Aubry Ch. 02

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Big Tits

The new knowledge so lustfully obtained made Aubry’s mind run amuck with thoughts that had never occurred to him before despite his desperate longing to have sex like he figured all normal people did. He had to make sure that his mother did not find out about his father’s philandering or he would never see the maid’s charms again. Gosh, at the age of 25, he had finally seen a live pussy with both his father’s tongue and dick in it. Even recalling it in his mind made him come close to ejaculating again in his pants. This was, without doubt, the highlight of his 25 years on Earth. But, he was no ordinary person as he often told himself. This whole episode was like an epiphany alerting Aubry to the real delights of the world if he would now search them out. He knew there was much more to be had. He only had to take it.

For one thing, he knew that the peep hole in his closet would now become a part of his daily routine. He would start looking into his parents’ room whenever he was in the house, whether he heard noises or not, whether a parent’s car was in the driveway or not. He was very good at giving himself tasks that involved detail and following his own planning to the letter. Aubry could do this while independently carrying out other tasks. It was part of his nature to deal with minutiae, leaving no item uncovered while still handling other separate tasks with skill. It was one of the reasons why he was so good in business–or at least in managing the books and seeing what needed to be done. But, in those cases he was quite objective which was to a great degree why he was so successful. He was certainly not being objective in this new endeavor. In fact, his compulsiveness was leading him by his penis, so to speak.

Before going to work in the morning, Aubry was at the peep hole; he would even come home for lunch and make observations; and never failed to make multiple trips to the hole throughout the late afternoon and evening. He was a patient man so it was never a problem if he saw nothing. He knew that he would eventually see something or it wouldn’t have happened in the first place. What he did not expect to see was anything that had to do with his mother. Contrary to his business sense, he had a one track mind as far as the peep hole was concerned, and seeing the maid with his father again was all he thought about.

He had called in to his office one morning to advise that he would be late but would work later that evening. He actually just felt lazy and was not up to going to work so early since he had been up late looking through the peep hole the night before. But, even though he then slept some more, when he finally arose he made a cursory check of his closet peep hole. Lo and behold, Aubry got the shock of his life as he glimpsed through the hole to see a totally nude woman. If he had thought he had seen some good views of the maid, this view completely put them in the amateur category. Taking a second breath and feeling his pants stretch at the crotch upon seeing a totally nude woman sitting casually on the bed, he glued his eye to the hole so as not to miss a thing. His gaze had never left the woman’s pussy for the first few moments so Aubry was totally unprepared to see his mother’s visage when he finally was able to tear his eyes away from that sought after treasure.

For once in his life, Aubry could not think. He was barely breathing as he took in the whole scene of his mother nude, practically facing him with her legs spread open as she sat on the bed. She had obviously been in the shower or bath and was finishing up the drying process with a pat here and there. She raised one leg and set her foot on the edge of the bed to dry between her toes. This exposed her pussy in all its glory to Aubry’s gaze, especially since she did not appear to have much hair on it. At first, Aubry’s reaction was one of repulsion upon recognizing his mother as the owner of this magnificent pussy (Aubry would come to find that all pussies were magnificent, but this was only the second he had ever seen in the flesh). However, this feeling only lasted for a moment since it was quickly overridden by the realization that a pussy is a pussy regardless of its origins.

For the moment, Aubry was intently following every gesture and movement made by the owner of that pussy. The fact that it was his mother was now no longer a factor. In fact, his penis had become, if anything, harder than before stretching the front of his pajamas to the limit. He reached down to relieve the pressure and let it slip out into the air. He may have had only five inches, but it was heavy duty in the girth department and was görükle escort bayan engorged even beyond Aubry’s norm. His mother got up and patted the towel on her pussy and tossing the towel on the bed looked down between her legs and as if noticing something, spread the lips of her cunt with her fingers. Aubry nearly groaned aloud as he held his own organ and stared down the deep dark red tunnel exposed to his view only a few feet away. Then his mother stood and rubbed her pussy up and down a few times and turned to walk over to her dresser. By this time, Aubry had come all over his hand. Cursing, he resolved to bring a box of kleenex in with him the next time.

Eventually, Aubry had to get ready for work. He went down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and to put together a lunch. While there, his mother come down and expressed surprise to see him there since he was usually gone to work before she even got up. They had a cup of coffee together and she fixed some toast. Aubry muttered something about maybe not going to work so early anymore since he had seniority and could almost pick his working hours. In the past, he had been almost a phantom in his mother’s life slithering in and out without her really seeing or saying much to him. But, this morning Aubry noticed that his mother was not just his mother. She truly looked youthful and, yes, he thought, good looking. In fact, it was hard for him to not see through her clothes as he remembered that magnificent pussy, the pouting stomach, the hanging tits which were small, but lovely in their pear shaped roundness. As she walked about the kitchen, he never saw her in her summer dress, but only saw her naked. He had a hard on which he concealed under the table.

