Amending Marks

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The school year was drawing to a close. All exams had been completed and marked. Now it was simply a matter of printing up the reports and getting rid of the students.

As the manager of the IT section I was always aware of the possibility of cheating and attempts to finesse the system. That’s why I kept a copy of the exam results offline. I’d do a check each morning to make sure nothing had changed. If something had then I’d be down on the relevant person like a ton of bricks.

Ninety nine times out of a hundred there would be no problem. Today was the hundredth time. It seemed someone had managed to hack in and improve their marks. I checked to see who it was and what marks they’d changed. As soon as I saw what had happened I had a real conundrum.

Susan was an excellent all-round student. She was also top of the grade in IT. I had been very disappointed in her when she handed on a poor practical exam, only scoring a C. She was way better than that. Her grasp of theory was top notch and her assignments had all been excellent. She was still going to pass the subject very easily, but with a mark that didn’t reflect her true potential.

I had no idea why she handed in such a poor (for her) practical exam. Maybe she’d been ill or something, but I could only go on what she passed in. If she’d been in danger of failing I’d have had her doing a make-up test to make sure she passed, but she was going to pass anyway so I let it go.

Now her practical exam mark had jumped from a C to an A. It was the only mark she’d changed. It seemed I had three choices. Fail her for trying to fiddle the system. Reset the mark to a C and speak very firmly to her. Let the A stand, because if she was able to change the mark with our security then she’d demonstrated a practical experience worthy of the A.

I invited Susan to come and see me after the final bell. The look on her face told me she guessed why. She finally dragged herself to my office while everyone else was clearing out as fast as possible. I kept her waiting on my convenience.

Eventually I called her into my office.

“Susan, can you please tell me why you did so poorly on the IT Practical exam. We both know you should have skinned that exam alive and walked home with its pelt. Instead of which you butchered the poor thing with a blunt instrument. You passed, but with a C?”

“It wasn’t my fault,” she said, and sounded as though she was nearly crying. “I was developing the flu. I told Mrs Owens I was sick and wouldn’t be able to do the exam properly but she wasn’t interested. I wanted to go home or to the first aid centre but she wouldn’t let me. I had to sit and do the exam and I could barely hold a pen, I felt that rotten. I was lucky it was my last exam because I was sick in bed for the next three days.”

I already had her records up on the screen and it showed that she had been missing for the three days immediately following the exam. I made a note to speak to Mrs Owens. If students request permission to go to the first aid centre they must be permitted to go. I’d have to check attendance records and see how many people she contaminated. It could be useful ammunition to fire at Mrs Owens, who could be a proper bitch at times.

“OK. Now can you explain to me why your C miraculously transformed into an A?”

“I hacked the system,” she muttered, not looking at me.

“You hacked the system,” I said flatly. “Did you personally hack it or did you get someone else to do it for you?”

“I did it myself,” she said, sounding irritated. “I wouldn’t need help for that sort of thing. I’m good at IT, and you know it. I deserved an A. If Mrs Owens hadn’t been so nasty I’d have been able to sit the exam the next week and I’d have aced it. It just wasn’t fair that I should suffer because Mrs Owens was a, um, too strict.”

I felt sure that she’d been going to give a more descriptive word, one a little more accurate than strict, but I let it go.

“The question now is what do I elvankent escort do about it?” I gave her a nasty smile.

“I suppose you’re going to fail me now,” she muttered.

“I considered it,” I admitted, “but I decided that would have been totally unfair. You’re really quite brilliant at IT. By rights, at the very least, I should change the mark back to a C. I’ve decided to leave it as an A.”

“What? Why?”

“You showed practical skills worthy of an A when you managed to hack the system,” I said dryly. “Mind you, if you’d changed any other mark I’d have been down on you like a ton of bricks, but you didn’t. Even the subjects where you were genuinely only average weren’t upgraded in the slightest, which show a certain amount of integrity. You only adjusted the mark where you felt cheated.”

“Oh. I, ah, don’t know what to say.”

“An apology wouldn’t go amiss. And acceptance of an appropriate penalty.”

Susan blushed and mumbled an apology. She hesitated a moment and then asked, “Punishment?”

“Well, I can’t really let you get off scot free, especially as you have the improved mark. Some sort of penalty is certainly in order. It’s just a case of what the penalty should be.”

I put a bit of a glower on my face to let her know I was displeased.

