You POS; I Have a Daughter?! Ch. 01

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Back in January of 2003, I hooked up with a woman I had met on an online forum. We spent a few days together, and then she promptly dropped off the face of the earth. During the time preceding that when we were talking, she told me she had two children already; both daughters, and that she hadn’t told the father of one of them until the girl was twelve years old, at which point he punched her in the face. Almost two decades later, I would completely understand why.

I found her about eight years later on social media, despite her having been remarried a few more times and taking on yet another last name or three. You see, she named her daughters with unique – and for the most part – stupid-sounding names, and it wasn’t too difficult to type their first names in, get a match and then find the current name of their mother in their friends lists. She was of course, very surprised that I found her, and asked how I had located her with a new name and all; idiot. She then gave me some cock and bull story about an ex boyfriend literally dragging her off to another state against her will, and that’s why I never heard back from her. Yeah, right. I was just a fun weekend and time filler while he was in prison, most likely. At that point, I asked her straight up if I had knocked her up when we were together and she said no. Eventually, she dropped off of that platform and I never followed up with her again.

Fast forward another ten years, and out of the blue, she contacted me on my FaceSpace page to tell me that I had in fact, gotten her pregnant after all, that I had an eighteen year old daughter I had no clue existed, and that she (the mother, named Shae) had copped a plea deal to a drug possession charge and was going to state prison for twenty four months. Would I be interested in taking custody of our daughter, as she was a bit slow, and needed a legal guardian until she was twenty one?

Needless to say, I was more than just a little pissed off! This bitch had robbed me of my daughter’s childhood and adolescence, and now expected me to have her suddenly pop into my life just like that? What the fuck was she on?! In all likelihood, some of the stuff she’d been busted for, no doubt. After spending nearly five minutes calling her everything pertinent name that I could think of, I told her that if a DNA test proved that what the hell was her name anyway, was my biological daughter, that I would take her. I also informed her that I wasn’t paying for the damned test, or anything else involving this. She agreed, and we used a third party testing company to perform the DNA check. It turned out that Katie (finally, one of her daughters had a semi-normal name, although it was short for Katahdin) was indeed my biological daughter, and I completely understood why the other guy had punched her in her ugly fucking face.

We set up a meeting with an attorney, for Shae to sign over full custody of Katie to me. I added a few stipulations to the deal, including the fact she was never to see our daughter again, unless she wanted it AFTER she turned twenty one. She also agreed to sign over the title to her car and trailer along with its entire contents to me, which I decided I would sell and pocket the proceeds as payment for part of the mental anguish I was going through in dealing with all of this. Somehow, I had managed to keep my composure and not punch her in her toothless face as the other guy had done. Once the T’s were dotted and all of the I’s were crossed, Shae was placed into handcuffs and led away to begin her two year sentence as the result of her plea deal with the DA’s Office.

At this point, I was finally introduced to my eighteen year old daughter, who was quite a bit better looking than her ugly-ass mother (my genes, obviously), but still no stunning beauty queen; at least not the way she appeared. Her hair was pulled up into a sloppy topknot, and she wasn’t wearing any makeup, so it was kind of hard to tell, although she was wearing a cute, flowery sundress. I suppose with her hair down and all, she was probably kind of cute, but only time would tell on that one.

“Katie, this is your real father, Jack.” the attorney explained.

“Hi Daddy.” she said somewhat shyly. “It’s nice to meet you. Mama told me you were killed in Afghanistan. If I’d known you were still alive, I’d have tried to find you, honest. You don’t look like your picture though.”

“Probably because she showed you someone else’ picture.” I snorted. “I’ve never been in the military, let alone deployed to Afghanistan. Your mother has some serious issues, Katie. I don’t think she could tell the truth if she was trapped in the electric chair and admitting something would save her own life.”

“She’s going to jail.” Katie observed somewhat sadly. “I guess that’s why I get to come live with you, now. I hope you’re nicer than she was.”

“I will certainly do my best to.” I replied, somewhat taken aback.

She definitely said what was her mind, that was for certain!

“She’s all packed up and ready to go.” sivas escort bayan the attorney explained, nodding in my daughter’s direction. “She can guide you to her- your place so you can load up and head out.”

