03: Sheryl and the Caravan Part 2

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3: SHERYL and the Caravan Part 2

My mind was on horses and riding as I travelled south to keep my appointment. But it was a very different kind of riding I had in mind. Ever since meeting Sheryl at an Exhibition nearly a year ago we had shared two of the most enjoyable sexual unions I have ever experienced in 70 years on this planet. But I wondered if there would still be the same magic as before, or would it turn out to be quite ordinary, or if it was going to happen at all.

Something was very different when I arrived at Sheryl’s son’s place. The Caravan now had a large awning and when I went inside I was amazed. In the awning was a full sized couch that folded out to a double bed. At the rear was a covered balcony. There was a stereo and a TV and it was fully carpeted.

There were soft lights all around and in one corner a shower and toilet. Steve (Sheryl’s son) was a plumber and had done all the installation himself. It was not only unique; it was like a mini house all in one. And I was told this is where I would be sleeping.

It seemed we had approval from the family to sleep together, or at least, to preserve public dignity, close together. How times have changed.

But at least we would not have to sneak around and have fun quietly.

I was warmly welcomed by the family and extended family too (Steve’s two sisters plus husbands and kids) who all wanted to experience the Bioptron lamp. It was a riotous night with lots of drink, food and good humoured banter about me and Sheryl. The family decided they would like to buy a lamp as well to share when needed so already I was quids ahead.

When we eventually decided it was time to retire to the caravan, the send off by the family felt like a medieval wedding ceremony and sending off of the bride and groom. I’m not sure I was mentally in tune with that because above all else I value my freedom and don’t like being treated like someone else’s possession.

The sex that night was not good. From my point of view there was this mental barrier in my head and my performance was very perfunctory. Sheryl did her best but she must have realized something wasn’t quite right.

We were in the caravan proper, in her double bed. During the night I got too hot and went out to the balcony for a smoke. By the way we both smoked.

I stood around for a long time trying to work myself out. What was wrong with me? I had a lovely, very compliant and wanting naked female companion in a bed within 10 feet of me. Yet something had held me back when we made love. Was I getting past it? Or was it so easy it had lost the thrill of the chase? Eventually I became angry with myself until I recalled exactly what had taken Escort Esenyurt place twice before with this lovely lady.

As I recalled each event in turn I started to become erect again. Both times had been entirely different but then I realized they had both been initiated by Sheryl. It dawned on me that her needs were greater than mine. Even though I often daydreamed about sexual opportunities and speculated about what it would be like with various people I knew, it invariably never happened.

Nor had it happened for so many years I was beginning to believe that ‘Super Cock’s’ days were over. I got that nickname many years ago when I was the PRO for a major company in my 30/40’s and bedded so many lovely ladies that my fellow male workers bestowed the title upon me. I have lost track of who they all were but there a few that stick in the mind for one reason or another.

I soon understood I was losing myself in history. That was past, this is the present and I needed to do something to retrieve what might become a lost opportunity.

Thinking about many past encounters I was still as hard as a rock so I went back into the Caravan, got into bed and began fingering Sheryl’s beautiful pussy. She stirred in her sleep and put her arms around me as I entered her without any preliminaries and enough force that woke her up.

Then I proceeded to fuck her in the missionary position until I came. It was rough; there was no consideration for her feelings, just a need to unload my personal frustrations through the act of sex. Now I have some appreciation for how the cavemen must have felt.

Sheryl didn’t come but said when I had finished “You needed that to release a lot of tension. I am so glad it was me that could take all that rough pounding for you”. Then she rolled over and went back to sleep.

Her words hit me right between the eyes. She must have guessed at my frustrations but beyond that she had gently let me know how women are very good at being the receiver and the giver at the same time.

Next day we went out to the paddocks down the road to visit the horses. There was one old horse that had lost nerve control at the ankle and every step he took his hoof dragged on the ground.

When I asked if we could get the horse over to the shed and to a power connection there was consternation. There was no power so I couldn’t use the Bioptron. Panic. Then I remembered I had a battery powered wand that took colour lenses that shone through the end of a crystal. I often used it at Shows to penetrate light through clothing on older females with hip problems. They don’t exactly respond well to being asked to strip off in public.

