A Summer Job

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Chapter I

The summer before I left for college, I was trying to make extra money. Besides my full time job at a nearby Amusement Park (Action Park for those who care), I had put flyers in the mailboxes of my neighborhood offering my services for yard work, pet care, etc. As it was summer, a number of people had called me to care for their pets while they went on vacation. Around the middle of July, a couple that had recently moved into the neighborhood called to see if I was available to watch their dog while they went away for the week. I told them I was free and would be over later that evening to go over their instructions for me. The woman on the other end said tonight would be fine.

I arrived at the house and was greeted by a German Shepherd and a youngish woman, I guessed at the time she was in her early thirties. She introduced herself as Mrs. Carter and she was quite attractive, blond hair gathered up on her head, a nice figure that was striking in her grey business skirt, jacket, blouse combo. She was dressed as if she just got home from work. Conservatively, yet I couldn’t stop watching her ass as she led me through her home showing me what plants to water, where the dog food was, and where to put the mail. When we entered the living room, I commented on what a great entertainment system they had. Mind you, this was the ’90s before everyone had a huge TV mounted on their walls. This house had a 55″ TV, surround sound, a full stereo system, the works. Mrs. Carter smiled and said, “Feel free to enjoy our TV while we’re gone.” I protested, but she insisted I watch the Olympics or something. I said I might try it out. As Mrs. Cater was walking me to the door, her husband came home.

“Hey, Debbie”, said the man in the police uniform as he walked through the door, eyeing me.

“Hey, baby” she said as she kissed him hello, “I’d like you to meet Rob. He’s going to be taking care of Max while we’re gone.”

“Nice to meet you, Rob,” Mr. Carter said as he reached to shake my hand. “My name’s Kevin and if Max likes you, then you’re alright with me.”

“Nice to meet you, too, Mr. Carter,” I said, shaking his hand firmly.

“Christ, does that make me sound old! Please, just call me Kevin.” He said as he and Debbie walked me out the door. I agreed to call him Kevin and they sent me on my way warmly. A nice couple I thought and headed home.

The Carters left Friday night and I arrived Saturday, before work, to walk and feed Max. He was a friendly dog that I later found out had started training to be on the K9 unit but failed to qualify because he lacked a certain level of aggression. I made sure Max was set for the day and went off to work. When I got home, I was beat. I went over to the Carters’ house, got their mail and tended to Max. As I waited for Max to finish eating, I sat on the couch and just didn’t want to move. I reached for the remote for the TV figuring I could catch some Olympic action. I knew the fencing medal round was that day and was curious about the results as my future college coach was the American coach that year. I hit the power button on the universal remote and components of the entertainment system automatically powered up. The surround sound, the TV, and the VCR all came on. While I was trying to figure out how to just get a TV station, the tape in the VCR started to play. As music was playing through the speakers all around me, credits started showing on the screen. Names like ‘Rock’, ‘Chi-Chi Cartiér,’ and the like. Something about the music, the cheesy names, and the generic looking credits roused my suspicions about what type of movie this might be.

Sure enough, the credits ended with the title screen declaring this film to be none other than “My Wife, the Slut”. The opening scene started by panning up from the stiletto heels of your typical housewife stirring a pot at the stove wearing nothing but heels, stockings, garters, and a corset. She had long blond hair and her back was to the camera as she looked out the window at the landscapers working in the yard outside. Just knowing I was watching a porno in someone else’s house got my dick to start to stir in my shorts. The camera stayed on the woman as she opened the window and called to the men, “Come inside, boys. I have something for you.” She turned around to face the camera and my mouth dropped open. There on the 55″ TV was a nearly naked Mrs. Carter!

With all the subtlety of your standard porn, the men entered the kitchen and went straight to work. I was still recovering from my shock as one of three guys picked Mrs. Carter up and sat her down on the counter. One guy proceeded to bury his face in her pussy while the other two each latched onto a nipple. By this time, I was fully aroused. I was wearing Umbro shorts which had the great advantage that I could easily access my hard cock. The scene soon changed to a living room and Mrs. Carter walked into the frame leading two of the guys with their dicks in her hands. She sat down on a couch and büyük meme porno started to gobble enthusiastically on those two schlongs. The third guy got down between her legs and continued working on her pussy. This continued until one of the guys Mrs. Carter was sucking grunted that he was cumming. Mrs. Carter opened her mouth and aimed his cock at her face. He sprayed a huge load into her mouth, onto her face, and onto her breasts. Mrs. Carter seemed to genuinely enjoy herself as she scooped and slurped all that sticky sperm into her mouth. At that point, I lost it and came so hard all over myself. Cum was on my t-shirt, my shorts, and dripping down my dick, hand, and balls. At that age, however, I barely rested and continued to stroke my still hard, but now slick cock as I continued watching the screen.

