Long Live The Quean Ch. 02

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Jay and Sarah came home from the gym, tired and sweaty. She worked out in a loose grey tank top with a hot pink sports bra peeking out from around the collar, hugging her small, but perky a-cup breasts. The yoga pants she wore clearly defined her thin and tight rear and thighs she had, though the tank top obscured this. She often felt self-conscious at the gym, especially when they worked with their new personal trainer.

“Ally worked us pretty hard today,” Jay said. He wore his usual shorts and tank, which showed off his biceps and chest. Lately, he hadn’t been making much gains as much as just maintaining, but his arms were well-defined.

As they unshouldered their gym bags and dropped them near the door, he caught the playful look in Sarah’s eyes.

“Oh? How hard did she get you?”

They walked through the living room to their kitchen, where Jay got out two glasses. He began filling them from the fridge dispenser. “She’s attractive,” he said carefully. “But if I don’t focus during squat lifts, I could fall flat on my ass. With a chub poking out.”

“An impressive chub,” she said, stepping behind him. “Your thick, girthy chub…” She began to rub his crotch through the gym shorts.

He smirked. “You know that ‘chub’ is not great for sexy talk, right? It’s kind of silly.”

“But didn’t Ally look good today though?” She continued. “She’s got such a sexy body.”

“She does spend all day working out. It’s part of her job requirements,” I said.

“Abs, long legs, big tits,” she said. “I was worried you were really into her…” and she paused here. “Daddy.”

This had been happening nearly every time they had a workout session with Ally. Sarah couldn’t help but fantasize about how inadequate she was compared to their trainer. It usually culminated in a quickie before their shower since it so reliably got her wet.

“You’re not wrong,” he said, handing her a glass. “Her body makes yours look like a little girl.”

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“I know,” Jay said. “How big would her tits be on your chest?”

She looked down, raising her hands with palms inward as she measured out. She went out far, too far, by Jay’s eye, indicating how big their personal trainer’s assets would sit on her thin frame. It would be cartoonish.

“About here, Daddy.”

“Yeah,” he said, sipping his glass with one hand. The other hand slapped her left breast. “I can’t even tit fuck this.”

Her knees ground together as she swallowed, a touch of pink touching her pale cheeks. “I know. Sorry, Daddy.”

He gripped her face, thumb and fingers pressing in on her cheeks, hard enough to make her open her mouth. “And she’s sexy. A full-grown woman. You think you’re all cutesy with this stupid face.”

He gave a light slap on her cheek, enough to demean without much physical pain.

“Tell me what else makes Ally better than you,” Jay put a couple of his fingers into her mouth, fish-hooking her and distorting her mouth as she talked so her words were garbled.

“… urk.. Er… asth es etter…”

“Yes, her ass is better, isn’t it? Show me your flat booty.”

She turned around obediently, bending forward slightly. He slapped it with an open palm. “God, it’s so fucking worthless. There’s nothing here. Your ass is worthless. Your tits are worthless. Why the fuck should I be with you?”

She bowed her head, “I don’t know. I’m…”

“You make my cock hard.”

She raised her head, arched her back, and looked up at him with a big pleased smile. “I do, Daddy?”

“You do. Do you know how you do that?”


“By being a stupid cunt, who’s willing to do stupid things to make me hard.”

She bit her lip, whimpering slightly. “Yes, Daddy. Always.”

“Do something now. Make me hard. Your tits and ass aren’t going to work. Do something dumb.”

She was often quite bad at thinking on her feet in these situations, which was understandable. Their dynamic was such that he often took the reins and directed things, so she always stumbled when she had to think of something to do even though they had a long list of things they’d done before. He always enjoyed watching her struggle.

“I… uh…” She turned around and looked at him, uncertainty in her eyes.

“Come on, you stupid cunt, do something.”

In a near panic, she slapped herself. She smiled again, but this time it was a forced one that put him in mind of a kid being told to smile for a family photo. It was a smile that was too wide with too much teeth, a parody of the usual representation of contentment.

He loved her beautiful face, but he couldn’t help it that seeing such a beautiful thing twisted and warped into something silly or stupid – by his fingers, his cock, or service to debasing herself for him, always made him hard.

However, he gave her no feedback. He didn’t say that he was pleased or displeased. He just glared at her silently. Her smile fell, and she swallowed. Then she stuck her fingers into the corners of her mouth, stretching it out.

He almost smiled at Bostancı Escort her, but instead flatly stated. “Tell me about your education.”

