Anna Discovers Sublime Pleasure

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This is a new story about new characters and needless to say they are all over 18. My original submissions about Maggie and Jim are under the pen-name jimjonesjim. If you enjoy this story please email me and let me know. I truly value feedback. If you want to send an email about Maggie and Jim please also use this contact as that one sends messages into the great unknown.


Anna wasn’t really used to the company of boys. She’d spent a number of years with her parents and her older sister on their remote farm, in the middle of nowhere, and naturally her contact with the opposite sex was pretty much restricted to her father, and the one or two other men who came out to the farm to help with certain tasks. Her brother was away at uni, and only came back for occasional holidays.

Anna’s sexual awareness was aroused for the first time few weeks before, when coming back from one of the paddocks she’d passed the stables and overheard giggling. It could only have been Suzie, her sister, but why would she be giggling on her own. She must be with someone!

Anna crept up to the stable door and peered in. She couldn’t see anyone, but then she heard a gasp, once again from Suzie. As her eyes became more accustomed to the dark, Anna realised that the sounds were coming from behind the bails at the end of the barn. With as light a step as she could manage, she slowly approached the bails, keeping her ears as alert as possible. As she reached her goal Anna heard the sound of a man breathing heavily. What were they up to?

Anna’s mind was racing. She didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt a rush of blood to her head, and then the familiar stirrings of something between her legs. She edged up to the bails and on tiptoe peered over the top. The sight that met her eyes almost caused her to fall over.

Lying across a hay bail, with her face buried in her bundled up shirt, Anna’s sister had her naked bottom in the air. Behind her a man of about 23 or so, was kneeling with his pants around his knees. The image that immediately struck Anna though, was the enormous shaft of his cock, jutting out from between his legs. She had never even imagined such a thing. Anna knew that men had a penis or cock, but she hadn’t realised that this bit of flesh could grow so huge. It must have been at least 9 or 10 inches long and it was so thick!

The guy was obviously excited because he was breathing heavily and his hand was holding onto his giant cock. Anna wanted a closer look, so she clambered as quietly as she could, up to the floor above. She knew that from there you could see straight down below through a large hole in the floor. The two lovers were obviously so engrossed in each other that neither of them heard her, and as Anna peeped through the floor boards she got a clear view of the massive cock swaying behind her sister’s upturned bottom. Anna could hardly keep still as she watched the shiny, purple cock-head nudge between Suzie’s butt cheeks. Her sister let out a groan as the man parted her thighs and slid his cock between her legs. Suzie put her hand between her legs, and as she lifted her butt still further into the air Anna caught sight of her large naked breasts swaying.

It must have been the sight before her, but Anna suddenly realised that her own fingers were inside her panties, sliding up and down her excited crack. She almost lost control of her breathing as she increased her pace to match the scene below. Anna had never imagined anything so thrilling; even though she knew men and women did ‘it’, she’d only ever had a vague picture of how. This was just like the way her dog, Buster, mounted anything that came to hand! She’d watched him as his pink thing suddenly emerged and he’d rubbed it on her leg if she let him. She didn’t really like it and always pushed him off, but now watching a guy do the same thing to her sister she found she couldn’t take her eyes off the scene.

Suddenly Suzie let out the beginnings of a wail, she thrust back as hard as she could and Anna saw her hand moving frantically on her pussy. The man reached around her and grabbed at her swaying breasts, crushing them in his big hands, and then Suzie screeched in a way that Anna would have thought was pain if she hadn’t been watching her sister doing ‘it’, and feeling something similar building up between her own legs.

Anna desperately wanted to let out a wail of her own as her sister reached her climax, but she daren’t in case she was discovered. She didn’t want Suzie to know she’d been discovered, at least not yet! Instead, she bit hard on her sleeve, as her own pussy seemed to grow plumper and more sensitive by the second. She knew this intense pleasure was going to lead to an explosion inside her if she kept rubbing, but she didn’t want to stop, she wanted this feeling to last forever. Anna didn’t care if she never moved from this spot, if only she could experience this heavenly feeling until the end of time.

