An Angel to Love

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“Good morning Dad” I said as strolled into the kitchen heading for the coffee pot.

“Good morning Angel” he said as he folded up the sports page he’d been reading. Standing up with his now empty coffee cup and walking over to the counter to refill it. He kissed me on the top of my head as he walked past me. At 6’2″ my Dad with his Sandy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and athletic build is quite a sight to behold especially when he smiles at you.

“Your up awful early for a Saturday, what have you got planned for the day?”

“Sara and I are going shopping for new outfits and wanted to get an early start, after all Eric and I are going to be double dating with her and Matty tonight.”

“Now you know I hate when you call me Matty” my twin brother who is the spitting image of my father only his eyes were a darker blue said as he walked into the room also giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t worry Dad, I’ll make sure Angel and Eric behave themselves tonight” I rolled my eyes to see a smug look on my father’s face

“You men are too much, I am a 21 year old women and I can certainly take care of myself. Now I need to get ready, Sara will be here in 10 minutes to pick me up.”

Sara and I have been inseparable since we met in our senior year at high school. She’s absolutely gorgeous, long jet black hair, stunning green eyes, pouty lips made for kissing and a body that would make any woman envious. At 5’10 she’s just the right height to Matt’s 6’1.

After the mall I planned to spend the rest of the day pampering myself, starting with a long hot soak in the tub.

Using lavender scented bath oil, and my favorite play list on my iPod, I stretched out in our oversize bathtub.

Worn out from our marathon sprint through the mall this morning, so between the music filling my head and the steam from the bath and the smell of lavender that filled the room, I was so relaxed I fell asleep.

The water growing cold woke me from my slumber, I pulled the plug and stood up closing the curtain then turned on the shower to wash and warm my cold skin.

Reaching for the shampoo I heard Matt call me from his bedroom, “Angel, are you alright in there?”

“Yeah Matty, just fell asleep in the tub, I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

Grabbing my razor, I lathered and shaved my legs, underarms and pussy. Making sure each was clean and smooth. Reaching next for the loofah and my body wash, lathering up the loofah, starting with my neck making sure every inch of my body was squeaky clean, I lingered a little longer on my breasts then was needed, but I love the feel of my soapy hand rubbing over my pebbled nipples.

I needed to stop after all I was seeing Eric later and he would definitely take care of any itches I needed to scratch.

Wrapping the towel around me I stepped out of the shower, then grabbed another towel to wrap my long blonde hair in. I bent over in front of the sink to get the blow dryer out of the bottom drawer, when I heard Matty behind me drawing a sharp breath.

“Don’t you believe in knocking?”

“Sorry sis, but I really need to take a piss and I still need to shower if I’m going to be ready for our date tonight.”

“OK I’ll dry my hair in my room” walking past him I give him a little jab in the ribs with my elbow. Hhe gave a little yank on the towel I was using to cover my body and next thing you know he’s standing there with a shocked look on his face and the towel in his hand.

I just continued walking toward my room, “Enjoying the view Matt?” Laughing to myself as I was shutting my bedroom door.

“Fuck yeah”

As I was finishing with my makeup I heard Matt yell up that Eric was here. I was coming down stairs as my Dad was coming out of the kitchen with a fresh beer, “Hey Eric, You guys are missing a good game tonight” knowing that Eric was as crazy about football as Dad and Matt were.

“Yeah but a date with Angel beats out a good game any day.”

“Yeah well you behave yourself tonight Eric, and drive safely,”

“I will sir”.

After closing the front door, Eric placed his hand on the small of my back and escorted me to his car and opened the passenger door for me.

Standing at the opened door I looked up, he is absolutely gorgeous at 6′ with broad shoulders, a wide chest tapering into a small waist with dark brown hair and light brown eyes that never fail to make my heart flutter when I look into them.

With his hand now on my waist, he bent to my ear and whispered

“You look amazing tonight Angel, I’m going to have a lot of trouble behaving myself tonight.” his eyes smoldering as he brushed his lips against mine. “Ready for a night of dancing Love?”

We pulled into the club parking lot, at the same time that Matt & Sara arrived. Inside was dimly lit and the music was perfect. Loud enough to enjoy, but not too loud that you couldn’t hold a conversation.

Matt motioned towards a booth, close to the bar and the dance floor, but back far enough for a little privacy.