“The problem with a penalty was that I couldn’t really apply any standard punishment as someone would want to know why. If they found out some sticklers would demand you be failed for that subject. A couple might even insist that you be failed for the full year. That meant I’d have to come up with a punishment that we could keep reasonably private.

At one stage I was wishing you were still a kid so I could just put you over my knee and paddle you. Then I thought well, why not? You’re eighteen and able to decide for yourself. I’ll just get you to accept a spanking for idiocy above and beyond that normal for a teenager.”

I shut up and waited. Susan sat and waited for me to continue. When she realised I had nothing more to say she finally spoke up.

“You want to spank me?” she asked, scandalised.

“Not particularly. I’m open to suggestions if you have an alternative you can propose.”

I could see her thinking hard and coming up blank.

“Y-you mean on my bottom?”

“That is where spanking normally takes place.”


She sat and thought some more, still coming up blank.

“Ah, when would this spanking take place?”

“Now is as good a time as any. With that done I can chalk up the whole affair as closed.”


It’s a good thing I’m a patient man as I had to wait some more.

“I guess I can handle a spanking,” she muttered. “Um, how much of a spanking will it be?”

“Good question. How does one measure spankings? Let’s just say it will be enough of a spanking to show my extreme displeasure with you for putting me in this spot.”

She was dithering. Not accepting but not refusing, either. I stood up and strolled around the desk, settling done on the spare visitor’s chair.

“Might as well get it over with,” I said cheerfully. “Neither of us seems to have an alternative.” I patted my lap. “Come along. Bend over and we’ll get things under way.”

Susan swallowed nervously and edged over next to me. I helped ease her over my lap. She gave a little squeak when I lifted her dress and a much louder one when I eased her panties down.

“Hey. I didn’t say you could do that,” she protested.

“Now be reasonable, Susan. A good spanking is always on a bare bottom. You should know that.”

Whether she knew it or not didn’t really matter. That was how hers was going to be. She had a very nice little bottom, too. Plumply rounded and white. The way she was bent over her mound was also exposed, but I was damned sure she didn’t know that. I rested my hand gently on her bottom for a moment.

“Normally I’d suggest one spank per year of age but emek escort you’re a little old for that. Let’s just say ten and we’ll call it done.”

She didn’t actually agree but there again, I wasn’t looking for permission at this stage. My hand came down smartly on one cheek. Her whole body jerked slightly but that was the only reaction. Satisfied that everything was going according to plan I continued spanking, evenly covering both cheeks, giving them a nice red flush.

By the count of ten both cheeks had a nice little glow, her legs had drifted further apart, and her mound had a light blush to it and I could swear it had swelled slightly. Not my direct fault I hasten to assure you. I had only delivered a regulation spanking without my hand drifting to where it shouldn’t go.

I let my hand gently feather its way across her bottom, the tips of my fingers making the barest of contact. If her bottom hadn’t been feeling rather sensitive at that moment she may not have noticed. But it was, and she did. I could see the faint blush on her mound getting a little deeper. My hand drifted slowly in that direction.

“Ah, that’s ten,” Susan said, her voice a little strained.

“Indeed it is and we can consider the matter settled. Don’t even think of doing anything like that again.”

“I won’t,” she said quickly. “Can I get up now?”

My faintly touching fingertips were now brushing lightly over her swollen lips. From the way they pursed a little more she could feel that touch, gentle though it was.

“Of course you can,” I told her. “It’s just that I’d prefer you to remain like that for a little longer.”

My fingers slid either side of her mound, bringing my palm down to be kissed by her lips.

“Why?” she asked. “What are you doing? You shouldn’t be touching me there. That’s sexual harassment, that is.”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said, giving the allegation sincere consideration. “Right now it’s only a bit of friendly petting. If you tell me to stop and I don’t, then it becomes harassment.”

I was quite firmly massaging her pussy at this stage and she was moving around under my touch. I don’t know if she knew it but she was unquestionably pushing her pussy towards my hand, seeking a firmer touch.

“You’re still touching me,” she gasped. “Why are you still touching me?”

“Because you haven’t told me not to and I’m trying to seduce you. How does it feel, me doing this?”

“I did tell you not to, didn’t I?”

“Not so that I would notice. Ah, you haven’t said how it feels. Naughty and nice? Downright wicked? Does it make you feel excited that a teacher is trying to seduce you? I won’t say trying to get into your pants because you’re not wearing them.”

“You’re not really going to try and seduce me, are you? You’re just kidding.”

“Does this feel as though I’m kidding?” I asked, a couple of fingers easing between her lips and stroking her internally. “You still haven’t said how it feels.”

