Armored Love Ch. 08

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**I really hope you all enjoy this chapter. Thank you for the support and feedback**



The look on Bianca’s face was priceless as she hurried to Tony’s room to find something to cover her nakedness. Oh my God! Bianca thought as she heard Tony open the door. This was not the way that she wanted to meet his mother. Bianca was sure that Mrs. Marcato would know what they had been up to.

Tony looked over as Bianca rushed away, and all he could do was laugh. Tony knew that Bianca was worried about how she would look to his mother. His mother would find this amusing. Everyone thought she was just a down right bitch, but the truth was that she wasn’t. Oh don’t get it wrong Elena Marcato didn’t take any shit. She would tell you like it was no matter what, but she was by no means a bitch; people only perceived her that way because they could not handle the truth.

Tony knew for a fact that she would love Bianca. He just hoped his mother didn’t make Bianca uncomfortable with her open honesty. His Mama was not a bitch, but she was tactless.

Tony smiled as he opened the door.

“Hi, Mama.” Tony said as he pulled her into a tight hug.

“Hello Antonio, how is my son?” Elena asked hugging him back as he shut the door.

“I’m good. How about you?”

“Great, I’m Great. Now that your father is at home more.” Elena said as she looked around and noticed the way the area was in slight disarray.

She then looked back at Tony and noticed that he was shirtless and he had what looked like a fresh hickey. Hmmmm, she wondered what she had interrupted.

“That is great Mom. I’m happy that I can see you more now too. I have missed you.” Tony said as they took a seat on the sofa. That was the moment Bianca decided to come out of his room.

She had found some sweat pants, and a t-shirt. Both were baggy on her, but he had to say that she looked sexy as hell.

“Mama, I would like for you to meet my girl. This is Bianca.” Tony said proudly.

Bianca reached her hand out to shake Elena’s, but Elena looked at her hand like it was snake.

Elena then stood up and said,

“Girl, if you don’t give me a hug.” Elena pulled Bianca into a motherly hug. Bianca was taken aback by the affection. Her mother had never hugged her that way before.

“N…N..Nice to meet you Mrs. Marcato.” Bianca stumbled as she was released from the hug.

“Bianca, what a pretty name. And please sweetheart, call me Elena or Mama. If Tony didn’t send you away that means you’re special. He has never introduced any of his female friends.” Elena said smiling.

Bianca couldn’t believe that this was Tony’s mother ,she looked so young. But one could tell by the way she spoke that she had a wisdom that came with living. So that’s where he got his blond hair from, Bianca thought as they all took a seat.

At the same time Bianca was relieved that Tony’s mother wasn’t appalled at the the fact that she was black. To be honest she would have expected that his mother would have a problem with her because of her skin color, but fortunately she had been wrong.

“So, Tony tell me why you have been hiding her away.” Elena said.

“I have not been hiding her away. We just got back together actually.” Tony replied. He wondered why his mother was asking him questions that he knew she most likely already knew the answers to. Being married to a mob boss for over twenty years had taught her some things; she had resources and was not afraid to use them.

“Well you two make a lovely couple, but I came by to see how you’ve been. I know your father has been happy with your decision.”

Elena’s words proved that she already knew what was going on. She had just met Bianca, but he knew that she had known about her for awhile if she felt comfortable enough to speak in her company.

“Thanks Mom, and I know that Dad is happy now that I took over, but he needs to know that I am not going to do this forever. I want to have a life and I don’t want Bianca worrying so much.”

“Antonio that is understandable, but you have to understand that your father spent his life building this organization. You can not just throw it all away.” Elena said coming to stand in front of Tony.

Tony stood as well, before speaking his mind.

“Mom, I am not going to throw it away. I can either go legit or give the business over to Nic.” He waited for the outburst he knew was coming.

Elena took a quick look over at Bianca before she lit into Tony.

“You have to be fucking kidding me Antonio!? You know your father will not go for either of those things.”

“I don’t care what he thinks Mom. I have control now, so we will do one or the other!” Antonio knew it was coming before the stinging slap landed across his face. Elena slapped him so hard he could taste the blood in his mouth.

“Do not ever in this life raise your voice at me.” Elena said in an deadly voice.

