B.F.F. Pt. 01

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“Did you just say that you want to fuck me?”

Hunter was staring over at me from across the dining room table. His eyes were wide with surprise, as he kept his gaze focused on me.

I took a deep breath, shakily letting out the air. I knew that this was going to be weird, but I at least wanted to try.

The thing is, I kinda’ have this problem. Well, I wouldn’t even call it a problem, really. My boyfriend likes it a lot…

But sometimes, I just really, really need cock.

No, it’s not a sex addiction. I don’t try to fuck every man I see, and usually, after a few rounds with my vibrator, I’m all cleared up. And after one round with my boyfriend, I’m completely knocked out.

But until I get it, I’m a walking, wet-between-the-thighs mess. It’s so awful. I can’t think straight and I’ve completely soaked more than one pair of panties if I happened to be stuck in traffic or standing in line at the grocery store.

My boyfriend, Greg, was now officially a touring musician. I was more than happy for him, having cried tears of pure joy when he told me the news. His dream was coming true and soon, when we saved up enough cash, we could move somewhere together, to a better apartment, a better city, a better life…

But for right now, I was still stuck in Bumfuck, USA, in the middle of goddamn nowhere.

Before he left town for his first big gig, Greg told me that he wanted to make our relationship really work. He didn’t want me to be completely dependent on my vibrator while he was gone, because he was afraid that I’d use it so much, I’d have trouble getting wet for a real, live cock. And he didn’t want me so horny that I would lose my mind and end up sleeping with some random asshole, desperate to scratch the itch. Greg gave me permission to sleep with someone, just one other someone, as long as we were all mutual friends and as long as no one developed any feelings…

Enter Hunter.

Hunter was one of my best friends. We’d known each other since high school, and even in our twenties, we still got along like we were high school freshmen, those same annoying kids laughing way too loud in the cafeteria. We’d tried dating once before, somewhere around junior year, but one day he told me that I was the most annoying girlfriend that he’d ever had. In response, I told him that he was the lamest boyfriend that I’d ever had, so really, we were just balancing each other out. We only lasted a few more weeks after that.

Needless to say, we were great as friends, but awful as partners. Plus, Greg and Hunter would sometimes hang out together when all the guys would go out for a few beers and cheap wings.

Which meant that Hunter was the perfect candidate.

“Yes.” My answer came out quiet and unsure. “I mean, I want you to fuck me, not really for me to be fucking you…”

“Ashley, what about Greg?” Hunter’s voice was stern, as he shook his head in disbelief. “I thought you loved him. How could you want to do this to him?”

“Greg knows!” I raise my voice a little, feeling a bit offended by the accusation. “I would never cheat on Greg. I love him Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort more than anything.”

“He…He knows?” Hunter raises an eyebrow in my direction, completely confused by the conversation. “But if he knows…Why would he be okay with this? With you and me?”

“He just wants me to have someone…For when he goes out of town…” I shrug, making direct eye contact with Hunter. “He just wants me to have the option.”

“Oh…” Hunter tilts his head to the side, as a grin comes over his face. “Is this because you can’t live without dick for more than like five minutes?”

“Funny. I lived just fine without your dick for all these years.” I smirk back over at him.

“Wow. You are still so, so annoying.” He let out a laugh as he emphasized his tone. “But maybe I can fuck it out of you.”

My clit throbbed in response to his words. He sounded so…authoritative and casual…

Fuck! He was already turning me on and he hadn’t even touched me yet.

Hunter stood up from his seat, walking over towards mine. He gently ran one of his hands through my hair, as he lifted up my chin with his fingers. “Are you sure Greg will be okay with this?”

I wordlessly nodded, my skin suddenly feeling so warm where Hunter’s fingers were touching me.

“Okay.” He confidently nodded back at me. “Then take off your clothes, get on the couch and open your legs.”

“Huh. You’re taking this whole ‘fucking me’ thing pretty well, Hunter.” I chuckle a bit, as I walk towards the couch.

“Yeah, well, you’re annoying but it doesn’t make me blind. You know you’ve always been hot to me, Ashley. I’ve kinda’ always secretly wanted to see your ‘O’ face.” He smiled, as he started to take off his clothes, his shirt and jeans quickly falling to the floor.

I was already naked and waiting on the couch, wondering what exactly he had planned for me…

“Lean back against the armrest.”

His words came out as a command, and I moved until my head was leaning against the armrest, as my back was lying on top of the couch’s fabric.

Before another second could pass by, Hunter was between my legs, his tongue firmly planted against my clit. He soon began to swirl his tongue around my sensitive bud, as one of his fingers easily slipped inside of me.


I had to admit that this felt really good, but it also seemed a little weird….

Hunter, my best friend, Hunter, was eating me out…And he was fingering me like he’d done it a million times before…But he’d never touched me like this when we were together…

Why was he so comfortable touching me like this?

“Hunter…” I managed to moan out his name in-between my sounds of pleasure.

“Mmhmm?” He answered by humming against my clit, making it ache in response to the vibration.

“I know you said you wanted to see my ‘O’ face but…do you think about uhm…fucking me? A lot?”

“Mmhmm.” His answer was the same, before he broke away from my clit, gently kissing me on my inner thigh. “I think about coming inside of you, every, single day. I’m a guy. I can’t help it.”

