The Trip

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The plane landed about the same time the sun set behind the horizon. Looking out my little window, I could see the skyline looming off in the distance. I knew you wouldn’t be waiting for me in the terminal. Although I did mention what hotel I was staying at. I actually saw the Marriott from my window while on approach.

All I could think about was really two things. One…you and the second…dinner. I was going to get out of this terminal and get my rental car as quickly as I could. I needed to get checked in and shower before I met you in the lobby bar. We had pre-arranged our meeting throughout the earlier months…first starting as a joke but soon moving up into something dangerous.

It wasn’t really hard to come to the decision to meet. I had gazed into your eyes many days and nights. I had wanted you more than I ever should have. The chance that I could soon be running my hands through your hair for real was just way too powerful. I had to come.

I had jokingly mentioned that I’d try and be on my best behavior but the thing I wanted to do most was to gently hold the back of your head and pull your lips to mine. I wanted to run my hands up and down your back…your shoulders… I wanted to feel you. Feel you for real.

Every time I looked in your eyes, I wanted you more and more. I wanted you with all my body.

I got the car and map and made my way out of the airport. Driving to the hotel was not too difficult. The AVIS clerk had done a great job with directions. I pulled into the Valet lot and took a deep breath. This was supposed to be easy. You had been the object of my desire for a while now. But here I sat like on my first high school date. Almost too scared to get out of the car.

The sudden appearance of the valet jogged my mind back into reality. I handed him my keys…told him my name and said I was checking in. He filled out the ticket and handed it to me as I was heading for the double doors to the lobby.

I was almost shaking with anticipation as I headed for the check-in desk. After receiving the room keys and signing my life away on a credit card receipt, I was about to turn towards the elevator when the front desk clerk said I also had a message. My heart first skipped, thinking the worst…you had called this off. Before I could catch my next breath, the clerk continued, telling me that I had a visitor waiting in the lobby bar.

I mumbled thanks as I headed off towards the lobby bar. I knew I’d recognize you in an instant. It’s hard to miss your set of eyes in any crowd. They were burned into the back of my brain by now…

When I entered, I saw about four people. A couple near the bar, a business man with a laptop and a lady with her back towards the door. I knew it was you. You were intent on stirring what ever you were drinking with the red bar straw. I slowly made my way over to you. I could begin to smell you when I was about 3 feet away. I don’t know what perfume you were wearing but it now was my favorite.

I didn’t know if I should just introduce myself, kiss you, shake your hand…whatever. My mind started going blank as I drew within the final feet from you. My hand for what ever reason decided it was going to seek diplomacy on it’s own. I reached out and touched your left shoulder, calling out your name gently……


I’ll remember it forever. The moment you turned your head and looked at me for the first time. Your eyes were even more beautiful in real life. You immediately returned my smile. I couldn’t take my eyes off of yours. I really don’t even remember what I said next but I know it was lame…like a nice to meet you. My mind was completely blank as I took you in. I remember your smile turning into a wider smile…almost a giggle. You probably thought it was lame too…

After dreaming about meeting you for so long…and all I can come up with is a “nice to meet you”. I almost started to giggle at myself for being so brain dead. “Nice to meet you”…hell…. God I’ve wanted you for so long and all I can muster is a “nice to meet you”…

My hand still rested on your shoulder as you stood up and faced me. I instinctively drew closer to you. The hug came naturally. I don’t remember if it was you drawing into me or me into you. But I remember reaching around you, pulling you closer into me. I remember me lowering my head, my face close to your neck…and then you say “nice to meet you too”… I almost burst out laughing.

Hugs never last long enough. The ones that do tend not to be suitable for public places. I guess our first hug was average length. Honestly, I don’t remember how long we held each other. As I held you in my arms, I was unaware of all time and space. I just remember the smell of your neck and hair. I remember the heat from your head and neck warming up my face. Just knowing how close you were to me was pure arousal. And then “nice to meet you too”…. That must have been the ending of the hug now as I think about it.