She had quite a bit of stuff (what teenager doesn’t?), but I had rented a utility trailer at a nearby town for a one way trip back home, so we had no issues getting everything packed inside. Her furniture took up more space than anything else, but I was a bit surprised that she didn’t have more clothes. Typically, girls have TONS of clothes, but Katie seemed to have only the basics; it would probably easily fit into her closet and the furniture she had.

By this time, it was late in the day and getting dark, so I decided to stay the night at the trailer I now owned, and head out early the following morning. It was at least a ten hour drive back to my house, and I was exhausted at this point. There was no need to take the beds with us, as I had a few at my house (that I knew the history of), so we just decided to stay the night there and hit the road bright and early the next day.

Prior to turning in, however, as there was an hour or so before I really had to hit the hay, I decided to rifle through all of Shae’s stuff and see if there was anything decent to take with me. Being that she was on drugs, the chances were slim, unless she had some family heirlooms or something she didn’t know the value of. I found her jewelry box, five guns and a few boxes of ammo to go with them, and in the mishmash of silverware in the kitchen, some forks and spoons labeled “Sterling.”

The silver wasn’t worth that much, but still warranted taking, as anything I missed would probably be gone by the time I returned. I figured the jewelry was crap and the guns most likely stolen, but decided to take the stuff anyway, and go it through it all in greater detail once we got home. I awoke around 3:00 AM, and rousted Katie out of bed. She yawned, and looked at me sleepily.

“Hi Daddy.” she greeted me. “What time is it?”

“Three.” I replied. “Get a shower and get dressed. Show me where the towels are if you would, so I can take one too, okay?”

“Sure Daddy.” she replied.

She pulled the covers back, and to my surprise was completely nude. I hadn’t even stopped to think she might sleep that way, but also kind of expected she would have told me she wasn’t wearing anything. I was a bit taken aback, so I didn’t really have time to see a whole lot, but she definitely needed some trimming down below, and had a nice set of rather firm tits.

Katie went to the small bathroom closet and pulled out a towel, handing it to me. I involuntarily stared a bit at her unclothed body, and she smiled.

“I guess you’re not used to seeing naked girls.” she giggled. “It’s okay. I tend to go around the house in my underwear and I sleep nude. I hope that’s okay.”

“We’ll discuss it after we get home.” I responded. “In the meantime, we need to get ready to hit the road. I’d like to get as early a start as I can.”

“Sure.” she replied. “Come on.”

With that, she turned the shower on and stepped in. I remained standing there in my underwear, still gawking at her nude body, and she reached out.

“Come on, Daddy!” she said urgently, grabbing my hand and pulling on it. “You’re wasting time. Let’s get going!”

I stepped into the shower with her, a little unnerved at what was going on. She seemed quite used to showering with someone else, and I wondered who. I had gotten a bit turned on by the sight of her bare body, and had hoped to have a quick jerk and cum in the shower while she was getting dressed, but that wasn’t going to happen now.

“How far is it to your house?” she inquired, as she lathered up and handed me the bar of soap.

“About five hundred miles.” I replied, lathering up myself, as she stepped under the shower head to rinse off. “It’ll take us about ten hours to get there. That’s why I want to get out early.”

We finished fairly quickly and dried off. I put on some clean underwear and jeans, along with a fresh t-shirt. Katie instead, put the same sundress and sneakers back on, as her clothes were all packed up, and neglected to put anything on underneath it, adding to the increasing angst in my crotch.

“Would you braid my hair, Daddy?” she inquired. “On each side?”

I glanced at my watch. It was 3:40. I wanted to get going by Four, so I had a few minutes to accommodate her request. Besides, it was our first day together, and this would be a nice way to bond with her (as though taking a shower together wasn’t personal enough), so it was okay if I took a few extra minutes to braid her hair.

“Okay, Pumpkin.” I replied. “Do you have a brush and comb?”

“Oh rats!” she responded. “I packed them. I’m sure Mama left something behind though. I’ll go check.”

She returned from the bathroom shortly thereafter, holding one of each.

“Here you go, Daddy.” she said with a smile, as she sat on the edge of the escort sivas bed and faced me. “Thank you.”

I brushed her medium brown hair thoroughly, and carefully parted it down the middle with the comb. I had never done this before, but I did know how to braid, so it didn’t take but a few minutes to braid each side and secure the tips with an elastic band. When I was finished, Katie sprang up and looked in the mirror. In all honesty, she looked a lot better than she had the day before. In fact, she was pretty damned cute with the sundress and sneakers, along with her braided hair. All she needed now, was a picnic basket in one hand and a fishing pole in the other. She looked like the stereotypical mountain girl one might think of, living in southern Appalachia, and I was beginning to get a little attracted to her, despite the fact that she was my own daughter. It still hadn’t registered yet; she was just a strange girl in a sundress, who happened to call me Daddy.

