A 3sum With My Bride

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My old friend

“Welcome yaar, welcome,” I said extending my hand to embrace him.

I was at the airport to receive Ganesh, my childhood friend. His parents were abroad and he lived his life with his uncle & aunt and various hostels. He managed to be thrown from almost all hostels within six months. St. Gregarious was the only hostel that he finally managed to stay for around 5 years until finally his parents took him abroad. It was not surprising he stayed there for 5 years because I am sure they never knew that he was the occupant. He used to jump the walls as soon as he kept his school bag. After roaming around, he would come to my home. We would have lunch and then sleep together cuddling each other in my bed talking about wild things. My mom had taken an affectionate side towards him, which decreased his rebellion at least during the night times. Early morning he would be off to climb the walls of his hostel and be present as the warden checks in.

His love towards my mother changed, as he got mature. His love became lust. He used to say my mom had the biggest boobs in town. It was true in a way. She had big boobs, if not the biggest. He would always say that he would look for a girl friend whose tits were that of mom size. He would then say how he would play with those tits, making me confused whether he was talking about his girl friend or my mom. Anyhow, I always visualised it to be his girlfriend but with the face of mom and slowly it began to pave way for my mom as reality blurred.

One day I caught him on the sunshade trying to peep into the bathroom. He thought it was my mom but it was my younger sister. His words had also made me horny and like him I was also wondering how mom’s boobs would look when she was nude. Therefore, we agreed to peep in the night. We ate food and retired early surprising my mom. This was just to make her work speed up because she normally took bath by 11 pm – a time, which we would be heavily sleeping even if we had decided to sit awake. As luck would have, she took bath by 10 pm – still a long time because we were waiting for her on the sunshade from 8 pm. seeing her undress, my mouth dried because I had not yet seen a real woman nude. Now as she removed her bra, her boobs juggled out leaving us open-mouthed. She definitely had big boobs and the wobbling reminded us how soft they would be. Her nipples started to grow as she poured the water. Her nipples stood out like a tower on a round mass. Watching her boobs, we actually forgot to look at her other parts even though she was fully naked. We found a huge bulge in our pants hurting us. From then on, our night film happened daily. Daily we would lie on the sunshade awaiting her bath and then go to sleep. Later we learned about masturbation and then it was always masturbating watching her bath and pee.

After 10th, we started painting the town red with our activities. My father abroad gave me enough money to spend making us duo, famous in town. When we reached college, we joined the student’s political party and always got into fights with the other parties. Slowly we had a group of followers, formed a gang, and came to be known as college waste cleaners. A name, which I hated and was stuck because after every fight he would dump the waste box on their head. This was because each fight ended in the college backyard where they kept the waste for the corporation to take.

We would have certainly become a minister or an underworld don considering the massive layout we had with political parties and the criminals. He always was elected as chairperson and me secretary. Somehow, news reached his parents that he was out to be a don as the police constables began to salute him. It started out as fun when one day we were caught in a fight while in ninth std. and police asked we were going to be when we would grow up. It was a statement but thinking it as a question, he said he would grow to be a commissioner. From then on whenever the police saw us, they saluted us to tease us. However, as we reached college, he became chairperson and really did have good connections being released as soon as we were arrested; police indeed saluted us in respect as if we were some local MLA. There was a time when we could get away even with murder. We almost were ruling the town. Usually college students never interfered in the town activities. They reacted or protested against political or any problem against the students, however he changed it all. He interfered in day-to-day activities giving headache to the mayor. Strikes were on from problems on water, labours, waste management, roads and even support for stalls. When we took a strike it was not just our college, we would take out a big rally with almost of the 90% of the students participating and marched to the other colleges illegal bahis disrupting them.

At first, we got big protests and barriers with the security guards and teachers claiming we cannot enter their college. The protest soon turned to fight and once we locked down a college, not allowing the teachers and staff of that college to go out. ‘If we can’t come in you can’t come out’ was his simple policy. Soon with one or two teachers and security guards of other colleges landing in hospital, word began to spread to watch out for the St. Xavier’s college and we began to be known as Xaverians. From then on as soon, we entered the college the bell would sound and people would leave the college peacefully. We also had massive students support especially since our chairperson was charismatic. We got criminal support when once in an issue in our college, one of them called up a local goonda to interfere. Ganesh did not like it, did not allow it but the local goonda came with four to six of his men, and threatened the student. Unluckily for him, he threatened the student when Ganesh was near bye. Soon the gates closed. Finally, the goonda and his party were tied up on the college gate for 2 days surrounded by students. That we not only raided their colony and burnt down their tents and smashed their dealing centres. In a way, we wiped the town clean. From then on, any criminal activities were done taking his permission only. Always an eye for money, he began to collect his share. A move, which I strongly opposed.

