Aphrodite’s Shell Ch. 02

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Story till now: Marky was invited by his girlfriend Lolita Kwon, and her mother Dominique Kwon, on an erotic cruise ship. Although apprehensive about being on a giant boat for several week surrounded by several hundred horny vacationers, Marky has decided he must go to protect Loli from her ex-boyfriend, Marcus Black, and his sadistic girlfriend, Sophia Underland. Another problem is that Marky’s mother and sister will also be coming on the sex cruise.


Marky Day: a loser twenty year old college freshmen with low self-esteem despite somewhat good looks and an athletic build. Caucasian, skinny, brown hair.

Samantha Day: Marky’s very experienced mother. Large breasts, wide hips, long curly brown hair, typical milf.

Sadie Day: Marky’s popular tomboy sister, twenty-five years old. tall and long legged, large breasts, short brown bobbed hair

Lolita Kwon: Marky’s cute, spunky, and loveable Korean-American girlfriend. Nineteen years old. Tan skin, large dark eyes, and short black hair with long bangs.

Dominique Kwon: Lolita’s dangerous, Amazonian mother. Possibly a former gangster. Long black hair, cold eyes, many scars, and tattoos of dragons and naked women on her arms.

Marcus Black: Marky’s estranged childhood friend, Lolita’s ex-boyfriend, and current varsity quarterback. Twenty-two year old African-American.

Sophia Underland: Marcus’s current girlfriend and incredibly wealthy heiress, rumored to be sadistic and evil beyond imagining. Twenty-one years old. Long silver hair, ivory skin, and orgasmic body.


I couldn’t believe what I was wearing. Even though I was alone in the changing room, with nothing but a mirror to bear witness, I felt insanely embarrassed. The swimsuit I was trying on had less material to it than a bandana. It was a black, elastic thong that barely covered my cock and nutsack. Worse, it was so tight that I could see every detail of my junk outlined, and the pressure was starting to give me an erection, which in turn pushed the material deeper into my ass. I felt like I was being raped, and by a fucking swimsuit no less!

“Mom,” I whined over the changing room door. “I can’t wear this! Are you crazy! Get me a real swimsuit!”

“Stop being such a baby,” my mom called back, suppressing a snicker. “We’re going on a sex cruise, people are going to be naked and fucking each other all over the place. You should show some skin. Covering up would probably make you stand out more.”

“Mom,” I whined again. I whispered through the door, “can you please be quieter about the cruise. I don’t want everyone knowing I am going to be on a giant boat full of perverts for two weeks with my mother and sister.”

“Oh, honey, don’t be embarrassed. Most boys your age would be jealous knowing that you’re going out to sea with a bunch of horny sluts. Besides, it’s a hell of a lot less embarrassing than staying at home all summer jerking off to that Japanese cartoon porn like you normally do.”

“Mom! Shut up!”

“What’s it called? Henpai? Hentee? Hentai? Well it’s pretty pathetic whatever it is.”

“Mom! Be quiet! And you can’t criticize, I know you use to be a fucking porn star, so what’s the difference?”

“The difference is that I was getting fucked by real cocks, eating actual pussy, meeting actual people, and sleeping with actual women. Hot women too. I got more pussy in one weekend then you’ve probably had in your entire life. I wasn’t diddling myself to some stupid looking cartoon character with pink hair and giant eyeballs.”

“Mom!” By this point I was sure the whole store was listening. My mom hadn’t even lowered her voice the slightest. “Can you please shut the fuck up and get my a real swimsuit?” Mom was silent for a few seconds. I knew I had offended her and I was worried she’d make a scene. She had before.

“Fine,” was all she said. “But these are the only swimsuits I’m getting for your faggot ass.” She tossed and arm full of men’s swimwear over the door, most of it hitting my head. “I’m going to go look for your sister and have her help me find something sexy. Last time I saw her she was flirting with that dyke looking bitch over at sales.” And with that my mother left.

I sorted through the garments my mother had thrown at me and was disappointed to see that they were all thongs. There wasn’t an inch of material to cover my ass in the pile. Even if I stitched them all together it would only cover me as much as a pair of boxers. Giving up, I decided to just try them on and find one that didn’t make me feel like I was getting fingered up my ass.

