her dissatisfaction with her husband and she hoped I wasn’t too offended.

That Friday, I had finished one more aspect of the project and was planning on having a little fun. As I went out to get the paper, I noticed Ida in a nightgown bending over to get hers. Her nightgown was translucent in the morning sunlight and the curves of her ass were joyously prominent. She appeared to take a little too long bending and even squatted so that her knees separated giving me an unadulterated view of everything. I went back into the house and put on my panties. It was exhilarating knowing that they had touched the young girl’s most private places and were now touching mine. I went into the guest room to do a little caressing and noticed out the window that Ida was bent over that garden again. I drank in the globes of her asscheeks peeking out from her shorts for a minute, and then proceeded to lie down in the bed. I began caressing myself through the panties lost in the passion of my imagination when a shadow, like when a plane flies overhead, passed against the window. I bolted up and looked but there was no one there.

As I lay back down the phone rang.

“Could you come over here please,” it was Ida “there’s a snake in my garden. Please get over here, I’m terrified of snakes.”

I rushed to pull up my shorts and throw on a shirt and ran over to her house. She was in the kitchen waiting for me.

“Where is it?”

“Oh it’s around,” she got up and walked towards me. She rubbed her hand up and down the crotch of my shorts, against the panties. “I’m sure it will pop up any minute.” I was flabbergasted as I watched her step back.

“I like to see panties on a little boy,” she smirked.


“You are wearing your little panties, aren’t you?” she looked me square in the eyes. “You know, when that package came for you, I just had to know what was in it.” I began to blush. “Imagine my surprise when I took out those model’s panties and on the note it said enjoy.” I looked down at the floor humiliated. “I thought so little dickie has a thing for panties, so you know what I did?” she grabbed my chin in her nails forcing me to look into her eyes again. “I switched her panties for a pair of my own. All this time you’ve been sniffing my pussy nectar, you’ve been jerking off to the smell of my cunt.” She let go and looked at my crotch. “Well, there’s little snakey now.” I couldn’t believe it; my dick was at full mast.

“Ida, I…” she raised a hand and I stopped talking.

“So you know what else I did,” she smiled like a cat looking at the canary, “I put on your little model’s panties. I’ve been wearing them out in the garden all week.” She turned like a model. “So now I’d like to know if you want to do another little exchange,” she unsnapped the top button of her jeans. “Your model’s panties for mine.”

“You do have them on?” She looked at me knowingly, but I felt I had to bluff.

“Of course not. What would I be doing with panties on?”

“Okay, if that’s how you want to be. We’ll make a little bet,” she pushed her chest out. “If you aren’t wearing panties I will get on my knees and give you the best most whorish blow job you’ve ever gotten in your life. But if you are wearing my panties, well, we’ll just let things run their own course.”

“This is ridiculous,” I turned to leave, “I’ve got work to do.”

“What about wifey?” her voice rose. “You wouldn’t want me talking to her would you? I turned and she stepped towards me. “I’ve seen how many times you’ve taken the opportunity to look down my blouse. I saw how your eyes were fixed on my ass. Does wifey have anything to rival these,” she hefted her boobs in her hands. “Or this?” she turned and patted her rump. “Now, drop those goddamn shorts before I lose my temper.”

Sheepishly I reached for the top button on my shorts and undid it. “All the way, stud. In fact we’ll do it together.” We both dropped our shorts at the same time. Her laughter dug into me like a knife, tearing away my self-confidence.

“See how yours are all stretched by that little snakey,” she turned to model. “See how tight these are on me. See what I’ve put up with, these seams creeping up my ass, this crotch rubbing away at my pussy. I can’t tell you how many times I came in these tiny little things.” My eyes glued to the floor.

“It looks like you won’t be getting that blow job after all,” she laughed again and sat back in the chair her legs spread. “But maybe we can come up with something we both might enjoy.” She patted the seat between her legs. “Come over here. No, get on your knees and crawl over,” I did as she said. “Now put your nose right here. I want you to sniff my panties just like you do at home.” The aroma was overpowering as she pulled my head in. “C’mon really dig your nose in there. Maybe if you dig in there far enough you’ll catch the scent of your little model. You already know exactly what my cunt smells like.” She proceeded to hump my bursa escort bayan face, using my nose like a dildo for the next hour, laughing as she used me to bring herself off.