All that was to change when news hit the newspaper quoting him as the next minister or underworld don. We should not have minded that news but Ganesh was so powerful that he had become arrogant. He would not tolerate a little criticism against him. In a way even I was little frightened of him. So naturally, when this news came we went and ransacked the newspaper office, which turned out to be a political debate and the media terming him as the underworld, don. Everyone forgot all the good things he had done. He had bought in drinking water, stopped gas piracy, waste management and not to mention he had made the town crime free. Sometimes I would think, had his parents not interfered he would have either become a minister or underworld king. However, since the ‘or’ persisted, his parents did not take chance, they took him abroad.

People said later on that he ran away or that it was the victory of the press but the truth was when his parents called him to stay with them, it was heaven for him. It was only then I realized how much he might have missed his parents. Everyone had one of his or her parents at least to show. Even my father came for 30 days in a year and my mom was with me the whole time. Ganesh’s parents but came once in five years and that too stayed only for two week, out of which half would be travelling to their relatives. The visit also decreased as he grew up. His sole family was me and my mom and that also when my father would come, he would keep away. Everyone thought he was frightened and nervous from the protest of the town. In fact, it was just the opposite. The protest had made him stronger and he became known out of the town. He was planning a state – wide trip to join all the college parties. He would have been a usurper with his charismatic smile and the power and security he gave to those who trusted in him. However, like a weeping child, he embraced his parents and left the town forever.

I did not realize how alone and shattered I would be. The burden of next Ganesh was on me and suddenly I felt all alone and undecided making me fear each and everything. I did not have his charismatic power, worse I understood that I did all this because I blindly trusted him and loved him. It took years for me to regain. There were no calls – nothing from him. Each night for almost two years, I wept alone. Even I did not know the depth of his loss until it was too late. People said I was incapable of political decision and was a waste. I resigned from active politics and turned to just college student. Soon people forgot me and I was just a no one.

I took history as my main, did software engineering, took law and entered my career to a field, which had nothing to do with any of these. I choose Sales I was in discussion with Mayor and other important personnel comprising and bargaining to reach our goal. These negotiations gave me the idea how to deal with people and where to put a stern foot. Unknowingly I just used it in my career, which everyone claimed was my mistake and I would never progress.

Even though I never forgot Ganesh, he was something of my past life. My enriching career and young age slowly began to get eyes of the girl’s parents. People began discussing about me and I was suddenly bombarded with resumes of illegal bahis siteleri girls. It was then I remembered that it was time to settle down – it was time to marry. After many selections finally my family zeroed into a rich family with one daughter. They would joke that I did not have to work from here on because she had such assets that even if I spend it and did not earn, two generations could still live. However, a funny thing I saw was my in-laws were the front people in the run to purchase the company, which I was working under the name of merger. So I used to doubt if he is just selecting me so that the deal is safe and I continue there, because as soon as the merger was announced I got many better offers from rival companies and I was in dilemma. Finally, putting aside everything the marriage got fixed and we were fixed for engagement next month. On the eve of my engagement, I got call from Ganesh.

For a second, I did not realize that sound and name because my mind was full of dealers and companies names and I was ransacking them. Nevertheless, when he said ‘How are you buddy?’ I felt a wave of nostalgia. I almost broke into tears and my voice shivered. He was coming to India. He had heard about my engagement and was coming to attend it. I was surprised and asked how he knew. He said he had always been tracking me – never let the sight go from him and knew each step I took. I did not understand why he did not contact me. He said we would talk when I come there – “Will you come to pick me up?”

Therefore, there I was at the airport, on the morning of my engagement, waiting for my dear friend. What came out shocked me. I was expecting an American charismatic person but instead found a person with big glasses and a geek look. He was working in an IT firm and looked as if he was a common programmer. No one would believe this was the person who rocked a town and was out to lead the state. I received him with open arms. We embraced and he broke down. He began crying like a baby making me cry and I suddenly realized our partition had hit him also hard.

Two people with the same background on parting had gone to different ways. Where the charismatic king Ganesh became gloomy, cloudy, and fully immersed in to programming, I on the other hand, a gloomy person turned out to be the ugly duckling. I led him to our car and we chatted like kids forgetting I was the country head and he was an IT Company owner in USA. He had told me he was working and I thought he was employed. It was only later I realized that the famous company was his own. We did not have much time, as we were already late for the engagement.

By the way, my name is Jones – Jones Samuel. In my eagerness to talk about Ganesh, I forgot to introduce myself. My sincere apologies. Since we have reached the church, let me introduce my fiancée – The lovely girl in white silk is Jennifer – Jenifer Fernandez. She has a good shape – 34-28-36 to be precise. Height 5.5ft., fair colour and a sweet smile always on her face. Her long hair was the talk of the town. It covered her ass. She was not only beautiful – she looked every inch a goddess! After the engagement party, we sat down to our old discussion. The marriage was fixed within 2 weeks.

Time flew past and the marriage day reached. Ganesh was my best man. We had gone to all the bars, pubs and all high-class ladies. We enjoyed as if the world was coming to an end. Ganesh embraced me and opened the door for me as I waved to my relatives and entered the car. We reached before the bride and waited in the church. I looked towards the door as the music suddenly sprang to life.

