Asking for Directions

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Lisa stood on the quiet street corner looking at the map in her hand. She had been standing here for over two hours and came to the conclusion that she was totally lost.

She crumpled up the map, throwing it in a nearby trashcan as she pulled her denim jacket closer against her full figured body. Her legs were shivering in the evening air as the wind blew up her skirt.

She pulled her hood up over her auburn hair trying to conserve some heat while her blue eyes scanned the dark street. “I thought this was a bustling city.” She said to herself as she walked along the sidewalk.

Suddenly she saw headlights and prayed they would be her salvation. She ran into the middle of the street waving her arms. She sighed in relief as the pickup stopped in front of her. Holding her coat closed, she ran over to the driver’s side door.

“Can I help you honey?” A deep voice asked in the darkness of the cab.

She rested her arms against the door and looked into what appeared to be a pair of black eyes. “I hope so, my car broke down and I am trying to get to my sisters house. I am new in town and totally lost.”

The dark eyes moved over her then rested once again on her face. “Where’s your sister live?”

She gave him the address and he smiled. “Hop in; I know exactly where that is. I actually live down by there.”

Lisa smiled gratefully then ran around the truck as he pushed the passenger door open. “Thanks, I really appreciate this.” She said as she climbed into the truck and leaned towards the heat blowing from the heater.

“Hey no problem, I’m always willing to help a lady in distress.” Her mysterious benefactor smiled at her before he started driving again.

The Good Samaritan was Ryan Gray, a 25 year old single computer programmer. He also happened to live 3 doors down from the house that the girl in his truck was looking for. He moved his eyes over her again as he kept half an eye on the road.

He had gone out with some friends and was on his way home when she flagged him down. He figured she didn’t look more then 20, when she said the address, he realized who she was.

Her name was Lisa and she was actually 22, she had been living with a guy back east but when her sister Suzanne called and asked her to move out here to help her because she was pregnant with her fourth child, she had jumped at the chance.

Ryan knew the whole story, Suzanne’s husband Mark was actually a fishing buddy of his. It turned out that Lisa’s boyfriend had been using her as a punching bag and Suzanne hoped bringing her sister out here would help her turn her life around.

He had a hard time seeing her in the darkness of the truck, but when he passed another car, he was able to see the outline of a faint bruise just under her right eye. “I’m Ryan.” He said turning onto his street.

Lisa had finally warmed up and was looking out the window. She turned at his voice. “I’m Lisa, Suzanne is my older sister. She asked me to come help her out with the new baby coming.”

Ryan nodded; again he let his eyes drift over her. He couldn’t see much of her body with her coat pulled tightly around her but what he saw he definitely liked. He licked his lips as he pulled up in front of a two story ranch style house. “Here we are.” He said putting the truck in park and putting his arm on the back of the seat.

Lisa looked at the house. “Great, I really appreciate this.” She reached for the handle to the door, when she felt his hand brush against her cheek. Startled she turned her head to look at him. “Was there something else?” she asked softly as her body accepted the invitation in his eyes.

Ryan smiled showing a mouthful of perfect white teeth. “Well, you haven’t paid the fee for the ride yet?”

Her breath quickened, although in fear or excitement she wasn’t sure. “Fee? What fee?”

He smiled again as he cupped the back of her head and pulled her gently towards him. “This fee.”

The kiss was soft but Lisa felt it all the way through her body. Just the touch of his lips sent an electric spark flowing through her.

She pressed her hands against his chest. The idea was to push him away but as he deepened the kiss, she moaned and ran her hands up around his neck as she returned the kiss. She felt his arms wrap tightly around her body as he pulled her against him.

Her breasts pressed against his chest and she moaned again as her nipples hardened. Ryan held her tightly against him, his cock was rock hard in his jeans and her body felt perfect in his arms. He had been attracted to women before but none of them affected him as much as the girl he was kissing. He pulled back a bit and she whimpered pressing against him.

When he pulled back again, she tried to move closer to him again then gasped when she felt his hand run inside her jacket and cup her breast through her t-shirt. She pulled her mouth from his and just stared into his eyes as he slowly caressed her. “Will you hit me if I ask you to come back to my place?” whatsapp escort He asked huskily as his hand drifted over her.