I do remember almost being happy the hug ended. I knew that the longer you held me, the more you would be able to tell just how internet casino much I loved it. The instant I laid my hand on your shoulder I started to grow. The hug only expedited the process. If we held each other too long, I was sure you would begin to feel me as well. I didn’t want that to happen. It’s not that I didn’t want you…God knows I did…I was just embarrassed to let you know just how bad I wanted you. Not yet…Not in here…

I sat down on the empty stool next to you and turned a bit, trying to hide my arousal. I reached out and took your hand off the bar and held it in mine. My mind was slowly coming back to reality. I thanked you for meeting me and remember you slightly blushing. You told me that you were about to head to the airport first because you couldn’t wait to see me. It was my turn to blush.

Small talk is good. It was a very welcome relief at that bar. We talked about everything and nothing. The whole while I looked at you. Looked at your hair, your eyes, your nose, your smile…lips… I listened to your voice. I answered your questions and inserted comments. I asked questions. Small talk. The funny thing is I don’t remember a thing about what we talked about. Well…that’s not true. I remember the important tidbits about you, remember we talked about the flight a bit, and remember I couldn’t stop looking at you.

After my second rum and coke, I remember asking if I could have about 20 minutes to go clean up a bit after the flight. I promised you that I wouldn’t take a second more. Half smile, half giggle. I took that as a good sign. I didn’t ask…and truthfully, I didn’t think about it. I just did it. I leaned over and kissed you. My lips met yours. I kissed you and then pulled slowly away. OK…15 minutes and no more. You said you would reserve a table at the restaurant. This time your face was more of a half blush, half giggle. I looked into your eyes, wanting you so badly. Be right back…I promise…


The elevator ride to the third floor was quick. I remember it took about 2 minutes to find my room and get the door open with the keycard. The only thing I hate about keycards is they never put your room number on them. One of these days I always figured I was going to forget my room and find myself opening the wrong door. With my luck it would open…

The room was pretty industry standard. There were two queen-sized beds. The mini bar fridge was under the TV. The room had a balcony that overlooked the pool courtyard. There was a table near the sliding door to the balcony. On top of the table was the room service menu as well as a couple of plastic wrapped glasses. There was a large stuffed lounge chair, complete with footstool, located on the other side of the sliding glass door opposite of the table.

I sat my carry-on bag on the bed and unzipped the side. I pulled out a fresh pair of jeans and unfolded a clean shirt. I pulled out my shower bag and headed towards the bathroom. The bathroom was rather nice. There was a two-sink vanity that contained everything from body gels to a coffee maker. I walked over to the bathtub and pulled the shower curtain open. After turning the water on and cranking it to full on hot, I stood back up and stared at the white tiled wall. I could still smell you. God I wanted to kiss you again right then.

I looked at my watch and figured I had about 10 minutes left before I said I would be back. I wanted to be back then. I wanted you here.

I pulled off my tee shirt and semi-folded it before throwing it back onto the floor. I stepped out of my tennis shoes. Reaching down, I pulled off my socks.

I turned back to the tub and turned the water down to a more reasonable warm setting. I popped the plunger and started the water cascading down out of the shower.

I reached down and unbuttoned my Levies before letting them drop to the floor. There I stood…completely naked with you very much so on my mind. I would dare to say that you still had me very much aroused.

I stepped into the shower. The water felt good hitting my back and head. Almost as good as your skin felt earlier. Almost as good as your lips tasted. I closed my eyes and could see every line on your face. God I wanted you here right now.

I opened up the small hotel soap and threw the wrapper into the trashcan. As I rubbed the bar across my chest, I closed my eyes and tried to dream it was you washing me. As the bar moved lower down my belly, nearing my groin, my cock actually spasmed. God this was not going to work… I opened my eyes to try and clear you from my mind. I knew if I didn’t, I’d cum right there in the shower with a picture of your face on my mind. Baseball…think of baseball. I chuckled to myself. Hell…I didn’t know the first thing about baseball. Football maybe…

I did manage to make it through the shower without succumbing to the urge that started the moment I saw you. During the drying off process, my hard-on finally started to diminish. By the time I was pulling on a clean pair of jeans, most of the evidence of the effect you have on me was almost back to canlı poker oyna normal…I actually considered putting on underwear. I figured if I got hard again, at least it wouldn’t be so friggin evident. Talk about being back in high school again…all those uncontrollable hormones. What can I say…you do bring out the best in me.

