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Big Tits

Sitting alone in your Bogotá apartment on Christmas Eve, the heat is stifling and the tequila is going down smoothly as you decorate the imitation tree your mom sent you when she found out you wouldn’t make it home for the holidays. Mom being mom, also sent Christmas DVD’s, lots of packages dressed up with pretty paper, ribbons and bows. You turn on the DVD’s and let your hips sway to the music. Being hot you are in nothing but a pair of boxers and tiny tank that reveals more than hides.

Looking out the living room window you see your neighbour across the way sitting on the couch watching TV. You smile thinking about him and how nice he would be as a Christmas present. Joaquin, tall, muscular, dark, mysterious, feral, primal, the thought of him makes your thong wet. After months of watching him, tormenting him with sensual erotic exhibitions choreographed for his eyes alone. You know you want him, have to have him but how? Your mind begins to plan, imagine, and wander down illicit carnal paths. You let it as it has been almost a year since you had been with a man and your stock dividends in Duracell has gone up in that time. Tonight was one night you wanted a real man and Joaquin was it.

Finding the right DVD you put it on and let the sound, heat, cravings and desire guide your movements. Letting your delicate shapely hands slide down over your silky body, you lean forward rising slowly exposing yourself through the window. Sheers are drawn and the glittering lights from the tree illuminate you. Lifting your arms you begin to spin, turning throwing your head back with a throaty moan that is full of lustful promise you dance. Bending forward you show Manavgat Escort Bayan him your firm ripe breasts as you can barely see the outline of your ripening nipples. You come down slowly spreading your long shapely legs onto the rough wool rug. Grabbing your breasts you knead them harshly wincing with pain, before your fingers roughly pinch pull and twist your nipples to make them erect. Groans of pleasure mix with moans of pain as your legs spread wide. You slide forward on the rough wool rug, and then you arch your back up letting your head fall back. You feel your sweet spot dampen, moaning seductively at the sensation you rise swaying to music. Lush hips move slowly to the tempo as the heat of the tequila fires your blood, awakening your body and igniting your soul as your eyes stay fixed on Joaquin.

Twirling, swaying entwining arms above your head to display yourself, your long hair flows about you. Stopping in front of the window you mischievously offer your breasts to him. Gliding out of view then back again, your hands playfully pinching nipples as your devilish grin sparkles in your eyes. Placing two fingers in your mouth you lick them, moistening before rolling your hardened nipples firmly between them, your hips gyrating an invitation to Joaquin. Sliding your hands over your taunt torso you feel the taunt engorged nipples beneath the flimsy tank, you smile at the feel.

Lowering yourself to floor the feel of the rough wool rug excites you as you slip your mound along it. Moving slowly towards the window and Joaquin you purr as you beckon him with your finger. Then you pop it into your mouth, sucking it, moistening Manavgat Escort it before removing it, you lower the strap of your tank exposing your wanton breasts. Lightly tracing your erect nipple, your other hand trails down over your body caressing it as you turn. You run your long delicate fingers through your hair, moaning your want. Spinning to the music, you stop and slide to the floor, spreading your legs wide to give a peek at what is offered. Running your hands between your muscular shapely legs you slip a finger along moistened lips, letting the other one slide up pinching your nipples to greater hardness. You cup your breasts then tug at your tank feeling very constricted. You hear the fabric rip as you pull at it. Humming the tune as you spin twirl and sway for Joaquin, licking your lips to moisten them, you finish ripping your tank and dropping the torn item to the floor. Looking up you see him watching you. Cupping your breasts you offer them to him and mouth the words, “Do you like?”

Moving back you spin and twirl then stop with your back to him. Bending forward your hands glide up the smooth back of your legs. *CRACK* you smack your ass hard leaving a hand print. Your long hair swirls around your glistening body as you fall on hands and knees, round plump ass spearing seductively at Joaquin. Looking back seductively you moisten your lush red lips with your tongue. His smile is hungry and ready for you but not yet you want him ready to explode.

Turning you move away, hips swaying to the rhythm of the music, you run your fingers through your hair, caressing and smoothing your hands over your warm lustful flesh. Escort Manavgat Body keeps winding, twisting as you teasingly pull down your boxers below your ass for a brief second-long enough to flash a view of what is underneath before pulling them off and kicking them across the floor. Spreading your legs you put your hands in the air standing still for Joaquin’s appraisal, and then you turn ever so slowly to reveal all. Kneeling in front of the window spreading your legs wide, arching your back your body sways to the cadence of lovers. Placing two fingers between swollen pink lips you move as they rub slowly teasing your awakening clit. Biting your lower lip as the sensation engulfs you filling your thoughts and senses with virile Joaquin. Sliding your fingers to and fro, taunting, tormenting your clit, your moans of desire become louder more consistent as your pulse quickens, your breath is but short gasps. Slipping your fingers within your anxiously awaiting pussy you feel your muscles close around your fingers pulling them in. Cupping your breast you pinch and twist your nipple harshly pulling a yelp from you. Fingers moving in and out faster and faster as you feel yourself start to stiffen. Your body arching as the uncontrollable passion engulfs. Bucking and churning your voluptuous body starts to weave about in a sensuous manner.

Turning you swivel your sweet shapely tight ass for him to admire before spinning back to face him. Sitting back on your knees you lean forward, cupping your luscious breasts with both hands, squeezing the firm pliable flesh beneath your grasp; offering them to Joaquin with a wanton smile, Standing, you toss your riotous mass of hair back, it flows down around you concealing and revealing you as you turn and look into his eyes. You crook your finger at him beckoning him to you; you see the hunger in his eyes, the want in his stance and his nod of acceptance before moving to his apartment door.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32