“It looks great, Daddy!” she exclaimed. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, Pumpkin.” I replied. “Are you ready to go now?”

“I think so.” she said with a nod.

With that, I turned the lights off, locked the door and shut it behind us. We got into the SUV and headed out, leaving this portion of her life behind. The town she lived in was pretty small, and it was bordered to the south by railroad tracks which we had to pass underneath. For some reason, the state of Tennessee uses large culverts instead of actual bridges for railroad overpasses in many locations, and this was one of them. We literally had to drive through a pipe to get out of town.

“Goodbye, Henning.” Katie said, as she waved somewhat childishly.

“Are you okay?” I inquired.

Katie nodded.

“I guess so.” she responded. “It’s just that everything and everyone I know are here. It’s hard to leave, but I understand that I have to; thanks to Mama. I guess I’m going to a better place with you though, now.”

We reached the main highway, and headed south toward Interstate 40. It was just now 4:00 AM, and at this time of year, there were still a couple hours of darkness left before it got light. After fifteen minutes or so, I completely forgot about my passenger, and focused on the drive. At some point, I glanced over at Katie, and I was shocked to see that she had hiked the hem of her sundress up, and had her right hand gently moving between her legs!

It was abundantly obvious that she was masturbating, and to be honest, I felt a bit slighted. I was just as horny as she apparently was, yet I was focused on driving and trying to not follow through on what I wanted to do. Hormones got the best of me, however, and I ever so subtly reached over and laid my palm on her exposed left thigh. She didn’t shrink back or protest, so I closed my fingers into a gentle grip and continued steering with my left hand, while I maintained a firm hold on her slim, well-toned thigh.

“You have nice hands, Daddy.” she sighed. “Squeeze it!”

I began massaging her thigh as she continued masturbating unabashedly in front of me. Well, next to me, if you want to get technical.

“Oh, that’s good, Daddy!” she sighed. “I’m getting all tickly-cooter. It feels SO nice!”

I assumed that meant she was going to cum, but I wasn’t exactly certain, until she squirmed a bit and let out a huge sigh, before relaxing against the seat.

“Mmm, I feel better now.” she murmured. “But what about you?”

Without waiting for an answer, she reached over and placed her hand square into my crotch and squeezed it slightly. As if I wasn’t in enough agony already, this only made it worse. My cock started throbbing and jerking involuntarily at her touch.

“Oh Daddy,” she exclaimed, “you’re so hard!”

All I could do, was let out a squeak in reply, and Katie nodded knowingly.

“I know what my Daddy needs!” she asserted. “Here, let me help you with that!”

Before I could respond, she unzipped my jeans and began fishing around for my fully erect penis. She finally pulled it out and grasped it firmly, pulling it the rest of the way. I was desperately doing my best to steer the truck and not run off the road, when I felt her warm, wet mouth completely engulf it. I had no other choice, but to pull to the side of the road or I was sure to crash. Thank God it was still dark out!

I turned the truck off and relaxed, as my daughter expertly sucked my cock. It was clear she had gotten this talent from her whore of a mother, and I enjoyed the sensation of having my penis sucked like a pro. It wasn’t long before I was about to cum, and I let her know.

“Daddy’s going to cum, Princess.” I whispered. “Do you swallow?”

“Mm-hmm.” she responded though her nose.

I savored the wonderful sensation in my penis, as my orgasm climaxed, and I ejaculated forcefully in my daughter’s mouth. It had been two full days since I had cum, and spurt after spurt of thick, rich semen squirted into my daughter’s talented mouth. I finally stopped sivas escort cumming, and she released my dick from her mouth, before looking up and smiling.

“Oh Daddy!” she exclaimed. “That was so rich and creamy! It was like a mouthful of warm custard right out of the pot! Oh, I wish there was more!”

“You liked it?” I inquired, as my senses slowly came back. “It tasted good?”

“Oh yes, it was wonderful!” she gushed. “Thank you!”

What?! She was thanking ME for cumming in her mouth?! Now I was really pissed at Shae. What else had I missed out on? Probably better I didn’t know anyway.