She smiled, “Hm…Depends on what you plan to do when we get back to your place.”

He groaned as she ran her hand down over his chest and cupped his cock through his jeans. “If you can’t feel what I want to do to you baby, then I am in serious trouble.” He kissed her again as he pulled her tightly against him.

Lisa purred against his lips, she held him tightly in her arms while she pressed her body tight against his. Finally she pulled away. “As much as I would love that, my sister is expecting me.” She turned back towards the house. There were lights on in the living room but she wasn’t sure if anyone inside had noticed the truck or not.

Ryan’s eyes darkened as he pushed her away from him. “Run to sis then little girl.” He said with contempt in his voice.

Lisa felt like she had been slapped, “what? Why?”

He looked at her in the darkness. “You are a tease; you turn a man on then walk away. I hate women like that; my ex-wife was one.”

She realized then that he thought she was rejecting him. She looked back at the house as she bit her lip. “Pull over until you are directly at the end of the driveway.” She said huskily pulling her jacket off.

He looked at her for a minute then did what she asked. Once the truck was parked again, he turned back to her. “Okay, now what?”

She smiled at him as she pulled her shirt up over her head giving him a perfect view of her 44D breasts tightly enclosed in a black lacy bra. Ryan groaned when he saw her and reached out his hand. When she didn’t pull away, he cupped her breast. “Oh baby,” he whimpered running his hand over the material.

Lisa closed her eyes as he touched her. “Would you like to touch the real thing?”

He smiled at her as he wrapped his arms around her and reached for the clasp of her bra. He groaned loudly as he opened her bra and watched her breasts fall free. “Oh god, beautiful,” he murmured as she pulled the lace away from her body. He cupped her breasts again, and then slowly lowered his head until he was able to nuzzle her breasts with his cheek.

“Mmmmm…” she purred holding him against her as he moved his lips slowly over her flesh.

Ryan ran his lips over her almost in a caress as he used his other hand to gently cup her other breast. He squeezed her nipple gently and heard her moan. He lifted his eyes to see her watching him.

“Like that baby?” She asked huskily as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Ryan growled against her, and then lowered his eyes back to her breast. He slowly closed his eyes as he took her nipple between his lips and nibbled gently at it. “Ooooohhhhh, oh yes.” She purred holding him tightly against her as he nursed at her breast.

Lisa enjoyed his mouth on her body for a minute or two but knew she had to get into the house. Reluctantly she pushed him away. “Sit back and open your pants.” She ordered looking at him.

He looked at her for a minute; then he sat back behind the wheel again and opened his jeans. His 9 inch cock sprung out since he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Lisa’s eyes widened at his size, and then she smiled as she lay down across the seat until her face was even with him.

Realizing what she planned to do, Ryan clenched his fists at his side as he sucked in his breath. At the first touch of her lips, he let out a ragged groan and closed his eyes.

Lisa licked lightly at the tip of his rod, teasing him with her tongue. She could hear Ryan’s ragged breaths and saw his hands clenched. Unable to torture him, she opened her mouth and moved over him. He cried out as she took him into her mouth and she got a taste of his precum as he leaked it.

She licked up the fluid and tasted it before letting it slide down her throat. She closed her eyes loving the taste and texture of him as she slowly moved her head down over him, taking more of him inside her mouth. Her pussy was juicing like crazy but she figured if things went right, she would have him fucking her the next day or the day after at the most.

She bobbed her head over him as she grasped the base and stroked what she couldn’t fit in her mouth.

Ryan was crying out in pleasure as she sucked on him. “Fuck, yea baby, eat that hot cock. Oh god, it feels so good.” He bucked up with his hips and groaned when he wasn’t able to push any further in her mouth because of her hand. “I want to fuck your face honey.” He growled tangling his fingers in her hair.

Lisa had never been good at deepthroating, but she was willing to give this hunk a try. Reluctantly she moved her hand and immediately his cock slid into her throat as he pushed up with his hips.

“Oh fuck, yea, that’s it.” He groaned pulling out then pushing up again as he fucked her face.

Lisa breathed heavily through her nose as he drove his shaft in and out of her throat. She istanbul escort bayan had to admit she loved how he felt. He was coating her throat with his precum and the way he was bucking against her and thrusting with his hips, she had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before she got a mouthful of the real thing.

