Amanda’s Boy Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

After last nights antics I had thought that the need for relief would have reserved itself for the nocturnal hours, but I was wrong. The first thing I wanted to do when I woke up was treat my pussy to some morning affection. I stayed in bed for another 30 minutes just stroking off my rug until I burst again. I gasped in delight and then lay still for a moment before blowing my pussy a kiss.

I got up with cum streaming out of my pussy, dripping down my thighs and lazily ambled towards the door. I decided not to check where my son was and just made my way to bathroom. Luckily he was not inside and I was able to clean myself up and get on with the day.

At the kitchen, I was fumbling around and waiting for Kurt but he never showed. I was a bit disappointed as I was getting used to our body rubs. I sighed, sat down to watch some TV and settled on a cookery program. I think sex was still on my mind as I found my eyes following the chef as she held a carrot firmly in his hand. Then he replaced it with a cucumber. It was a big one. What was he going to do with that? Maybe ram it up my inviting cunt? First, his subordinate assistants in their silly chef hats would tie me up, with each limb spread out, using some strong rope. My tits would be hanging out and they would slap it with the flat of their carving knives, threatening to chop my nipples off if I made another sound. Then, the cook himself could shove a rolling pin up my ass and de-stress from a hard days work. Sounded a bit extreme. Just how I liked my fantasies.

I opened my legs and clapped them open and then closed in a frequent manner. I was wearing tight denim and a tight tube top today, so my son had something more to look at if he could be kind enough to lend me his deviant eyes; that gleamed with relish at the sight of anything that was not far from undressed. I had a pair of gym shorts in my drawers, but if I wore those I’m certain he would he cream his pants the moment his eyes caught sight of me in them. I asked myself if that would be such a welcome sight and my mind responded with continuous buzzing.

I had my feet perched on the edge of the sofa so I relocated them onto the foot of the table ahead; one over the other. I looked over at Kurt’s door wandering if it would open any second now, so as I kept my eyes on his door I started to clench my bum and pout my vulva in upward motions. What I was doing would not make sense to anyone who decided to walk in now. It could be construed as a kind of erotic exercise, but thats as close as I could pitch it. My temples were tingling, so whatever I was doing was fun. To objective was to be caught in the act and made to feel embarrassed and ashamed. Hopefully not enough to make me stop fucking the empty air in front of me.

The crazy matrix thing was back. I selected out a few lines and they came flying out of my head; projected out onto the wall in big flashing text. I could not help but read them out:

“He put the broadsheet down and adjusted his specs, acutely aware of his mother’s position on the dining table. He was not expecting it, to see her lying on her back, spread-eagled, with a massive cucumber shoved up her ass.”

I’m not sure if Kurt could hear me speaking these dirty lines but it turned me on immensely. The visualizations were good but I decided I wanted to help them along with my own lines:

“So he loosened his work tie — removed it and placed it around his mother’s little neck. He told her not to be afraid as he tightened it around her, cutting off some of her breath as she resumed plunging the cucumber in and out of two gaping holes. The slow asphyxiation only appeared to heighten her ecstasy and bring her ever closer to where she wanted to be.”

I smiled as my thoughts continued. I had a gleam in my eye and knew that the bit I made up by myself was as sordid as anything I had previously imagined. I thought it was disgusting but I licked my long lips. My heart was racing and I needed another session. I looked around and could not see Kurt so I cheekily removed my belt. Now my jeans were easily removable if I wanted, but that would be too risqué. Instead I tugged them down a little by hooking my thumbs down on the pockets and lifting my ass up slightly. Now my hips were visible. Kurt had seen plenty but he had never seen mine, because of the kinds of long jumpers I wore. It was true I wore more looser and casual clothes these days, but I still didn’t show much flesh. This tube top was very naughty though, as it began above the breasts and ended not far below them. Since he never looked at me when we were in the same room anyway, it was almost okay to tug my jeans down even more. Even so, I felt a thrill just taking such saucy risks.

