Back Alley Sex

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There she was; a petite, curvy, dark haired girl standing all alone in the nightclub. Drink in her hand, moving her body slightly to the rhythm, pretending not to feel left out as her friend stuck her tongue down some guys throat next to her. And there he was; walking towards her, full of confidence, knowing he had all eyes on him. The sexual attraction between them instant. One little line in her ear:

“Let’s get out of here”, and they were gone.

Hurrying outside, hand in hand, looking for a half secluded place. They found it in an alley just at the back of the club. It was deserted. They didn’t even speak before he grabbed her and pulled her close. Shoving his tongue into her mouth roughly, letting her know how badly he wanted her. She kissed him back just as hard as she started to feel for his zipper. They kept kissing passionately, blocking out everything around them, both so hungry for each other they didn’t even care about getting caught.

She was fumbling with his zipper, two excited to concentrate. With one swift movement he had his zipper down, and had placed her hand firmly around his cock. She gasped a little. This was a lot bigger than she was used to. He laughed. “You like?”

She just nodded and bit her lip. She wasn’t sure about this now. He felt her grip loosening and looked her deep in the eyes.

“Hey, I promise I’ll be gentle, trust me, you’re gonna love it!”

He kissed her gently then, slowly and sensually, and she could feel herself moisten again. She shut her eyes and closed her hands on his cock again, giving it a tug for re-assurance. He groaned at this and started to trail his tongue down her neck, right down to the top of her bra. He stopped there, and Sara opened her eyes, alarmed.

” I want you to suck me.”

Sara would never normally just do what a guy demanded her to do like that, but for some reason, with him, it was a turn on. She nodded at him, still not able to speak, and lowered herself to her knees. She could see his cock clearly even in this dark alleyway. It was hard not to. It stood out at least eight and a half inches, and was so thick Sara could barely get one hand around it. The biggest she had ever had before, was six inches.

She licked her lips nervously, stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock. He made no sound or movement, she didn’t know if she was doing the right thing or not. She had never really sucked a cock before. Deciding to just go for it, she grabbed his cock tightly and swallowed the first two inches easily. She licked what she had in her mouth, and liking the taste of it, and the giddy thrill she was getting from the situation, she slid in another two inches. He moaned at this. Encouraged, she closed her lips around his cock, and started to move her mouth around it, swirling her tongue all over his rock hard shaft, and then bobbing her head up and down, as she began to suck in earnest.

He grabbed her head, and ran his fingers through her hair. He knew that she had probably never sucked a guy off before, but she was good, and with a little practice, she could be a pro at it. As he felt her hot wet tongue travelling around his cock, he felt like he was going arap escort to cum. He’d never cum this fast before, but the sensation of thinking that his cock was the first cock this sweet young girl had ever had in her mouth was too much for him. He began to buck, shoving at least another two inches in and fucking her mouth slightly.

Sara wasn’t sure what was happening, but she guessed that he was about to cum, and moved to get off his cock, but he held her tight as he thrust his cock into her warm hole, releasing a hot spurt of cum, that ran down her throat, taking her completely by surprise. She gagged, and let his softening cock spring free. Some of his cum had leaked on to her chest and she wiped it off quickly with her sleeve. She didn’t know what do now.

In the aftermath of his orgasm, he had all but forgotten about Sara, still kneeling in front of him. He looked at her now and felt a twinge of shame. He should have warned her before shooting his load into her mouth.

Just thinking about that was getting him hard again.

He picked her up, and kissed her, tasting his own cum from her lips. His cock hardened further. He really wanted to fuck this girl. He knew she was scared of his cock, but if he got her wet enough he’d be able to give it to her pretty much anyway he wanted.

Kissing him, Sara could feel herself get turned on again. She had been wet sucking his cock, and had really wanted to touch herself, but she thought it might have turned him off. Now, with the taste of his cum still lingering in her mouth, she wanted pleasure from him. And she wanted it her way.

Breaking off from the kiss, she smiled at him.

” Return the favour.”

She may not have sucked a cock before, but she had been licked out and she knew just how she liked it. As he lowered himself to her hip level she felt a little rush of power, it was good to be in control.

He lifted up her skirt, smirking at the panties she was wearing. Pure white lace. She probably put them on thinking it was the innocent choice, but for most guys he knew, including himself, nothing made his cock spring to attention like a pair of little white panties. Before sliding them down, he grazed her stomach with his tongue, sending little butterflies all across her skin. He could smell her wetness, and it made him want to tear those panties right off her, and fuck her so hard he’d completely wear himself out, but he restrained himself. After the spunk shower he had given her, she deserved some attention.

He slid down her panties, noticing the beautiful hair on her pussy. He liked his girls natural. He rubbed her clit briefly, just to give her a jolt of sex, then placed his finger just at her entrance. He didn’t slide it into her. He didn’t need to. She was so wet all he had to do was sniff her to get her essence. The sweet smell made his cock throb and he wanted desperately to give in and just fuck her, but he wouldn’t. He wanted to taste her almost as much as he wanted to be in her.

Sara looked down at his head, and wondered what was taking him so long. When she got licked out she liked the guy just to bury his face in her pussy escort bayan istanbul and eat her clit with his hungry tongue. She liked to see the guys face covered in her cum, and then just have him slam his cock into her. She tapped his head, and whispered, ” come on then, what r u waiting for?”

