An Amazing Welcome Home

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I had always been attracted to my roommate’s girlfriend, from the moment I saw her, the moment I saw Adriana, I knew I was a goner. Her medium length light brown hair, curled yet straight at the same time. Her piercing emerald eyes, that reminded me of the rainforest whenever I looked into them. Her cheeky smile that was at times like a mischievous child and then like a spiteful seductress. Or her voice that was husky and low when she wanted something then bubbly and childlike when she knew she had me trapped. Maybe it was just her voluptuous body, perfect in every way, legs that went on for miles, her ass that was perfectly shaped, her stomach so well toned that it could make a gay man drool. Her breasts, oh her breasts we’re the perfect size for my hands to be full and her nipples a deep bronze, contrasting beautifully to her golden beige tan. Her body was so feminine, so delicate and toned. She was about 5’6″ and of a slim to average build. In looks we were similar but so very different, I was 5’9″, with an average to athletic build, with deep brown almost black eyes, my hair black and long always straight and mostly in a pony tail. I knew that I wanted her from the moment I saw her but I knew I could never act on it, because she was with my roommate and Demetri was like family. So, I held down my attraction to her, containing myself and forcing myself to befriend her and nothing else.

I had been out of town for 2 weeks, made my way to the Bahama’s to relax. It had gotten hard to stay around Demetri and Adriana, since she moved in 3 months earlier, my attraction to her only growing after countless times of accidentally walking in on her changing, her walking through the kitchen in nothing but a towel after a shower while just her and I were home, having to zip up her dress and put on her necklace while she got ready because Demetri wasn’t around. In the first few months I had known her she had tried to set me up with a couple of different guys, I hadn’t told her I was a lesbian, until one night when she had come over and Demetri had had to work really late and we were curled up on the couch watching a horror movie and she had asked how my date with her cousin Santiago was.

“Oh and hey, how was you date with my cousin?” She had asked eager to see if we had hit it off.

“Well, it was okay, I guess.” I replied rather hesitantly, for some reason I had been nervous to tell her, now that I think about it I guess it was because she was one of the only people I actually cared about their attitude towards me.

“What do you mean just “okay’? Santiago is a total catch and he’s totally into you.”

“Well, uhh he’s just not my type.” I had replied still kind of hesitant.

“Oh then, what is your type, Si?” She asked so eager to know, using my nickname, which always got her way.

My heart pounding, I decided to suck it up and finally tell her “Female, my type is female. I’m a lesbian, Addy.” I responded using my nickname for Ümraniye Escort her, trying to breathe.

She looked at me somewhat surprised and as I turned to look into her rainforest eyes she quietly said, “Huh, well I have this really hot cousin, Bonita. I reckon you’d go for her.”

We burst out laughing and ended up talking early into the morning about my sexuality and why I hadn’t brought it up. It was just about sunrise when our chatter subsided and we ended up looking into each other’s eyes, like a blind man seeing the ocean for the first time. Throughout the night something happened and we ended up so close to each other that I could feel her breath against my lips. We started to lean closer to each other, our lips almost touching when we were startled by the turning of the door handle. It had been Demetri finally coming in from work, he was a Dj work hours, completely different from that of mine, as the marketing director at a large software company and those of Adriana as a Journalist. He was surprised to see us still up, that night I didn’t sleep at all, the only thing on my mind was the hot penetrating gaze she had while staring into my eyes. After that we seemed to only get closer and then she moved in on there 6 month anniversary, that made me realise that I needed to stop my feelings for her stop developing. It didn’t help that we became best friends and that was why I went to the Bahama’s. I needed to get her out of my head and all the mindless sex and random hook-ups didn’t help. Nothing could get the sounds of her moaning through the walls out of my head.

As the flavour of the month at the time was driving me home to my beachside apartment from the airport, I had received a text from Demetri.

“Hey Bro!

I’m know that you’re coming back today and I’m so sorry but I’m not gonna be home for the next few days. My family is in town and my parents are forcing me to stay at the house with them until about Sunday. But don’t worry! You won’t be alone. Adriana’s not with me. I hope your trip was good. See you soon.

– Dem.”

My heart started to race, was I going to be able to handle 5 days alone with Adriana? We had never had an extended period of time alone together. I didn’t wanna risk it and in spite of myself I asked the flavour of that month (who’s name I can’t recall) if she wanted to come over in a few days. The reasons behind not asking her to stay straight away were simple, one, I needed time away from her as the drive from the airport was enough time for me to be irritated by her, although there was nothing wrong with her, she was just not Adriana. Two, I wanted time to get settled back into my home. And three, because as hard as I tried not to, I missed Adriana terribly and wanted to spend some time with her.

As we reached the entrance of my building, it was around sunset and I started feeling anxious to see Adriana after two weeks. As I tried to get out of the Ümraniye Escort Bayan car, the flavour of the month tugged onto my shirt, bringing our lips into a kiss, shoving her tongue into my mouth, she grabbed my breast squeezing hard and then pulled back smirking at what she thought was a look of lust induced haze on my face but was really a confused, slightly annoyed look. I needed to see Adriana.