“Look Mama I’m sorry for yelling, but what I says goes so there is nothing you or Dad fikirtepe escort can do about it.”

Elena took a deep breath knowing that he was right, and she had to admit that Tony had a good head on his shoulders. Out of her two boys he was the one who excelled at everything he put his mind to. Elena loved both her boys the same, but she knew that Nic didn’t have the know how to run the business. She knew he would fuck it up; she just hoped that Tony didn’t make any rash decisions.

“Tony, you know I love you. All I can say is just don’t do anything stupid, and make sure you talk your father first. I do not want him upset. Understand?”

“Yes, Mama. I completely understand.” Tony said leaning in to give his mother an hug. She hugged him back before turning to speak to the silent Bianca.

“Call me if he gives you any trouble sweetie. You two have to come over to the house soon, and have dinner.” Elena said as if she hadn’t just slapped Tony across the face and told him she loved him in the same minute.

Bianca shook off her shock before she spoke.

“Sure, we would love to have dinner. And I will make sure I call you if he makes me too mad.” Bianca joked as she and Tony walked Elena to the door.

“You do that. Well I will see you you two soon, ciao for now.” Elena said. Just as she was about to walk out the door Tony stopped her asked,

“Mom, would it be okay if Bianca parents came to dinner as well?”

Elena turned and made eye contact with her son for a few long moments before saying yes. Elena wondered what was up. She knew something was bothering him, but she guess she would find out when they all came to dinner.

“Thanks Mama, see you later.”


Who the fuck did Marcato think he was? Drago thought as he paced his office. He had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last month. And it was all do to Marcato. Drago had heard about him on the street, and had thought nothing of him because his father had never ever interfered with his business.

It seemed as if the younger Marcato wasn’t taking the same path. He had lost a fourth of his profit, and he didn’t like loosing money. Drago had been trying to work his way up the ranks for years and he had been one big deal away when Marcato had blew in and fucked up his operation.

Drago thought about what he was going to do to get what was owed to him. First he had to take out Marcato. And what better way to do that than to hit him where it hurts. Drago looked down at the the picture of the fine ass black woman in the picture. Her ass was his then he’d leave her piece by piece packed in FedEx boxes. He wondered how long it would take for Marcato to realize it was her.


Bianca had been nervous about asking her parents to have dinner with Tony’s family, but she asked anyway and was surprised that they accepted. She would not lie and say that after the dinner at their place weeks ago things had been strained. Bianca had a feeling that this dinner was not going to go any better. She just hoped her mother kept her hateful comments to herself.

Bianca looked up at the clock in her home office and realized that she need to start getting ready for the gathering. Antonio would be there to pick her up in less than an hour. She had decided to wear a pair of black legging with a red and black cashmere sweater dress that came to mid thigh. She paired her outfit with some low healed boots. Bianca applied some sheer gloss and mascara. She had to say she looked pretty good.

Just as she finished dressing she could hear the lock turning. Bianca had given Tony a key a few weeks ago, and he had given her one as well. They had began moving their relationship to another level. Them exchanging keys showed their trust in each other. Bianca had to admit that she was grateful to have someone in her life that she could trust. She had never had that before. Tony made her feel safe.

“Hey baby, are you ready to go?” Tony asked as he found her in front of her bathroom mirror. Bianca seemed to get prettier every time he saw her. She looked good in her clothes. Tony just had to look his fill.

Bianca smiled as he looked her up and down. His heated stare made her hot in all the right places. Before her thoughts turned too dirty she replied to his question.

“Yes, just let me grab my clutch and we can walk into the flames together.” Bianca said the last part jokingly. She just didn’t know how this dinner was going pan out.

Antonio tried soothing her worries by telling her everything would be fine, but Bianca had a feeling that it wouldn’t be. As quiet as it kept Tony had the same feeling.


In the next thirty minutes Bianca, Tony, and her parents were entering what could only be called a mansion. The house sat on at least 500 acres of land right on the outskirts of town. The landscaping was immaculate. Bianca’s parents looked around the immense lands in shock. Bianca gebze escort looked over at her mother while they all waited for someone to answer the door. Her mother looked as if she has just eaten a lemon.