“Take it baby, take my fucking cock.” He cried forcing his cock hard into her willing mouth as he slammed her head down over him. When he felt her soft fingers gently cupping his balls, he lost control; he slammed hard into her mouth almost choking her as he drove his cock in completely.

Lisa didn’t have a chance to do much more then moan as she felt the first shot of his cum slide down her throat. She pulled her head back so she could taste him before she swallowed the rest and decided she liked his taste.

After he finished cumming, Ryan let go of her head and she pulled away licking her lips. “Next time maybe you can empty those in my pussy.”

Ryan looked at her through half closed eyes. “Is there going to be a next time?”

She smiled as she pulled her t-shirt back over her head and stuffed her bra in her pocket. “I sure hope so.” She kissed him quickly then climbed out of the truck and ran towards the house.

Ryan spent the next 2 days thinking about Lisa. He had called and talked to her on the phone the day before but that was as far as it had gone. He hadn’t seen her again. As he lay in his bed later that night stroking his hard cock; he pictured her in his mind.

He wanted to fuck her so bad, but he had a feeling that she wasn’t the kind of girl who went for one night stands and he wasn’t sure he wanted to get into another relationship after his disastrous marriage.

He stroked himself furiously thinking of her until he coated his chest with his seed, then rolled his 6’2″ body over on the bed and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Lisa was frustrated, it had been over a week since she saw Ryan and her fingers just weren’t doing the job. She needed him. She watched her sister put seasonings on the roast for dinner and put it in the oven.

Reaching down, she picked up her 4 year old niece and held her on her lap as she looked at her sister. “Why doesn’t he want me?” she asked as Vicki pulled her hair.

Suzanne looked at her sister; she pretty much figured out that her sister was hot for Jack’s friend Ryan. Besides being big with pregnancy, Suzanne was just an older version of Lisa.

Jack joked around that he wondered if she fucked the same as his wife. Suzanne knew that her husband would love nothing more then to stick his face and cock between her sisters legs and as frustrated as her sister was, she was thinking about letting him.

“Who says he doesn’t?” She asked lowering her full figured body to the stool at the bar and started peeling potatoes.

Lisa shrugged as he pulled her niece’s chubby hands out of her hair. “He never asks me out, and when we talk on the phone, he never brings it up.” She had talked to Ryan every day on the phone for the last week. She had even fingered herself while she talked to him; of course she was embarrassed so never told him that.

Suzanne threw a peeled potato in a bowl then picked up another one. “Have you thought about just going over there?”

Lisa looked at her, Jack had told her yesterday what house Ryan lived in but she hadn’t built up the courage to just show up on his front porch. “I’ve thought about it,” she admitted as she bounced her niece on her knee to the little girls delight.

Suzanne peeled another potato, and then looked at her sister again. “Look, just go over there, the worst he can do is turn you away.”

As Lisa looked at her niece, she was afraid to tell her sister that was what she was afraid of.

It was another week before she finally built up the courage to take Suzanne’s advice. Dressing carefully, she walked down the snow covered sidewalks to his door and knocked.

Ryan flipped off the TV, and then walked over to open the door. He was surprised to see Lisa standing there wearing a long trench coat that barely concealed her body to his gaze. “Lisa,” he said in surprise as she stepped into the house.

She let him close the door before she threw herself into his arms and kissed him deeply.

Ryan was stunned for a minute then wrapped his arms around her holding her close as he returned the kiss.

Lisa moaned against his mouth as she pressed her body tightly against his own. “I need you Ryan, I want you so bad. I can’t sleep; all I think of is you.”

Ryan groaned as he moved his mouth to her neck. He was in the same predicament. He had to jerk off at night before going to sleep then jerk off again the next morning before work because of the erotic dreams thinking about her caused.

He didn’t think about what he was doing, he just scooped her up in his arms and carried towards his bedroom.

Lisa wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head against his özbek escort chest, hoping she wasn’t making a huge mistake. When they were in the bedroom, she felt the bed come up to meet her as his body covered hers. “I have wanted you ever since that night.” He growled as he unbuttoned her coat.