It wasn’t to be! As she reached bursa eve gelen eskort bayan the peak of self pleasuring, Anna lost all control; the guy who until seconds ago had been buried up to the hilt inside her sister’s vagina, suddenly pulled his cock out and with a huge grunt he grabbed it and directed a great spurt of creamy liquid over Suzie’s butt and back. For a second Anna held her breath, but as a second torrent of cream flew over her sister and into her hair, Anna suddenly found her vagina was spasming and her hand covered in something hot and wet. She knew she hadn’t peed herself, but she had never realised her pussy could produce any other sort of liquid. She was going to have to change her panties; these were soaked through!

Meanwhile down below, Suzie had relaxed onto the bail, her jet-black hair was spread all around her, and the man was gently caressing her breast. Anna’s sister had a look of absolute bliss on her face. More than anything in the world, Anna wanted to feel like that. Following her own orgasm she felt a sense of wellbeing, but she just knew it would be hundreds of times better to have experienced the whole sex thing with a guy.


Anna and Suzie were really excited. Their older brother Brad was coming home for the Christmas holidays. They hadn’t seen him for nearly a year, because he’d stayed in Britain for their summer, but now he was back.

Seven weeks with her brother. Anna dearly loved Brad; they’d always had so much fun together when they were little kids. Now they were both older she found she was also a bit nervous at his homecoming. Suzie seemed equally pleased, but recently she’d spent more and more time on her own, and kept disappearing.

Anna needn’t have been worried. Almost as soon as Brad was home they had fallen back into their old relationship. They laughed and laughed at Brad’s stories, and she filled him in on all he had missed on the farm. That is, almost all he had missed; for some reason Anna was reluctant to tell him about Suzie’s activities, and she thought she might keep it to herself for a little while longer.

A few days after his return, Anna was taking Brad down to the paddock to see the horses. They hadn’t seen Suzie all morning, but Anna guessed she might be with one of the guys who’d arrived the previous night to help with the orchards. Anna had noted that Suzie seemed to be getting a lot of attention from the farm hands, and recently she thought, her sister had been enjoying rather more than an innocent kiss. With this in mind she half hoped that, as they passed the stables, they would hear Suzie in action.

Fortunately, it was Brad who heard the giggling first. Anna had hoped that she wouldn’t have to prompt her brother into listening carefully; she wanted this investigation to be down to him. Brad looked at his sister with a hint of a smile on his face. He knew what his other sister was up to, thought Anna. She blushed, as she knew that Brad would guess that she also knew what was happening.

They crept into the barn. Brad led the way, but instead of peering over the bales as Anna had done, when on her own, he immediately made his way up the wooden steps to the loft. Anna followed, her heart beating fast. What would Brad do? Would he stay and watch or suggest that they leave Suzie in peace? At the top they silently edged across the hay strewn floor until the light from below could be seen through the boards. Brad put his finger to his lips and peered down, Anna came alongside and looked down herself. There below, Suzie was sitting on a bale. A young guy sat next to her. They didn’t seem to be doing much, but then Anna noted he was busily trying to see down her sister’s blouse as they talked. Even from above, both Anna and Brad could see that the conversation they were having was quite sexy. Suzie was blushing, bright red, and the guy’s pants were obviously stretched upwards by a sizable erection. Anna could also swear that her sister’s nipples were poking provocatively through the thin material of her top.

As the siblings watched their sister, they moved closer together so both could get a good view. Anna was pleased to see that Brad had no intention of leaving, so she made herself comfortable and kept on watching. Below Suzie was giggling again, and the guy had put his arm around her shoulders. His fingers had strayed down to her left breast but Suzie made no effort to move them.

‘You’re a beautiful girl Suzie!’

‘Thanks for the compliment, but you just want to get into my panties don’t you!’

‘Is there anything wrong with that? It’s what we both want isn’t it?’

‘Maybe’ responded Suzie mischievously ‘but I want something from you first’

‘Fire away, what do you want baby?’

‘I want to watch you masturbate! I want to see how far you can shoot your sperm.’

Anna couldn’t believe her luck. Her sister had just asked this guy bursa eskort bayanlar to fulfil one of her own fantasies. Since seeing the last man spraying his cum over Suzie’s back she’d not managed to shift the image from her mind. The only problem was Brad. She couldn’t play with herself while he was here, but then again she wanted him here as well. She could almost say she planned for him to overhear their sister. What was she going to do?

