Andy’s Journey Ch. 02

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This story is about an incestuous relationship. It involves submission and dominance and an incident involving piss.

All characters are age eighteen or older.


I woke in the morning feeling pleasantly rested. It was the first morning since the breakup of my marriage that I woke totally relaxed. I was alone. I lay in bed for a few minutes pondering the changes in my life over the past few days. My mother, her name is Alice, had given me reason to live. The abject despair I had felt after the breakup of my marriage was gone. I had found a new woman. A new mistress. A new love. And, most of all, a new life.

My mother could be all things to me. A woman to love. To fuck. To cuddle with. A commanding presence to satisfy my slavish yearnings. Did I really want that? To be dominated? Yes, I realized, I did. She would be someone to discipline me and control me. To chasten me and make me suffer abject degradation. And then to love me afterwards.

I knew it would be with love whether making love or humiliating me. So far we had been lovers. When I thought of her belittling me I shivered a little, and hugged myself in pleasant anticipation. I idly wondered if the desire for abasement was a character defect. Then I decided I didn’t care. I knew it was something I desired. Something I needed. Just as much as I needed her love. I may not have been like that before my terrible marriage. But I certainly was at the present.

I was able to think of my marriage now without cringing. I could thank my mother for that. Mom had led me through a cathartic description of my relations with my ex, and my need to dress in feminine clothing. Indeed, I could accept now that my desire was to feel as my inner woman would.

She encouraged me to realize that I could be loved, even as a panty boy. My ex, Amanda, had treated me cruelly and with contempt. Mom had told me she would treat me with love, even though she would be dominant. It was my mother, too, who had caused me to look at my inner self. To recognize my need to be subservient to the woman in my life. I was able to become comfortable with that need and with the need to dress in women’s garments.

And so my mother and I had become lovers. She had hinted that she had things to tell me. That she would reveal when the time was right. I looked forward to those revelations too.

I wondered when my subjugation would begin. Probably not until we had gone shopping I thought. I could feel love well up in me as I thought about it.

With those thoughts in my mind I got up and went to the bathroom. I was wearing a nightgown so I sat to pee. I liked to do that when dressed girlishly. I brushed my teeth and checked myself in the mirror. Mom had torn my wig off in a fit of passion while I ate her pussy. I think she forgot it wasn’t my real hair. My makeup was a little smeared. I smiled as I thought I probably did that while rubbing my face in Mom’s hot, wet cunt.

I cleaned the smeared makeup off. We could repair it later. I had to go to my old bedroom to get my silk bathrobe. I put it on over my nightgown and went downstairs searching for my mother. As I expected I found her in the kitchen having her morning coffee. She was dressed, as I was, in the filmy nightgown she had worn the night before. She wore a negligee over it, but she allowed it to hang open.

“Good morning, Andy,” she told me. “You were sleeping soundly when I got up and I didn’t want to disturb you. I thought you could use the rest after the last couple of days.”

“Thanks, Mom,” I responded. “I feel really good this morning. I think I have you to thank for that.”

“We can thank each other,” Mom said. “I feel good too.”

I got a cup of coffee and sat at the table with her.

Mom asked me what I would like to do for the day. I told her that I was in her hands and would be happy doing anything she wanted. She told me that we might as well get our shopping done. I agreed.

“Would you like to get dressed up, or wait until later?” She asked, “We can get breakfast at a restaurant and then go to the toy shop.” She meant the sex store.

“I think getting dressed up sounds nice, Mom. But I’m not sure if I can pass in public.”

“Well let’s skip the breakfast. We’ll just have a bite here. Then you can dress up. I like the idea of you in woman’s clothes at the sex store.”

I was looking forward to spending the day with my mother. We ate cereal and went upstairs to dress. We showered and I shaved closely. I wore nylons and pumps with a print dress. It had a high neck to cover my Adam’s apple, but it was cut low in the back. Mom did my makeup and wig then took care of her own face.

The store she had in mind was about an hour away. We talked about our new life during the ride. Mom mentioned the possibility of having my beard removed.

“I like that idea, Mom.” I told her. “I’ve looked into it and it’s quite expensive. There are a couple of options we can look at.”

“I think I can handle at least half the expense,” Mom told me.

“Then I think I can handle the rest, bursa otele gelen eskort Mom.”

There were only a couple of cars parked in front of the shop. Mom drove around back. There was a good sized parking lot there with at least a dozen cars. I guess most people wanted to park out of sight of the street.