She removed her fingers, and cleared her throat.

“Put your fingers back. Actually, try to swallow your fist while telling me your resume.”

Her hand was small, but her mouth was also small. She began to try to cram her fingers down her throat with real effort, gagging at first, but recovering enough to say, “I graduated magna cum laude seven years ago from the University of California, Berkeley. (translated into English from Stupid Whore.) I then graduated from medical school there with honors, as part of Alpha Omega Alpha 4 years ago. I’m now chief resident in my department at…”

She was coughing and gagging through all this.

“Look at you, a grown-ass woman. A doctor and a respected member of the medical community, acting like a stupid whore to get a cock hard. But you know the worst part?”

He pulled up her tank top and reached into her pants roughly, cupping her damp quim. “It’s how fucking wet it makes you.”

Jay took his hand, wet with her cunt juices, and smeared it over her cute little nose and mouth. “You’re fucked up in the head. Any normal person would be disgusted by this. Not act like a fucking btich in heat.”

He slapped her again, once again, lightly to demean but not physically harm. He looked down further, and noticed that her knees were spread, with one hand stuck into her pants as she jilled herself.

“I know, I’m sorry…”

“No one else will want you. I’m only with you because you make money, and you let me fuck other women who are actually worth my time and cock.”

Her hands began to move faster, knees wobbling. “I’m sorry, Daddy. Can I come… please?”

On a normal day, he would’ve said yes, and then he too would get off using her overly sensitive cunt as she squirmed and cried from the overstimulation. But today called for different plans.

“Stop it!” He barked out. Her eyes widened in surprise and she withdrew her trembling, wet fingers.

Her eyes fluttered open as she tried to focus on him, a pleading look on her face. “But… please, Daddy…” she said in her most humiliating, little girly voice she could muster. “I was so good though…”

There was a knock at the door, which jolted Sarah into a panic. “Oh shit, I better get upstairs and change.”

“No. Take off your bra and your panties. Put the tank and yoga pants back on, then answer the door.”

“What? But…” she flushed a deeper red, one more of genuine embarrassment than of arousal.


She swallowed and quickly did as she told, “I mean, it’s probably just someone dropping off a package…”

The knock came again. “Go ahead,” Jay went to the living room, with a clear view of the door and sat down on the chair adjacent to their loveseat.

Sarah went to the door and opened it.

In it stood a gorgeous woman of amazonian beauty. Sculpted firm legs in tights with a midriff showing chiseled abs below hemispherical tits that suggested medical intervention, and above them, a beautiful womanly face, tastefully done up in skillfully applied subtle makeup with an undercut short blonde hair style..

It was Ally, of course, and Sarah’s jaw lowered. She looked down automatically, a subconscious show of deference to such a superior woman and gasped when she saw her nipples, hard as pebbles clearly welcoming their visitor. She awkwardly crossed her arms and smiled, “Ally! How are – I mean, what’re you up to?”

And this woman looked down at Sarah, due to their height differences, and the expression on Ally’s face seemed… knowing and confident, as if she could read into her head and see how small, little, and defeated Sarah felt.

“Sarah!” Ally took a large step forward, and with powerful arms, grasped her in a friendly but firm hug. Sarah could only think of the woman’s breasts, dwarfing her own in contact. Could only think of how Jay’s cock would fit between them and get a real tit fuck. “How are you?”

Sarah had to wrench her eyes upward to Ally’s face, and smiled awkwardly in return. “Good. Jay and I were just talking about how hard you got us.”

“Worked us,” Jay supplied from the living room.

“Yes!” Sarah’s face turned red. “How hard you worked us!”

If Ally noticed this slip, she didn’t let it show. She reached into her gym bag she carried and pulled out something slim and dark brown. “You left your wallet, Jay. I just thought I’d run it to you since it was on my way.”

“Oh wow!” Jay came up beside Sarah. “I can’t believe I did that.”

And in a more clear state of mind, Sarah would have noticed that Jay’s voice seemed a little off – a bit rehearsed perhaps, or unnatural. But instead, her heart was pounding and she felt like she was shrinking before this fine specimen of woman, melting away between her legs. She felt light-headed.

“It was so nice of you to do that,” Sarah said, eager to end this conversation. “You didn’t have to come out all this Anadolu Yakası Escort way…”

“Do you want to come in for a bit?” Jay asked. “Have a bit of water or something before you go?”

“You know,” Ally said, “that sounds great. I’d love to!”