I switched channels to movies. I set my sights on ‘Dead calm’. I liked this movie. There was one scene in particular where the bad boy Billy Zane forces himself on Nicole Kidman. What made the scene erotic was Nicole’s submissive interaction as he tore off her denim gorukle escort shorts and had his way with her. I watched this once with Kurt and no one made a beeline for the remote. It was one of the only memorable awkward moments between us. The kitchen rub was not awkward though, perhaps, because mother and son were allowed some bodily contact. Brushing hard against my ass would not give him a boner, and It’s not the impression I wanted to give. I mean, I’m sure he didn’t feel much anyway. Tom had a small dick so I guess his son had inherited the same biological curse. As a precautionary rule, It was always better to expect less in order to get more. Still, its not like I did not enjoy lubricating my ex-husbands little dong.

He hated me saying that.

I loved talking dirty while we were fucking our brains out. Dong was a word I used to piss him off, but other ones like gherkin and weener created a similar response. Unusually, Tom had no pubic hair, so I had to keep looking up to make sure I was sucking my husband off and not some teenager. Despite the size, it took a while for him to cum, so that was a blessing. I was just a bit disappointed his pecker couldn’t penetrate my ass. Anal sex was a distant dream, and double penetration was even further away. Tom could take me from the front and my son could fuck me in the ass. I would be in the middle, feet off the ground, getting drilled. Then they could help me out with some interracial group therapy by inviting their black friends over. Especially the big ones with the dicks that swayed down to the knees.

I licked my lips at the prospect. I could get a new nickname too; Amanda Hardkore. Sounded about right! But had to seduce my son first and take everything one step at a time. It was no good thinking too far ahead of myself, unless I was masturbating, then it was all good fun.

I tugged my jeans lower. My lower navel area and some bum flesh was visible. I rolled up my crop top a little to bring it just below my breasts. Now if were to make an appearance he could just about see everything from my ribs to the beginnings of my thatch. I arched my back because it gave me a really hot pose. I heard the deck creaking on the set of the movie. Unfortunately, my favorite scene had already come and gone, but it didn’t matter as I was otherwise occupied by my own lurid fantasies.

I tugged my jeans down some more and my silk winged panties were viewable. It was a svelte black pair that gave me a camel toe. I was wearing it for the first time so I could smell its freshness and I just used my thumb and finger to pull the front of my jeans out enough to get a good peek of the whole thing. I was quite proud of it as normally I bought my underwear in packs of three. The cheaper stuff still did what it needed to, but also had a tendency to disappear a lot. I knew that panty sniffing was popular but I was sure Kurt had better things to do. It was one of those small panties that did not quite reach over my ass, leaving a fair amount of butt cleavage to admire. I imagined walking on a beach in the summer with one of these on, giving the odd pervert a good view and boner. One would start jerking off and then all of them would follow suit. Even their wives would not be able to slap them back in to reality. The thought was like a tickle to my ribs, as a continued my upward thrusts. I reverted my attention back to my panties. They were flimsy, so one wave from the shoreline would drag it down to my ankles, giving camera ready kids the opportunity to add another candid picture to their already impressive collection of voyeuristic porn.

I imagined a hand smoothing the top of my abdomen and making its way down the runway, where it could get stuck inside a hot clammy rift; in my rift. It would have to be a strong rough hand, belonging to someone young and confident.

Suddenly, more lines came to me:

“As she exposed herself in the open, he watched with his pants around his knees, with his cock in full stroke.”

“He made his way to the table and revealed his presence to her. She waited in anticipation of some action. He lifted her feet up, took purchase on the cuffs of her jeans and pulled them off slowly, as if he was a knight removing the cloth from newly acquired sword. An object he greatly admired judging by the way his eyes remained transfixed by it.”

What would happen next I wondered? It was unusual to not see Kurt at least once during the day. I pulled my pants back up but left the belt coiled around the living room lamp. When I stood up it sunk down below the hips and looked poise to show some butt cleavage had I decided to give it a quick tug or put my hands in the back pockets.

I waltzed up to my son’s door and knocked. He never answered so I usually counted to 5 and then opened the door. When I did, I saw him working on his laptop as usual. It was a noisy machine that I could hear from my room late at night. He looked a bit of a thug with his skin head altıparmak eskort bayan but I liked it.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“A little bit.” He replied.

