Alice Pt. 02

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Big Dicks

Alice’s Chemistry exam was torture. The events of the last few weeks, although delicious, had left her feeling confused and struggling to understand her sexuality.

As Alice reread her paper, she was sure she would get the A* needed in this, her final exam. Putting the paper on the moderators desk, she felt like skipping out of school as she dreamed of the car her Mother had promised her for great grades. Thinking of her Mum, Patricia, reminded Alice of the note on the kitchen table this morning.

It simply said “Starbucks 3pm, do not be late!”

Heading into town, Alice felt nervous and excited. Nervous, as to why Patricia had demanded a meeting in town, excited remembering how her Mothers body felt and tasted.

Arriving at Starbucks at 2.15, she looked around for something to do until 3pm. In the new shopping precinct she found a Anne Summers store. As Alice looked around she felt like a kid in a sweet shop. The selection of Lingerie amazed and thrilled her. The feel of the different exotic materials were so different from the bra and pant sets that her mother bought her.

The sight of a few Manakins wearing skimpy, exotic Lingerie made Alice’s recently shaven pussy tingle with anticipation. As she walked towards the back of the store she came across a complete wall of Dildo’s and vibrator’s. Feeling embarrassed and awkward she tried to walk past and onto the nightwear section.

Unable to resist, she walked along the display in awe. A sale’s assistant approached Alice.

“Hi my name is Christine, is this going to be your 1st toy?”

It took Alice a moment to realise that the women was talking about a sex toy. Alice felt shy and embarrassed as she nodded her head in agreement, the assistants confidence and easy chatter soon put her at ease

Encouraging Alice to hold and feel various vibrators, she patiently explained the pros and cons of each. Alice was drawn to a large purple vibrator that seemed to be full of small balls. The texture and feel had her imagination running riot. Smiling Christine explained.

“That’s not really suitable for a 1st toy, its more for couples, maybe a mature lady who likes to be stretched.”

“Yes you are right, its huge, feels lovely though, I like its texture and feel.”

“This is the latest version of one of our most popular models.”

As Christine handed the vibe over Alice saw the time on her wristwatch, 14.50, promising to come back later she made her way back to Starbucks.

Approaching the shop Alice could see her Mum sitting at a table. Immaculately dressed in a pale blue suit she looked stunning, her Blonde hair framed her pretty face as it tumbled down to her shoulders. Alice was surprised to find herself admiring the swell of her mothers breast as she remembered the taut nipples that topped them.

Sitting down at the table her smile changed to a frown as she felt her Mothers icy mood. Conversation seemed irrelevant at that moment so Alice sipped on her coffee and waited for Patricia to begin.

In a sad, almost monotone voice, her Mother began.

“Alice, I am so sorry, yesterday should never have happened, I just couldn’t stop you. How long have you been sexually active?”

About to tell her “that she didn’t think that was any of her business,” Alice stopped herself when she looked into her mother’s eyes.

“About 3 weeks”

“Oh god that explains the change in your brother, what happened?”

Seeing little point in denying it, Alice explained how she had watched him mastrubate. She couldn’t help but explain the thrill she had felt, watching his cock explode as he shot hot jizz all over his belly and arm.

Watching her Mum give a knowing smile, intrigued Alice. Over the next hour or so, Alice learnt of a whole new side to her Mum.

“Alice, firstly I should explain that the doctor never recommended that you go on the pill to control your periods. I arranged that, so if you were like me, you would at least be protected from pregnancy.”

“Like you? I would love to be like you, you are beautiful, intelligent and a successful business women.”

“Yes, I have been fortunate, but I have some regrets. Your father for example, he didn’t desert me. The fact is that he could be any of my brothers, Grandfather, my dad or any one of a dozen or more strangers.”

Alice bursa escort bayan was stunned by her mothers confession. Seeing her daughters confusion, Patricia softened her attitude and took alice by the hand.

“Sorry, I need to tell you everything, to warn you how your behaviour can effect your life, I suppose.”

“Oh god, I am so confused. Why would you need to warn me about how to lead my life?”

“Not your life, try to teach you how to control your sexual needs.”

Alice started to understand, “Guess my sexual needs are way above normal.”

“I have booked a few days off work and arranged a nice hotel for us to talk and allow me to show you how to best deal with your needs.”

As they walked to the car park, her mother explained that she had told the rest of the family they would be away for a few days.

As they entered the parking structure Patricia headed for a baby blue Mazda sports car.

“Wow mum, you going through a second childhood?”

“No honey, this is yours.”

Alice was stunned, “really? How can you afford this?”

“There are a lot of things we need to talk about, money is the least of my worries at the moment.”

The tearful look her mum gave her, made Alice realise that Patricia was finding this difficult. Handing over the keys Alice’s mum said that, “she was to call her Patricia.”

Alice and Patricia put the roof down on the little sports car and headed out into the midday traffic. Leaving the city, the traffic thinned and Alice was able to relax and enjoy her new car.