I had hastily left the car, trying to get out before she fucked me right there in her car. As I took my luggage through the building and in the elevator I had realised how much I had missed this place. As I got to my door to the penthouse apartment, I could hear muffled music. As I walked into the the foyer area and put down my suitcase, keys, took off my shoes and removed my headphones from around my neck I recognise the song as Marvin Gaye’s “Lets Get It On.” I chuckled, recalling the amount of times I had come home to Adriana cooking while jamming to this song.

I made my way down the short hall into the kitchen naturally assuming Adriana was cooking. As I reached the kitchen there were candles everywhere and as I gazed over the site, I saw her. Adriana. She was bent over our marble counter, her little sport shorts pooled on the wooden floors, as my eyes move up her body I noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear and one of her hands were between her legs, teasing lightly. My breath hitched at the sight. The other hand was in her shirt grasping at her bosom. I stood there in a trance for what felt like hours, soaking in all of her, feeling my pussy soak my underwear and through my pants.

My mouth runs dry and I would have remained like that for the rest of my life, then she moaned and said in the sexiest voice ever “God, I want you so much. Ugh, fuck me. Fuck me against every surface.”

That broke me out of my trance like state. I then instinctively closed my eyes to preserve some of my decency. And said to her, in an extremely shaky voice


“Uhh, Addy. Demetri said he was going to his parents for a few days. I uhh, guess he forgot to tell you hu-” I was cut off by the feeling of her breath against my ear.

“He told me he was going away, Si.” She husked, my eyes were still closed.

“This, this is all for you.”

I then felt her hands unbutton the shirt I was wearing and rake her nails down my stomach, going towards my pants. She undid the button and got half way down the zip before she stopped.

“I want YOU to fuck me against every surface, Sienna.”

Her use of my full name made me open my eyes in time to see her lean in to kiss me. She pulled me into a searing kiss, my eyes had closed at the intensity of it. I didn’t notice her pulling down my pants and underwear at the time. The next thing I knew, my hands were in her hair, I had her up against a wall, my tongue was in her mouth putting all of the pent up sexual frustration into the kiss and I was somehow Escort Ümraniye wearing a strap-on. I removed my lips from hers, much to her dismay and move on to sucking and biting her neck, she tried to touch me but I used one hand to pin both hers above her head as I ravish her body with the other. I kiss along her jaw and find her sweet spot not too far below it. I sucked and bit it and when I removed myself from it, I saw an angry looking bruise forming. As I went down her neck, she gasped.

“Ugh, GOD. Si, that’s amazing. I want more. Let me touch you.” She begged. She tried to move her hands but I push them back.

“No.” I all but growled. As I literally ripped her shirt and put her nipple into my mouth. She screamed at the sensation and after a few minutes of me playing with her tits, I felt her juices against my knee. That was when I finally gave in to her and let go of her hands. In an instant they were all over me, she pulled me into a moan inducing kiss. Fighting me for dominance, a battle which I won. She took off all my clothes and moaned at the sight. She then started to kiss down my neck, all along my jaw, in a similar fashion that I had done just moments earlier. She toyed with my erect nipples as she sucked on my neck and I could feel my centre throbbing. In an instant I threw her against the counter, she was in a position similar to what I had found her in when I arrived home, but now I was behind her. I ran my hands up her perfect ass and could see her pussy glistening wet. I slowly slid fake appendage into her pussy.

“Fuck! That’s amazing.” She hissed.

I gripped her ass and pushed it in all the way, pulling out and pushing it all in slowly. I slap her ass as it went in.

“Ahhh, faster. Fuck me faster.” As I thrust faster she met my thrust half way and my hands traveled to her boobs. And I play with her nipples.

“HARDER. OH GOD! SI! SI! SI!” She screamed, I feel it becoming harder to push in as her walls clench, but I kept on going. A thin layer of sweat covered both our bodies and as she got closer she turned and lifted her head to pull me into a searing kiss. Her screams where getting louder and louder.


Her screams enough to make me come.

I pulled out of her and un-expectantly and turn her around fully. Ravaging her whole body before I lifted her up on to the counter and knelt to the floor. The heady scent of her further heightening my arousal. Before a second’s thought I plunged my tongue into her pussy. Sucking her clit hard and with her digging her nails into my shoulders in response. Screaming my name in the process. I kept trusting my tongue in her for a few minutes. It was when I nipped at her clit that she came with a shout in my mouth, shuddering hard, holding my head against her. She pulled me up to kiss her her, breathing hard she pulled my ear to her mouth and husked, “I hope you have more in you because, we have 5 days and a few more surfaces that I need you to fuck me on.”

She seductively licked the shell of my ear before biting it, which worked me up even more, before continuing, impossibly dropping her voice even lower, “And right now, I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’re going to forget your own name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32