Wanting to keep his mother’s attention, Aubry spoke more in the next 15 minutes than he had spoken to her in the last 10 years. He complimented her on how young she looked and could give the girls at his office a run for their money. This was so atypical of Aubry that even he was surprised at himself. His mother was dumbfounded and kept looking at him to see if this were truly her son she was talking with. In short, both people–mother and son–were pleasantly surprised by their banter which might have been more appropriate between two teenagers enfatuated with each other.

Aubry could think of nothing but his mother’s pussy as he drove to work. His mother, in turn, was confused about their exchange, but had enjoyed it. She didn’t really talk with his father anymore, and while she hadn’t bothered to try to figure out what was going on, she just admitted that she had fun talking with Aubry and hoped he might be telling the truth that he would go to work later in the mornings. She would make his breakfast. Yes, it had been fun. As for Aubry, he had to try extra hard to concentrate on work since any lapse reverted his mind’s eye to his mother’s pussy. On his way home, he decided he had to have that pussy if it was the last thing he did. Aubry could have an obsession about an aspect of his work and eventually devise a way to resolve whatever the problem may have been. Most in the office recognized that Aubry had brainstorms by himself which was another reason they usually left him to himself–couldn’t interrupt genius, right? Actually, they simply didn’t know how to talk to him so hardly ever discussed anything with him that didn’t have to do with business.

But, Aubry was now more than obsessed. The idea of peeking at the maid and his father was no longer an interesting proposition. He had discovered bigger and better game. The session that morning with his mother in the kitchen was the catalyst. He knew she enjoyed that time together so resolved to change his working hours to go in later each day. He would use the early morning before breakfast to feast his eyes on her naked body and for the time being knew that would obtain him a daily orgasm in the closet. Somehow, he knew she would be repeating what happened this morning in her bedroom. They would have breakfast together. He would just have to figure out how to get her into his trap. He was good at solving problems. True to form, Aubry never thought about the idea of incest since such constraints were a hindrance to clear thinking. Besides, he never had motherly thoughts about his mother in the first place. But, the image of her pussy was burned into his brain. All he knew was that he now had a problem to solve and while he didn’t yet know how, he knew he could solve it.


Aubry was prepared the next morning. He went into his closet totally nude with only a handful of kleenex. altıparmak eskort His mother was not there immediately, but eventually showed up drying herself with a towel. Her husband was always gone early in the morning, and she was used to getting up later and taking her time getting ready for the day. Aubry watched her repeat everything she did the day before, but this time she had a small utensil of some sort in her hand which gave him the opportunity to see more of her pussy than he had even seen the first time. He could hear it buzzing which indicated that it was a small electric razor since she spread her legs and began to trim her pussy hair.

Aubry couldn’t thank Heaven enough for everything to be so perfectly situated for close up viewing. He was nearly bursting as his mother twisted and pulled her pussy skin as she ran the razor back and forth giving him a box seat to see the glistening inner lips of her succulent cunt. If he had been an anteater with that long tongue, his would have been through the peep hole and into her cunt in a second. Instead, he was blowing a load into the kleenex as he panted over his mother’s charms. He had to have her. He had to somehow get his cock into that beautiful cunt–mother or no mother.

Later, in the kitchen, he was surprised that she had not changed into a dress, but was wearing her bathrobe. Aubry wondered if she had anything on beneath it. It didn’t matter. His imagination had already undressed her and could only see her nude as she walked about in the kitchen preparing breakfast. He, himself, had not changed into his work clothes yet. He was just wearing his pajamas which, of course, covered him as much as regular clothes except that he had an open fly in the front instead of a zipper or buttons. Still, neither one had thought about their dress for breakfast. It just happened that way. His mother was curious about whether Aubry would be as complimentary and jocular as he had been the day before. Aubry was testing the waters and was going to be trying various ways to engratiate himself to his mother. It was a matter of how the wind blows. He would see.

Even if his mother was in her bathrobe and obviously casual in her dress, her appearance had taken on a new sheen. Her hair was done up and she had make up on. Aubry was good about noticing such things. At least, he knew there was a grandiose difference from yesterday in the way she looked. This change alerted him to the fact that he must have done something right the day before, so he began the morning conversation by doing what worked before. But, before he could even begin, his mother asked him if what he had said yesterday about looking young and good looking was just blarney or did he really mean it. She was in her middle fifties and had put on some extra pounds, but always wondered what life might have been like if she had married differently. Here she had thought her marriage was a flop and her effort in child raising an even greater disaster given her experience or rather, nonexperience with Aubry. Now she was having second thoughts. She really wanted to know what he would say.

