Ava’s College Wrestler Pt. 04

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Big Tits

Ava (29 yrs.) is a true blonde (40-24-36) who stands in front of the bathroom mirror. She’s wearing a long, white, see through nightie. Her huge tits flop around underneath and her thick, blonde pussy is nearly visible. She licks her red lips and glances down at her round areoles and nipples. Her hand grabs a perfume bottle and she squirt’s it over her neck.

She whispers, “Time for another hot wrestler.”

It’s the end of March on a Friday night. The university is holding a practice wrestling meet with a neighbor city team. Ava doesn’t know this until the meet is under-way. She decides to pick the first wrestler she’s attracted to from the visiting team.

Lucas (19 yrs.) has sandy-blonde hair with bangs that fall over his eyes. He stands at 5’8″ and weighs 149 lbs. He is aggressive on the wrestling mat, but loses his match early Friday evening. He congratulates the winner and walks off shaking his head. He reaches the locker-room doors when Ava runs up to him. She’s wearing a tight blouse.

She says, “Hi Lucas.”

He turns and notices her big tits. He replies, “Uh-hey.”

Ava leans in and French kisses him and it’s hot. She then runs away and he stands there with his mouth open.

In the locker-room. Lucas stands naked on the Escort Beylikdüzü weight machine. He steps off and strides toward the showers. The water soon hits the back of his neck as his head leans toward the wall. His long bangs fall over his eyes. He places his hands on the wall and spreads his legs. He thinks about that blonde who kissed him.

He whispers, “That kiss was fucking hot and those tits. Who is she?”

Late Friday night. The yellow moon shines down on the walkway that leads back to Ava’s basement apartment. The security camera shows Lucas stepping down the stairs wearing his university jacket and tight jeans. He smiles as he flips his bangs up from his eyes. The door opens before him.

The ceiling fan above rotates slowly and the center light is dimmed. It shines down over the naked bodies of Lucas and Ava. She is laying on her back with her legs spread open. Her right fingers pinch her nipple and her head jerk’s side to side. His own head is in-between her thighs and he’s performing good Cunnilingus. His right fingers are pinching her left and erect nipple.

His left middle finger is digging deep into her wet cunt. His tongue slides from the tip of her clitoris and down the left fold of Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan her lips. It’s a sensation that drives Ava wild.

She screams, “Uunnhh…! Uuunnnhh…! Uunnhh!”

His tongue moves back up to the tip and down again.

Ava jerks her head, “Uh-Uh-Uunnhh…! There Lucas…! Right There…!”

His middle finger still digs deep into her cunt as his tongue goes down the other side of her lips.

Her head jerk’s side to side and her lower back arches.

She responds, “Uuunnnhh! Uuunnhh! I’m Cumming Lucas!!”

An orgasm shoots through her body as her back arches higher.

Her mouth opens wide, “Uuunnnnnhhh! Uuunnnnhh! GOD. LUCAS. Uuunnnnhh!”

Lucas lifts up his head as his bangs still cover his eyes. He keeps his middle finger inside and waits for her to come down.

She keeps jerking her head and breathes, “Huhh.. Uh-Huhh.. Uh-Huh!”

Lucas pushes off the bed and steps back to the TV table. He grabs a condom package from a pile of condoms. He tears it open and slides it over his 5 and ¼ -inch cock.

He says, “I’m so fucking hard, it fucking hurts.”

His body turns around and his hand wipes off her wetness from his lips. His palm rubs Beylikdüzü Escort that wetness around his cock. He also flips his bangs from his eyes and smiles down at her.

“My turn baby” he states.

His knees crawl onto the bed and his hands spread her legs apart. She’s still breathing hard as her massive tits heave up and down.

He leans over and places his hands on the bed. His eyes look down at her tits and his right hand grips his cock. He guides his cock-tip toward her blonde pussy. His cock separates her lips and he slowly insert’s all the way inside. His crotch hair touches her blonde pussy.

Lucas closes his eyes and says, “Fuck, you’re hot!”

He opens his eyes and looks down at her enormous tits. “Wrap your legs around me. I’m gonna cum fast” he says.

Ava’s ankles inter-lock right above his hard buttocks. His hair falls over his eyes again as he thrusts hard and fast. Her buttocks bounce off the bed.

“Oh-Fuck.. Fuck-Ava.. Gawd-Gawd.. I love you..! I love you!!” he screams.

He stops and holds it inside of her. He lifts up his head as his bangs cover those eyes.

He explodes, “Uh-Uh-I-Love Uuuuuuuuuuu…!!”

Ava drops her legs as Lucas still twitches from his own orgasm. His round buttocks clench and release and clench again.

His cock is pulled out and he rolls over onto his back. He breathes hard and then climbs off the bed. He steps over to the TV table, yanks off the condom and drops it. He then grabs a cigarette and lights it up.

Ava smiles at him and says, “You don’t love me.”

They both laugh.

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