Lisa held her breath as she watched him open her coat. When he looked at her wide eyed when it was open she smiled. She was dressed in nothing but a black lace bra, g-string and boots.

“Oh baby,” Ryan moaned running his hand over her practically naked body.

She giggled, “if you hadn’t kissed me back, I was gonna open the coat and see if that got your attention.”

Ryan lifted his eyes to hers as he cupped her snatch, feeling the heat coming from her body. “You didn’t need to get my attention baby, you already had it.” He slipped his fingers under her leg band and she gasped as he touched the curls covering her pussy. “What are you hiding down here?” He asked keeping his eyes locked on hers as his finger explored her.

Lisa was breathing heavily as she spread her legs wide and felt his finger move over her. “I’m not hiding anything from you. It is all yours if you want it.”

Ryan growled as he pulled his fingers from her and grabbed her g-string pulling it roughly so it ripped as he pulled it from her body. She gaped at him but all he did was look at her pussy. “I knew you would have a beautiful pussy.” He purred lying down between her spread legs.

Lisa opened her mouth to say something but never got it out. Instead a loud moan escaped her lips as he ran his tongue over her. “Ryan, oh god, eat me honey.” She begged as she felt him spread her open and take a long taste.

She bucked up against him, whimpering as she felt his tongue flick over her clit. “Yes, Mmmmmmm, oh god, yes, so good.”

Ryan held her open as he ran his tongue over her. She tasted just like honey on his tongue and he savored her. “Mmmmmmm…” he moaned against her as he slid a finger slowly inside her. He felt her body tighten around his finger as she bucked against him.

“Ryan, oh fuck.” She cried as he slowly fingered her. “Finger me honey, yes, it feels so good.”

Ryan flicked his tongue harder against her clit as he sped up his thrusts with his finger. Lisa was crying out in pleasure as she humped her body hard against him. He moved his finger even faster inside her and heard her whimper in pleasure.

He knew he wanted her to cum; he wanted to feel her juices coating his hand. He locked his lips on her clit, sucking hard while he slid 2 more fingers into her depths and slammed them hard in and out.

Lisa was beside herself, her body was on fire and Ryan was just adding to the flames. “Oh, ugh, Agh, eat me. I’m going to cum.” She cried wrapping her legs tightly around him as she pulled him even closer to her. When he bit gently on her clit, while he thrust forcefully into her body, she screamed as she suddenly convulsed in release. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” She cried as she coated his hand.

He kept his hand working inside her as he closed his eyes in delight as she coated his hand. He thought about replacing them with his tongue, tasting her from the source, but figured that could come later. Right now he needed to have that feeling around his cock. He continued to finger her until she started to calm down then slowly pulled his hand out of her body.

He licked her juices from his hand then hurriedly stripped off his clothes while she stripped to. When they were both naked, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply as he rolled over onto his back. “I have condoms in the drawer if you want to use one.” He said gruffly as she guided him towards her entrance.

She smiled at him as she lined him up then slowly pushed down over him. “I’m on the pill and unless you have some disease I should know about.” She moved her body down more over him. “I think I want you bare back.”

Ryan threw his head back and closed his eyes as he felt her accept him. “Oh honey, no diseases. I just want you. Ride me baby.” He gripped her hips lightly as she continued to slowly move down over him. When he was completely inside her, he breathed raggedly as he held her against him. “Don’t move for a minute; let me feel you caress me.”

Lisa held herself still over him, reflectively tightening and loosening her muscles as she watched the lust on his face. When he loosened his grip on her hips, she slowly rose back over him and heard him moan. “Oh yea baby, fuck me.” He growled as she moved up and down over him. He bucked up with his hips, meeting her thrust for thrust as she slowly made love to him.

When she lowered her body down over him and brought her lips to his, he kissed her hungrily as he gripped her ass and pulled her over him repeatedly impaling her with his hard meat.

Lisa purred in his mouth as he filled her over and over. “Ryan, oh honey, fuck me.” She moved faster over him and felt him match her thrust for thrust.

It wasn’t long before she was bouncing violently over him while he drove far inside her. Her hands were pulling at her breasts while she screamed in pleasure. “Fuck me, I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” She cried as her body tightened around him and she flooded his cock as she had earlier flooded his fingers.

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