Another Night in a Strange City Ch. 04

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I looked up at Silk who was smiling, her blue eyes glowing with excitement. Then I looked at Dotty. “More than you can handle big boy?” she taunted. I was too overwhelmed to take her words as an insult, but said, “I thought I blew the head off my cock on that one.”

She smiled and replied “Well Marc, I thought you would blow out the back of my throat when you came, but I work well under pressure.” She winked at Silk, who said “Mama, be nice now.” Dotty smiled a devilish smile and said, “Baby, maybe he’ll have to replenish his pond.” At that, she straddled me, unsnapped the crotch strap on her red teddi and settled her pussy on my limp wet cock. She leaned toward Silk, who still had my head in her lap, and kissed her on the lips. I looked up and saw their lips come together. As they did Dotty started wiggling her wet pussy on my limp dick. It was still too soon after the big blast and, even though I felt a few tingles, it was pretty much dead meat.

Their moaned as they kissed passionately. I could tell that this might be part of their usual Friday night routine, and got the inkling that Grover and Silk, and Guilford and Dotty had some swinging affairs. Dotty stood straddling my hips, and pulled Silk to a standing position with her hands. Silk was now straddling my head. I felt strange laying on the floor looking up at the business end of these two spectacular women.

They kissing continued. Dotty reached between Silk’s legs and unsnapped the crotch strap of her teddi. I was fascinated that both women had identically cut pubic hair, in the shape of a heart. Silk’s heart was brown over a pussy that was elegantly defined with youthful contoured lips. Her bursa escort bayanlar labia peeked out and folded out like small pink butterfly wings. Dotty’s heart was dark brown, and had the look of hair that had been colored to cover gray, her pussy lips were much thicker, the mark of an older woman, her labia were longer and hung down, waggling as she undulated her hips.

Looking up I watched their hands go to each other’s crotch. Dotty’s finger parted Silk’s lips first, and evoked a kitten-like purr. And, when Silk’s finger penetrated Dotty, she broke the kiss and sighed “Yes baby.” I discovered there was life after fellatio, as my worm-like penis began to move, filling, rolling over, ironing out the wrinkles. I was aroused by these women, Silk in black lace, and Dotty in red, their crotch straps swaying with their movements, their fingers working in each other’s pussy, now moving, making sensuous futching sounds. Their free arms embraced one another, and their encased breasts mashed together, obliterating my view of their faces. They both moaned and writhed together doing a sensual stationary dance.

I saw Dotty’s arm come away from Silk’s back, and reach out, her hand grasping the green beer bottle from which Silk was sipping when I first came in. As she moved I heard the half full bottle slosh. she lowered the bottle between Silk’s legs, and I saw her other hand open, and spread Silk’s glistening pink lips, then she place the neck of the bottle against the delicate opening. “Oooh Mama it’s cold” Silk said as Dotty pushed the bottle deep inside her. I watched in titillated wonder as Dotty slid the bottle’s neck bayan sarisin escort bursa deep inside Silk’s pussy, watched Silk’s ass tense, and her knees flex, and listened to her ooohs, and ahhhs. I clutched my cock and began stroking.

Dotty moved the bottle faster and faster, until the ahhhs became eeeees, and then a long high pitched scream. Silk’s ass compressed tightly again, and her body twitched in a long spasm. Looking at the bottle inside Silk’s cunt, I saw her orgiastic ejaculate sagging down the green glass. Then, the suction on the bottle made a hollow pop, like a finger plucking the opening, as Dotty pulled it out, lifted it to her lips and sipped the beer/cum cocktail. “Mmmmm, that’s good baby” she said, put the bottle down on the counter, and embraced her daughter, who laid her head on Dotty’s breasts. In a tiny voice Silk said “I love you Mommy.” “Yes baby” Dotty assured her.

The scene with the bottle excited me to the point that my cock was now standing tall. Still feeling like I was in a dream, I stroked. I knew from tingling in my balls that it was no dream. Dotty looked down, and said “Lookie baby, Marc’s ready again” and I was. I wanted something warm and wet on my cock, and I said “either sit on it or suck it.” Both women giggled, and before I knew it they were squatting, Silk’s pussy dripping on my face, and Dotty’s sliding down my cock. I was overwhelmed.

Dotty’s soft spongy cunt embraced my bulk. At the same time Silk’s pussy was on my mouth, her natural essence, plus the faint smell and taste of her urine like ejaculate excited me. I bucked my hips and Dotty yelled “Yeeha!” bursa evi olan eskort riding up and down, while Silk moaned as my tongue licked her groove from her clitoris, to her soft anus. She was hot, her hips undulating on my face. Her wild moaning was animal-like. Warm liquid gushed from her pussy, washing down my chin and neck. I was so excited that I began buck hard into Dorothy, our bodies coming together in a slap, slap, slap.

“Hold on Marc” Dotty said as she stood up, my cock coming out of her pussy with a “pop.” “Let’s switch baby” she said to Silk.

I saw Silk’s dripping pussy moving away from my face, saw Dotty and Silk switch sides, then watched as Silk began to squat, her hands against the floor, her lips covering the head of my cock, then the slurpy slide of her sopping cunt as she impaled herself on my rigid shaft. “Fuck him baby” Dotty implored. Silk looked up at her, pushed her hands hard against the floor and moved up and down. Then my view was obliterated as Dotties pussy plopped down on my face.

Our fucking made slurpy sounds. Silk bit her lip and humped harder and faster. “Let him cum inside you baby.” Silk humped and I met her each time she came down—harder and faster… “Uh, uh, uhing” louder and louder. She gushed again, her hot ejaculate washing through my pubic hair and sagging down my balls.

Dotty was riding my lips and tongue undulated wildly. “Jesus, this is good.” She said. She spread her cheeks and volunteered her anus, which I licked and probed. She had less patience than Silk, and her hand came to her crotch, two fingers entered, and she began masterbating. She came just after Silk, and said “Phew! I’m liking you Marc, and I see your cock is still hard.”

I wasn’t ready to cum yet, having cum twice before, not counting jerking off in the shower. Now, I had great staying power.

“Get naked baby” Dotty said to Silk. I looked back at Dotty who was rapidly shedding her teddi. Silk carefully removed hers and folded it on the table.

to be continued.

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