They Met on the Net

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Nikki saw Don for months. She grew more comfortable with him each time they were together. She understood that Don knew there are many sexual tiers, Nikki isn’t sure how many of them that there were, She lost count at eight of them. She feared the ninth one and always closed her legs on him to give herself time to pull out of it. Nikki felt it was strange that Don could put her mind on nothing but him and the sensations he made her feel, yet Nikki grew to crave it. Nikki asked for nothing but Don gave it all. Every sexual thought…fantasy and desire had some how suddenly wrapped around Don.

Maybe because she felt so safe with him.

If Nikki masturbated it was to the thoughts of what Don did to her, made her feel and what she longed to do to him. No movies needed just Nikki and her fantasies and a nice dildo or vibrator. As she took care of her own needs she would fantasize about one outrageous fantasy that she never opened up to Don about. At this very moment she is doing just that… Nikki now lays in the middle of her bed, her skin beaded with sweat, the smell of her sex lingers in the air. Her fingers lower to woman hood as she strokes her bud a couple of times and draws her hand up to her mouth, her fingertips gently cross her lips, then slide into her mouth. Nikki’s hands again drop as canlı bahis şirketleri she rubs the juices of her last orgasm into the skin of her inner thighs, then up to her nipples. She lifts her left breast and sucks her juices off it as she allows her hand to again drop to her nub. She gently strokes it as she allows her mind to float to the fantasy of him…of Don.

As instructed Nikki gets a hotel room, and asks to leave a second key and asked that a second one be left at the desk. Nikki writes his name on and envelope and heads off to her room. She showers and pulls back the covers on the bed. Crawls into the middle of it, places a blindfold over her eyes and waits for Don to arrive. The cool air from the a/c have caused Nikki’s nipples to stand. After about a have of an hour Nikki hear the door unlock, Don walks in and drops his keys on the night stand.

“Are you’re nipples erect with anticipation?” Don asked. Don’s hands cup Nikki’s breasts, at the touch and warmth of his hands Nikki feels a surge of heat rip from her nipples down to her womanhood, as his hands continue to work over her breasts. Nikki becomes wet and slowly starts to buck her hips up and down on the bed. Don’s right hand drops and begins stroking Nikki’s bud, his left still working over her nipples. Don leave the canlı kaçak iddaa side of the bed and Nikki sits up and begins to remove the blind fold.

“No Nikki, not this time.” Don said. Nikki moaned her disapproval and slid the blindfold back down over her eyes. Nikki felt Don sit on the bed, the sound of his shoes hitting the floor, his shirt tossed on Nikki’s stomach.

The Sound of Don’s zipper caused Nikki to moan in anticipation. Nikki suddenly felt Don’s hands on her legs guiding them apart, his hand ran up her right leg to her bud, he rubbed gently over and over again. Nikki bucked her hips feverishly as her body shook with the impending release. Nikki moving faster still, planted her feet in the bed and brought her ass up off the bed. Don quit stroking her clitoris. Nikki’s right hand reached for her clitoris. Don’s hand covered her wrist.

“You cum when I say you cum.” Don said.

“Don, Please.” Nikki said.

“Open yourself for me.” Don said. Nikki reached down and grabbed her lips and parted them.

“My clitoris is throbbing, the slightest thou-” Before Nikki could finish Don’s mouth covers her clitoris and he sucked it into his mouth and in the slight touch of his tongue hitting her clitoris Nikki screamed out and shook as orgasm ripped through her body. Don crawled canlı kaçak bahis up the bed, Parted Nikki’s legs more and slid his cock into Nikki. Nikki’s legs instantaneously came up and wrapped around Don’s back. In need of immediate release Nikki bucked up and down. Don’s hips thrusted back meeting every urgent buck. Nikki suddenly locked her legs around Don’s back.

“Don’t shut me out Nik, it’s OK.” Don said.

“I can’t.” Nikki said. Don allowed his weight to rest on Nikki, he lifted his chest, he kissed her lips and moved his chest against her breasts, allowing the hair on his chest to taunt her nipples…they stood erect again.

Nikki released her lock on Don’s back, helpless to do anything else…she submitted. Don grabbed Nikki’s legs and placed them on his shoulders and slid in and out of her until they both came.

A short time later Nikki suffered a nervous breakdown. Since then she has never talked to Don again. It’s not that she hasn’t tried. Although Don sparked many fantasies in her, Nikki vowed to leave this a fantasy, and nothing more. Since those days, Nikki has changed her name and ID and moved away from the site they met in. They other fantasies she had of him will be met some day, perhaps by someone else but she will reach them. For now we find Nikki alone in her room hugging a pillow, let us leave her now to her thoughts. Maybe we will look in on Nikki again some day…..

Thus ends the series of Nikki and Don.

Next week we will pay a visit to Courtney and Tim. When you read, Ladies, Tramps and Thieves.

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