The camera followed the group as the two guys who hadn’t cum yet repositioned Mrs. Carter onto her hands and knees, in a 69 position with the guy who had just cum. The guy that had been licking her pussy lined up behind her perfect ass and plunged his cock into her twat. The other guy fed his cock into her mouth. As they pumped away, the surround sound filled my ears with the primal sound of raw fucking. This was a pretty amateur video. There was no music or anything to detract from the raw sex being taped. The camera zoomed in to show the guy lying on his back under the writhing pile licking Mrs. Carter’s pussy while it was being plowed from behind. The guy seemed not at all bothered to have his mouth so close to another dick while chewing on her sopping clit. The two guys at either end seemed to be trying to time their loads to coincide with one another and succeeded in cumming at nearly the same time, one in her mouth, the other deep in her pussy. The camera first showed all the cum on Mrs. Carter’s tongue before she swirled it and swallowed it down. Then, the shot cut to the other guy pulling out of her cum filled pussy as a gob of cum clung to her lips.

Mrs. Carter turned around and quickly impaled herself on the cock of the third guy that had regained its rigidity. The camera zoomed in as her pussy lips stretched over his cock, spilling more cum over his shaft as it disappeared inside of her. I was stroking myself pretty quickly at this point and would have cum again had I not just done so. Mrs. Carter fucked this guy fast and hard, creating a white froth on his pole, until he blew deep inside her.

As she was catching her breath, the camera was shifted and the person who had been taping up to that point came into view. I was surprised, initially, to see Mr. Carter (Kevin) enter the scene. He was already stripped and presumably had been naked the whole time he was watching. He obviously liked what he saw because his large cock was fully erect and slick with precum. He and Mrs. Carter embraced and kissed long, hard, and deeply. He kissed his way down her body and began to eat her out. He was enjoying her sloppy pussy when she begged him to fuck her. He obliged and they were screaming in passion as I joined them, stroking furiously, until we all came together.

The tape ended after some dialogue and final credits. I looked down at myself and the mess I had made. Max had long ago fallen asleep in the kitchen. I tried to clean myself up as best I could, but was in need of a shower when I got home. I jerked off one more time thinking of that tape before falling asleep that night. Over the course of the next week, I watched that tape many more times. I got so turned on knowing I had met this woman and her husband, was in their house. I started to get nervous as the day of their return approached. I made sure the tape was rewound, I made sure I took to my house all the paper towels I had soaked so they wouldn’t be in their garbage can. I aired out the house that seemed to hold a certain smell from all the times I had cum on their couch. Still, I was nervous as I awaited the call to come over and get paid.

Chapter II:

My phone rang Sunday, mid-morning. Mrs. Carter was on the phone. I held my breath.

“Hey there, Rob. Thanks for the great job you did over here.” I exhaled, relieved. “I was hoping you could come over right away to get paid. We both go back to work tomorrow and I don’t want to leave you hanging,” she said. Despite trying, I couldn’t make out any tone of disapproval and felt like she hadn’t noticed anything amiss.

“I could come over now,” I said. I caught myself sounding very enthusiastic at the prospect of seeing Mrs. Carter again. I was going to have to watch myself.

“Great”, she said, “Come on over. We’ll see you in a few minutes.”

I raced over to their house. I wanted to get paid now in case they figured anything out later I could avoid them. I was also feeling aroused as I walked up to the door. Mrs. Carter answered the door and I knew I was going to have a hard time playing it cool as I had planned. She was wearing a blue bikini top and one of those gauzey sheer çinli porno wrap things around her waist. The top was not too scandalous, but, having watched those breasts all week, it was torturous to see them on display like that.

“Rob!” she said with an enthusiastic smile, “It is so god to see you.”