Her face showed her jealousy. Bianca knew her mother would take her issues out her, she just hoped it wasn’t at dinner. Her thoughts were interrupted as Elena opened the door and welcomed them all inside. Behind her was Marcato looking suave in his expensive looking sweater and slacks

“Come in, Come in.” Elena said cheerfully as she hugged Tony and Bianca, something Bianca still wasn’t used to.

As they all made it inside and got settled,Bianca introduced her parents to Tony’s.

“Mr. and Mrs. Marcato these are my parents Richard and Juanita Adams.” Bianca said.

“Nice to meet you.”

Marcato responded shaking both of their hands. At that moment Tony inconspicuously locked eyes with his mother then nodded his head toward Juanita. Elena winked back at her son. She would be paying very close attention to Juanita Adams tonight.

“Likewise.” Richard said. As the two wondered off and started talking politics with Tony in tow, that left Bianca to fend for herself with her mother and Elena.

With an obviously fake smile, Juanita turned to Elena and said,

“You have a stunning home.”

“Thank you. My husband had it built for me about 20 years ago. I love this house.” Elena said smiling ever so sweetly.

“Bianca how have you been, I haven’t seen you in awhile? ” Elena asked turning towards her.

“I am doing good I guess.” Bianca said with a smile.

Before Elena could respond Juanita did.

“What do you mean you guess? You either know if you’ve been good or you don’t.”

Elena didn’t say anything she just watched, and waited for Bianca’s response. The only response was Bianca visibly tensing at her mothers words.

“Well, I am glad you are doing well sweetheart.” Elena finally said.

“Thanks and how about yourself?” Bianca asked wringing her hands.

“I am very well. Dinner should be ready shortly, so why don’t we make our way to the table, and wait for the men.” Elena said.

As Bianca and her mother followed Elena to the table Juanita whispered for only Bianca to hear,

“You need to go anywhere but near a table of food.” Bianca sucked in a shocked breath at her mothers unexpected words. It seemed as if she had been right. Her mother was going to hand it to her tonight. She just hoped that she wouldn’t embarrass her.

As the women sat down at the lovely cherry wood table, that could seat twelve people, the men walked in and joined them. The moment Antonio walked in the room Bianca locked eyes with him and he knew he shouldn’t have left her alone with her bitch of a mother.

As bad as he felt, Bianca was going to have to start standing up to her mother, or the woman would continue to belittle her. Tony was glad his mother was here she most definitely had a way with words; more so than Juanita Adams.

Tony took his seat beside Bianca and leaned into kiss her as he sat down. He could feel how tense her body was just by looking at her.

“You okay baby?” he whispered in her ear.

Bianca just nodded with a weak smile. They both knew that the night had just begun.

“So, Mr. Marcato what is it that you do for a living?” Juanita asked while quickly taking the bowl of potatoes from Bianca before she could put any on her plate.

The action didn’t go unnoticed by Elena or anyone for that matter. Richard cleared his throat and looked away. Richard was even weaker than Tony first thought. No matter the situation what man wouldn’t protect their daughter? That answer was obvious. Marcato lifted a brow and looked at Tony. He shook his head.

“Well, I am a retired businessman.” Marcato stated slowly.

Knowing that Juanita was fishing for attention. Her hatred of Bianca was very visible. He knew he didn’t like her or her husband. If that what you would call a man like Richard. He seemed like a man decent earlier, but in the presence of his wife he was….well he was a bitch. Marcato could tell that Juanita had Richard’s balls in a vice.

“It must be nice to have the free time then.” Juanita said with a smile. It quickly fell off her face as Elena pointedly looked at her and handed the potatoes back to Bianca.

“Bianca, you can’t just eat salad. Eat some meat too.” Elena said as she handed the potatoes to Bianca then placed a few beef slices on her plate.

“Potatoes have too much starch, she is already fat enough.” Juanita said as she took the potatoes back and placed the meat on her own plate. Bianca just sat there not saying a word. She didn’t want to feed into her mother ignorance. Bianca knew that if she tried to speak up for herself her mother would just keep attacking her. She didn’t want to be anymore embarrassed than she already was.

Just as Antonio was about to open his mouth to say something he thought better of it. This was the whole içerenköy escort reason he had invited Bianca’s parents.

He let his mother handle it.

