Amy’s Eyes

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This Story Contains: incest, brother/sister love, explicit and sexual content.


Amy and Jackson.

“Am” (pronounced ‘Aim’) for short.

‘J’- Jackson


It was a light autumn night, when Amy was walking home from her friend’s house late one Saturday. Her and her friend had spent the day together chatting, shopping, talking – typical girl stuff. When she returned home she found her parents weren’t in, but all the lights were off in the house. She thought at least her brother, Jackson, would be home. She was right, he was home. He was home with his girlfriend (at the time) having some… fun. Amy could hear muffled sounds coming from upstairs, but couldn’t quite make them out. So quietly she crept upstairs. Realising the sounds were coming from her brother’s bedroom, maybe out of curiosity, she tiptoed to the slight crack in his door. She didn’t expect to see what she saw…

The Story:

Amy saw her brother sitting on the edge of his bed with his girlfriend’s silky chestnut brown hair in his lap, bobbing up and down. “Oooooh” gently escaped out of his mouth as his girlfriend serviced him. Amy was well aware of what was happening just 10 feet away from her. Her brother, the elder by a year, was being given a blow job. At first she was shocked, which quickly turned into a slight bout of disgust before her mind changed; dramatically. Amy started to turn away from her brother’s door and go back downstairs when her brother let out another moan of pleasure. Amy couldn’t help what happened next – she started to become aroused. She felt her smooth legs start to heat up and become moist from the radiant heat given off by her pussy. She was well aware of masturbation at this age and that combined with the oral sex in the room caused her to turn back and continue watching. As she peered back through the crack of the door, she could see her brother stand up and grab a hold of his dick; quickly jerking back and forth until he came over his girlfriend’s face. Amy’s cheeks began to flush slightly – it was the first time she’d ever seen a boy naked, been given a blow job and cum. She began to see things in a different light from this point on.

Some time later…

Amy walked into the living room where her brother was sitting watching TV.

“Hey Jack.” she said in a slightly high and drawn out tone of voice.

“Hey Am” (pronounced ‘aim’) he replied.

“Watcha doing?” She asked in her ‘little girl’ voice, suggesting she wanted something from him.

“Watching TV.”

“What do you want?” Jackson asked.

“Weeellll, since you’re allowed to drive an’ all I was wondering if you could do something for me?” She replied in the same innocent tone of voice.

“And that would be?”

“If you could drive me to the mall, please?” She asked pleadingly.

“That depends, what for?” he asked trying to make her earn the trip.

“I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?”

“Because, it’s girl stuff. You wouldn’t understand you goof.” Amy replied in a more serious tone of voice, suggesting she wasn’t willing to play his game.

“Ok, no need to be rude. I get it, it’s for a guy. Although I’d prefer not to drive my sister to the mall to fetch some slutty lingerie for another man.”

“Jack! It’s not for a guy, you pervert!” Amy began to feel insulted that her brother thought she’d be a slut for someone.

“Oh.” Said Jackson. “Ooooooh” he re-uttered as he realised what she meant.

“And it’s not that either.” Amy confirmed before he had a chance to say anything more. “I need some new clothes and stuff like that.”

“Why didn’t you just say it was that in the first place?” Jackson asked.

“Because, I wanted to tease you. Gotcha.” She said winking at him.

“1 point to me.” She continued.

Jackson sighed. He sighed because this was a new and ‘interesting’ game that Amy decided to play with him. The object of the game was for one of the sibling’s to make the other think they wanted to do something sexual for someone. Unfortunately for Jackson, the present 18 year old Amy had decided to play this new game of hers while she was transforming into quite an attractive young woman. In previous years Amy had been, a little…chubby so to speak. She wasn’t fat by any stretch of the imagination but she wasn’t attractively thin; and by that I don’t mean stick thin. I mean the weight at which she would become desirable to you. Imagine the girl of your dreams and how much she weighed- that’s how much Amy weighed. Anyway, Amy over the last year had taken it upon herself to change her figure. She went to the gym most days escort bayan and worked out in those lovely figure hugging yoga pants and a just as tight top. The men in the gym couldn’t help but drool while watching her. By the present time Amy had become a well looking woman. She had fiery ginger hair and bright green eyes. She had a slim build and shapely legs. Her breasts were a generous sized C cup naturally and she had a firm toned arse which sat out perfectly from her well toned body, not too much that it looked fake but just enough that it caught the eyes of a lot of men.