When she finished, she told me to get out. As I was leaving I heard her say, “Be back at 9:00 tomorrow and you better be wearing my panties, panty boy.” I shut the door to gales of laughter.

The next morning brought me back to her door, wearing the panties underneath my shorts. She opened it and I walked past. “Strip.” I quickly took off my clothes as she walked up behind me. “No, not your little treasure, leave the sissy panties on.” My cock hardened as she came closer. I felt a tug on the waistband as she pulled it down under my balls, then she pulled up the sides causing them to creep up my asscrack uncomfortably, and then she tucked them in to keep them there. “Listen, Ida.” A resounding crack followed by a burning pain came to my exposed cheeks. “I believe at this stage you may refer to me as Mistress.”

“But Ida…” At this point her tits were in my side, one hand grabbing hold of my hair, the other raining blows against my backside. “I’m sorry. Mistress.” The blows ended, but not her grip of my hair.

“At this point, you only have two choices,” her lips grazed my ear. “Either you meet your wife at the door wearing your little panties and prance around so she knows she has a little sissy boy to contend with,” she licked the side of my face, “or you do whatever the fuck I tell you to do from now on.” I was frozen the choices both not being good for me. She licked my entire face like a dog, “What will it be boy?” My mind knew exactly what to do, prance in front of my wife and beg forgiveness, but my dick was as hard as it ever was, my balls practically boiling, my lips opening and closing, “Tell me what to do, mistress.”

“Get down on all fours.” The panties rubbed uncomfortably as I responded to the command. She walked right in front of me and I noticed for the first time that she was wearing high heels and black stockings. “You know that Kevin is allergic to all forms of animals.” The stockings were connected by garters and a belt, across her crotch the infamous panties. “So, I have never really been allowed to have a pet.” She shucked her housecoat to the ground to reveal the she had on a corset with a push up bra, proudly displaying those magnificent orbs. “I’ve always wanted a little doggie to play with.” Also, hanging from the belt were two items: a collar and a little whip and my dick lurched at both the possibilities. I had read about such things and, yes, even masturbated to them but I never thought anything like this would happen to me.

I did the first thing I could think of and bent down and began kissing her shoe. “Get the fuck off me.” She kicked with the shoe, “Up on your knees while we transform you.” She took the collar and strapped it around my neck and my knees buckled, so strong was the effect on me. “Have we found another secret fantasy?”

“Mistress I can’t explain. This is the most erotic moment of my life.”

“I didn’t tell you you could speak.” She looked down upon me. “You’re supposed to be a dog. Now you’ve gone and ruined it, just like you ruin everything.”

“No please.”

“Shut up,” she looked a little unnerved. “I know what will shut you up.” She quickly took down the panties and I had my first glimpse of her black forest. “Since this is what got you into this,” she balled the panties up and stuffed them in my mouth. My taste buds were immediately assaulted by the combination of sweat, urine and women odor and a trail of pre-cum seeped from my penis. Ida moved up pushing my face back with her pubes and my nose was assaulted at the same time. The secretions began melting in my mouth and I choked once or twice. “Why that’s perfect,” she stepped away as if in thought. “You barked just like a puppy. I’ll be back in just a minute, don’t you dare move.”

When she came back she was carrying something, but I wasn’t sure what it was. She squatted down in front of me her tits inches from my face. “Here’s just the thing,” she tied something around the panties assuring they would stay in place. Then produced a pair of pantyhose, “These may really reek, but a puppy needs ears,” she placed the hose over my head centering the crotch at my nose. Then took the whip off her belt and I shivered with fear. I could just see her tits through the pantyhose and gawked as she took the whip handle and began licking it and sucking it. “Remember that blow job,” she got up. “Oh well,” next I felt her weight sitting on my spine. “Now if you are a bad dog,” she gave me several playful spanks on my ass. “I’ll have to punish you. But you really can’t be a doggie without a tail.” She thrust the handle up my ass, my cries garbled in the folds of her filthy panties. She played with my ass for a while, grabbing it squeezing it, then got up and leaned down next to me whispering in my ear as she secured the leash. “We’re going for walkies and if you lose your tail, I’ll use that whip.” Here I was, a grown man on all fours wearing panties tucked under my balls so my erection hangs obscenely out, pulled up my asscrack against a whip handle lodged up my ass, pantyhose over my head that hang down, a nasty pair of panties tied as a gag, a collar and a leash around my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32