I looked at my watch again and realized I had about 3 minutes left to tie my shoes and get downstairs. It took 2 minutes…

As the elevator doors opened in the lobby, you were standing about five feet away, facing me….


I moved towards you as soon as the doors were wide enough to let me pass. Your arms began to raise up as I approached you. I saw the beginning of your hug and walked all they way into your arms. My arms went around your back pulling me closer to you. I remember looking into your eyes before I decided to kiss you again. I gently tilted my head and my mouth met yours once again. This time, I left it there. My hands slowly rose up your back before settling on both sides of your pretty face. I don’t remember exactly when I realized that my tongue was tracing around your lips. I do remember feeling your tongue searching out mine…man that felt good.

I ran my fingers through your hair once more before I finally pulled my mouth away. I backed my face away a bit so I’d see you in focus. I wanted to look at your face again. We still held each other close. That felt wonderful. I wanted you right there. Damn the hotel guests…we can charge them to watch…God you felt so warm. I leaned in once more and gave you a quicker kiss. I remember as I moved my lips closer to your ear, my stomach let out one hell of a gurgle. You chuckled. I whispered that I guess it was time to eat evidently. You chuckled again. I kissed you gently behind your ear before I finally let go of you.

I don’t know if you noticed but I couldn’t stop checking you out. Even during the short walk to the hotel restaurant, I must have looked at your legs, your butt, and every other inch of you a hundred times. Man you looked good. What made it great was that it was your hand in my hand as we walked to the restaurant. I was yours… you were mine.

The hostess must have sensed we could use about the most private table they had. I’ve always loved the circular booths. We could sit so close together that my leg would be rubbing your leg all night. Man I loved the thought of that. I couldn’t be close enough to you.

Once we were seated, I slid…you slid…and somehow we ended up exactly where I hoped. I reached my hand out and placed it on your thigh. I had to do this. I slowly felt down until my hand was on your kneecap. I left it there. I turned and looked at you and thanked you for doing this. There was almost a blush. Then your hand reached down and found my thigh. And slid down to my kneecap. Then you thanked me as well. I remember thinking that I would not have missed this for the world. The chance to finally feel you…to touch you…to kiss you…to please you. I wanted to be there. I had to be there.

I reached over the tabletop and grabbed your napkin and placed it in your lap. Then I took my napkin and placed it mine. My napkin was there not to catch the oncoming food, but to cover what was growing once again under my jeans. Man…I should have worn underwear.

I remember I must have kissed you another 5 times before we ever got our appetizers. I don’t really remember if it was slow service or if I was just lost in you. Not that I really cared if it was slow service. It gave me more time to look at you.

The whole time during the meal, I felt your leg next to mine. Occasionally while reaching for my napkin, my hand would graze your thigh by “accident”. God I could feel the electricity with every touch. Although I might have looked focused on my prime rib, my mind was already spreading your thighs. You’ve done this to me for a while…you have this ability to overwhelm my mind with pure lustful thoughts. It can happen pretty much anywhere. All it really takes is to remember your smile and the whole process starts.

I didn’t know if you noticed that my “accidental” touches and brushes started to seem to happen more frequently and lingered longer…

God I wanted nothing more than to lay you back right there and explore every inch of your body with my hands…my tongue…

When the waiter finally left after delivering the dessert, I turned once more to you and kissed you long and hard. I felt your hand sliding up from my knee. I felt it slide up my thigh. I felt it brush down the length of my almost hard cock, starting first near the head and then sliding down toward the base…then your hand was gone. I remember you whispered into my ear…oops…sorry. Must have been an accident. Damn. I wondered if you knew I was doing that the whole time. I let out a chuckle. You just smiled and replaced your hand…sliding it under my napkin. I could feel you gently run your finger around my jeans…tracing my cock. Then I felt your hand gently squeeze me. You then leaned towards my ear and whispered…finish the cheesecake…and poker oyna with that, your hand was gone again.

You really don’t know how hard I got right after that. That little tease had pushed me from a twitch to a throb.