Sara and I gorukle escort bayan excused ourselves to go powder our noses. Once we were inside the bathroom, Sara said

“Angel you look fantastic tonight, that little black skirt you picked up today looks fantastic on you, really shows off your sexy ass & legs, and that halter really make those 36c’s of yours look good enough to eat, man it’s making me drool. Running her hand up the outside of my thigh under my skirt giving my ass a gentle squeeze, leaning in she ran her tongue between my lips.

“Thanks, but we need to behave ourselves” I said laughing

“Hopefully everything goes okay tonight, so we don’t have to behave ourselves anymore.”

She stepped away from me when we heard the bathroom door open.

“Okay lets get back out to the guys, before we get ourselves into trouble in here” Sara said laughing.

The guys had ordered our drinks, I was happy to see a rum and coke waiting for me and drained the glass in a flash. Getting a raised eyebrow & smile from my brother.

The music selection is really good and it really got my blood flowing. I see that it also had Sara ready to hit the dance floor too. The guys sat this one out, so Sara and I took to the floor and between the two of us, we were drawing a lot of attention.

Both of us being mischievous started to do a little bump and grind with each other, making sure we stayed within view of the guys, extremely happy seeing the heated looks we were getting from them. Sara and I danced until a slow number started playing not wanting to push too far, we made our way back to the guys but before we could slide into the booth Matt and Eric stood and took our hands leading us back to the dance floor.

Eric was about 3 inches taller then me, but it wasn’t too big a difference that it interfered with the dance. Eric reached for my waist and pulled me close, he relaxed into the rhythm easily enough, he was actually a good dancer. He put his mouth close to my ear, I could feel the warmth of his breath, causing goose bump to erupt all over my skin.

“That was quite a show you two put on. Seems to me that you and Sara are closer then you have led everyone to believe.

Lifting his head smiling, I feigned an innocent wide eyed look, I could see that smoldering look back in his eyes.

As I looked over to Matt and Sara, I saw Matt lean in and kiss her. While deepening the kiss, his eyes locked with mine which sent a shiver though my body that surprised me. Both their bodies were molded together, you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. Matt’s eyes continued to burn into mine.

As the song ended I mentioned that I really could use a drink so we headed back to our table. I slid into the booth and Eric sat beside me resting his arm on the back of the seat. Signaling the waitress that we needed another round of drinks.

“I still can’t believe what an incredible dancer you are.”

“Well living in a house with 2 sisters who were into dancing, I was always their practice dummy, so I picked up a few things. The worse phase was when they had started ballet when we were little”

My cheeks heated thinking of his body in a pair of ballet tights wow, what an image.

Eric leaned closer to me, laying his hand on my cheek “tell me that blush is for me Love” I could feel my face heat further as I looked in his eyes and smiled.

“Hmm, I’ll take that as a yes”. Taking the opportunity to lightly brush his lips across mine, feeling my positive response he started running his tongue along my lips. Matt approaching the table loudly cleared his throat, Eric hesitantly pull his lips from mine and returned his hand to the back of the seat.

Looking up to the new arrivals I noticed that Sara’s face was flushed and I spotted the bulge in my brothers jeans when he slid into the booth. I guess that incredible kiss I witnessed a short time ago took it’s toll on the both of them, as Eric’s kiss was having the same effect on me.

At that time the waitress bought our drinks giving us a little break in the tension at the table. Matt then asked the waitress for a couple orders of Nachos and a couple glasses of water. Being as responsible as him and Eric were, I knew the two beers that they had would be all they would have tonight. By the time the nachos had arrived with another round of drinks for me and Sara, the four of us had been engaged in a relaxed conversation. We laughed as we watched some of the drunks trying to find a rhythm on the dance floor.

A really good song started playing and Sara and I were bouncing in our seat, practically shoving Eric and Matt out of the way. Surprisingly both guys followed us to the dance floor and much to our delight they had no problem keeping up with us. Sara had danced her way up behind me and started running her hands over my hips, pulling me into her for a little bump and grind. Running her hands up and down my sides and lingering on the sides of my breasts.

Feeling that familiar tingle nilüfer escort bayan running through my body, I was very responsive to her. Watching the reaction of the two guys, Eric smiling and Matt with a surprised look, both with a very noticeable bulge in their jeans! “Looks like the boys are enjoying the show” Sara said as she sucked my earlobe into her mouth. Turning my head, she lightly brushed her lips to mine and went back to dancing with Matt.