I peeled down the black, elastic thong I was wearing and tossed it aside. Catching myself in the mirror I was not completely disappointed with what I saw. I ran a lot and lifted weights so my physique was slim and healthy. I had bad posture though, always did, and my mother always said men with bad posture never got laid. I had absolutely no facial hair and very little body hair, so even though I was twenty-two people still thought bayan esmer escort bursa I was some fresh faced fifteen year old. I had just stopped developing in junior high, it seemed.

The worst part was my penis. Currently it was just a little hairless nub, hanging above my smooth, hairless ballsack. Even fully erect it only gets to five inches. I use to think that five inches was good until the first time I had watched a porno with Marcus, back when we were still friends. He was just starting to ‘develop’ from his high-school-nerd phase to his college-stud phase, and when I saw his cock I was blown away. It was a ten inch monster, as thick around as my wrist. I shouldn’t have looked at him, looking is gay, but I couldn’t help it.

When a scene came on with two hot blondes 69ing each other we were both ready to blow. I came in my hand with three quick little spurts. When I was jerking it, my cock was mostly covered by my hand. Marcus by comparison was a human volcano. He used both hands to jerk off, he needed to, and when he came he had to bite down on something to stop from screaming. His cock was like a fire hydrant, shooting five long strands of semen so far across the room that he painted the wall. He apologized and cleaned up later, and I had pretended to be angry about the wall to cover up the fact that I was actually angry about our size difference.

I tried to ignore the memories that were coming back. They only made me worry more that Marcus was going to steal Loli from me. I was worried that one hit from that cock and she’d be hooked on him like a heroin junky, there were plenty of other girls at school who were.

As I sorted through the pile of thongs, trying a few on, I eventually settled on one. It had a bit more materiel than the others (but not much), and it was thicker so my unimpressive cock was a little less outlined. The material was a little embarrassing though. It was a metallic green, and reflected the light like a well polished penny.

I reached for my clothes, only to discover that my mom had taken them from off of the door. “SHIT!” All I had was my green metallic thong, and nothing else, to wear. I thought about just waiting around for mom to come back, but I didn’t know when that would be, and I knew theses changing stalls had a time limit. Pretty soon one of the attendants would come by to collect the clothes I had tried on, and if I didn’t have my own clothes with me they might think that I was a pervert or a thief or a communist something. I had to find mom and get my clothes back.

I took a deep breath, and with my heart beating like a runaway train I walked out of the changing stall. Luckily there weren’t a lot of consumers in this corner of the store. I could hear some girls chatting nearby, but I was sure I could avoid them. Like a nude ninja I crept through the store. I was surprised how good I actually felt. The cold air of the store felt good on every inch of my skin, despite the fact that it made my nipples stand out and cock shrink down to its smallest size.

“Hey, nice thong.” A girl’s sarcastic voice came from behind me. I turned around to see two girls looking right at my ass. Both of them were fashionably dressed, blonde, and obviously both a little slutty.

“Yeah,” the other one responded. “I like how it’s all shiny and shit. Do you think your boyfriend would look good in a thong like that.”

“No. Chad’s cock is like eight inches long and his balls are as big as apricots. No way he’d fit them in that little pinky pocket.”

“Yeah, this fag must be hung like a field mouse. Hey bitch,” she said to me, “when you fuck your girlfriend can she feel it?”

“Ha ha. Yeah. When you were born did they think you were a girl?”

“Do you need to use a rubber band when you put a condom on?”

“You have to put the toilet seat down to piss, right?”

Finally fed up with these bitches I walked away. No longer trying to be sneaky or anything, I just didn’t want to take this abuse anymore. “Fuck you!” I yelled back at them.

“Couldn’t even if you tried!” one yelled back, and then they broke out into laughter.

My cock wasn’t that small. At least Loli didn’t think so. That was what I loved about her. When we had sex she never even mentioned it, and she didn’t ignore it either. She gave incredible blowjobs. I am sure some of the other guys she’s fucked had bigger cocks, but when the time came to pick a boyfriend she picked me. We had a pretty open relationship though, but she always came back to me. Since we’ve been together I think she’s been with twelve or thirteen other guys, whereas I’ve only been with two other girls. Not that I’m keeping score or anything. With any luck I’d close that gap on the cruise though.

Finally I heard my mom and sister talking. I could see my sister leaning against the checkout counter, her back turned to me. I could tell it was her, even leaning over she was very tall and long legged, and her short, bob cut was bursa ucuz eskort pretty unique. It was hard not to star at her amazing, heart shaped ass in her ridiculously tight jeans. Especially since the jeans had large holes in the back, revealing both ass cheeks.

