Ascent Into Bi Sex

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Non Nude

Another of my continuing adventures with stockings. My wife had decided that she preferred black men to me. I am the one to blame for it but it has all worked out for the best.

I have always had the most intense fetish for stockings, garterbelt and spiked heels. A couple from suburban Philadelphia started to correspond with me after my divorce with my wife. They wrote the most incredible letters about stockings and garter belt and I became obsessed with corresponding with them.

Walt and Nancy were both BI-sexual and Walt was also a transvestite. They would write stories about their swinging experiences with other men and couples. Some of their letters were 12 pages long and I could not wait to get a letter from them. They loved to be with others who had a passion for stockings. Walt asked if we could get together for a drink. I was all for it.

We met at small cocktail lounge that was central to both of us. I was a bit nervous when I saw them sitting at a small table in the corner but right off the bat they made me feel comfortable.

Walt was very slender, 5′ 9″ and 150 lb. Nancy was not very attractive but she had a body that you dream about. She had 36C breasts and a 22-inch waist but what really turned me on was her legs that was encased in black reinforced heel and toe nylons with five inch spiked sandals. She saw me looking right at her legs as I walked up to them.

I started to get a hard on before I sat down. After a few drinks we shared our experiences about stockings and swinging, I told them about my ex and her adventures. I also told them my fondness for cum. It was easy to see that we all had the same passions and they asked if I would like to join them at a local motel, which I agreed immediately.

Walt wanted to dress before Nancy and I arrived. He had told me at the table that under his suit he was wearing the same stockings that Nancy had on and the appropriate lingerie but he wanted to put on makeup and his dress. He suggested that Nancy and I give him about an hour while we got to know each Casibom other better.

As he left, he suggested that I move next to Nancy and enjoy the scenery.

While we talked Nancy took my hand and placed on her silky thighs and allowed me to stroke her nylons as we talked. I thought I would come in my pants as we talked.

She asked me if I had ever had sex with a man before and I told her no but that I had fantasized many times that I loved watching She-male videos. She told me how much she loved to see Walt with another man while he was dressed and how much he looked like a woman.

After about 45 minutes, she called the motel and said that we can go. As we got into my car, she hiked her dress up just to make sure I was in the mood for fun when we arrived. There was really no need as I was heightened sexually more than I had ever been before but it did not prevent me form continuing to stoke those gorgeous legs encased in those sheer black stockings.

As we pulled up to the motel, Nancy grabbed by cock and said I hope it’s full because it will be empty when we are done.

Seeing Walt as we entered the room I was stunned. I could not believe this was the same man I was talking to less than an hour ago in a bar. He was wearing a red spandex dress with red 5″ mules and short blonde wig. What lovely and sexy creature. Nancy went over and sat next to him on the bed and they kissed each other passionately as they stroked each other’s nylons.

I just stood there and watched. This was one of the most erotic sights I had even seen. It was just like two sexy women dressed as I always fantasize putting on a show for me.

Walt asked me to come to them and they unbuckled by pants to release my cock and they both started to lick and suck it. They took turns taking me into their mouths and Walt took me deeper into his mouth than I have ever been taken before. It was true that men suck better.

I was so turned on that I was unable to hold off and came within minutes. Nancy was the one who took my massive Casibom Giriş load into her mouth but did not swallow it, her and Walt kissed and sucked my come together and told me how good it tasted.

I had to rest on the other bed, Walt told me it was good to get that out of the way so the real sex could begin. He leaned over and we started to kiss. I ran my hands all over his nylons as we did. He pulled his dress over his head exposing his red bra, with see through panties and a matching garter belt. His cock was hard but relatively small about 5 inches.

I reached down and started to rub his cock through his panties. Nancy who had now joined on the bed told to me told me kiss Walt’s cock. I could not wait to get at her request. I have been fantasizing about this all day. I kneeled between those silky nyloned legs and slowly kissed him through his panties. I pulled down the panties and took his cock into my mouth.

It was so hot to be sucking a cock framed in a garterbelt. Walt like me before was so aroused at my sucking that he asked me “If I was ready for my first mouthful of sweet cum” There was no response from me other than to increase my sucking. I could feel him tense up and before I knew it there were salty streams of cum filling my mouth. Nancy moved down into position next to me and put her face to mine to share his treat with me.

Walt sat back on the other bed to rest as Nancy and I continued to kiss and fondle each other. I was in stocking heaven with my hands focused to those nylons of hers and as they knew I would be rock hard again.

It was our turn to please her. She raised up on the bed and straddled my face with her very wet pussy. My tongue probed deeply into her pussy. While I lick her, Walt took his position behind her and began to lick her asshole as I did her pussy.

She had two orgasms orally before she positioned herself on my cock. A slow rhythmic fuck began and Walt continued to lick her ass and my shaft simultaneously. Having cum earlier I was able to fuck her for an hour Casibom Yeni Giriş but enjoying every second of it. I loved those large breasts hanging in my face and licked and sucked her nipples rock hard. My hand, of course never leaving her stockings.

Nancy leaned down to kiss me and in doing that she put herself open to take Walt’s cock up her ass for a double fuck. She began moaning so loud that I thought the police would be called.

I could see Walt pounding her ass in the mirror on the wall next to the bed and it was sure a sight to behold. For the second time he was exploding into her ass and that sight cause me to cum right after in her pussy. Nancy rolled off of me and lay next to me on the bed.

Walt licked my cock of the excess cream then moved to Nancy and licked every drop of both our orgasms from her. Not wanting to be left out, I leaned over and began kissing him to share the creamy treat.

Nancy began kissing and stroking Walt’s nylons, as I kissed him and she and watched, I began to get hard again. I reached over and started to play with her nylon covered legs. She moved around and opened her thighs for me. I immediately buried my face between her legs, all the time watching her and Walt. Nancy began sucking his cock. Walt motioned me to slide around and we started a daisy chain of sucking.

As I brought her to another orgasm, she lay back moaning and I quickly started to suck Walt’s cock. The two of us just lay on our sides in the 69 position and sucked each other. I was really getting into it; I was taking him so deep into my mouth.

. I knew he was going to cum, he was bucking so hard that we almost fell of the bed. The first stream hit the roof of my mouth and as he continued to cum I rubbed him all over my face. Nancy joined me and started to lick the cum off my face and his cock and when she was finished we were both completely dry.

Nancy and I then made love together; she wanted me to cum on both their faces as they kissed. It was some evening. I came four times but the last was just a shiver in my cock. It was completely drained for all the actions.

We all parted friends and agreed to get together soon which we have three times. This experience has opened up a whole new avenue for me and I liked it very much.

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