Inside at least a third of the customers were women. I found that interesting. But then I wondered if all of them were real women. About half the ladies were with men.

Mom took me to the dildo display. I was more than a little surprised that she seemed to be familiar with the store. She asked me to pick out the size dildo I liked for a strap on. I pointed out the size that my ex had used. Mom put four of them in her shopping basket. She also picked up a couple of a larger size. She added a couple of large tubes of lube.

We checked the floggers next. We didn’t get one, but we picked out a cane similar to a riding crop, we thought, but not do any real harm. Mom told me she never expected to use it.

“Think of it as a prop, Andy.”

Mom looked at restraints, but when I told her I didn’t want them she passed over them.

A prostrate vibrator was next, I had never experienced one.

“This will be your reward when you please me, Andy,” Mom said. “I think you will like it and work for it. You will seldom have it, though. That is as rewards should be.”

Last she bought a collar for me. Amanda had never put a collar on me, and I had never even thought about one. When Mom put one in her basket, along with a length of gold chain and a small lock, I felt a delicious shiver of anticipation.

When we were checking out I mentioned that Mom hadn’t bought a belt.

“I already have one,” she told me.

That was another surprise. She seemed full of them. I wondered what she had yet to reveal. She had said there were things to tell me.

On the way home we stopped at a drugstore. Mom bought a good supply of depilatory cream and skin lotions. She added some douche and a syringe bulb. When I looked a question at her with a raised eyebrow she told me it would become clear in time.

Back home we carried our purchases to the bedroom. We went back to the kitchen for a sandwich. Mom poured wine for us too. I was tingling with anticipation. I felt that something grand was going to happen.

I cleaned up the lunch dishes. Mom stood and held out her arms to me. I melted into her embrace and we exchanged a soft loving kiss. I had to turn my face up to her since she is taller. It felt so right.

“It’s time to prepare you, Darling, are you ready?”

“Yes Mom,” I replied. “More than ready.”

We went to the bedroom together. We closed the drapes to dim the light in the room. We undressed each other and embraced again.

In the bathroom Mom rubbed a depilatory over most of my body except for my pubes. In the shower we washed the fuzz off my arms and the coarser hair from my legs and underarms.

It was nice showering with Mom. I adored her soft body, the small roll at her belly, her plump tits, her broad and somewhat flabby ass.

To show my gratitude I knelt and, as the water cascaded over us, sucked her clit until she came. She lifted me up as her orgasm subsided and kissed me with wet open mouth. I responded as I felt her tongue licking her juices from my mouth. My cock was hard, but I managed to control it.

We dried each other and Mom rubbed a skin softener, or maybe it was a moisturizer, over my body. She told me to use it every time I showered until my skin became softer and more feminized.

In the bedroom, after we were dry, Mom got a small case, slightly bigger than a makeup bag, from the closet. She opened the zipper and set it by the bed. She went back to the closet for a wedge shaped pillow that she threw on the bed. Next she laid the dildos we had bought on the bedside table.

I helped Mom dress. She started with a garter belt and seamed hosiery. I knelt and rolled them onto her legs then attached the garter straps. Her bare pussy was right in front of me with its lush tangle of hair. I felt my cock hardening again. Her clit was just starting to peek out from behind its hood. I slipped the shoes she had chosen onto her feet, a strappy pair of heels. She chose a shorty nightgown next, very short. It ended just above her pussy.

I almost lost control and came right there. I leaned forward to kiss the emerging clit and she stroked my head softly. “Thank you, Andy,” she murmured “It’s nice, but wait a while. It will be even nicer. For both of us.”

I was able to discipline myself and stood with my hard cock standing straight out before me.

As Mom was doing her makeup she told me to put on stockings, garter belt and bra. We did my face then. She chose my favorite wig for me to wear. It was a lovely brunette color with shoulder length wavy hair. I always felt ultra-feminine when I wore it.

A thought had been in my mind. I dared to mention it to her. “Mom, would it be okay bursa eve gelen escort bayan if I wore my evening gown for this time? It’s almost like a honeymoon, I want it to be special.”

“Then we’ll make it special for you, my love.” Mom replied.

She helped me put on the evening gown. It was high necked. Many of my dresses were. The idea was to cover my Adam’s apple. Even though it wasn’t very prominent it was there. The gown was full length, the skirt full.