Their personal trainer walked in, all swagger and powerful sexy grace. Sarah’s eyes were drawn to the woman’s ass, her running shorts so high up that the bottom curve of her ass was visible. It was rounder and fuller than her own, firmer and more muscular. Ally was just more woman, more womanly, and just…

“You guys have such a cute place,” Ally said, turning around to Sarah, who had to wrench her eyes upward to maintain polite eye contact. Her mouth felt dry as she swallowed.

“Thanks!” Sarah managed.

“Get our guest a glass of water,” Jay said.

And it was here that Sarah’s mind, addled as it was by the social awkwardness and being on the verge of orgasm less than a minute before, was able to pick up that something was off. Jay would’ve gotten a glass of water for Ally himself. He wouldn’t have asked her.

“Yes,” Daddy, she mouthed the word to him and he nodded at her. Acknowledging her efforts in an almost dismissive way, which made her insides flutter.

He’s doing this on purpose, rubbing her in my face. Showing me what a real woman looks like. Ally’s younger, hotter, and better than me.

Sarah had to focus just on walking and holding the glass of water. She could feel the submissive side of her, demanding she crawl, spread her legs, get on her knees, or speak in a stupid girly voice. It took a lot of effort to remember to be normal.

Correction, she thought, to appear normal.

“I’m very impressed with the progress you two have made,” Ally was saying. She gestured at Sarah, looking her up and down, and Sarah had to resist the urge to stand with eyes down, feet together, arms at her side to be inspected, like her Daddy sometimes did.

“Thanks!” Jay said. “We’ve never had a personal trainer before. We’ve done the gym thing, but… I guess we didn’t realize how effective it is. Plus it breaks up the monotony of it just being the two of us, having a third.”

Jay was doing that thing where he wasn’t looking at Sarah anymore, pointedly. He was reserving his gaze for the alpha female in the room, but his body was turned towards the both of them. It was a deliberate slight to her, letting her know that given the choice, he’d rather looking at this other woman.

“I’m glad you took the chance on me,” Ally was saying.

“It was actually Sarah who convinced me to pick you from all the trainers there.”

“Oh really?” Ally smiled, turned to Sarah and laid an arm on her shoulder. “That’s so sweet. What made you pick me?”

“Oh! Uh…” Sarah remembered that moment. She had told Jay, look at how much bigger her tits are. It was one of those games that Sarah played with him where she had the upper hand for a bit, trying to get him to have an erection in public. “Just how big your chest – chest muscles and arms are. And how nice you seemed. You seemed more approachable than the other trainers. They seemed so intense.”

That last part was actually true, and the real reason why they chose her.

“I’m glad to be working with you guys. I’ve worked with couples before, but I really look forward to working with you two,” she said.

Sarah gave the woman the glass of water, unable to help checking out her toned arms as she did so.

“Anyway, I came because I wanted to try to actually sell you guys on a service we offer. You could upgrade your package to include massages, which can be pretty great after a hard workout.”

“Oh yeah?” Jay asked. “Do you give them?”

“I don’t normally, but I’m here because I wanted to give a demonstration.”

Before Sarah could process this, much less give an excuse about their schedule or anything, Ally had walked back to the door where she had left a large, covered, cube-shaped package. It was large and Sarah would have had problems even trying to carry it, even if she could lift it easily, which judging by the way it swung and how Ally’s arms tensed, she probably couldn’t.

“A demonstration?” Jay asked.

“Yeah, giving sore muscles a massage can feel really good and help you recover faster.”

“This is great,” he said. “Sarah’s been wanting to learn how to give massages. Do you think you could give her a few tips?”

“I’d love to!”

It was true of course. Sarah was always trying to find a new way to please Jay, in ways both sexually and non-sexually. Massage seemed like a good way to do both, as well as be a gateway from one to the other.

“I’ll demonstrate on Jay, and then you can try,” she said.

“Y-yeah, okay,” she said. She groaned inwardly, she hated how much she was stuttering. It made her feel like a high schooler again, all braces and gangly limbs as all the girls around her became women.

Jay laid face down, and Sarah couldn’t help but admire his muscular calves and thighs.

“Okay, so Ataşehir Escort let’s start with some lower leg massaging and work our way up,” Ally said, folding her arms, clasping her hands – incidentally showing off her own musculature.

As Ally got to work, she was rewarded with a pleased hum from Jay. “Oooh, yeah. That feels real good.”