“There you guys are,” I said. “Can I please get my clothes back. It’s embarrassing walking around like this.”

“Hey, little bro. Nice thong. Green is a good color on you.”

“You see, I knew he’d pick one out eventually,” my mom said with her know-it-all tone. I was about to ask her for my clothes back when I finally saw what she was wearing.

“Holy shit, mom!” She was wearing a skimpy one piece that only covered her front, the back was nothing by two pieces of string that disappeared down the crack of her large ass. What little material covered her front was pointless too, as the material was white and practically transparent. I could see all of my mother’s nipples and vagina perfectly, including her vaginal piercing.

“What do you think, sweetie? I haven’t worn a swimsuit like this since my old acting days.”

My sister answered first. “I think it’s fucking hot mom. Every guy in here is ready to cream their pants looking at you. We’ll be lucky to make it to the parking lot without you getting gang-raped.”

“Thank you Sadie, that is so sweet,” my mother said before leaning over and giving my sister a kiss. My sister responded with her tongue, and one of her hand started caressing my mother’s large tits. The kiss probably went a little longer than other woman had expected it to, but I could tell they were both horny. My sister was right though. I looked around and every man within visual distance was staring. Their wives and girlfriends didn’t look so happy.

They finally broke the kiss when the “dyke looking bitch” (as my mother had described her) returned to the desk. She was actually pretty hot, I thought. She was about my sister’s age, maybe older, and a little shorter but she had bigger tits. Her hair was blonde and cut in a stylish, kinda punk way. She had several piercings in each ear, one ring in her lower lip, purple lipstick, and heavy mascara.

“Here’s the micro thong bikini you asked for. We have it is blue, purple, and green,” the dyke bitch said.

“Oh, gimme that green one,” my sister clapped excitedly. “It’ll mach my brother’s. We’ll be thong twins.” That comment made me embarrassed. Here I was, still standing in a green thong and nothing else, next to my nude ex-pornstar mother in the middle of a clothing store. The dyke bitch looked me over and smirked. What was the bitch smirking about?

My sister recaptured the dyke bitch’s attention with a less-than-subtle hand on her breasts. “Do you think you could come help me try this on? I’ve never worn something so skimpy and I’m worried my pussy will show,” my sister asked while batting her eyes and biting her lower lip. Before the dyke could answer my sister started walking to the changing rooms, the micro bikini slung over her shoulder, swaying her round ass with every sexy step. The dyke never answered verbally, but she was visible hot and bothered. She followed my sister like a sleepwalker, totally ignoring mom and me.

“I can’t believe that sister of yours,” mom said angrily. “I gave her that perfect, slutty body and all she does with it is go after carpet-lickers and rug-munchers. She should be using that ass to bag some rich boyfriend who will buy shit for her, not some hipster slut who is probably so poor she has to share a dildo with her roommates.”

“Why would she? I’m pretty sure Sadie is a lesbian–” I knew I shouldn’t have said that, but it was too late. My mother’s hand shot out like a cobra and reached down the front of my thong. Her iron-hard nails put a vice around my testicles and cock.

“What the fuck did you just say, you little shit?” Did you just use the ‘L-word’ in front of me?” My mom’s voice wasn’t very motherly just then. She sounded like one of those movie murderers before they stab some cheerleader to death. Her grip on my balls tightened.

“Ouch! Sorry, sorry. But what is the problem. You use to fuck girls all the time, you still do sometimes– OUCH!” My words were cut off as one of her nails dug into my cock shaft. For some reason this was arousing me, and the harder my cock got the worse it hurt. My mother wasn’t loosening her grasp.

“I fuck lots of people, because I’m a fucking pornstar and I’m fucking hot, but I still go after the cock. Pussy just happens. Men prove they’re men by the quality and quantity of women they fuck. Women prove they’re women by using their sex to control men.” Her grip tightened, my cock expanded. “You’re not a man because you only get your dick wet when Loli arranges for it to get wet. You’re her pet. Her bitch. Your sister could be a biggest heartbreaker in this town if she wanted to, but she wastes her time in that apartment with her hipster friends listening to crappy music and getting bursa anal yapan escort high. You both suck.”