“Ladies and Gentlemen – The bride…”

Everyone stood up. I turned and watched the bride enter. She looked dazzling in her fiery red dress. Her boobs were tightened and the knot protruded giving an appearance of the boobs tightened up. Her hairs were all curly and flowing around. She smiled and came towards me.

The marriage was over in an hour. The party seemed to go on forever. As the guest decreased, I also joined my friends. Everyone was interacting with Ganesh. I felt like he was back to his old self. The party closed by 10.30 pm but we reached home only by 2.pm. Both Jenifer and I were dead tired. We were standing out most of the time like some statues and accepting everyone’s wishes and finally just wanted to fall on the bed. Ganesh had prepared our room on the attic saying it would be romantic. It really seemed nice. I left Jenifer to change as I went to the next room where Ganesh was.

“Looks like we managed everything right?”

“What.. Oh, yeah?” Ganesh asked with a jump. He was pouring cola in a glass.

“You ok?” I asked.

“Yeah, I wasn’t expecting you, so your booming voice startled me,” he said with a smile.

“Sit canlı bahis siteleri down,” he said pointing to the sofa as he handed an icy cola to me.

“Everyone was happy with our reception. No complains.”

Jenifer came in wearing a lighter saree and smiled as she sat near me.

“Shouldnt we sleep?” she asked.

“Cant wait for the first night?” Ganesh asked with a mischievous smile and she smiled shyly.

“Just joking,” Ganesh said handing over a juice can to her. He switched on a light music. “Drink fast, we can sip the next,’ he said.

We were tired and thirsty and drank it fast welcoming the next drink. Jenifer drank three glasses and held on to the fourth glass while I just completed the second.

“Can I dance with the bride?” Ganesh said unexpectedly.

“What .. now?” she asked.

“Sure just a small dance because you are the bride only for today. So no use in getting a dance tomorrow.”

He smiled at her and extended his hand. She looked at me and I said sure, why not. She took his hand and placed her hand on his shoulders while his surrounded her waist. He danced with her neatly for around five minutes. I could not help notice that both of them knew their steps. I had been rehearsed by the event management 2 weeks back but still failed to fall in line but they were dancing like professions. The music turned to the next slide. It was a slow music for the couples. She was feeling tired but kept her manners. I was feeling drowsier than I felt. Ganesh winked at me and I smiled. He then pointed to her waist. I didn’t get the meaning.

He kept both her hands over his neck and held her waist with both hands. He continued his dance movement, and then slowly his hand began to move around her waist. I watched as his hands began to slide down from her waist to her ass. His hands were now over her ass. She was not reacting. He let it stay over her ass. Slowly both his hands were over her ass. With a sly smile, looking at my eye, he cupped her ass. I felt her body give a start. I think it was only now that she noticed his hands. Slowly she pulled herself up and moved away from him.

“I think its way beyond night. Got to go. Too tired,” she said with an embarrassed face. I nodded without looking at her as if I did not see the episode.

As she went, he came and sat near me.

“What the hell were you thinking?” I said getting angry.

“Relax, just a fun.”

“You call this fun? She is my wife and today is her first night. How is it going to look if the best man groped her and the husband is not saying anything? I should have knocked you down. It was lucky she went off.”

“I thought you said you would share your wife.”

“You crazy or what.. When did I say such things?”

He reminded me of the days we had. When we were peeping my mom taking bath, he had asked me if I would allow him to see my wife naked and I had replied that not only would I show him, I would also allow him to fuck her. I said that because that was the situation then. Today I am ashamed to even remember that I had peeped into my mom’s bathroom and that too with a friend. I was just disgusted. However, Ganesh seemed to grow on that. Maybe that is why he came to attend the marriage.

“Look, you shared your mom with me, then why not your wife?”

“You are crazy,” I said looking to see if anyone over heard.

“Look what is the loss you get, if I see your wife naked.”

“You really are crazy,” I said not believing what I was hearing.

He opened his laptop and showed me a video of a bride sharing. I looked at the groom and best man pull down the brides dress and share her. She was moaning with pleasure as the husband sucked her pussy and the best man, her ass. I looked at it, and then closed the laptop saying nothing of this sort is going to happen.

“Well then let me apologize to her,” he said getting up. I quickly pulled him down.

“You are not going to do anything of that sort. She might just forget it as an unknown mistake or maybe she did not even realize it. You going there and apologizing will create sever problems.”

“But I need to see her once. I need to get her figure into my eyes or else I won’t be able to sleep.”

He began to plead like a child and I was getting drowsier by the minute. I agreed that he could just say good night to her and leave. He was happy and agreed. We entered the bedroom.

This bedroom was my room and I have slept here for 28 years, yet today it felt so eerie – just like entering a stranger’s room. My heart was pounding. I was feeling the bloods pound up and feared it would overflow from my nose. My eyes were bulging. Ganesh motioned me to on the light. I switched on the zero bulb. In its dim light, I saw her on the bed. She looked like a sculpture sculpted on the bed. She was still wearing the saree. I stood memorized by the effect of light on her – an exact click for photography. I noticed Ganesh leaning over to check if she was sleeping. He poked her lightly on her shoulder.

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