Soon they arrived at the hotel, Alice was stunned. She had been expecting a cheap motel, this was a beautiful country house. Stopping at security, Patricia showed an I.D tag and the gate raised. Alice looked in amazement as she drove into a courtyard, the house was huge and majestic. The car park was full of Rollers, Bentleys and just about every other expensive car she could think of.

Parking the car, they were met by the concierge. He was dressed in an immaculate uniform with a logo of the sun on his breast pocket. Patricia chatted with the man as he arranged a porter to carry their bags, a young women took Alice’s car to the car park.

Chapter 2

Walking into their room, Alice had a million questions, all were forgotten as her mother took her in her arms and passionately kissed her. Falling onto the bed they slowly undressed each other. As Alice peeled her Mothers panties off she saw that they had a dildo built into them, a small wire ran to a receiver attached to her mothers mons.

Alice reached for her Mother, Patricia playfully swatted her hand away. Alice’s mind was a swirl as Patricia kissed her and slowly worked her way down her body. Nibbling on her ear, Patricia whispered;

“Welcome to the temple, relax and enjoy all that it has to offer.”

Patricia nibbled and kissed her daughters ear and neck on the way to her pert tits and fast stiffening nipples. Licking and kissing Alice’s nipples Patricia moved on over her flat stomach to the swelling of her mons.

Inhaling Alice’s scent of arousal made her own pussy flood as she ran her tongue along Alice’s slot, stopping short of her swollen clit.

Spreading her daughters legs wide, Patricia ran her tongue the length of Alice’s pussy and forced her tongue into her arse hole. Alice had never felt anything like it and reached for her clit as she desperately needed to cum.

“No touching allowed.” Patricia said, as she swept Alice’s hand away.

Grunting in frustration, Alice laid back and revelled in the sensations as her mothers tongue slid down her inner thigh. Patricia flipped Alice over and continued nibbling, licking and kissing her inner thighs. As Patricia reached her knees she began intently licking the area directly behind Alice’s knees and massaging her calf’s.

The effect’s were immediate and shattering as Alice had her 1st full body orgasm. The fire in her pussy exploded into her belly causing her hips to buck and body to shake. Her mother continued, taking Alice into completely unknown pleasure. Alice was amazed to feel her body continue to cum, until at last her pussy convulsed. Her Mother rammed 2 fingers into Alice’s pussy and stroked in and out with her thumb grazing her daughters clit. Alice’s pussy gorukle escort tightened on her fingers and then squirted girl juice all over the sheets and her mother’s arm.

Alice felt completely drained and shattered. She couldn’t explain how her mum had made her feel, as her body stopped trembling and her senses started to return to normal she moved over to cuddle into her Mother.

Patricia smelt delicious as Alice moved to cover her Mothers surprisingly firm breast and hard nipple. Feeling Patricia’s nipples grow even more, Alice moved her hand over her Mums flat and taut stomach. As her tongue danced on one nipple she tweaked and rolled the other between her thumb and forefinger.

Moving across and over, Alice kissed Patricia and rubbed her own breasts onto Patricia’s as her fingers slid between her thigh’s. The sensation as Alice’s sensitive nipples met Patricia’s rock hard nipples and taut areole caused the 2 women to gasp in each other’s mouths.

Working her way down to her Mothers soaking pussy, Alice studied her Mothers body. It seemed perfect, no stretch marks or excess skin, it was soft, smooth and slightly tanned. Alice had no idea how old her Mother was but as her brothers were 20 and 22 she assumed she was in her 40’s.

Patricia spread her legs as Alice’s tongue moved over her mons, exploring her mothers sex and inhaling her scent made Alice’s pussy run with her juice’s. Flicking the exposed, erect clit with her tongue caused Patricia to whimper as her hands made fists with the bedsheets.

Her Mothers pussy was beautiful, her long and full sex lips were slightly parted exposing her tight hole to Alice’s hungry eyes. As Alice relished the taste and scent of her Mum she sucked and nibbled on her long lips, moving her tongue to the outside of her pussy Alice continued to her arse.

Alice’s fingers moved easily in Patricia’s pussy and soon she had 4 fingers working deep inside her mother’s pussy. Patricia was moving her hips up to meet her daughters thrusting fingers and Alice knew she was approaching her orgasm.

Making a fist, Alice thrust her whole hand in Patricia’s soaking wet fanny. Almost immediately Patricia launched into a massive, noisy orgasm, Alice loved the way her Mum’s pussy gripped and squeezed her hand. Opening her hand inside her mother she massaged and stroked her slippery insides. Alice loved feeling inside another women as she had tried to feel inside her own pussy on several occasions. Lowering her mouth onto her Mums clit she grazed her teeth over the sensitive nub as her tongue flicked its tip.

Making a fist Alice pummelled Patricia’s pussy and soon her mum was having a 2nd massive orgasm. Removing her hand Alice greedily lapped up the copious amount of juice running from her mother’s gaping cunt, Each lick caused her mothers body to jolt as she connected with delicate flesh.