The question was answered almost immediately. As the man below smiled and nodded his agreement to the deal, Anna felt Brad stir next to her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him shift his weight onto his right hip, so that the large swelling between his legs was no longer pressed into the floor. Her brother’s hand then slid over his hip and rested on his bulge. Brad was getting excited! So it was all right!

Suzie watched with a look of lust and fascination in her eyes, as her latest conquest pulled down his pants and released his large, very hard cock. She was determined that she would watch from beginning to end, without reaching out to touch this guy’s cock. She wanted to see his cum fly through the air, more than anything in the world at that moment. Perhaps she would help him out a little with some sexy teasing.

As he took his cock in his hand and pulled back his foreskin, Suzie slowly undid her blouse. She had a pink frilly bra on today and knew that seeing her breasts only partially covered by the lacy material would make this guy even harder. He watched with undisguised lust, without the faintest idea that right above him lay Suzie’s increasingly excited siblings.

Brad was staring without shame at his sister’s barely covered breasts. He only remembered them as little peaks on her otherwise flat chest, and yet here she was a fully developed woman. Her tits were gorgeous, better than any he’d seen in his limited experience. The pink lace of her bra lifted and emphasised their lovely shape, and even from up here he could clearly see her nipples pushing through the thin fabric.

Anna was busy ogling the thick, throbbing cock. She couldn’t wait to see this guy unload the contents of his balls in a spray of creamy cum. She felt her vagina tingle in anticipation. Her panties were getting damp again and she ached to finger herself. She looked over at Brad and saw he was still stroking himself through his pants. Could she do the same? Would he think she was a dirty girl for doing it in front of him? But then he was watching their sister being dirty down below, and he didn’t seem to be minding that at all. Anna decided to ask him what he was thinking.

‘Do you think Suzie’s being disgusting Brad?’ she asked in a tentative whisper. Brad looked her in the eyes.

‘Well I suppose so, but she seems to be enjoying it’ he whispered back. ‘… and I’m quite enjoying watching. How about you?’

Anna blushed. ‘Would you think I was dirty if I said I was?’

Brad smiled. ‘No dirtier than me, and anyway I think its part of our education. We need to learn about these things!’

Anna held back a giggle. She was not only enjoying the scene below she decided; she was also finding this chat with Brad quite exciting.

‘I do too.’ She whispered back. ‘Brad?’

‘Yes sis’

‘Does it make you want to touch yourself?’ Anna enquired in the full knowledge of what his answer would be.

Brad smiled again and patted his bulging pants. ‘I wouldn’t be a real guy if it didn’t make me want to play with myself’. He looked suddenly at Anna as a realisation dawned on him. ‘Why, does it make you want to touch yourself?’

Anna blushed a deeper red and nodded, this time trying to avoid her brother’s eyes. Brad put out his hand and gently touched her face.

‘Its all right sis; its quite natural to get excited by sex. It makes you a real woman!’

Anna looked up and smiled, then quickly remembering what was happening below she once again returned her gaze to the cock this guy was pumping. Her sister had removed her blouse and was busy fondling her breasts through her bra. She gasped as the cock before her seemed to grow even bigger.

Suzie knew she was a tease, and that she really shouldn’t be seducing all the farm hands in this way, but she couldn’t resist; these days her pussy seemed to be in a constant state of arousal. She felt her nipples growing stiff through her bra and decided to reward this guy for his willingness to masturbate for her.

Hell she couldn’t even remember his name! Was she just a slut? Did her sister feel like this? How about Brad? Did he spend all his days thinking about sex? She hoped so. Since his return she just knew that if she hadn’t had these farm hands to play with she’d have contrived to see her brother’s cock somehow. God he was so hot these days. Suzie just knew that he had a big cock bulging in his pants. She’d even seen that bulge growing the other day when they’d been watching a movie. görükle escort bayanlar It wasn’t even an adult movie, but they’d all been glued to the screen when the two stars ended up making out in the back of a bus. Suzie knew that Brad had been wriggling around to give his cock room to grow.