“And I’m not going to. Are you going to stop or not?”

“Still waiting to be told to,” I said cheerfully. “If you do tell me to then I’ll stop. Not happily, but I’ll stop.”

She breathed harder and I continued rubbing. She was hot and wet and I already knew what my touch felt like to her. Delightfully wicked. She was going to tell me to stop, but just not yet.

I heard her give a little groan when my fingers wandered too close to the wrong place.

“Ah, enough. Stop. Please stop.”

She then gave a shriek as the world must have seemed to spin around her as I not only stopped but twisted her onto her feet, facing me. She looked at me, breathing hard, seeming a little disturbed. I reached over and lifted the hem of her dress and tucked it into her belt, leaving her nicely exposed.

“Why did you do that?” she asked, not making any attempt to cover up.

“Because I’m going to drop my trousers and have you sit on me,” I explained. “It’ll eryaman escort go a lot easier if we can both see what we’re doing.”

“You can’t do that,” she said, even while she watched me unbuckling my belt.

“You really can’t,” she continued as I slid my trousers and jocks down, leaving the goodies on display.

“You can’t seriously expect me to sit on that,” she protested, staring at my erection.

My hands circled her, closing around her bottom and drawing her closer. I didn’t try to force her, just bringing her closer until she was standing straddling me, very much aware of my erection as it was rearing up between her legs and she could feel it there.

“I don’t have to,” she muttered while I humbly agreed.

I was pretty sure that my cock was now lightly brushing against her slit and the narrowing distance hadn’t been caused by my movement.

“If I don’t want to I won’t,” she said, glaring at me. I humbly agreed that was her right.

I could feel a firmer contact now and I adjusted my position just a little. It always works better if you line up properly. I could now feel the soft dampness of her inner lips pressing against me. She slowly settled down, the look in her eye daring me to say anything. I’m no fool. My mouth was effectively stapled shut.

She was panting slightly now as she sank down onto me, my cock desperate to rear up and attack, but abiding under my firm control. Her eyes seemed to be opening wider the deeper she sank onto me and she gave a little gasp at the end when she was firmly seated.

I didn’t try to start moving. I let her sit there, adjusting to my presence within her. I did start undoing her blouse. Her eyes dropped and watched as I undid her buttons one at a time, and she gave a little start when I parted the blouse, revealing a proper school bra.

“I’m sure there’s a prison matron they hire to design school uniform bras,” I grumbled, pushing the unsightly thing up and off her breasts.

With her breasts now on display my hands closed upon them and at the same time I put some upwards pressure against her, pushing my cock just a tiny bit deeper. It was enough to get her going though. She pushed to meet me and then relaxed back, letting me withdraw a little, giving me more room to drive in.

It didn’t take long and Susan was bouncing happily on my lap, sliding up and down my shaft with increasing enthusiasm. I was doing my bit, thrusting up hard, trying to sink in as deep as possible with each stroke. I was also playing with her breasts, finding them nicely responsive and very sensitive.

She giving out soft little cries as she bounced, her excitement bubbling forth. I just let her go and tried to stay with her. I didn’t think I’d have to do anything fancy to get her to climax, just hang on while she did all the work.

The problem I found was hanging on. My cock was practically twitching in its eagerness to go wild and I was forcing the poor thing to let Susan be the pacemaker. Maybe that was a mistake on my part but not one I could easily correct. She bounced and bubbled and I sweated and waited.

I guessed when she pressed a hand against her mouth that she was due. Now I did give a little extra in the thrusting department and she let go with a muffled scream, shaking and milking my poor cock for all it was worth. Good thing I’d climaxed at the same time or she might have done me an injury.

I couldn’t even disengage and pull up my trousers. She just totally relaxed against me. It would have been rude to pick her up and toss her to one side. After a while she gave a big sigh and returned to glaring at me. What did I do?

“You shouldn’t have done that,” she told me.

It occurred to me that pointing out she’d mounted me and bounced wouldn’t have done any good so I didn’t.

“Well, I would apologise, but I’m not at all sorry,” I told her. “I thought you were just fantastic.”

She gave what I would describe as a snort but she probably considered a ladylike humph. She finally got off my lap and looked around for her panties, finding them tangled around one ankle. She hastily tidied up her clothes and I did likewise.

She departed looking somewhat smug. She’d managed to change her mark and had got away with it. I suspected that she didn’t really consider the spanking a punishment.

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