“Fuck, Hunter! You don’t have feelings for me…do you?” I attempt to close my legs, as I realize I may have just broken one of Greg’s golden rules about this situation: no feelings.

Hunter laughs, as he keeps his hands firmly on my thighs, making my legs stay open for him. “No, Ashley. I don’t have feelings for you. I didn’t realize that wanting to fuck your brains out suddenly meant that I was in love with you.”

“Okay! Good! It’s just that Greg–”

“Wow. You really do love Greg, don’t you?” Hunter playfully licked at the center of my clit. “And yet, you’re going to let me have you. Because you can’t help yourself….”

I tried to close my legs, again, this time feeling deeply embarrassed. Shit. Why did Hunter have to say that? I knew that I loved Greg, and more importantly, I knew that Greg understood how much I loved him, too. But Hunter was making me feel so…wrong, for even wanting to ever do this.

Before I could call the whole thing off and grab my trusty vibrator, Hunter buried himself in between my thighs, passionately brushing his face against my clit, as he slid another finger inside of me, expertly moving them in and out of me as if he was fucking me with his cock.

I was coming for him before I even realized it, my hips rocking against Hunter’s face.



Fuck. Welp. There was no turning back now. I’d just let Hunter give me an orgasm.

He moved his head away from me, as he looked up at my face. “Are you allowed to suck my cock?”

I nodded down at him. He didn’t say anything after that, but I noticed that he was idly stroking his cock, getting himself harder and harder…

Seeing him playing with his own cock was making me so much wetter.

A part of me wanted to beg him to fuck me, please, Hunter, please fuck me…

Another part of me was attempting to rationalize my lust. Well, maybe if I just sucked him off, it would be okay. Greg would probably prefer for me to just have oral, anyways…

Suddenly, Hunter nodded to himself, before a grin came over his face. “I want you to ride my cock.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to suck you off?” My question comes out hopeful, that same, barely rational part of me wanting to keep things between us strictly oral based.

“No. I want to watch you on my cock.” That was the last thing he said, before cautiously moving my legs out of the way, as he laid down on the couch, himself. A minute or so passed, before I hesitantly got into position over him, with my hands pressed against his chest and my legs straddling his sides. I took a deep breath before reaching down for his cock, and slowly pulling myself up before gently lowering myself onto him. Hunter’s cock fit inside of me, perfectly, just like Greg’s…

Instinctively, I started to move my hips against Hunter, my body naturally responding to his cock, almost like he actually was Greg…

“Greg…” I was moaning out the familiar name before I could stop myself. When I heard the mistake ringing in my ear, I frantically looked down at Hunter. “Shit! I’m sorry, Hunter–”

Hunter shook his head, as he forcefully grabbed onto my sides. “You’re taking so many cocks, you can’t even keep them straight, can you?”

“Fuck you!” My words were playful, as I let out a small laugh. “You know I’ve only been with Greg this whole time and, well…with you just now.”

“Mmhmm. And with me, huh? Because your pussy needs to be filled, doesn’t it? You need to be deeply fucked all the time, don’t you, baby?”


Was that Hunter’s version of dirty talk? And why was it working? I could feel my pussy tightening around his cock, as my hips moved faster against him, my body preparing to come yet again…

“You don’t even own your pussy anymore. Did you know that, baby? We own your pussy, Ashley. And we can fuck you whenever we want. Greg might fuck you before breakfast, but I’ll be inside of you by lunchtime.” He groaned, as I could feel his cock twitching inside of me. “You’re so fucked, baby. When we’re done taking turns with you, you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

I was coming on Hunter’s cock, as waves of pleasure ripped right through me.


Why was I so turned on by the thought of belonging to Greg…and Hunter?

Is that what I always needed? Two men to fuck me? Just to keep me satisfied?

I could feel Hunter’s grip on my waist tightening even further, as his cock spurted inside of me, filling me up with his cum.

“You’re really good at dirty talk.” I smile down at him, as I catch my breath between desperate pants for air.

“I wasn’t dirty talking, Ashley. As long as I have permission to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you. When you’re not his, I want you to be mine. I fantasized about fucking you for so long, but actually tasting you, actually being inside of you…” He shook his head, as he smiled back up at me. “I think I’m fucking addicted. Greg was right.”

“Wait…Greg was right? Did you…talk about this with Greg?!” My mouth hangs open in complete shock. “But earlier you were acting all surprised about everything!”

Hunter shrugged, before grinning, wide. “I just wanted to make sure that you two had really talked about it. I would’ve felt like shit if you thought you were cheating on him or if he’d backtracked and didn’t tell me. You’re still my best friend, Ashley. I don’t want to see you with your heart broken.”

“Aww. That’s sweet, Hunter. Maybe you aren’t so lame, after all.”

“And you’re really not so annoying when you’re stuffed with my cock.”

“Fuck you, Hunter!” I flipped him off with both hands. He started to laugh, before he gripped onto my waist again, holding onto me, hard, as he pressed his cock deep inside of my pussy.

I let out a small whimper, as my body enjoyed every single sensation that was coming from the feel of Hunter’s cock filling me up. I didn’t want him to stop. Ever. And at the same time, my body was still craving Greg, still needing to feel his hands on my body, too…

In the back of my head, Hunter’s words from earlier were playing on repeat:

You’re so fucked, baby.

As I leaned down towards Hunter, desperately angling my body so he could go even deeper into my pussy, I had a feeling that he was absolutely right.

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