“You too, Mrs. Carter.” I kind of mumbled.

“Oh, stop. Please call me Debbie,” she replied, “Come on in.”

She held the door open for me and I slid by her, coming tantalizingly close, as I entered the house.

“Please excuse my get up,” she indicated her attire, “I’ve been in a bathing suit all week and I haven’t the heart to put on anything else, just yet. It’s a shame to have to go right back to work tomorrow.”

“Y-yep.” I stammered. I could feel my face turning red and was now hoping I could get out of there quickly. There was a twitch in my crotch that could prove embarrassing if I had to stare at her much longer. Max came up to greet me, wagging his tail.

“Did you have any trouble with Max, or with anything while we were gone?”

“Nope, Mrs. Carter, um D-Debbie, everything was fine. Max is a good dog.” I said, grateful to be able to look at Max and distract my lustful thoughts.

“He is a good dog, but I think he left some kind of stain on the couch,” Debbie said as my stomach dropped. Oh crap, I thought. I was sure I had cleaned that up.

“Come, look here, Rob,” Debbie said as she walked into the living room and to the couch. She pointed right to where I had been sitting. I gulped and looked. I didn’t see anything. “It’s very faint” she continued, “But it has a smell that I just can’t place.” With that she bent over in front of me, her ass perfectly formed right in front of me, and inhaled the spot on the couch where I had sat and cum over the past week.

My heart was thumping as she turned with a smile and said, “Well, no worries. Come, have a seat and I’ll get your money.” I felt ready to faint and slumped down onto the couch, maybe hoping I could wipe any evidence off while she went to get the cash. No luck. Her purse was right next to the couch on an end table. As she looked through her purse, she said, “Were you able to watch anything on our TV.”

I started to panic as this was all hitting way too close to the mark. “I um I c-couldn’t get the remote to work,” I finally stammered.

“Really?” she asked with genuine puzzlement as she picked up the remote. “You should have just been able to hit this button and every thing comes on.”

I had no words as she pushed the button. I knew what was going to come on the screen and didn’t know how to respond. Everything powered up as Mrs. Carter settled onto the couch next to me. The screen seemed to stay dark for an eternity. I felt Mrs. Carter…Debbie…move close to me as I stared transfixed at the screen.

“Relax,” she said breathily in my ear. “You’re going to like this, at least I know I did.”

It was then that, instead of the now familiar opening credits to “My Wife the Slut”, an image appeared that horrified me more than I could have imagined. There on the 55″ screen was me, in my Action Park shirt and my Umbro shorts sitting on the same couch I was on at that moment. My mind started racing. All that electronic equipment, there must have been a camcorder in the glass door cabinet, it must have started recording when I turned on that damn universal remote. I was totally and completely busted. My head just dropped. Then, Debbie broke my shocked silence.

“You have no idea how much watching this turned me on. When we got home this morning, I had to check the tape right away to see if you had gotten to see my little movie. When I saw you enjoying my performance so much, I got so horny.” She picked up the remote and started to fast forward. She pressed play when the tape showed me starting to stroke my cock. “Did you like watching me do all those naughty things in that movie?” she asked.

“Uh-huh” I nodded, watching the screen, afraid to make eye contact.

“Well, I absolutely loved this part,” she said as she fast forwarded to me cumming all over myself. “That is so hot, watching you cum that hard, knowing it’s from watching me. I love how you were able to keep going even after you came. You must have really been turned on,” the lust dripping from every word.

I couldn’t summon words at this point. I shrugged or nodded or something. She slid her hand onto my thigh and said, “I bet I can make you come like that again, if you’d like me to. Would you like me to?” She was staring into my face as I said this, my eyes shifting around afraid to return her gaze. “I promise it will feel soooo good for both of us,” she purred as her hand made its way towards my rising dick. She cupped my groin and put her other hand on my shoulder, pushing me back into the cushions of the couch. “I can’t tell you how turned on I am right now by you, Robert. Here, see what you’re doing to me.” With that she grabbed değişik porno my wrist and brought my hand under her wrap and to the bathing suit material that barely covered her sex. “Feel how wet you’re making me,” as my fingers felt that her bikini bottom was soaked through. I relished the heat spreading to my fingers as I began to explore with my hand. I could feel her pussy lips through the thin material and my inhibitions started to fade. Mrs. Carter knew what she was doing and I was happy to go along with it from that point on.