Sarah watched as Ally pleased her man, lovingly stroke his muscles and being gifted his pleasure. She bit her lip as she watched, once again aware of the fact that Ally looked presentation ready for a fitness Tik Tok, whereas she had just come from the gym and looked a frumpy mess.

She watched as her hands worked their way up his thighs, and she involuntarily made a squeak – cut off, as Ally kept working her way up until her hands laid on his bare flesh beneath his shorts.

“You got really nice tone here,” Ally said, and instead of the usual bubbly, encouraging chirp, it had a bit of a low growl to it.

“I try not to skip leg day.”

“It shows,” she responded. It was like the two of them were in their own little world. Sarah almost felt like she was spying.

“Yeah, he works real hard,” Sarah said, trying to be included, but winced at how lame of a contribution it was.

Neither of them responded. Jay just hummed again as Ally just smiled down at his body, working away.

“Am I selling you on this service yet? Where else do you need some rubbing?”

“My quads are really feeling it if you don’t mind?” Jay said.

“Not at all! Turn over,” Ally said.

Sarah’s lips trembled, but no words came out as her husband turned onto his back. She couldn’t help but stare at his package. With the way the shorts draped down and got pulled with the turn, there was no way that Ally could miss Jay’s hardening cock, held against his left thigh by his boxer briefs, straining the fabric with its girth.

And then she began massaging his upper thighs. Jay, in return, did that thing where he kegeled, making his cock twitch. Maybe it was only obvious to Sarah because she was watching, but… he was getting hard because of Ally.

“Maybe I should get going,” Sarah said, not even bothering to come up with a feasible excuse to deny what was happening in front of her.

“No, stay,” Jay said. “You might learn something.”

And then, Ally turned her head towards her, as her hands massaged upward, clearly getting beneath the shorts, seemingly touching Jay’s cock. Ally made eye contact and smiled at her, “yes, stay, Sarah. I’d love to show you a few things.”

So Sarah stayed and watched, feeling so small and useless as Jay stayed semi-hard under the woman’s ministrations. They caught each others’ eyes at one point, and he smiled at her.

“Wow, I feel so relaxed, Ally. Thanks so much.”

“Have I convinced you to upgrade your package?”

Jay shrugged, “I’m pretty happy with my package overall, I gotta say.”

“I don’t blame you,” Ally said.

Sarah blushed, a rush of shame rushing to her cunt as she watched them flirt.

“I… I’m sorry,” Sarah said, “I better go.”

“Wait one sec!” Ally said brightly, turning to her. The trainer looked back at Jay, who nodded, and then she said, “I just got to do one last thing and you should see it.”


“I’m going to fuck your husband,” Ally said, openly and deliberately laying her hand down on his cock.

“What?” Sarah breathed, barely able to get the word out.

For Sarah and Jay, there was a lot of fantasy about things, and the things they said or suggested provided endless fodder for stoking the flames of their sex lives. But, they’d never done an in-person cucking before. It seemed too bold a step, though mainly, the issue was that most women who were willing to sleep with Jay, a married man, typically wanted nothing to do with Sarah. Sometimes Jay wasn’t sure if they even believed him that they had an open relationship – which is basically all he divulged. The cuckqueaning was almost never mentioned.

Ally was different though. She identified as bisexual, and was attracted to both of them – though Ally had said she was more into Sarah than Jay. This got Jay planning to this point. And he was going to push Sarah today, further than they’d ever been.

“See honey,” Jay said, “I’m going to fuck Ally. And you know what, don’t you?”


Jay snapped his fingers. “Look at her, and tell me why.”

Sarah’s mind was spinning in a shame spiral, unable to even look up from her feet. As she finally pulled her gaze up, she saw Jay and Ally next to each other, arms around each other. They embraced and exchanged a tender kiss, their hands exploring each others’ bodies.

“Because she’s prettier,” Sarah said meekly. “Sexier. Younger.”

“That’s really vague,” Jay said. “Get over here. Be specific.”

Sarah took a few shuffling steps forward. “Her body… I mean, her tits are bigger. Rounder. Fuller.”

“Lets check,” Jay said. “You mind, Ally?”

Ally smiled and pulled off her top, exposing her large mounds of tit flesh. They hung off a toned chest with defined muscular abs. She was clearly showing off with some flexing. It was hard to tell, but Jay was guessing she had some work done to maintain such large breast volume and perkiness with such a low body fat. Still, the effect was pretty effective.

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