“K, I’ll go make you a sandwich then.”

With that I left his door open and made myself to the kitchen. I knew he hated his door not being closed, so I wanted to see his reaction. I made him lunch and delivered it to him. His room was stuffy and needed air, but I said nothing. Instead, I passed him the plate and my eyes quickly glanced at his screen. Near the logout screen of a window, I read a name ‘Roosevelt23’ and then the window minimized.

“Bon apetit.” I said turning about and making for the exit.

My drooping jeans probably exposed my ass a little and he got to see a lot of flesh from butt cleavage to half of my back. I really didn’t mind him looking at all. I tossed my hips from side to side like a sexy diva and hoped he enjoyed looking at my ass. When I was facing him his eyes were glued to the screen, so he was not aware of my tube top, but I hoped he bothered to check me out at least once. I really wanted to comfort him in some way, since I did not know how to comfort him the maternal way.

The computer kept him occupied most hours of the day from what I recognized. I think he went to minimize his screen as I entered the room, but I guess the laptop was so hot it took its time. Most of the screen was white by the time I got to him so I don’t know what website it was, only the name I read in the top corner which I assumed was a user name.


Later at night I was reading a few stories and decided to submit my own. I got changed into my night gown and removed my panties. I hooked them on to the door handle and watched as the breeze made them sway now and again. I don’t know I guess it just excited me. I had the light off, and the artificial glare of my laptop screen shooting out in front of me. It always seemed to have my full attention after dark. I was spread across my bed win my reading specs and transparent nightgown; stomach pressing into foam and legs swinging habitually from the knees down. I liked to brush the air with my feet and sometimes felt as if some ethereal force was gently caressing my soles and probable doing other naughty things to me. I encouraged it to violate me like the thing in that movie, The Entity. It could throw me around the bathroom anytime, and push me up against the top of the walls as much as it wanted, just as long as it fucked me good.

I noticed my straps had fallen off so I put them back on again. after typing a few lines, they slowly slipped away again. I looked down at my cleavage. It was a fine chasm. The gown I wore needed another bit of observation. It was very light and the slightest breeze made it flap at the hem. It was also quite apparent that it was easily removable should the need arise.

I lay there with my specs on typing away for hours — and time passed swiftly. It was a mother and son story that developed into a series of sexual encounters; each more powerful than the last. I decided to use my real first name, Amanda, as it was common, but wasn’t sure about the son’s name. I must have lost half an hour going through and rejecting names. I just didn’t feel any of them worked. I tried Tom but saw my husbands face in the character.

As I stroked and scratched the back of my calf with the big toe of my foot I stared at the screen with a humorless expression — How about Kurt?

The image of him and me gave me an instant flush inside my pussy. I initially decided to use Dan instead, thinking about the local milk man. He was quite a hot stud that I wanted to fuck and seemed to fit the bill for the following scenario. He could be a milk man for his mother. I started on my first page, where Dan was delivering milk. I opened the door in my Swedish maid uniform and invited him in to fill a small wooden tub with milk, so I could sit inside with milk filling up the space between my tits. I would look up and notice Dan’s face was flickering; changing into something else. After rubbing my eyes I realized it was not Dan, but a certain skin head I wanted to fuck, so I removed his name and replaced it with Kurt’s.

There was some consideration and a hell of a lot of hesitation , but then just thinking of the name itself brought back the tingling feeling down below. It was as if there was a line, and I was dipping my toes over it. I didn’t really associate my scenario with my son to that of the characters in my story because it was fiction and I needed something to relate to. Both names were common and the scenario was all role play, banter and just a bit of fun. Well, that was the idea anyway, and I only had to convince myself, and I wasn’t doing a very good job of it.

I cracked my knuckles and adjusted the angle of my laptop to suit my newly adopted posture. Just then I heard a few soft footfalls and turned to see Kurt passing by. It was nilüfer eskort bayan around 2am and I could hear his machine was active. I wonder what he did all night that was so important. I returned my attention to my screen. As I was writing the story I kept running into stumbling blocks. After about 5 pages in, I reread the whole thing and felt like it just wasn’t solid enough. Something needed to change, but not in the story itself. My description of Kurt was typical enough, but it was not MY Kurt. Maybe it needed to be a guy that looked like my son and Amanda needed to look like me.