“Let’s both get more comfortable. You’ve already seen me in my movie, but I only got to see parts of you. Can I take these silly clothes off of you?” It was nice of her to ask, but she had already started pulling my shirt over my head. She then tugged at my shorts until I lifted my butt and they were quickly kicked off with my flip-flops. In a total of about 20 seconds I was completely nude on my neighbors’ couch, watching this beauty reach behind her to undo her bikini.

She let the top fall to the ground as she stood to undo her wrap and teasingly slid off her bottom. She took my hand and had me stand in front of her. I stood there, my cock already full mast as she grabbed my head and kissed me deeply. She ran her hands up and down my body, stopping to grab my ass and pull me toward her so that our loins mashed and ground together. Her breathing became more ragged as she pulled away a little and ran her hands over my chest.

“I love how smooth you are. I wish all boys stayed this smooth when they became men. You are perfect for me, a boys body with a man’s cock,” she said as she firmly grasped my dick in her hand and squeezed. She pushed me back down onto the couch and straddled my waist, her knees on either side of my hips. “What about me, Robert, do you like what you see? Touch me, tell me if I turn you on,” she pleaded.

I reached up to grope her full breasts. “You’re so hot, Mrs. Carter (She scowled at me), I mean Debbie. I loved watching you in that video, but this is too much. I can’t believe I get to touch you and feel you. This is really beyond cool.”

“Umm, you’re so sweet, darling. Would you like to suck on my titty?” she offered.

“Yes, please,” I replied.

“Then do it, do whatever you want. I want you to enjoy me. Ask me to do whatever you would like. I want to make you as hot for me as when you were watching that tape.”

I sucked her puffy nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around as she moaned and grabbed my hair. I lathered up both nipples and buried my face between her tits. I was panting when she pulled my head back to kiss me again. She continued to kiss down my neck, my chest, my abdomen, sliding to her knees as her hands found my throbbing cock. I held my breath as she stared into my eyes and drew the head past her soft, warm lips. As her tongue swirled over my slit, I exhaled raggedly. She moaned around my shaft as she swallowed my entire length. I couldn’t take my eyes off of ‘Debbie’ as she ran her hands over my torso, my thighs, my ass all while bobbing her head up and down.

I could feel my balls starting to tense up and so did she. She released my cock from her mouth, continuing to stroke the slick shaft, shiny from her saliva. She looked at me and declared, “You’re going to come in my pussy so don’t you dare cum just yet.”

She grabbed the base of my cock and got to her feet. She took my hand and brought it to her bald cunt. I could easily feel how wet she was as I pushed my fingers past her labia. Still holding my wrist, she pulled my fingers out and, bringing them to her mouth, sucked her juices off. She straddled me, looked me in the eyes and said, “Ready?”

I could only nod as she sank down, guiding my dick into her sopping wet hole. The feeling was intense. I gasped and grabbed onto Mrs. Carter. She held me tightly as she bucked frantically, squishing our loins together over and over. I was so worked up, and it all felt so good, that I quickly announced that I was about to cum.

“Give it to me!” she screamed, “Fill me with all that cum! I want it all in me!” I groaned deeply as my balls pumped spurt after spurt deep into her womb. I lost awareness of how much I was cumming, only aware that I felt turned inside out after my orgasm had dwindled to small little pulses as the last of my sperm was squeezed out of me. Mrs. Carter, her hair messy, a sweat sheen over her nubile body, looked down at me with a lusty smile.

“That was so great, Robert, but I know you’ll have more for me, right?” alluding to the quick recovery I demonstrated while wanking to her video. Her pussy muscles were firmly pulsing around my still hard member. I was still catching my breath when…

…the door off the kitchen opened.

Chapter III

Mrs. Carter didn’t move off of me. In fact, she actually held my arms so that I couldn’t get up off the couch. I then heard a familiar voice.

“Well, well, Little Debbie. You certainly didn’t waste any time.” Mr. Carter, Kevin, said as he walked into the living room. I was speechless as my panic stricken face turned to the husband of the woman who’s pussy I had just filled with my cum; cum that was oozing out of said pussy and was trickling down my balls to stain the couch yet again.

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