A Visit Ch. 03

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My entire body tenses as I wait for his mouth to make contact. I let out a shaky laugh as he presses a kiss against my thigh. My chuckle is short-lived as he lowers his head back down and runs his tongue up the length of me, stopping at my clit. Flicking his tongue at it softly, he repeats running his tongue up and down my slit, always returning to the small nub – either tapping or sucking on it gently.

I’m trying to hold my body still as my hands continue to hold onto the headboard. My breath is rasping out of my chest as the orgasm starts building back up to a slow burn. I had given up the fight of keeping my eyes open to watch him.

All of a sudden, Paul’s hands push under my thighs to grasp my hips and pull me down hard onto his waiting mouth. I barely have time to gasp as he plunges his tongue deep into my core. I reach down and thread my fingers through his hair, my body writhing on the bed as I strain to pull him closer. All the while, he never speeds up the tempo, even with my pleas- keeping the pace steady as his tongue continues to fuck me deeply and occasionally bumping my clit.

“Please, Paul… please, let me come,” I whisper to him.

I can feel the burn in my thighs as I tense up again, my body preparing for the orgasm that is so close.

“Look at me, Nicole. Open your eyes.”

I blink my eyes open, lifting my head to look at him. He smirks that same small smile of his at me and says, “I just wanted to make sure you were still with me.”

I throw him a glare and a small smile in return. How could he be joking at a time like this?!

Next thing I know, I’m seeing stars as he takes my clit gently between his teeth and nips at it. The little surge of pleasure/pain sends me over the edge. My head drops back on the bed as I tighten my fingers around his head. I can feel the sweat break out over my skin as moisture surges down my thighs.

I started chuckling when he lifted his head and discretely wiped his mouth. He had wanted me to cum all over his face, looks like he had succeeded in his fantasy.

While grinning at me, he starts climbing up the bed to Alanya Escort Bayan grab the hem of my shirt. I sit up to help him to pull it over my head. After laying back down, I can feel the breeze from the fan whispering over my skin. I raise my eyes to find Paul staring at me. His eyes are roving over my face checking for discomfort or the okay to continue.

I smile and stretch my arms back above my head, offering up my body to him. His eyes slide down my form causing goosebumps to appear again. He stretches out his body to lay on mine, my hips cushioning his hardness as he sinks into me. I love feeling his weight laying on top of me.

He braces up on one elbow as he runs his other hand over the soft skin of my stomach. He glides his hand over my ribs causing me to bite down on my lip hard. Feeling his rough hands on my sensitive skin – it feels amazing. He lightly strokes the area before moving his hand up to cup my breast with a small squeeze. My flesh overflows his hand as he plays with the weight of my chest.

He lowers his head to take a small bite of my skin while fanning his thumb over my nipple. It tightens up even more from the direct contact. He continues to gently run his fingers over my skin, causing my heart rate to speed up once again. Finally, he drops his head to take the beaded flesh into his mouth, worrying it a bit with his tongue. Never releasing his hold, he shifts his weight so that his hand is free to grasp my other breast. He alternates sucking and rubbing his mouth over my skin while his hand traces a path from my chest to my side and back again.

I reach down to run my hands down his back, gently running my nails up and down his skin. I can feel his muscles contracting and shifting under my hands.

He shifts again to bring his body higher up so that he can nibble on my neck before placing his lips on mine in a strong kiss. There is nothing lazy about the smooth strokes of his tongue against my lips and eventually my own mouth. The movements are strong and comparable to the deep thrusts he made when he claimed my clit earlier.

He slides Alanya Escort his hand down my body and slides two fingers inside of me creating a rocking motion. I can hear the wetness sliding over his hand as I push up against his hand with my heels on the bed.

Trying to get closer to him… to make the thrusts harder.

I’m gasping for air by this point, so I pull my mouth free to take a deep breath.

“I need you, Paul. Please. I need you to love me, fuck me… I just need you.”

It was such a raw admission, I was afraid to lift my eyes to his. I was embarrassed, overwhelmed, shattered…

He lifted his hand to my face and rubbed his thumb over my cheek. I was coming to recognize that as his way of asking me to look at him, so I lifted my head to meet his gaze.

His eyes roamed over my face. Apparently satisfied with what he saw, he dropped a quick kiss to my lips before running his hands down my thighs to part them so he was able to lay his body over mine.

“Are you sure?” he asks.

I run my hands up his chest and grasp his face, mimicking his earlier pose.

“I’m sure. Just… please,” I say to him as I run my fingers through his hair.

I can feel the head of his cock pressing against me and then slowly start sliding in. Even with as wet as I am, I can feel the friction and tightness of his fit. About halfway in, he stops and gently pulls back a bit. I can feel my skin clinging to him, trying to keep him from leaving. He holds his body still while releasing a shaky breath.

He then looks up and locks eyes with me. With a quick thrust, he buries himself all the way. We are both breathing heavily at this point. I can feel his cock twitching against my skin as flex my muscles around the hard length. With a curse, he pulls out and slides back into me, testing our fit. My gasp of pleasure must have been the signal he was looking for. He started driving into me with long, defined thrusts – almost pulling out completely before sliding home.

I could feel the burn building as my skin started flushing with color. I reached up to grasp Escort Alanya his shoulders to bring him closer to me. He paused his movement to reach his arms under my shoulders to clutch me against him. I felt surrounded, dominated – his hair tickling across my skin. He readjusted his grip to ensure he wasn’t hurting me and then drove his cock back into the warmth of my body.

I arched beneath him as tiny pulses raced across my nerve endings. Out of reflex, I brought my legs up to wrap around his hips, pulling him even closer. With the hold he had, he basically was pulling me down to him, driving me onto his hard flesh. The friction was amazing. With my legs wrapped around him, it positioned his cock to not only slide deep but put it in direct contact with my clit. So with every push and pull, it was stimulating the nerves wound tightly in place.

It was almost sensory overload.

He lowers his head to run his lips over my neck as his thrusts start coming harder and faster.

I’m so close to coming again. I could tell he was close as well. I wanted him to get as much from this as he had given to me.

I run my hands up and down his back again, slightly digging my nails into his skin. In turn, he gently bites the skin just beneath my ear. I can feel that bite ripple all the way down to my toes as my body starts to clamp down on his cock.

I lean forward so that I can whisper into his ear. “Come for me,” and then I mimic his bite with a soft pressure of my teeth on his throat.

With a deep groan, his muscles tighten and he thrusts into me one last time. I can feel the heat of his release in me as well both lay there trying to catch our breath. Even hot and sweaty, I love the weight of him laying on top of me.

After a few moments, he rolls over onto his side and pulls me with him.

He brushes the hair back from my face and lays a gentle kiss on my lips.

“That… Was amazing.”

He grins at my admission. He had already told me before that we would be amazing together. I guess this was one time I could admit he was right.

He ran a thumb over my cheek and grinned. I quirked an eyebrow at him as if to ask what was he grinning about.

He leans down closer to my face with that signature smirk in place and says, “Guess what baby? It’s only Friday night. Our visit is only just getting started…”

To be continued…

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