“Alright, I’ll take you.” Said Jackson

“Thanks J. I’ll just go get ready.” She said in her innocent tone again.

Amy leant over to Jackson and kissed him on the cheek. As she bent down Jackson couldn’t help but see down his sister’s loosely fitting shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and Jackson could see the tops of her breasts and her toned flat stomach beneath them. Her ivory coloured skin accentuated the firmness of her breasts.

“You’re welcome.” He was a little taken back by A) seeing down his sister’s top and B) having his sister refer to him as ‘J’, something she hasn’t done since she was a little girl.

As Amy stood up she looked into his eyes and he into hers. She lingered there, momentarily before she started to walk off. Jackson, taken back by staring into her beautiful green eyes; even if momentarily, found that Amy was now more beautiful then he ever realised. Jackson couldn’t help but watch his sister as she walked down the hall and back upstairs.

After Amy was ready to go, they left the house. They didn’t have to say goodbye to their parents because they were on a vacation and wouldn’t be back for another month. As they left the house, both teens felt the crisp heat of the summers day as they went over to Jackson’s car- an old Ford Mustang that was in need of a lot of care, but at the same time needed nothing changing to it to make it any less beautiful.

“Ugh, don’t you ever clean in here? It stinks.” Amy said as she opened the door.

“If you don’t want to go to the mall then that’s fine.”

“Fine, let’s go.” Amy replied still disgusted.

On the way to the mall, only 3 blocks away, Jackson and Amy made small talk and listened to the radio. The latest hit came on and they both sang, albeit a bit reluctantly in front of one another. When they came to the mall’s car park, Amy became very giddy which Jackson noticed.

“What’s up with you?” Jackson asked slightly amused by Amy’s giddiness.

“What?” She replied.

“You’re acting like a little kid in a sweet shop.” Said Jackson laughing slightly. “Come on, let’s get your stuff and then if you’re good I may buy you an ice-cream.” He continued, teasing her. To which Amy replied by punching him in the arm.

“Owww. No ice-cream now.”

“Ugh, you’re such a goof.” She said in mock disgust.

The two walked into the mall and around to various shops. Along the way they got some lunch and chatted about various things. But then they went to ‘Dress all of which he said looked nice on her. After about half-an-hour of trying on different clothes Amy had stayed in the dressing room (which was more like a cubical with a curtain for a door) and Jackson started to wonder what was taking her so long, she hadn’t been out for about 10 minutes. So he went over to the room she was in and poked his head in thinking she was dressed and ready to go. Instead Jackson caught her in a pair of tight black panties and no bra. In the mirror Jackson could see her uncovered breasts, they were perfectly shaped and didn’t sag.

“Jack! What are you doing?!” She shouted while covering up her perky breasts.

“Sorry Am,” He said removing his head from inside the curtain “I thought you were dressed.”

“So you stick your head into the changing room where I may be naked just to check without at least asking first!” She shouted from inside the changing room.

“I’m sorry, it was a mistake.”

Amy stormed out of the changing room not long after that with all the clothes in her hands, fuming at Jackson.

“Seriously, why would you do that!? I’m your sister and was half naked when you stuck that stupid head of yours in while I was getting changed.”

Jackson had noticed the anger in Amy’s voice and also that her eyes had become even more piercing green than before.

“Look, Am, I’m really sorry about that it was an honest mistake.” Replied Jackson in a sorrowful and defensive way which diffused some of Amy’s anger but not by much.

“Fine, let’s go.” Anger was still present in her voice.