We looked in the mirror when I was ready. I thought I looked nice. With the lovely wig and the, somewhat demur, evening gown I looked a little innocent. I didn’t feel innocent though. My cock was hard under the gown anticipating what was to come.

Mom got her strap on belt out of the travel bag she had left by the bed. I knelt to help her put it on. It was different than the one my ex had used. It was set somewhat low on her pussy so that her clit was free to protrude above the dildo. Mom slid the built in g-spot vibrator into her vagina and hooked the control to the belt. She adjusted the straps, they didn’t need much; she had obviously used it before.

Mom lifted me to my feet. Next to the bed we kissed, romantically, “Are you ready, Andy darling?” she asked with a husky voice.

“Oh yes, Mom. I am.”

I clung tightly to her. I had to look up at her. That was as it should be. She is my mistress.

She gently pushed me to sit on the side of the bed. From the bed table she took a dildo and held it up to me with a questioning look. I nodded, it looked just right. Next she reached under the bed for a plastic basin she had left under it. She left it on the floor next to the bed. Back to the drawer for thin gloves, like those used by medical people, and a large tube of lubricant.

I was getting even more excited watching her preparations. There was an empty feeling in my butt. I wondered, as I often had while married, if it was similar to the feeling a horny woman experienced in her pussy. I hoped so. I liked to think of my ass as a pussy at times like this. I didn’t want to be a woman, but I wanted to feel like one.

Mom stood back and attached the dildo to her belt. I gazed at her with a mixture of love and awe. She was an imposing sight with her dominatrix garb and the cock standing out before her.

“Turn around, Andy.” Mom was pulling on a glove.

I knew she wanted to put some lube in my anus. I turned and bent over the bed. She flipped my skirt up and I felt her rub a generous dollop of lube inside my ass. I pulled myself onto the bed and lay on my back. She laid beside me and we kissed a few times. They were hot, wet kisses with the promise of passion to come.

“I love you, Andy.”

“I love you, Mom.”

Mom pushed my gown up to my waist. She knelt between my spayed legs and pushed the wedge pillow under my hips. She leaned down to kiss my throbbing cock, just once. She squeezed more lube on the head of the dildo, lifted and spread my legs and entered me with the dildo.

It was wonderful. An exquisite sensation of fullness overwhelmed me. I could watch Mom’s face in the dim bedroom light. It was an expression of lust, almost demonic. I cried out in joy as she thrust with the dildo, fucking me. I, in my evening gown, joyfully giving myself to this strong domineering woman.

My cock was hard, erect. My mother’s hard clit rubbed against it like dueling swords. She leaned down to feed me her tit. I raised my head to eagerly suck at it. There was no longer any sense of the outside world. There was only my mother’s warm body on top of me and the pleasurable sensation of the dildo thrusting into my eager ass and her clit dancing with my cock.

I cried out in my joy, “Love me, Mom. Please love me.”

I came far too soon. The sensation of the plastic cock massaging my prostrate was too exciting. In fact the mere thought of my mother thrusting her dick into me was an exhilarating, and fantastic, experience.

My cum gushed from my cock with a thrill I had not felt in ages. Surging onto the flesh of my belly. Not since the early days of my failed marriage had I enjoyed such an intense orgasm. Every cell in my body sang with ecstasy as my mother still thrust into me with her cock.

She continued to fuck me, thrusting the dildo into my ass, against my prostrate. My hard on diminished, but only briefly. Mom had turned up her vibrator. I could feel it, faintly, against my ass. Her face a mask of lust, her mouth loose and wet as she kissed me wildly and mindlessly. She fucked me hard as orgasms tore through her body.

I was soon to feel the stirrings of another orgasm in my body. I cried out again, “Fuck me Mom. Love me. Make me cum, Mom.”

My cum spurted from me again. More electric thrills ripped through my body. Mom collapsed on top of me, sated. She turned off her vibrator and laid there, the dildo still in my ass filling my imaginary pussy. I held her on top of me, hugging her close. I was overjoyed. I felt waves of love for her wash over bayan eskort bursa me.

Mom stirred after a while. She knelt up straight and pulled the dildo out of me. She reached for a latex glove and removed it from the belt. She dropped it into the basin beside the bed and with a handful of tissues cleaned the crack of my ass. She took the belt off and dropped it on the floor.