My legs started to part voluntarily in response to that idea, followed by the lips of my cunt. It would certainly be a very kinky thing to do. I pondered over the possibility that anyone I knew visited such a site and I guess a few probably did.

Fuck it.

I had to go with my pussy on this one. I described us exactly as we appeared in real life and ran with it. Now I had to build up a story and get them to fuck each other, though that would be difficult to figure out since there were so many angles of approach. I continued writing for a while longer then eventually passed out with exhaustion.

The next day I woke up in the same position on my bed but with my laptop closed. I felt a bit of a chill lower down and glanced over the shoulder. I found my gown was up to my waist and my big ass was sticking out. It looked so tight and beautiful. I looked at my open door and saw no one there, so I grabbed a cheek and gave it a good squeeze. I was really horny and it felt so good to touch my ass and risk Kurt walking by. I planted my other hand on the other cheek so I could stroke them both at the same time.

“This feels good.” I moaned.

I delved in between the cheeks and found my ass hole. It was tight and had never been penetrated by a dick, so it was a virgin ass. I selected my middle finger and skirted around the ring, proceeding with a slow penetration. It hurt a little bit but I kept going. After a while I was slotting my finger in and out of my ass with subtle ease.

“Do you like it like that Amanda?” I moaned, pretending to be the voice of my lover.

I finger fucked myself anally for a few minutes before hearing some footsteps. I quickly unplugged my finger out of my ass and tossed my nightie over my naughty bits. Kurt came by and stood by the door. I’m not sure if he witnessed me covering up but I smiled and waved with my ass finger.

“Morning, er… hon” I blurted.

“Hi — I am just going out for a while.” He explained.

“Sure sure. Have fun.” I replied rather throatily.

He looked at me for a moment and then left. I dropped my head and then covered it with a pillow “Morning, er… Hon?!” I repeated with a muffled growl. That was really not cool. The smell told me he had brought his smell to my room, though I wasn’t sure how he managed to do that since he never entered my room. I looked around thinking about a few vagrant thoughts I was going to analyze, but they remained lost. I shut the door but kept my hand on the knob. Where were my panties? A thorough search revealed they had disappeared like previous panties before them. I hoped Kurt was sniffing them, and at the same time I hoped he wasn’t. It was all very confusing. Unless I rummaged around his room I would never know, but opted to take a shower instead. When I was out, I logged on I finished my story and then submitted it.

The sex was a bit rushed in the end but I couldn’t stop touching myself during every sentence I composed. Having to describe what my son was doing to me was weird but I liked it. The more detail I went into, the more I played with my cunt. It was less weird and more natural after a while. Kurt stayed out all day, so I got to orgasm several times. It was all good fun.


A few days passed and I received various comments on my story — mixed reviews. There was one from a user that caught my eye; I couldn’t believe it. Roosevelt23!! It couldn’t be my son, so I simply refused to believe it. I read his comments:

“Hello SexyQueen3, you have a good premise but not enough build up. Take your time. Love, Roosevelt23.”

“Wow!” I gasped.

Is that Kurt? I hoped not because I did not want to interact with the real thing. I’m not sure I could deal with it. I replied back to him though, while my other hand fucked my wet horny pussy.

“Dear Roosevelt23, I use pictures of actual couples to help me write — if you have something to stimulate me I might be able to write a better story. xxx your Sexy Queen.”

I pressed submit and then regretted it soon after. About 10 minutes later I got a reply. He gave me a link to another site. I followed it. This was a place where people could upload amateur porn and videos. The profile picture was of his dick. It was HUGE!!

I browsed his galleries and found one called mum. I opened it to find about 300 hardcore images of naked women. All of them had a faked face on them – my face. I could not believe it, I was in complete shock. This is what my son did all day long — put my face on naked women. I took a deep breath and my shoulders slumped noticeably as low as they could. I buried my hands in my face and wondered if the day could get worse. How embarrassing.

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