She slowly withdrew her hand, her nails scraping across my balls and cock sharply, but not cutting the skin. I know my mother could have castrated me if she had wanted to. I was still afraid when I realized that I had peed a little, some of it getting on her hand. Instead of hurting me more, she simply sniffed her hand, then licked it clean. The sight of it kept my cock hard.

“Lets go get your sister,” she said, and I followed her.

As we walked to the changing rooms we crossed paths with those two bitchy sluts who had made fun of me a few minutes earlier. I thought they were going to launch a new series of insults when they saw me still in my little thong next to my near-naked mother. I hoped they wouldn’t smell that I had peed myself a little.

But instead of laughing they just stared, especially at my mother. “Oh my god, the lady is fucking hot,” one said. “Her tits are perfect. I hope I look half as good as her when I’m her age,” said the other. “Do you think I would look good in that bathing suit?” asked the first. “No way,” the second answered, “you’d need a body like hers to fill it out.” One of them starting moaning a littile. “OMG, she has the sexiest pussy piercing. God I wish I was brace enough for that.”

I couldn’t believe it. These two bitches were wetting themselves over my mother. I could see my mother smirking as she overheard them. She turned around and addressed them both. “Hey girls, I couldn’t help but overhear you complementing me. Do you really think this suit looks good on me.” She puffed out her chest, straining the material of her suit to the point of breaking, her nipples poking out. Then she changed directions so they got a full view of her ass.

Despite my mother’s previously stated hatred for homosexuals, she was using every trick in the book to seduce these two mall sluts. It was working two, one of them looked like she was about to have an orgasm at any moment. The other looked like she had been drugged. A line of drool escaped from her pouty, lip-gloss covered mouth. My mother smirked again. She knew these sluts were ripe.

“Here,” my mom said, handing them a card from her purse. “You two are too young to recognize me but I use to be a pretty well known pornstar. Samantha Day. Look it up. Your parents probably fucked like crazy while watching my movies. This card has my old agent’s number and address on it. You two should give him a call or stop by. I think you have some real potential.”

“R-really,” one of the hypnotized sluts stuttered.

“Oh yeah. I would have fucked your brains out on set in those days, believe me. And look at what you did to my son. The sight of you alone gave him that woody he sprouted and can’t get rid of. Now I need to take him into the bathroom and drain him of all that sap because of you two.” My mom pointed at me, at mu erect penis pitching a tent in my thong. The girls looked at me like they didn’t recognize me. All they saw was a pornstar’s son.

“We’ll give your agent a call. We promise. Our names our–” But before they could say their names my mom turned around and left. Leaving the two sluts in stunned, unbelievably horny silence. I followed my mom, but I noticed a dark spot forming around one of the girl’s crotches. She must have had an orgasm, and was apparently a squirter.

I caught up to mom. “What was that about?”

“My old agent pays me commission for any talent I send his way. Girls like that aren’t worth much. He’ll probably bang them a couple times, get them hooked on blow, then throw them into the gutter where they belong, giving blowjobs to homeless guys for a line of coke. I’ll get my cut though.”

And that, in a nutshell, was my mom.

When we finally got to the changing rooms we could hear some loud orgasmic screaming coming from one of the stalls. We must have gotten there right at the climax because it was just dying down. A moment later a door swung open and my sister came out wearing the skimpiest green bikini I had ever seen. I don’t even know how it could stay on her body without glue. I could see behind her in the stall was the dyke bitch, completely naked, sweating profusely, eyes rolled up in the back of her skull, tongue loose, and completely fucked out.

“Like my new bikini mom?”

“It’s fine,” my mom was still angry about her daughter’s Sapphic hookup. “Let’s hurry up and go pay for these suits before your brother ruins his with semen,” she said reaching down and getting a tight grasp on my full five inch erection, tugging on it slightly.

“Pay?” my sister asked in her fake little-girl voice. “But mommy, why should we pay when this nice lady here can buy them for us,” she indicated the dyke bitch. My sister then held up the woman’s employee credit card. “This thing has two thousand dollars on it. Let’s do some shopping.”

“You crazy slut, I love you,” my mother said and she took Sadie in an embrace as the kissed like two sex-starved lesbians. Perhaps unconsciously, my mother kept her hand on my cock and she began pumping it like no other woman ever has. Within seconds I was spurting my cum like a water-gun, ruining my thong. It was one of the best orgasms of my life (pathetically) and I was completely out of it for a few seconds, my legs barely keeping me up.

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