A Big Risk

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It didn’t take long for my email to overflow with people asking for more of our stories. I happened to have less school-work than I anticipated. So, as promised, here is another night we had almost a year after my last story (my addiction to foursomes).


I woke at 3am this particular morning to my boyfriends bugging me about something they want to try. I wasn’t exactly stoked to be up at this hour, as we just had particularly exhausting sex. But as there are three of them and only one of me, it is easier to give them the small battles. They wanted to have one of our foursomes on the beach. Now obviously I’m no prude; I had been having regular foursomes for almost a year at this point, and a couple times with even more people (stories for later ;)). But I wasn’t sure I was ready to get gangbanged in public. After all, people don’t know what we have; it could make me look like a slut, or even worse than that; make them look like they are raping some poor girl on the beach. Even though I am in great shape; 6 foot tall and have a slender runners body, my boys are all taller than me and ripped. It could very easily be interpreted the wrong way. But we know a pretty secluded spot near us, and as I said, they can be difficult to talk down when they get excited. They’re like six year olds.

So beach day came and we headed out around sunset. We messed around swimming a little, waiting for people to go home. As the last person left, they gathered around me and started tugging at my suit. My top fell quickly, so I reached out to Red and Chris’ pants and I yanked them down. I turned to Andy just as he pulled the string on my bottoms. They fell to the ground right before I was able to drop his pants.

They were all already hard (as per usual). I grabbed Andy and Chris, dropped to my knees and wrapped my lips around Red. I could hear cars in the parking lot leaving and vague sounds of voices. I was nervous. I had never been nude illegal bahis in public, and never expected to be nude in public with three naked men. But I pressed on. I’m always very proud of myself when I fit Red all the way down my throat. He is 11 inches long and very thick. Because of my competitive nature, I spend a lot of time fighting him down. Chris notices this and tends to move on. He moved around behind me and pulled me up by my hips. As he slid himself into me, I found it easier to deep throat Red. Now he could essentially hump my mouth.

After a few minutes, I decided I couldn’t get over my nerves so I stood up and headed for our blanket. My nerves eased after I laid down. Unfortunately they all know I cant resist being romanced the old fashion way. Red kissed me sweetly while Andy and Chris massaged my feet. After a minute or so I reached down and began stroking Red. Andy and Chris noticed I was back in, and they moved up.

I felt Andy working fingers inside me. I reached over to Chris and began stroking him too. After a few moments Andy slid his whole hand in. This sent me over the edge. I caved in. I pushed Red off me, grabbed Andy and pulled him under me. As I straddled him, he slid right in. I grabbed Chris’ member and pulled it to my mouth. Red found his way to my butt and pushed his way in. Though I was used to this by now and even sometimes having two of them share my butt at once, we had forgotten the lube so he was driving himself inside me dry. He pulled out and spat on it, and re-entered. It was a little better, but it still hurt.

So there I was, in plain sight from the road and just a short walk from the parking lot hid near some trees, taking my boys doggy style. Red came quickly and switched with Chris. Red was nice enough to pull out and cum on my butt instead of in it. So as Chris pushed in he was fully lubricated. Now there was nothing but pleasure. I was quickly falling out of touch with the world illegal bahis siteleri around me and honing in on sex. Though I don’t know any other sex aside from foursomes, I still feel what we have is the best. The feeling of three men’s full attention is nearly unbeatable. We seem to reach this rhythm; The two below thrust forward at the same time pushing me deeper on the one in front of me. I could feel my orgasm coming. As I Moaned through Red’s member, the boys realized I was close and picked up the pace. They began to trust harder, faster, and deeper. I peaked. I let out a scream as my cum ran down the inside of my thighs. We had our fun and now I wanted a change.

Because there are three of them, the positions we can use are limited. But I so desperately wanted to try sex standing up that I was willing to leave one guy out. I stood up and pulled Red to his feet. I put one leg on his shoulder, grabbed him and jammed myself against him. Andy caught on and came up behind me to insert himself in my butt.

This went on for a few minutes. It was amazing. Even though I was in a standing split, my legs weren’t spread so I was tighter than usual. I hadn’t strained having sex with my boys in months, so I was enjoying my new found pain. But I saw Chris standing by himself jacking off and I felt bad.

I pulled my leg off Red’s shoulder and pulled Andy out. I held one leg out to the side and told Chris to come up behind me to hold it. Then I told Andy to get ready to catch my other. I jumped up and he caught me in a split. I instructed them to both insert in my butt, and Red to go back to where he was. My plan worked slightly. They were un-coordinated back there and fell out from time to time, but I was still so turned on that it didn’t matter. They really couldn’t even push in and out, they just kind of sat in there. And every time Red pushed deep inside me, one of the two behind me fell out because of the odd angle they were canlı bahis siteleri at. Though I love the feeling of one orifice being shared by two guys this position wasn’t really doing it.

They put up with my new position for a couple minutes; but Chris and Andy’s arms were getting tired, so they set me down. My boys are a big fan of bukkake. Since they had been so good, I decided I’d suck them all to finish the night. They gathered around me and I went to work. Alternating blowing and stroking all of them. Red was the only one to cum so far, so I knew I’d get at least two decent loads. After a few minutes, Chris came just as I was about to pull off of him. His whole load shot into my mouth. It was delicious. I licked him clean and focused on the other two. I was blowing Red and stroking Andy when all of a sudden, Andy shot all over the left side of my face. I quickly switched and sucked him hard. He shot a few more loads and pulled out. Again I licked him clean and turned to Red. I wasn’t sure whether or not he would even produce any cum. He had already cum an hour or so ago but I didn’t get to see how much. I spent a good few minutes deep throating him, and pulled out occasionally to catch my breath. I was stroking him vigorously. My arms were getting sore and was worried about getting caught again. I was just to go back down when he exploded on my face; then another shot on my chest, and another. I was shocked! I had never seen so much. I jammed it in my mouth and began working again. After two more loads in my mouth and he was done. I licked what I could off of my cheeks, then used my hands to gather the rest.

After I licked my hands clean and finished cleaning Red, we all jumped in the ocean to do some skinny dipping. Just as were about to get dressed to leave, a group of high school boys walked passed. I was so embarrassed. I was trying not to make eye contact, but I could feel them staring me down. Luckily my boyfriends are pretty big guys, and pretty ripped, so they kept walking and didn’t say a word.

We made an otherwise clean getaway from the beach. In spite of my nerves I genuinely enjoyed myself. I wasn’t too keen on trying it again, but I was glad I tried it.

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