She laid beside me then and with her fingertips scooped up my cum from my belly and fed it to me. We kissed often and told each other how fantastic our experience had been. Mom said she had found it to be satisfying and fulfilling. I wondered, vaguely, what she meant by fulfilling.

We rested in each other’s arms. We would doze off for brief naps then waken to kiss and fondle each other more. We were soon aroused again. My hard cock erect and Mom’s pussy wet.

Mom pushed me onto my back and raised my gown up to my waist. She straddled my hips and guided my hard cock into her pussy. With a satisfied sigh she impaled herself on my hard shaft. Her clit thrust out before her. It lay on my belly nestled in my pubic hair.

Mom leaned forward to kiss me and feed me her plump tits. Her clit was now between both our bellies tantalized by the rasping contact of pubic hair. Her own above, mine below.

“Don’t move,” she said softly into my ear. “Let me.”

She fucked me as woman would when on top, but instead of rubbing her clit along my hard cock she was rubbing it in a nest of hair. It was a delightful feeling for me too. Her hard cocklike clit pressed against my belly. It almost felt like it was inside me, filling me, filling the pussy I wished I had. The pussy that seemed so real to me at that moment.

I held my mother close as we exchanged wet, wild kisses. I felt orgasms singing through her body. She cried out in lustful pleasure as she came and came again. She straightened her legs and pushed my feet apart so she lay between my legs. With a feeling of overwhelming joy I wrapped my legs over her back. My femininity soared as I lifted my hips to her and she pumped her hard clit-cock against my belly. It was now truly as if I was a woman being fucked by a man. A genuine role reversal.

My cock in her hot wet pussy was not forgotten. The thrills he felt were as strong as the excitement in my belly. It was as if I was fucking and being fucked at the same time. It was a feeling beyond thrilling. It was ecstasy compounded.

My cum exploded into her. Even as I came as a man it was as if my pussy was thrilling to the feel of a hard cock filling me. Mom was cumming time after time. One orgasm following on the heels of another.

As I softened my legs fell from her back. She lay on my body, replete. I held her until her weight became uncomfortable. We lay side by side then, embracing and exchanging loving kisses. I felt very much in love at that moment. A love that had been growing since my mother first helped me calm my anguish.

Mom wasn’t done yet. After a short rest she pushed me onto my back and knelt over my face. With her fingers she spread her labia to show me the beautiful hot red of her inner lips. Traces of my cum were visible. My reaction was automatic. My tongue darted out to lick at her cunt. My mouth opened to engulf her vulva, to suck at her savory and fragrant juices. To lick at our melded cums. To make her cum yet again, and again.

She spun around to take my cock into her mouth to suck each other until we both came once again. We kissed then and our tongues tangled in the stew of our juices.

“I love you, Mom,” I said when our kiss ended.

“And I love you, Andy,” she replied softly.

We fell asleep then even though it was still early. We were both totally relaxed and sated. Neither of us woke until morning. We had forgotten dinner.

Mom woke me still wearing her short nightie and nylons. She had a robe on, but it hung open to show her bare snatch and wild bush. Her clit was hidden behind its hood, but it still poked out of her pussy.

“Time to get up, Andy. Coffee’s ready downstairs.”

I sat up, sleepily. I stretched and told her I’d be right down.

“Don’t take the evening gown off just yet, Dear,” she told me. “You look too lovely in it.”

I thought I did too.

I peed and brushed my teeth. When I lifted my dress to sit and pee I saw the large spots of almost dried cum on the skirt. I smiled and wondered whether to clean it off, or save it for memories.

Downstairs Mom greeted me with a warm kiss and served me coffee. She was fixing breakfast for us. A chore I told her I would have been happy to do.

“You’ll have lots of chances,” she told me. “I feel so good after last night I wanted to treat you.”

“Thanks, Mom. It was a beautiful experience for me too.”

“There will be many such experiences in our future. Some new and exciting ones too, Andy.”

“That sounds thrilling, Mom.”

We finished breakfast and Mom led me upstairs. “Get undressed now, Andy, we’ll have a little talk and then shower.”

“Ok, Mom.”

I took my evening dress off and hung it in the closet. I hadn’t yet decided what to do with the dried cum. Maybe Mom can help me decide, I thought. I stripped completely, and removed my wig. Mom sat in a chair and watched. Her legs were spread showing off the wild tangle of her pubes. Undressing in front of her like that had an erotic effect on me. My cock got hard as I bared myself to her.

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