When I looked at Eric, he had a knowing look in his eyes and a huge smile on his face. Pulling my body into his I immediately felt the effect of our little show had on him. Smiling wickedly I reached down between our bodies, lightly rubbed my hand down the front of his jean along his hardening cock, he closed his eyes and gave me a low growl of approval. “A little taste of what’s to come” I told him as I ran my tongue along his lips, he open his mouth and sucked my tongue, deepening the kiss.

Another slow song began and Matt came up and asked if he could cut in, Eric looked at me and as shocked as I was “of course” was my response. As I put my arms around his neck, I noticed that Matt was indeed a little broader then Eric.

“What are you doing Angel?” Matt asked with a look in his eyes that I never saw before, was it anger?

“Dancing with you of course silly” I tried to make my voice sound normal.

“You know that’s not what I mean, what was with that little dance routine that you and Sarah seem to enjoy?”

“Well honestly brother dear, I did enjoy it and from the looks of the bulge you were sporting, you seemed to enjoy it just as much. If your so interested in knowing why don’t you ask Sara.”

“I did ask Sara and she told me to ask you. Quit playing games here and just tell me.”

“OK, but not here, we’ll all go to Sara’s apartment and we’ll talk there”

He grabbed my hand, then walked over to where Eric and Sara were dancing and said, “Lets go, we’re all going to Sara’s”

Sara & Eric both gave me a wicked look and I just smiled as Matt was practically dragging me out the door.

During the drive to Sara’s apartment Eric let out a huge sigh “What’s going on?”

“Apparently my brother had a little problem with how Sara and I were dancing together”

“He had a problem with that?” he said with a little chuckle.

“Yeah so we’re going to straighten him out”

“Oh this should be fun”

At Sara’s apartment, she went to the stereo turning it on low and her and I headed into the kitchen for drinks for everyone. She whispered, “What are we doing?”

I looked at her and smiled as I said “telling him the truth”. She gave the biggest smile!

Back in the living room I could feel the tension rolling off my brother as he sat on the couch. Eric sat relaxed in the love seat probably having a good idea why we were here.

I stood in front of Matt as Sara was taking a seat next to him, I started my confession:

“Matt this situation is complicated and rather then tell you, it maybe easier if I just showed you what you want to know”

I walked over to where Sara was sitting, she parted her legs so I could kneel in front of her. Sara’s lips and tongue molded to mine, I was immediately on fire. I could feel the wetness pooling between my legs, I reached up and lifted her shirt over her head exposing her beautiful breasts. I closed my lips over one of her perfect nipples, sucking it and teasing it with my tongue. I could hear the gasps coming from my brother & Eric. I ran my hands up her thighs, pushing her skirt up, exposing her thong covered pussy. Pushing aside the crotch of the thong, I leaned over and with a flat tongue licked the entire length of Sara’s luscious pussy.

Concentrating on licking and sucking her clit, I pushed two fingers into her making sure to rub her g-spot just right. In no time at all I could feel her spraying my fingers and face with one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever given her. Licking her cream off my fingers, I looked over to my brother I just waited for him to say something. Anything.

He raised his hand to my cheek, and smiled at me, Relief poured over me like a warm waterfall. “Oh fuck, Angel” my brother’s voice husky. “Well I’m glad we made it to Sara’s apartment before we started this discussion” he said laughing.

Feeling Eric kneel behind me, his hands reaching for the ties of my shirt, I leaned back against him as he reached around to palm my breasts.

Sara, reaching for my brothers belt looked at me with a questioning look. I smiled and pulled my self away from Eric to crawl between my brothers legs and started to help Sara take off his jeans.

I kept my eyes locked with his to make sure he was okay with all this. Once his erection was freed, I wrapped one hand around his 9″ cock but my fingers couldn’t close around it and cupped his massive balls with the other, still keeping my eyes locked on his.

I leaned over and licked his enormous cock from the root to the tip lingering bursa otele gelen escort bayan on the slit, tasting my brother.

He wrapped his hand in my hair and pushed my mouth toward his erection.

“Please” was all he said.

