Ava’s College Wrestler Pt. 09

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A wrestling tournament is going on at the university gym. Several college teams compete on a cold November weekend.

It’s Saturday afternoon. Han (19 yrs.) is a good-looking Asian male who stands at 5’6″ and weighs 133 lbs. He won his wrestling match. He also has naturally cut muscles from his shoulders to his thighs. He shakes his opponent’s hand and rips off his head gear.

Han strides toward the locker-room. He reaches the door and his cute Asian girlfriend runs up to him and they kiss on the lips.

Inside the locker-room. Han strips naked and steps on the weight machine. He raises his hands in the air and waits for the machine to tabulate his body weight. Han smiles over at Coach Mike and they shake hands. His weight stands at 133 lbs., and it’s recorded. Both of his feet step off the machine. Coach hands him a towel and Han walks toward the showers.

He later steps into the hallway outside of the locker-room. His wet black hair is combed back from his handsome face. He’s wearing tight jeans and a university jacket. His college bag hangs over his right shoulder.

Ava (29 yrs.) is a true blonde (40-24-36) who runs up to Han.

She says, “Han, congrats on your win today.”

He turns toward her as she runs up and kisses him on the cheek. His eyes notice her large tits under that moldova escort tight blouse.

He nervously smiles, “Th-Thanks. I got one more match tomorrow.”

Ava’s right hand reaches inside her blouse between the buttons. Her fingers pull out a business card and she hand’s it over to him.

She says, “I’m at the hotel off campus. My room number is on the back. Come by tonight. We’ll celebrate your win.”

Ava then quickly leans in and French-Kisses Han who is totally surprised. That kiss is “hot” as Ava turns and runs away. She had done that before to another wrestler.

Han stands there with his mouth open. He quickly looks around to see if no one saw that. Thank God that his girlfriend isn’t there.

He whispers, “Jesus fucking Christ.”

He reads the card which says, “Ramada Hotel. Room 110.”

Saturday night at the hotel. Han walks up the hallway looking for Ava’s room. He glances back to see if anyone sees him. He suddenly stops, shakes his head and changes his mind. He begins to walk away.

The door opens and Ava says, “Hello Han, come on in.”

He smiles and walks back to the door. He’s nervous and shakes his head.

He says, “I-I can’t. My girlfriend.”

She reaches out, grabs his hand and yanks him inside. escort istanbul

30 minutes later. All the lights are on inside the room.

Ava and Han are both naked on top of the bed. His hands gently turn her over, onto her stomach. He has been performing “foreplay” all this time. Her blonde hair covers her face and her body-heat has risen.

She says, “Fuck… Han… I fucking love you!”

His hands have become a part of her body as they gently rub her shoulder muscles. His lips kiss her back softly.

“You’re so beautiful Ava. Beautiful” he whispers.

His hands slowly move down to her lower back. He concentrates on the tight muscles and rubs them out. His lips kiss her soft skin.

He says, “These muscles support your tits, right? Relax them baby.”

His thumbs rub those muscles.

She breathes harder, “G-God… You’re hitting it… God-Han.”

Both of his hands move down to her round butt-cheeks. His fingers find her muscles and knows how to caress them.

His eyes notice her wet, blonde pussy. His fingers rub near her butt-hole and on down to her inner thighs.

“You’re dripping wet baby” he whispers.

His lips gently kiss her buttocks and around her butt-hole.

His hands roll her, onto her back again. Ava’s hair covers bulgar escort her face. She breathes harder now as her stomach pumps up and down. Her nipples are hard and erect as both tits flop back and forth. Both of her pink areoles are also engorged. Her fingers grip the bed sheets.

She says, “H-Han… Huh-Huh-Han… Huhhh… Fuck!”

His fingers concentrate on both of her inner thighs. He rubs up and down, but never touches her pussy.

“Your’e so, so wet” he whispers and then smiles.

Ava can’t take it anymore. Her body begins to buck off the bed as an orgasm shoot’s through her.

She arches her lower back and shrieks, “UHHHHHHHHHH…! UH-UH-UHHHHHH.!”

Han leans over and sucks on her right nipple and his fingers pinch her left nipple.

Another orgasm shoots through her body as Ava jerks her head back and forth. She pushes her lower back off the bed.

“G-GOD-UHHHHHH.! UHHHHH.! UHHHHH.!” she screams.

A third orgasm shoots through her body. His mouth keeps sucking her right tit and his left hand grips her round, left side.


He keeps his right hand placed on her stomach as she comes back down.

“Han, you have great fucking hands.” she says.

He climbs off the bed and grabs her ankles. He pulls her toward him and then places his hands on her lower back.

He says, “Put your arms around me.”

She does so and he lifts her up. Her legs wrap around his lower back. He carries her into the bathroom.

“I think I love you Han” she says.

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