I turned to you and moved my hand near your waistline. I slid my hand up your side, just eversoslightly brushing the side of your breast before stopping just above. I’ll have the waiter box it up and take it with us. With that, I leaned in and kissed you again…. I stopped once in order to tell the waiter to get a box…and I stopped again when he returned. Smart guy…brought the check too. I guess we really did look like we were in a hurry to get into one another…

Sliding out of the booth and standing up proved a bit difficult. I placed my hand in my jeans pocket as if to reach for money…but I really was trying to get myself back into a position to walk. You had me so hard just moments ago. Then I reached in my other pocket and grabbed the money and left the tip. You were standing next to me by the time I turned back from the table. My Room?… God…I actually asked it. Please say yes. I felt your hand running down the small of my back and then across a butt cheek…and then I heard your yes…. 5:

The walk back to the elevators seemed to take forever. My arm was around your shoulder, holding you close to me. I was relieved when you pushed the up button before I could reach out for it. The elevator was already located in the lobby and the door instantly opened once the button was pushed. You turned into me and guided me into the elevator. I felt my back hit up against the back wall of the elevator as you leaned into me and kissed me. The doors closed. We continued to kiss. The elevator didn’t move….

I broke off the kiss long enough to mumble “three”. You turned slightly and pushed 3.

We kissed the entire time the elevator took to get to the third floor…at the time, I would have loved to be on the 33 floor…

Our tongues played with one another. My tongue wrapping yours. Our lips together. My hands had fallen from your shoulders and had slid all the way down your back. Both hands had just started to slide down over the roundness of your ass when the doors opened. I cupped a cheek in both hands and pulled you into me, kissing harder. I knew that you could feel me up against your belly. I was as stiff as I’ve ever been. I felt it pressing between my belly and your belly. I wanted you to feel it too. You do this to me. And God I am so glad you do.

My hands released their grip of your cheeks as I pushed both of our bodies towards the opened door. My kiss subsided and finally broke as we exited the elevator. I turned towards my room with you in my arm. My free hand fished out the credit card key from my back pocket. I felt your hand slide down by back and stop on my ass cheek. It stayed there until we got to the door…


I double-checked the room number…finding the wrong door this time could be really bad. I inserted the card into the door and opened it. I stepped in and held the door for you. There was no hesitation. You walked in.

I removed the “do not disturb” placard and popped it onto the outside doorknob. I gently closed the door and locked it. I turned back to you. God I’ve wanted you for so long and now here you were. I moved towards you…moving in very close. My hands slid around the small of your back, down to your butt. I pulled you into me once more and kissed you. One hand stayed down on your bottom while my other hand slid up your back, along the neck, to the back of your head. I pulled my lips from yours and told you that I wanted you. You slid your hand off my shoulder, down my chest, over my abdomen, down to my groin. Then you cupped me. You chuckled and replied that you could tell. My turn to chuckle.

Your hand stayed on my hard cock…I could feel you gently rubbing it as you moved your lips back to mine. One hand of mine was running through your hair while the other hand was exploring the shape of your ass. God it felt good. I moved my lower hand up a bit and found the bottom of your sweater. I slid my hand under. The warmth of the skin of your back felt good. My palm stretched out so I could feel more of you. I slid my hand around, feeling your skin. I could feel your bra strap, your shoulder blades, your shoulder…my hand slid around to the side of your breast. I could feel the softness behind the fabric of your bra. I gently cupped your mound and slid my fingers around…my middle finger brushed against your very hard nipple. I had to have that in my mouth very soon.

I could still feel you rubbing my cock through my jeans. Felt you stroking me through all the fabric.

The last kiss had subsided into more of a mutual neck exploration. I was kissing yours, and you were kissing mine. My tongue had found a nice spot right by your ear. I could tell you were enjoying it was well. You stopped kissing my neck and allowed me to focus in on you. My tongue traced little circles followed by a flurry of gentle kisses. Both of my hand reached down to the base of your sweater and gently started to roll and pull it up. You let go of me and raised your hands to help me. The sweater rolled past your still covered breasts…but I still looked. God they were nice. The sweater came off rather easily.

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