On the ride home both teens sat in silence, neither one of them talked altıparmak escort bayan or sang along to the radio. When they got home Amy went straight to her room which gave Jackson some thinking time. Instead of thinking about what happened rationally and figuring out how to apologise to Amy, the image of her naked breasts kept flashing into his mind. He kept picturing their firmness, how pink her nipples were and how they were perfect in every way possible. Her piercing green eyes also kept flashing into this memory. He couldn’t help but begin to feel his dick stiffen.

It was time for dinner when Amy finally came down from her room. She walked into the living room where Jackson was watching TV again and sat on the opposite sofa from him.

“Listen, Am I’m really sorry about what happened at the mall. I shouldn’t have done that. Sorry.”

Amy turned her head away from the TV and looked her brother straight in eyes. She gave him a flat look, emotionless.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it too. And I realised that you saw more then you were meant to.”

“Meant to? What was I meant to see?” Jackson asked nervously.

“I was going to get changed into my next outfit after the ‘incident’ and ask you what you thought. It was going to be a dress. But you ruined it when you stuck your head in the room with me.” She said simply.

“Well, I’m still really sorry about that. I should have knocked first.” Jackson replied earnestly.

“It was a curtain, you couldn’t have knocked you goof.” She said returning her attention back to the TV.

Jackson knew his sister well, he knew she had forgiven him at that moment which he was happy for. Like any sibling, they can’t stand to see the other one hurt or angry, especially with them.

“So what do you want for dinner Am?” Jackson asked after a few minutes silence.

“Pizza.” Amy replied.

When the pizza arrived the pair ate in the kitchen talking and eating. Because their parents weren’t home, Amy suddenly had an idea.

“Let’s go raid the drinks cabinet.”

“We can’t do that. Dad’s bound to notice when he gets back and checks.” Replied Jackson in his brotherly tone.

“Oh come on, if anything we’ll replace it and it wont hurt anyone. I’ll go fix us something. What do you want? Rum & coke?” She replied suggestively.

“Fine. JD & coke then.” He said giving in.

“Yay!” She said running off to get the liquor from the cabinet in living-room.

A couple seconds later she bought in two JD & cokes. The teens scoffed their first drink of the night down in a couple of minutes.

“Another?” She asked.


“Why don’t we go an’ sit inside and watch a film or something?” Said Amy as she walked back into the living room to fetch another drink for the pair.

Jackson followed her into the living room, watching his sister’s firm buttocks sway from side as she walked. She went over to the liquor cabinet and picked out the JD again while Jackson slumped onto the sofa, still watching his sister. In doing so, she bent over right in front of him. He felt a rush of heat build up in his groin at the sight of this and began very quickly, to stiffen. He couldn’t see Amy pouring the drinks, but when she turned around the glasses were full again.

“What should we watch?” She asked.

“Anything. Put something on if you like.” Jackson replied.

“Ooooh like a movie night!” She said happily.

Jackson new what this meant- chick-flicks. He would have to sit and watch film after film about a guy and a girl meeting, falling in love, parting and then reuniting again at the end. But Amy loved these kinds of films so Jackson watched them.

At first each was laying on their own sofa. During the first 3 or 4 films Amy had fixed them both multiple drinks and by now they both had to be extremely drunk. The film that was currently on was particularly interesting for Jackson, mainly because there were quite a few sex scenes in last hour. He laid on his side watching the 6th sex scene and suddenly realised that he had a stiffening cock. He covered himself in a nearby blanket.

“J, I’m cold.” Amy stated out loud.

“Can I come snuggle?” She asked.

“Err, sure.” Replied Jackson with concern in his voice, mainly because he still had a semi.

He expected his sister to walk over and join him, like any other person would have. But Amy didn’t. She crawled along the floor, slowly while looking into his eyes as if she were a cat stalking its prey. He looked at her as she did so, her fiery hair hung down framing her breasts. Once again, Jackson could see down his sisters top; down to those beautiful nilüfer eskort and luscious breasts. When she joined him underneath the blanket Jackson had to trap his hard dick between his legs, while Amy seemed to press into him. She seemed to try to grind her arse up against his dick all-the-while making it excruciatingly hard. But she stopped after a moment and continued to watch the film. While Amy was so closely snuggled up to her brother, she couldn’t see the look on his face but new he was enjoying being this close to her- she could feel it trying to lift her up from her arsehole.