Hearing her voice spurred him on and he let loose his hot tongue and mouth on her pussy. Swirling his tongue all round her clit, then pushing it deep inside her opening, feeling himself becoming coated in her juices. He did this with such skill, that Sara came the fastest she had ever cum, holding on to his head, biting on her lip to keep from screaming, as her silky juices ran down his mouth and her legs.

He licked every last drop of Sara’s cum from her pussy and her legs, and when he looked up at her she was pleased. His face was covered in her juices.

He stood up and they kissed again, both knowing that now was finally the time for them to fuck each other senseless. With his cock out and Sara’s panties around her ankles they were more than ready.

” Are u afraid of my cock?”

She didn’t know whether to answer that truthfully or not. If she said yes he might not want to give it to her, if she said no he might think she was a slut.

She so badly wanted his cock inside her now, she was willing to say and do almost anything he asked.

” A little”

This turned him on more than she could ever know. He had never thought of himself as being that big before, but now as he looked down at his cock poking out of his jeans, standing to attention, his big veins sticking up and pulsing, he had to admit, his cock was impressive. And now this sweet young thing was going to get it. Hard.

He lifted her up suddenly, making her gasp and sat her on one of the empty beer kegs that were in the alley. Pushing her skirt up, he exposed her exquisite pussy, and slowly rubbed his cock head against her clit, making her shiver. He teased her like that for awhile until he could see her melt, and he felt she was ready to take all of him.

” You want my cock inside you?”

She could only nod, she was so wet for him by now that she just wanted it over with. If he didn’t slam his cock inside her in the next two seconds, she was going to pass out from longing. He didn’t disappoint her.

Without warning he slid every inch of his fat cock inside her tight little hole, making her cry out loudly. Thinking he’d hurt her he froze. Leaving his cock pulsing inside her, which almost sent her into convulsions.

“Are u ok, have I hurt you?”

She shook her head, sweat was starting to appear on her forehead, she felt like she was going to come already, and he hadn’t even moved inside her yet.

“Keep…keep going, please.”

She could barely breathe, let alone tell him how much she needed him to fuck her at that moment. He listened to her plea, and usually he would tease for a little longer and make the girl really beg for his cock, but he was too far gone. This girl’s pussy was the tightest he had ever felt, it took his cock in and wrapped around it. It was so hot and wet, he didn’t know if he would be able to last long. zenci escort As soon as he started to move inside her, she slid towards him, pulling him even deeper into her. He was all the way in, and he knew that she was stretching, trying her best to take him in, and not let him slip out.

He started to fuck her slow. He always liked to do that. It gave the girl the chance to touch herself with him inside her if she needed to. Sara didn’t need to. His cock was more than enough for her. It was so big for her pussy it hit her g spot with every stroke. Every time he eased into her, she pulled him in more, wanting him to go faster.

He continued to fuck her slow, enjoying the feeling of her pussy stretching for him, opening up as it got wetter and wetter and he pushed in farther. He felt his balls tighten up and new this fuck wasn’t going to be long. He was going to make it a good one.

He took his cock out of her quickly, lifted her up, and turned her around, so that she was standing away from him, with her bare ass showing. It was smooth and curvy and he wished he had time to study it better, but he had to get back inside her. He was going to explode.

Grabbing her breasts, he pulled her too him. Licking her neck, and stroking her clit, he said:

“I’m gonna fuck you really hard now, ok, are u ready?”

She panted back:

“I’m ready, please shove your cock inside me now, I need it.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Slapping her ass, he pulled it to him, and thrust his cock into her full force. She cried out again, but this time he knew it was because she was enjoying the best fuck she ever had. Spreading her ass cheeks, so that he could get in deeper he continued to pump his cock into her pussy. Every stroke making his balls tighter, making his heart pound. He was going to cum soon. He wanted her to cum too, so he slipped his hand to her pussy, only to find her furiously rubbing her clit. Knowing he didn’t have to worry about her cumming, he slammed his cock into her again and again. Her wet pussy taking him to new levels of pleasure every time. He could feel her juices running down her legs, and his cock was so wet from them it made a slurpy noise with every pump into her.

“I’m cumming”, Sara was screaming, pushing her ass into him, and grinding her pussy with her hand. That was all he needed to hear to set him off.

He pumped his cock into her so hard she shook like a rag doll, his aching cock finally exploded, shooting load after load deep inside her. She bucked against him as they came together, moaning and screaming, forgetting completely where they were.

As the last shot of cum left him, he withdrew his cock from her and smacked her ass again. All energy gone from him, he couldn’t wait to sleep. Sara fixed her skirt and put her soaking panties back on. She felt dirty, but so good. She had never cum like that before, she hoped it wouldn’t be a once off.

Turning around and looking at the man who had just given her the best night of her life, she had no idea what to do.

” Thanks that was great”, he said. “hopefully I’ll see u around.”

“Yeah, you never know.”

They kissed again, a half hearted one, they both knew this was it. It was the first and last time these two strangers would ever go down an alleyway with someone and fuck until they were sore. Neither one would forget it.

Neither bothered to say goodbye as they walked away, into the now brightening morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32