“You’re more than welcome, Pumpkin.” I responded. “Any time you want more, you just let your daddy know, okay?”

“Okay!” she replied.

I zipped my pants up and was just about to put the SUV back into drive, when a pair of headlights approached from behind and then slowed down. Suddenly, the entire area was illuminated in flashing red and blue strobe lights that lit up the countryside like the Fourth of July.

“It’s the police!” Katie exclaimed.

“Nice call, Captain Obvious.” I snorted, as I turned on the interior lights and rolled the window down. “What gave it away? Thank god I put my pecker back in my pocket.”

Since I had a handgun in the vehicle with me, I also placed my hands firmly on the steering wheel at the 10:00 and 2:00 o’clock positions.

“Put your hands on the dash.” I instructed.

“Why?” she inquired.

“Because I told you to!” I snapped.

A few seconds later, a deputy sheriff approached the vehicle. Seeing our positions, he placed his right hand on his sidearm, and became a bit more cautious. He knew there was a weapon in the SUV, but also recognized the fact we were probably not a threat.

“Where is it?” he inquired.

“Please be advised there is a loaded 9mm mounted on the side of the console.” I replied.

He nodded, and removed his hand from his weapon.

“Where are you headed?” he inquired, peering in the window and spotting my daughter in the passenger’s seat. “Katie Baskerville, is that you?”

“Hi, Deputy Jeff!” she responded enthusiastically. “This is my real daddy. He’s taking me home to live with him.”

“Ah.” he replied. “I heard about that. Sorry about your mama Katie, but you know she was breaking the law.”

“Yes Sir.” she answered. “Daddy, can I take my hands off the dash now?”

“I don’t know.” I responded, looking directly at the deputy sheriff. “May we, Deputy Jeff?”

He guffawed and nodded.

“Of course!” he replied with a grin. “I saw the Blue Line sticker on the back window. I figured you were a cop, but when I saw you with your hands on the wheel, I still had to be cautious. Everything okay?”

“Sure.” I answered with a smile. “She forgot to pee before we left the trailer. You know how women are.”

“Too well!” he snickered. “Y’all have a safe trip, okay?”

I nodded, and he returned to his vehicle. I switched off the overhead light and waved, as I pulled back onto the asphalt and accelerated up the road. We eventually got onto I-40 and were well on the way home. Around 11:00 o’clock or so, Katie pointed to a blue sign indicating food at the next exit.

“Krystal, Daddy!” she exclaimed excitedly. “Can we stop?”

“Sure, Sweetheart.” I replied, turning my blinker on and exiting the interstate. “I like Krystal too. Mustard makes all the difference. White Castle ruins it with ketchup.”

“I hate ketchup!” Katie burst out.

“Me too.” I said with a smile. “First thing we seem to have in common. Do you need to pee, or should I hit the drive-thru?”

“I’m good.” she answered.

I nodded, and pulled up to the speaker.

“Lemme have one of those big bags of burgers, two large fries and… what do want to drink?” I inquired of Katie.

“Sweet tea.” she replied.

“And two sweet teas.” I finished.

We hit the road again, scarfing down mini-burgers and fries, and washing it all down with the official drink of the South; sweet iced tea. We ran into a little construction traffic, so around 3:00 in the afternoon, we finally turned off the main road and onto my private drive. I own a little under one hundred, fifty acres, so it took a few minutes to wind down the hill, across the creek and back up the other side, to finally reach the house almost half a mile in.

Katie stared in awe, as I parked next to the house. It wasn’t fully finished yet; I had been working on it for a couple years or so, but it was a nice log home. I still had to build the garage and connecting breezeway, so there was a bit of a muddy spot where the excavation had begun for that portion of the project.

“Home, sweet cabin!” I exclaimed enthusiastically, as we exited the SUV. “Welcome home, Pumpkin.”

Katie looked around, wide-eyed.

“This is all yours?” she inquired incredulously. “You own this?!”

“Well… technically, now it’s OURS – but yes Sweetheart – this is mine.” I said with a smile. “It’s a lot better than a piece of shit trailer in that Podunk, USA you came from, isn’t it?”

Katie looked confused.

“What is a Podunk, Daddy?” she inquired. “Is it the opposite of a rich dunk?”

I was kind of at a loss for words, as Podunk is one of those descriptions that everyone knows and uses, but can’t actually define.

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