Using Etiler escort this Hungarian made medical device I was able to unlock the nerve system and allow the horse to walk freely again within about 5 minutes. I let family members treat other horses for minor wounds then used it again to calm down a very nervous horse. Different colours for one minute on the pineal gland above and between the eyes meant a very calm animal within 4 minutes.

Maybe I should have used it on myself the previous night to calm my self made agitation.

It should be mentioned that Light and Colour treatments have been my forte for 13 years with many famous Olympic Gold medallists and other athletes from this country having benefitted from my skills. I only mention this because the Bioptron is central to this story in particular.

That night we had another great meal with lots of wine and everyone retired happily to their beds. Sheryl had made up the bed in the awning during the day and we decided we would sleep there as it was cooler than in the Caravan.

As we prepared for bed Sheryl said “Will the Bioptron help with sexual problems”? Well that was a loaded question if I ever heard one.

But I answered “Depends on the problem. There are programmes using colours that help with menopause and the mental issues that come from that. Everything is in the mind love. Whatever we think is what drives us in life. You and I have very open minds when it comes to sex which is why we have enjoyed each other”.

“But what if there is one part of sex that hasn’t been experienced and we develop a mortal fear of it that inhibits all our sexual activities”? She asked.

“Aha” I replied. “Are we talking about us or someone else”? She smiled and said “Both”

“They are two different situations. One is about a female friend of mine in a wheelchair that I call on as part of my aide duties. The other is mine”.

“Well” I said “Let’s deal with yours as we are both here. Would you trust me enough to tell me about it”? With a coy smile on her face she said “There isn’t much I wouldn’t trust you with so here is the problem. I have never had anal intercourse and I am both scared and intrigued by it. Is there any way I can overcome that fear”?

My heart started to pound. Only once in my life had I experienced it though not properly. An old girl friend had suffered a prolapse and was unable to be properly entered from the front. On the one instance when we were in bed she had laid semi side on, and that had prevented me from getting any depth.

I jokingly said “Well it looks like doggy fashion could be a good option tonight and let’s see where we can Eyüp escort bayan go from there” “Oooooh” said Sheryl “I love doggy style”

Well another wish about to be granted and we were soon going through a shortened foreplay. With all the talk in such an intimate way I was harder and longer than I had been for some time.

Sheryl knelt on the bed with her head down and backside in the air, legs apart. I proceeded to administer my tongue to her exposed pussy and she became very wet and excited. As I gently lowered myself into her it was as though a velvet glove had encompassed me. Her vaginal wall was pulsing as I began a slow but deep stroke. We enjoyed this for a few minutes and on an outward pull I noticed her anus was wide open. I had been massaging it with my thumb but it had remained tight until now.

It was an instant decision and one neither of us will ever regret. Pulling fully out of her vagina I slowly and gently pushed the head of my cock up her crack and across her anus. Doing this enough to wet the entrance I then pushed the head into her hole. It slid straight in as though the sphincter muscle wasn’t even there. Then she tightened the muscle over and over again as I pushed deeper and harder into her.

My fingers went up inside her vagina and it was a weird experience to be stroking the back wall and feeling my own member deep inside the other passage.

By this time we were both rising very rapidly to a climax. Suddenly I lost control and started to fuck her very fast. Then I exploded and almost blacked out. My cock just kept spurting and spurting. I lost track of how many contractions I had but it must have been 7 or 8 and each one was cum laden.

Cramp took over on my right thigh as I tumbled off Sheryl. She stayed where she was, moaning and crooning to herself until she flopped onto me and started kissing me like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh you wonderful man” she said. “That is twice you have taken me to new heights of climax and new experiences. I don’t know what to say except I love you like no other man I have ever known, and there have been quite a few”.

I just grinned. Until I told her later, she had no idea it was my first proper anal time as well.

She couldn’t stop touching my cock and bent over to administer the kiss of life to it. Once again it was hard and she said “Can we do that again in the proper hole”? Who was I to resist.

This time it was gentler, took longer and was almost better. My cramp mysteriously vanished and heading into the home stretch I actually tore a ham string. But the pain only added to my determination to finish another doggy style in style.

We came together this time; I held back until she was ready then climaxed a lot weaker than the first time. Then it was time for the Bioptron to do its magic on my hamstring.

The next day she wondered if we could go and visit her friend in the wheelchair to see if the Bioptron could help. And that is another story all together.

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