Moving up the bed away from Alice’s probing tongue and fingers Patricia reached inside the bedside cabinet. Alice gasped as she saw the double ended dildo her mother was holding. Patricia and Alice bent the dildo into a u shape and then knelt facing each other.

Holding the thick dildo to their pussies Patricia and Alice shared a passionate kiss as the simultaneously pushed the dildo deep inside their soaking wet cunts. As the dildo hit the very top of Alice’s pussy her Mother strummed her clit bringing her to a shuddering, wonderful orgasm. Leaning forward, Alice mashed her pert tits into her Mothers more generous breasts.

It was like an electric shock for both women as their sensitive nipples touched they both crashed into another massive orgasm. Falling onto their sides exhausted, their bodies gleaming with sweat they slept. Waking a short while later Alice luxuriated in the feeling of her Mother’s closeness. The scent of sex filled her senses and she realised that the dildo was still inside her.

Needing to pee and clean herself up, Alice slipped her end of the dildo out of her quivering cunt and quietly went to shower. Entering the spacious shower Alice noticed the Phallic shaped soap. Unable to resist she slipped the highly scented soap into her gaping cunt. Alice started to stroke the soap in and out of herself whilst stroking her engorged clit. As Alice’s body responded to her playing bursa merkez escort bayan she started to cum, her knee’s buckled under her and she screamed as her orgasm overtook her.

Sitting on the floor of the shower as the hot water ran over her, she relieved her aching bladder. As her urine flowed Alice couldn’t stop herself from diddling her swollen and slightly sore clitty. After another, smaller orgasm, Alice washed the sweat and pussy juice from her body.

Wrapping her hair into a small towel Alice started to dry herself. Seeing a shaving mirror, Alice sat on the floor, spread her legs wide and raised her knees up. Placing the mirror between her legs she angled the mirror so she could examine her still wet and slightly gaping cunt.

Looking at her swollen cunt she was amazed how different it looked. Her long lips were swollen and had a much darker appearance. Pulling her lips apart, her hole was bright pink and had white, slightly opaque liquid pooling at her entrance. Her clit was completely de-hooded, bright pink in colour and very swollen.

Brushing a finger over her clit was electric, and she felt her pussy churn as her stomach tightened. Deciding that her body needed a rest she reluctantly stood and continued to dry her hair.

As she watched Patricia sleep, she marvelled at her Mothers shape as her eyes wandered from her shoulders over the swell of her hips and along the long legs to her painted toe nails. Noticing how her makeup was still immaculate Alice made a mental note to use waterproof makeup in future!

Eventually Patricia stirred and made her way to the bathroom, turning to Alice,

“Would you like to come and watch”

Alice followed her into the bathroom and flushed with embarrassment as her mother stooped to pick up the Phallic shaped soap. Smiling at her daughters blush, Patricia thrust the soap deep inside her pussy and scrabbled at her clit. As she came she made a strange gurgling sound, squirting girl cum onto the floor of the bathroom.

“Did you like watching you old mum come?”

“Oh yeah, you are not old. You are the most beautiful person I know”

“Mmmm thanks hun, I love to be watched, do you like to watch?”

“Well I like watching my brother cum and really enjoyed your little show just now.”

“Have you ever watched people having sex?”

“No. Not sure I would be able to…just watch”

Giggling Patricia stepped from the shower and asked Alice to dry her. Dapping and wiping the moisture from her mothers body reminded Alice.

“How old are you mum”

“32, I was just 11 when I fell pregnant with your brother, 13 when I had my 2nd and just 15 when I had you.”

Seeing the stunned look on Alice’s face her Mother smiled,

“I started a lot younger than you, I had my periods at 10. By the time I was 11 I was having regular sex with my brother, Father and Grandfather. My Mother didn’t mind as she had vaginal problems and found sex painful. My pregnancy was kept secret, I was withdrawn from school and home schooled. My Mother faked pregnancy and when I gave birth at home she claimed them as her own.”

Alice gasped, she couldn’t imagine the suffering her mother went through as an 11 year old giving birth.

“Oh, don’t feel sorry for me, I had a great childhood. I had all the sex I wanted, a great education and I liked being pregnant. I was actually having sex with my grandpa when I went into labour with you. Anyway we need to talk about where we are, The Temple.”

Alice was enthralled and relieved to hear her mother’s childhood experiences were pleasant and fully consensual.

“The temple was created by a conglomerate of very wealthy men for oversexed, subservient women such as myself. Some women have been here more than 30 years and are now employed by the temple, I have only been here 14 years.”

“But what about your company, you are a successful business women”

“Yes I am, the temple provided an interest free loan to start my company and I work directly for them 3 nights a week and occasional weekends. You have the temple to thank for your new car”.

“Does that mean I am obligated to the Temple?” Alice started to tear up as she imagined the real price of her car.

“No, the car is a gift. The inner circle asked to be allowed to finance the car as they monitor all members family’s closely and had seen how hard you had worked. It’s a lot better than the old banger I could have bought.”

Relieved Alice kissed her Mother.

“Anyway lets go get some dinner and then sleep as we have an early start in the morning.”

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