Aubry paused only briefly since he had noticed how his mother had perked up when he gave her that compliment yesterday. Actually, he hadn’t really lied all that much. After seeing her naked and especially this morning, after watching her shave her pussy hair, he thought she was the sexiest woman alive. So, he assured her with sincerity that there had not been the least amount of blarney in his compliment and repeated it again adding that she looked not only better looking this morning, but really sexy to boot. By the time he was finished with his best monologue yet, his mother was beaming albeit with a flush in her face. To her own and Aubry’s surprise, she demanded that he just come over to her so she could give him a kiss for being so nice to an old lady.

To Aubry’s credit, he didn’t hesitate, but stood up and walked across the kitchen whereupon his mother took him in her arms pulling him close and planted a sloppy kiss on his lips. There was nothing intended on her part other than to acknowledge how happy he had made her. Aubry knew he had an erection which had slipped out between the slit in his pajamas, but knew she probably hadn’t noticed a thing. Still, he did not try to keep his body apart from hers as she pulled him close. He was of the philosophy that one went with the flow and take advantage of fallout. In short, set the plan and then let it evolve as it will. As his mother pulled him toward her, he could feel his erection move right between her legs. Her nilüfer escort bathrobe must have parted as she raised her arms.

In this case, fallout meant he should not try to withdraw or do anything but return his mother’s hug. He pulled her close and returned her sloppy kiss making it just as sloppy. But,. five inches or no, there was no question that he could feel his dick in contact with his mother’s cunt. She was initially so happy to give her son a hug and kiss that she didn’t realize what had happened. But, Aubry was in no hurry to be released from such a hug. His mother, Miriam Huckelby, could not believe what was nudging her between her legs. If she didn’t know better, she would swear her son’s penis was lodged there. They were still hugging, chuckling, and exchanging kisses as they held each other tightly. The feeling of the hot, hard, fleshy probe continued against Miriam’s pussy. She had nothing on under her robe.

Aubry was not so unaware of things to not realize that his mother did not know what to do at this point even if she knew he had his cock stuck between her legs. So, he stood his ground and began to talk to her while keeping his arms around her, with his cock continuing to bump up against her pussy. Miriam was still not sure what was happening and if her senses were correct, she just didn’t know what to do about it. What was worse, was that it didn’t feel bad at all. In fact, she was enjoying the feeling a great deal which kept her from withdrawing or pushing Aubry away from her body. Aubry was right again in that even though he was going with the flow, his mother was as well. After a minute of this intimate contact, neither one attempted to disengage, but held on to each other with the obvious intent of prolonging the sensations for as long as they could.

What was incredible was that neither acknowledged what they were doing. They talked and joked and occasionally pecked each other on the mouth or cheek. All the while, they continued to mingle their lower bodies. By this time, Aubry’s cock was oozing lubrication all over his mother’s pussy as he moved it back and forth across her slit which had begun to lubricate itself. Miriam had allowed herself to be mesmerized by compliments and then through pure accident found her pussy opening up to her son’s cock. She had become so overwhelmed by the quick sequence of events that she hardly had time to contemplate anything but whether it felt good or not. Within five minutes after they first hugged, Aubry was physically moving his ass back and forth in an attempt to find an entry into what he considered must be paradise on Earth. Miriam finally realized that his cock was grazing her nether lips and the feeling was great. His cock sliding through her lips, punching against her clitoris, and riding down between her legs were all great enticers making the desire for penetration grow greater and greater as each second went by.

Despite the fact that they were both ignoring how they were “talking” on two levels–to each other with their mouths, and to each other with their genitals–it was obvious that something had to happen since “things” were getting wet down there and Aubry was so new to actual contact that he knew he was going to blow any moment. Unbelievably, Miriam could stand it no longer and reached down to guide Aubry’s cock into her hungry cunt. Once the head of his cock was through the entrance, the rest became history as it seemed to suck the rest of him in like a Black Hole. With his cock embedded to the hilt, there was no more pretense on the upper level and they began to soul kiss as their bodies began to drill into each other. It was too much for Aubry and it felt like he was being kicked by a mule as the feeling rocketed from his ass up through his shaft pulsing stream after stream of cum into his mother’s hot cunt.

Aubry couldn’t believe that he had just gotten fucked, and with his own mother. Here he had figured it would take weeks if not longer and he was in her cunt in two days. But, mom wasn’t finished yet. She had been awakened like never before. She had felt his cock expand and pulse so she knew he had just cum in her twat. It wasn’t that she felt bad about what had just happened, but she had gotten very excited and wanted it to continue. She hadn’t come in years herself and now it seemed like something her body demanded, and she couldn’t stop.

“Aubry, you bad boy!” . she giggled. I think I’ll just have to put you to bed “

she led him to the bedroom like a naughty little boy. She removed his pajamas and slipped out of her dress. It fell to the floor in a puddle at her feet. Aubry caught his breath.

“Are you offering me more of that wonderful pussy.?”

“Do you want more?

“Oh, yes. I want lots more. “

She pushed him back on the bed and climbed on top of him.He had no trouble sliding into her wet pussy.

She had no trouble getting all the cock she wanted.


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