I took his cock into my mouth and teasing his head with my tongue working my way down then using my tongue on the vein on the bottom, sliding back off until I could just suck on the big luscious head. His hand still in my hair, gripping it tighter, almost to the point of pain. I went down again swirling my tongue all over until I could feel his cock slipping into my throat.

Moaning he said “Oh Fuck Angel, your gonna make me cum”, bucking his hips as he fucked my mouth.

Not wanting him to shoot off too soon, I slowed my pace, removing his cock from my mouth altogether, sucking the vein on my way down to his balls then sucking first one into my mouth then the other.

“Suck my cock Angel.” Matt growled.

Working my way back up to that moist slit, I tongue that again, savoring the flavor of my brother as I worked my mouth over his enormous length.

This time I felt him slip all the way in my throat. I swallowed with his cock in my throat a few times and that sent him over the edge, I lifted a little off so he would cum in my mouth, and not down my throat. The first couple pulses of his orgasm hit the back of my throat, then the rest on my tongue. When he finally relaxed, I lifted my mouth off his cock, I opened my mouth to show him his cum on my tongue. I closed my mouth and swallowed.

I showed him my empty tongue, with his hand still in my hair, he pulled me to him until his mouth and tongue molded to mine, kissing me senseless. Remembering that we were not alone in the room, I lifted off my brothers mouth, with an apology to Eric and Sara, noticing then that they were both naked, Eric laying back on the floor was stroking his cock, and Sara was busy fingering her pussy at the other end of the couch while watching Matt and me.

Both said at the same time “that was UN-fucking-believable”

“I can’t believe you two didn’t take care of each other” Matt choked out,

“What and miss the hottest fucking thing that I’ve ever seen?” Eric growled

“Yeah I have to agree with Eric, it was so hot watching your twin deep throat you.” Sara sighed

“I don’t know how it was to watch, but I got so turned on sucking him off it’s not even funny” Eric crooked his finger at me and I stood taking off my skirt and panties, so I was as naked as everyone else, “looks like you and I are the only two that hasn’t cum yet Love,”

“Eric, if you and Sara don’t mind taking care of each other, I’d love to have my sister cum for me now”

Eric looked to Sara and at the same time, they smiled and said “I don’t mind”

Matt stood up gathered me in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. I heard Sara say, “I guess that means we have the couch” and heard both laughing as Matt kicked the bedroom door closed.

He set me down on my feet, cupping my face with his hands, he leaned down and kissed me tenderly. “Angel I can’t even believe that this is happening between us.”

Covering my lips with his, he continued his tender assault of my mouth. “I really want to make love to you, and I do love you Angel, with all my heart and soul,”

My eyes filled with tears, “Oh Matt, I love you so much, yes please make love to me”. His hands found my hips in the dark and walked me to the bed.

Turning on the lamp on the night stand he said “I want to see every part of you My Beautiful Angel”. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me to stand between is legs.

“Your so beautiful” he said as he took my breasts in his hands. Rolling my nipples between his finger and thumb, moaning as he feels them hardening at his touch. Taking one nipple in his mouth, he sucks gently. Putting my hand on the back of his head I encourage him to continue. Using his teeth he bit down hard on my nipple.

“Oh God Matty yes” as a major shock wave rolls through my body. I can feel my wetness dripping down my thighs.

He stands and turns me around and sits me down at the edge of the bed. “Need to taste you” he moaned. He knelt on the floor between my legs, lifted my feet to the edge of the bed to expose my dripping pussy. “Oh God Angel your pussy is completely shaved and look how wet you are.” With that he kissed my honey pot, moaning as he licked the wetness from his lips.

“Matty your killing me please!!” I begged him.

“All in good time sis, I am going to savor you for as long as I can. He started licking the wetness from my thighs “Mmm so good and so sweet, I can lick you forever” he growled.

Pushing my thighs up toward my chest totally exposing me, his tongue started at my puckered hole and licked upward to my clit. My hips jerked off the bed trying to increase the pressure of his mouth on me. His tongue lingered a short time teasing my hardened clit. Then start downward slipping it inside me, he began licking and sucking my juices out of me. Pushing me further towards the edge.

“Please Matty please I need to come”

“Not yet Angel, just a little more” his tongue moving to my puckered hole and starred a whole new round of shock waves my body twisting as much as I could with the position he held me in. The tip of his tongue forcing it way inside me.

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