“J, would you mind if I went upstairs for a little while?” She asked.

“Whyyy would III minndd?” He replied, slurring his words.

“Because, I thought it might be rude not to ask before I…go upstairs.” She left a little suggestive pause at the end of the statement, one which Jackson although drunk, would still be intrigued by.

“Whyy do you need to go upstairs?” He asked.

“Because, this movie is quite interesting and is making me quite…interested.” She replied shyly.

“Whatt?” Jackson didn’t quite catch onto what she meant.

“It’s turning me on.” She said quietly.

“Ooohhh. Well go relieve yourself then.” He said, his heart rapidly beating at the realisation of what was going to happen.

“But I can’t. I need more than just myself. Like in the movie. I want someone.” Amy replying.

“Well you’ll get someone soon,” replied Jackson honestly “you’re a reall catch annnd any guy woulld be lucky to have you.”

“Aww, you’re sweet when you want to be J.” Amy replied in that way that girls do after they’ve just received a compliment.

After this, Amy stood up and walked upstairs. Jackson turned off the movie after it was finished (which was only another 30 minutes) and decided to go upstairs to bed, or more like stumble upstairs to bed. All the lights were off upstairs, but Amy’s door was open. Like any caring brother, Jackson stepped slightly into her room to check if she was off to sleep- she was. But as he did so, he stepped on something very hard and sharp; it felt like he’d stepped on a plug. He bent down and picked up the object, it was indeed a plug. He followed the wire and picked up what was attached to it- the charger for Amy’s vibrator. The vibrator itself was next to the plug on the floor. He picked up both objects from the floor. When he realised what the objects were, he was surprised. Amy had obviously broken it in some way and thrown it away from her in frustration. But what Jackson did next, he would not utter to another soul ever. He licked the end of the vibrator. It was a musky taste, wasn’t horrible and was lovely and sweet. Now, Jackson had tasted a few pussies in his dating life so far, but Amy’s was different somehow. It was better than all of them put together. Which made his aroused and drunken state from the movie even more intense (not the drunken side, the arousal part). He decided to put the vibrator back where he found it and leave. That night, in bed Jackson had to beat off. And while doing so, all he could imagine was what he’d found in his sister’s bedroom and what happened at the mall. He couldn’t stop envisioning Amy’s lovely breasts and those seductive, green jewels she had for eyes. That night he came very quickly and came about 4 or 5 times.

The next morning Amy had woken up earlier than Jackson. She went downstairs into the kitchen to fix herself some breakfast. She was in a terrible mood after last night. She only wore a loose fitting top- one of Jacksons t-shirts to be exact- and her underwear- blue panties that covered some of her arse cheeks. She was cooking some eggs when Jackson stomped in, he was obviously hungover from last night.

“Morning J.” Amy said in a happy tone of voice.

“Morning.” He whispered back holding his head.

“Eggs?” She asked in that same cheery tone of voice.

“Sure. Is that one of my tops?” He again whispered.

“Yeah, sorry. All of my old ones are in the wash so I borrowed one of yours. That ok?” She asked smiling.

“Yeah, of course.” He replied.

Little did Amy know that when a man sees a woman, especially a beautiful woman like Amy, wearing one of their shirts that it is a big turn on for a guy. And that coupled with the fact she is wearing only her blue panties under that shirt doesn’t help Jackson’s case. Amy thought it was normal enough, she used to wear that kind of outfit on the weekend when she was younger. Likewise, Jackson thought nothing of coming downstairs in only his shorts showing off his muscled torso. Like Amy he kept himself fit, not for any sports or anything but just to look good. As Amy brought him some eggs over on the plate she looked over his muscled torso, just a slight leer but just enough to notice.

“Here you go hun.” Amy had never called Jackson this, but he didn’t notice. Mainly because his head was pounding from last night.

He began to eat his eggs while Amy sat down next to him and started eating hers.

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