Elena had been watching the whole exchange. This beautiful girl was sitting in front of her not believing in herself. She could tell when she first met Bianca that there was more beneath the surface.

So this was why. She had a verbally abusive mother and a weakling of a father. As Juanita said those words Elena could tell that Bianca believed her. Elena now knew what the problem was, and it wasn’t just hatred it was jealousy.

Elena had come to think of Bianca as her daughter. The only way Tony would bring a woman home was if he planned to marry her. If her son loved this woman then so did she, and she protected her family. Elena decided no to just watch any more; she spoke her mind.

“Mrs. Adams please tell me just who the fuck are you to tell this girl that she can’t eat some meat and potatoes.” Elena stated so calm and sweet that the whole table took a second to register what she said.

Bianca’s head snapped up and looked from Elena to her mother. Tony and Marcato just shook their heads and smiled because they had already known that Elena was going sink her teeth into Juanita. Tony had been counting on it. Richard just took in a shocked breath not saying a word.

Juanita’s reaction was a dumbfounded look on her face. Like she didn’t believe that Elena had spoken to her in such a way. She was about to say something when Elena cut off her response by answering her own question.

“You are a jealous bitch that’s who. I eat bitches like you for desert. I wish you would say something to me right now. I have watched you hurt this girl for the last hour , and I won’t stand for it any longer.” Elena said these heated words like she was in the most pleasant conversation.

Bianca couldn’t believe that Elena was standing up for her. Tony was the only person to ever stand up for her. She was brought out of her thoughts when Elena turned her eyes to her and gave what could only be the motherly advice of a mobsters wife.

“Bianca, I can say that I love you like a daughter already, but you have to learn to stand up for yourself. This bitch is your mother so I won’t tell you to hit her because you should never hit your mother. But you should give as good as you get. Call her out on her shit because I won’t do it again.” Elena said to Bianca with a rather serene smile.

Bianca knew that Elena was right. It made her feel good inside that someone had her back. She then realized that Elena was the only one besides Tony and occasionally her father that told her they loved her.

Just as Elena thought to to turn her deceptively calm wrath on Richard, Juanita actually had the nerve to raise her hand to slap Bianca as if it was her fault that Elena wasn’t taking any of her shit. And like she wasn’t the one to put her own foot in her mouth.

“You stupid little bitch.” Juanita said as her hand made resounding contact with the palm of Bianca’s hand.

Juanita was utterly stunned that Bianca caught her hand before she slapped her face. Bianca might let her mother belittle her but she wouldn’t let her hit her. It seemed as if time stood still as everyone looked at the two of them staring at each other.

Bianca stood and let go of her mothers’ hand. Her mother had never tried to hit her before. It made something click inside Bianca that should have clicked a long time ago. She could not let her mother do this to her any longer. And until her father got a fucking backbone she didn’t think she should talk to him.

Marcato suddenly spoke.

“Thanks for coming to dinner. It has been interesting, but I think it is time for you two to leave.”

Richard still didn’t speak as he pulled his wife out the door. By the look on his face he could tell that he was embarrassed by what his wife had done.

Tony looked up at Bianca and he knew it was also time for them to leave. He stood and pulled her into his arms. He loved her so much. He didn’t know anyone with her kind of self control.

“Thanks for dinner Mama. Dad.” Tony said as he hugged Bianca close. She still hadn’t spoken a word.

Elena knew her son was thanking her for much more.

“You know that you both are welcome anytime. Take care Bianca. If you ever need to talk, I am here.” Elena said giving both Tony and Bianca a hug.

Bianca knew that Elena meant what she said. Not only about being her confidant, but everything else that she had said as well. Bianca was coming to realize that she had to stand up for herself. Because if she didn’t take a stand on her own behalf, in the long run who would? Tony or Elena wouldn’t be there to stand up for her every time she was with her mother. It was time to make a change. The first step had been tonight. She thought as she and Tony said good night to Marcato.

Bianca was totally surprised when Marcato pulled her in to a tight fatherly hug. She shyly hugged him back.

“If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask, capisce?” Marcato said looking all gentle ben; a total contradiction to his normal wise guy persona.

Bianca nodded. A look passed between the Marcato men as Bianca and Tony walked out the door and into the night.

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