Her mind flew back to what she was actually doing now! She looked across at the throbbing cock swaying before her. This guy was really getting off on showing her all he’d got. Suzie felt a wave of heat spread from her tummy and down to her deliciously plump pussy. She knew that before long she’d start creaming in her panties. It didn’t take much these days to trigger off a steady flow of juices. That movie the other day didn’t only affect Brad, she’d had to change her panties at the ad break; otherwise she’d have left a damp patch on the couch.

This guy was giving it all he’d got. He had his eyes firmly glued to Suzie’s almost naked tits, and was pulling his cock up and down, in a really sensuous fashion. Every downward stroke brought his swelling cock-head into full view. The hole on his dome was oozing pre-cum and every so often he spread it around his shiny helmet. Then he’d pull up and his foreskin would slide over his glans until she couldn’t see his cock-head at all. This was the hottest thing Suzie had ever seen. She felt the expected leakage of her juices into her panties and squeezed her thighs tightly together. She loved to relish these moments when her pussy showed its first signs of arousal.

With a quick flick of her wrist Suzie peeled her bra away from her left breast. Her excited nipple flashed into view, and the guy opposite let out a gasp. He was getting close, but Suzie wanted to postpone the moment when he erupted. She let her bra slip back into place and moved her fingers over to her right breast. This time she lifted the frilly material up and her breast emerged below. He gave another groan and slowed his pace; he obviously didn’t want to cum yet either.

Above this little show, Brad and Anna had both noted the other’s excitement. He could see from her flushed face, that Anna was getting really turned on by this stranger wanking his cock in such a sensuous way, and who knew, she may even be getting off on seeing Suzie’s gorgeous breasts as she flashed her nipples, he certainly found it almost too much to bear. Obviously, Brad had no idea of the thoughts in Suzie’s mind as she played this flashing game with her breasts, but had he known he would probably have been sent over the edge and cum in his pants. He’d often fantasised about his sisters, although he’d never told either of them. Being here with Anna and watching Suzie was almost the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him.

At uni he spent most of his days with other guys, and although he’d messed around with wanking games (who could cum the quickest sort of thing) he’d never felt sexual attraction towards another guy. At weekends, he often found himself with his friends, hanging around the seafront waiting to catch a glimpse of the town girls who hung out there. Once in a while they struck lucky, and would get themselves invited to a party, but generally the towns’ people chose to ignore these uni guys.

Only on one memorable occasion had Brad been fortunate enough to actually get closer to one of these girls, if only for one evening. She’d caught his eye early on in the evening, and as they’d bantered and chatted together as a group he’d been increasingly aware that she was spending a lot of time watching him. He’d decided to make a move as the group moved on to a pub. Hanging around at the rear of the crowd, she had done exactly the same thing and they’d ended up holding hands. Her name was Jane, and following the briefest of introductions they’d split from the group and made their way under the pier. Both of them knew the deal, and within minutes Jane had Brad’s engorged cock in her hand, while he inexpertly probed her panty clad pussy. He’d felt how damp she was and he couldn’t fail to notice her nipples pressing through her thin crop-top.

His only problem was that he had got himself too excited too soon. As his fingers eventually managed to penetrate Jane’s hot little pussy, she’d let out a squeal, and started to push herself up and down on his hand. This sent him over the edge; his cock suddenly reached capacity size and in seconds he was covering Jane’s hand with his creamy cum. Exciting in itself, but disappointing in that he’d really wanted to make her cum first. Jane had grinned at him and raising her hand to her lips had licked up his offering. He tried to keep up a rhythm with his fingers in her pussy, but somehow he was now too aware of the sordid surroundings and found his heart wasn’t in it. In the end, Jane had kissed him passionately on the lips, allowing Brad to taste his own cum, and then she’d pulled his hand away from her pussy and replaced it with her own.

‘Watch and learn baby!’ she’d whispered, and then with a movement as deft as any he’d seen she pulled down her panties and handed them to him. A moment later she had parted her legs and leaning back against the wall she slid her fingers over her pussy. Brad had watched intently as Jane fingered herself to a mounting climax. So rapped was he in this exhibitionist behaviour that he hardly noticed his cock rising to full size again.

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